Will ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Be Connected to the Boba Fett Movie?

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Boba Fett Movie Star Wars Episode 7 Will Star Wars: Episode 7 Be Connected to the Boba Fett Movie?

Known for an (in)famously secretive approach to moviemaking, it should come as no surprise that very few concrete details for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars film – the yet to be subtitled Episode 7 – have hit the Internet. Set photos have provided a sneak peek at new alien creatures and a familiar locale but, even though Lucasfilm has unveiled the full cast, which was later supplemented with two more female characters, very little official information has been made available.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy has promised that the new Star Wars production will not be overly secretive, to the point that moviegoers might feel deceived by the filmmakers (see: Abrams and Star Trek Into Darkness); yet, she maintains that certain surprises will be held under lock and key until an appropriate time. As a result, we’ve been attempting to sift through all of the rumors and speculation surrounding the project – in an effort to find connections that might separate unsubstantiated claims from those that echo or support prior reports. Today, new (unofficial) details suggest that a fan-favorite race is going to make a fresh appearance in Episode 7 – a people with direct ties to iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The new report comes courtesy of Latino Review, who claim to have carefully vetted this latest round of Star Wars: Episode 7 details. As regular readers know, Latino Review slips-up from time to time but they also possess a commendable track record for breaking major industry news. For that reason, it’s worth taking the following details with a minor grain of salt but, as mentioned, the site’s latest write-up contains intriguing connections to established (and future) Star Wars universe story arcs.

Boba Fett Movie Star Wars Will Star Wars: Episode 7 Be Connected to the Boba Fett Movie?

The report lays out two primary pieces of information and both bullet points jive with earlier write-ups:

  1. Star Wars: Episode 7 will feature a Sith Witch (or Witches).
  2. The Mandalorians will also appear – possibly as a group of mercenaries that pursue the Jedi.

Unfortunately, the post is short on context for either the rumored Sith Witch or Mandalorians – so we are left to speculate as to how the characters would fit into the Star Wars: Episode 7 storyline.

In the case of the Sith Witch (or plural Witches), anyone who has followed The Clone Wars TV series will probably assume that Abrams is planning a big screen appearance from the Nightsisters of Dathomir. In canon, Dathomir was the home world of two especially infamous Sith Lords – Darth Maul (apprentice to Darth Sidious in Episode 1) and Asajj Ventress (apprentice to Count Dooku in The Clone Wars). While the Nightsisters aren’t the only Star Wars culture that would fit the “Sith Witch” label, earlier reports have suggested that Lupita Nyong’o may be playing an alien villain in Episode 7 – so it wouldn’t be a major stretch to think that the writers intend to play-off of established canon storylines and that her character could be a new member of the Nightsisters who has expanded her powers by embracing the Dark Side.

Asajj Ventress Star Wars The Clone Wars Will Star Wars: Episode 7 Be Connected to the Boba Fett Movie?

As for the second detail, though some Star Wars viewers might not know the Mandalorians by name, even the least informed moviegoing fans will recognize their iconic armor – which serve as the foundation for both the Boba Fett and Jango Fett character designs.

The civilization has shifted its allegiances over the years – meaning that we cannot be sure that the Mandalorians, assuming they are featured in Episode 7, will be antagonists. During the Imperial occupation of their home world, many Mandalorians turned to bounty hunting – as guns for hire the characters could be situated on either side of the Episode 7 conflict. After all, female Mandalorian, Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar) will play a major hero role in the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

Nevertheless, it’s very possible that Mandalorian characters could make up the rumored “Jedi Hunters” (even if they aren’t called Jedi Hunters explicitly) – which, according to certain reports, will be chasing the Episode 7 heroes around that galaxy far, far away. With such a rich history to draw from (in live action and animation) - it’s likely that Lucasfilm intends to feature the characters across multiple mediums with interconnected storylines. If so, the Boba Fett spin-off movie, which predates the new trilogy in canon chronology, may provide some narrative backstory for the Mandalorian race – to help flesh out any respective Episode 7 characters.

Mandalorians Star Wars Episode 7 Will Star Wars: Episode 7 Be Connected to the Boba Fett Movie?

The idea would fit with how Lucasfilm is expected to approach the movie spin-offs – which will act as solo adventures for iconic Star Wars franchise players while also sewing in new threads that can payoff in Episodes 7, 8, 9, and beyond. This isn’t to say that the two films will be directly connected but, if Mandalorians are taking a prime spot in Episode 7, expect the filmmakers to seed in plenty of connective tissue. Existing Star Wars fans are chomping at the bit for a Boba Fett film but the character plays a relatively minor role in the live-action Star Wars series – for that reason, the studio may entice younger viewers (the ones who will buy the toys, t-shirts, and video games) by including familiar Episode 7 (8 and 9) elements into the spin-offs to drum up added interest.

Fans might be hesitant at the thought of Lucasfilm shoving in storylines that bind old characters to new stories but, from a studio business standpoint, the more filmmakers can connect their upcoming slate of movies (and animated series), the more tickets they can sell.

Disney has utilized the same strategy with their shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no reason to think they won’t test a similar approach with Star Wars and its spin-offs.

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Star Wars: Episode 7 opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015. The first Star Wars spin-off (whatever it may be) is expected to reach theaters in 2016.

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. You had me at Mandalorians.

  2. If they’re the Mandalorians as written in the EU (rather than the cartoon), it may very well be interesting to see how they’re done on screen.

    • The Mandalorians in EU aren’t canon. The ones from the Clone Wars are.

  3. So, I grew up with the original trilogy and I love/loved them. Great movies. Hated the prequel trilogy so much I refuse to buy them on bluray. I’ve always been a fan… however… I’ve never understood why Boba Fett was such a fan favorite. He was neat in Empire, but a throw away in Jedi. So… where did he prove to be a total bad ass?

    • “So… where did he prove to be a total bad ass?”
      Every single scene he was in besides the whole Sarlacc eating him ordeal.

    • Whew, I thought I was the only person to think that. I guess menacingly saying “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold” is bad ass.

      • It’s because Darth Vader found it necessary to tell him to keep it cool on the excessive violence. Darth Vader is choking people left and right, then he turns to Boba Fett and says “No disintigrations!”

        He’s also the definition of professional. Just chillin and never says anything unless it’s to support the job at hand “He’s no good to me dead.”

        That’s sort of the worry, though. Most of what’s interesting about him is the brevity.

        • I’m 39 & grew up LOVING everything Star Wars. I myself was never a Boba Fett fanatic. I beleive that fans of my age looked at the whole jet pack/flying, bad-azz bounty hunter character as someone to imitate & idolize. We seem to have put this (intended minor) character on this pedestal because that’s what we wanted to be. It was all about having the Baba Fett action figure!

          • Boba Fett was cool beacuse he was DIFFERENT. He was this cryptic Bounty Hunter and people gravitated towards the character. He was cool because it brought back the memories of Clint Eastwood and VanCleef in Fistful of Dollars. Bounty Killers for the win.

  4. Boba Fett is not Mandalorian (since Jango wasn’t one)and they are not Bounty Hunters as a culture. Not that some of then couldn’t be or as on Clone Wars when Maul basically took over the planet.

    I don’t follow all of it but the actual canon of Clone Wars is set as the EU material is out. Not to say that they couldn’t use it and it’s over 50 years from Clone Wars to VII.

    • Jengo wasn’t born a Mandalorian, but he became one via adoption. His “son”, Boba, certainly considered himself a Mandalorian too.

      • ^ Jango

    • It always frustrates me that Boba Fett is what everyone references when Mandalorians come up. It’s understandable, since he’s wearing their armor, but there’s no other (in canon) relation.

  5. Mark my words Boba Fett is alive in this DisneyAbrahms universe. He got out of the sarlac. Will have a small role in the films and then continue in the ‘active’ Disney Universe with small cameoes in each of the expanded universe films.

    Just hope that wolf kid from twilight isn’t boba.

    • As much as an Origin story of Boba Fett would be cool, I can’t help but want them to put Boba escaping the Sarlac on screen lol…JUST TO GET IT OUT OF THE WAY and so I can sleep better at night. Either way, Boba Fett Movie would be sweet. Maybe They will do his origin, and since it will be between the trilogy, he could be behind or leader of the Mandolorians! Probably hoping for to much, but hey, it would be cool.

      • End credit scene: shot of the Tattooine desert, pans over to the saclacc, zooms in, hand reaches up and grabs the sand. Cut to black.

        • So hes been in the pit for 30 years? Cant do that. Audience would be confused. Unless the mid credits scene said 30 years earlier….. which would just be confusig and stupid since mid credits are meant to push the universe forward.

  6. If they are going to be doing Mandalorians, do it properly, do it Knights of the Old Republic style, do The Mandalorian Wars, with Revan and Malak, that would be absolutely epic.

  7. Ok. Ok. Bear with me, people. Darth Maul gets frozen in carbonite by Palpatine at end of clone wars, remains frozen through original trilogy, resurrected again by Abrams in VII! That would be amazing! Although I do dig the female protagonists. Sad that Mara Jade won’t be making it out of EU (not that I’ve heard). I am, however, a HUGE Boba Fett fan. I’ve heard (rumors) that they’re gonna kill off the actual Boba Fett (kid) from the prequels, and it will turn out that the Boba we all know and love is just some kick butt imposter that enjoys the occasional sarlacc dive for recreational purposes only (don’t hate).

    • Unfortunately, no, because they swapped his voice out in the prequels for Tamura Morrison’s voice, so it would match all the other clones.

  8. New characters, new characters, new characters! Make new characters that people will like just as much as the old ones. Duh. Han, Leia and Luke and co should be the only familiars. Make epic new characters, Darth Maul received as much praise as Boba Fett originally did.

    The need for a huge backstory is like not going to work, because the back story for Darth Vader played out so horribly that he became not as appealing of a character anymore.

    Learn from the PT’s mistakes.

    • No need for Duhs. I’ve been stomping this Star Wars block for awhile; and I’m definitely not opposed to new characters. I hope to see a whole slew of them in VII and I hope the rumors of female protagonists are true. I do agree that watching Bratikin Skywalker in the prequels did reduce some of the BAness of Vader later in the trilogy, but there’s a difference between that (poor) and a well-written backstory. If done right it will only accentuate the story, make it richer. I think the return of Maul (centered in the new characters you desire) would be momentous. Probably won’t happen, but a guy can dream, huh? I just thought his rise in clone wars was awesome (not to mention the fact that he can actually assemble entire sentences, on top of just looking cool). Anyways, I apologize for talking your ear off on the matter :-)
      As you were…

  9. They still want to do Boba Fett solo movie? Let it go. Its ok for short but full length one, nope. Its the same as making Venom movie it wouldn’t be good.

  10. How about the time he hid in the garbage because he knew Han Solo was going to pull that stunt on the back of the Star Destroyer. That was pretty awesome.

  11. Death Watch.

  12. im confused at a few things…so are they making the Boba Fett movie an origin story or they just gonna continue his story from his unlikely death after ROTJ? and just say he did die i dont think they should go back and do an origin story about a character who wont even be introduced in the new franchise, the same with Han Solo spin off i dont know why there doing an origin spin off and bringing in a young acter for a young Han when Han is gonna be introduced in episode 7 but the spin off will have nothing to do with the future episodes

    • Yeah, I hope they put a lot of the spin-offs (such as Fett’s) in the 30 year gap between Episode VI and VII. Use those to tell the story of the missing 30 years. That includes Fett, that way they can show his escape from the Sarlacc (since that’s what most people want to see).

      Especially because I’m sure the value of bounty hunters, ,mercenaries, and smugglers skyrocketed in the wake of the Battle of Endor, considering the political climate. There’s some really good gun for hire stories that can be told there.

      • i hope Boba isnt dead and they can just continue his story through epsiode 7 and beyond, but they still have to explain how he survived…maybe they will show him in a flashback or show him escaping from the sarlacc in the post credit scenes or something

        • No flashbacks. There has not been a single flashback in Star Wars, it’d be weird. Boba is getting his own movie, put it all in that.

          • not necessarily flashback, wrong word to use…but i think by the end of episode 7 they should tease boba is coming back, whether its in post credit scenes or in the sreenplay or whatever, they cant just not metnion him and turn around and have a movie about him, they have to somehow introduce his character back and i think the best thing for them to do is somehow show he survived or do a post credit scene of maybe him crawling out of the sarlacc where hes just pulling himself up and all you se his his helmet and hands

            • I agree to an extent, but part of what is so cool about this shared universe they are constructing for Star Wars is it is so much more vast than something Marvel or DC has going on.

              Just because Boba Fett is alive and kicking doesn’t mean he has to cross paths with anything remotely related to the plot of Episode VII.

              That was the brilliance of the cantina scene in Episode IV. There were so many very distinctly different species and they all had something different going on.

              There is no point in the prequels where you enter a scene like that where you feel like there are stories outside of the main plot. It really limits the scope of the universe.

              • im not familiar with thole Star Wars Universe, i just knwo the story lines of the previous movies so i dont know what all goes on in the canon…i mean lets just say episode 7 has no connection to Boba Fett, hes not even mentioned at all or in a post credit scene or anything…then a year later a Boba fett movie comes out, you dont think people will be a little confused about his character?? not all star wars fan follow the canon or star wars universe, most of them just are familiar with the stories of the previous movies so it may raise a red flag when people see a boba fett movie…i just think his survival should be mentioned in episode 7 somehow

                • Well, the only canon now is what’s in the movies (plus Clone Wars), so it’s not nearly so vast as it used to be.

            • All they would have to do is mention the sarlacc, and have Old Solo say something like,” I only know one person who has ever survived goin’ in one of those things, and you wouldn’t want to meet him”

              No Flashback, just casual convo. Everybody would know who’ he’s talking about.

              • yea but how would Han know if he survived or not? that means Han would of had to run into him again somehow

                • Yea, you could have Han say something along those lines in the end of Episode 7. Then touch up on Fett’s escape and further explore Han and Fett’s altercations in either of their solo films.

            • Agreed BUT because Boba has high-tech armor, my thought was to get around an actual flashback by having his helmet play like a recording of whatever happened… but couldn’t be 1st person bc I don’t think that has been used in any of the movies either… idk. Just a thought. As long as he escapes the sarlacc.

          • just because Lucas never had flashbacks, doesn’t mean there won’t be any flashbacks in these movies. get a grip.

            • Read my post. I didn’t say there won’t be. I said there shouldn’t be. Just picture Star Wars with flashbacks. It ruins the magic when they are referencing a historical event.

              What Ryan said is a perfect example of how Star Wars should handle that type of thing. Have someone reference it vaguely. Full blown flashbacks are cheap writing.

              • 5aucy…i read your posts all the time and i respect you and agree with mostly everything you say…but it comes down to this…no one knows of Bobas fate, cuz it didnt actually show him dying so people can assume hes dead or assume hes alive, right now its just peoples opinion. all im saying is he should get mentioned somehow in episode 7, there will be mandalorians in the film and for all we know Boba could be one of them, he could maake an appearance towards the end becuase after episode 7 its his spinoff movie and they could easily explain how he survived in the spin off movie but i just think he absolutely has to be mentioned somehow in episode 7

                • I agree. He needs to be at least referenced in Ep. 7.

                • Yeah, that’s chill. I’m totally on board with that.

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