‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ May Begin Filming by Early 2014

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star wars episode 7 start date Star Wars: Episode 7 May Begin Filming by Early 2014

The people who are working on Star Wars: Episode VII have steadily begun to reveal details on their plans for production on the film. That includes Episode VII director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek Into Darkness) – talking about the important differences between Star Trek and Star Wars movie aesthetics - or Lucasfilm president and Episode VII producer Kathleen Kennedy weighing in with her thoughts about embracing the public’s curiosity, when it comes to learning about the project as it’s being put together.

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced their plans to release Episode VII in theaters by Summer 2015, with a new Star Wars movie – be it a subsequent Episode or character spinoff/standalone film – arriving each year thereafter. Hence, over the next six to seven months, we should be getting more solid information about the content and cast for Episode VII; as opposed to, more unofficial confirmations from original trilogy cast members, indicating they are prepared to return to the sci-fi franchise.

Episode VII producer and Bad Robot co-founder, Bryan Burk, has been working the press circuit ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness hitting theaters this month. During an interview with Collider, he had the following update on the production timeline for the seventh live-action Star Wars movie:

“We’re progressing on a schedule to hopefully begin next year, or the beginning of next year, and the location is still kind of floating around in the air all depending on script and a whole bunch of other issues.”

Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) has been working away on the Episode VII script for (at least) six months. He is reported to be drawing from his own story treatment, which may or may not be partially based upon those previous treatments written by George Lucas for Episode VII and beyond (well before he made the prequel trilogy, mind you).

jj abrams star wars episode 7 Star Wars: Episode 7 May Begin Filming by Early 2014

Once Abrams agreed to direct Episode VII, he and Arndt began collaborating on the script development, with additional creative input from Kennedy and – when his knowledge of Star Wars lore is needed - Lucas. Point being, Abrams, Arndt and Kennedy are not only active participants in pre-production, they also have agree on everything before progressing to the next step.

Burk emphasized as much, while speaking with Collider:

“As I just said, everything is kind of a free-flowing thing, and when we feel like the story level on this script and everything is really coming together and schedules are all working and pieces line up, we prowl ahead, and Star Wars will be no different.”

The early 2014 start date for Episode VII sounds reasonable, seeing how it will give Abrams about a year and a half to shoot, edit and promote the blockbuster, similar to the amount of time he was allotted for Star Trek Into Darkness. However, whereas that sci-fi flick ended up taking longer than expected to evolve beyond the screenwriting stage, there’s no reason to doubt that Disney is keeping a close eye on the situation – to ensure the new Star Wars movie continues moving down the assembly line at the pace it desires.


Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to open in theaters by Summer 2015.

Source: Collider

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  1. Well, it would, wouldn’t it? If they expect a 2015 release date especially.

  2. This qualifies as as fast as possible. And to be expected.
    I have confidence in Michael Arndt being ready not rushed.

    This schedule might make casting more of a challenge for any
    new characters, certainly any established names, but likely
    Disney will be looking for unknowns anyway for those.

    • I’m gonna assume that they have a plot locked into place with room for slight edits by now and a good idea which characters they need to cast. Maybe they have more actors signed than we know of and we just need the final few chosen before pre-production and extras casting around late Fall/early Winter?

      I’m like you though, I wanna see some new faces to the franchise with some familiar ones from the previous trilogies (holograms from the prequels, with degradation effects to show age if a new character has to learn something that an original trilogy character can’t properly explain).

      Could see Stephen Fry as a galactic chancellor or some other political role since he’s always given off a sense of authority, even when he did comedy shows (like A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and QI more recently).

  3. I gotta contact my agent!

  4. This all makes sense.
    Even if it meant waiting until Winter 2015 or Summer 2016 I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say “take your time” to everyone involved.
    We’ve all heard way to many horror stories about rushed productions just because a studio wants to hold a release date.
    So I say “Please Disney, you’re going to make back your 4 billion and a boat load more regardless. Take your time and get it right!!!”

  5. Sure hope it comes out in May 2015, all the other films in the saga came out on the month of May.

    Obviously one problem is that Disney will be releasing Avengers 2 on May 1st, so Memorial weekend would seem like a good bet for Ep 7.

    One things for sure Disney will be making a ton of $$$$$ by that time.

    • Disney’s future is always in motion. And it is the motion of money blowing into the bank. As if billions if people cried out and were suddenly pleased. I fear something amazing is about to happen.

  6. They better get started filming soon, cuz Harrison Ford and Billy Dee ain’t getting any younger!

    • So true they’re not getting any younger but two stars need to get slimmer and that’s going to take some time.. Slim Fast, grilled Chicken, and broccoli.. yum, yum the Star Wars diet…

  7. I’m starting to wonder if JJ Abrams might actually be planning on doing Star Trek 3, especially if it has a 2017 release date.

  8. Have Disney specifically stated that Episode VII will be released in the summer of 2015 or have they just said 2015 full stop?

    I would hope they release it in mid-December 2015 rather than sometime that preceding summer, not only would it have very little to no real competition over the Christmas holiday period, it would give them a little more breathing room to get absolutely everything honed, refined, and perfected to as much as time, talent, and technology will allow… hopefully resulting ion one HELL of a new ‘Star Wars’ film that actually looks like it’s part of the same universe as the original Trilogy (something the prequels utterly failed at).

    And here’s hoping they have big massive sets, real locations, animatronic or prosthetic aliens rather than CGI ones, visual effects that may be CGI but don’t look like cartoon animation (like the prequels’ largely did), and most importantly a fantastic script with awesome blistering action but also real heart and pathos…

    • I have no clue why you are saying the prequels since the phantom menace have sucked, because they didn’t. There were no cartoonie features about them. Especially when you say there is the real life looking, but is till animated look to the aliens. I must say, that your eyes are betraying you. It is all make-up and dress up with the aliens in ‘The Phantom Menace’, ‘Attack of the Clones’, and ‘Revenge of the Sith’. And the point of the prequels was not to exact in the same universe, (which in fact it was in the same universe, for most of the planets that came from the 70′s movies were included in the prequels of recent memory,) it was to tell the story of Darth Vader, A.K.A.: Anakin Skywalker, and his initiation into the Jedi order and how he became corrupt after listening to palpatine and almost killing the impregnated Padme. So stop saying that George Lucas did a horrible job, as indirectly as you are. Here is what set me to reply to your stupid comment that should never have even been up there:
      “… hopefully resulting ion one HELL of a new ‘Star Wars’ film that actually looks like it’s part of the same universe as the original Trilogy (something the prequels utterly failed at).

      And here’s hoping they have big massive sets, real locations, animatronic or prosthetic aliens rather than CGI ones, visual effects that may be CGI but don’t look like cartoon animation (like the prequels’ largely did)”
      Check your facts and quit getting ‘Superman’ mixed with ‘Star Wars’, or just don’t comment on anything related to star wars anyway.
      Thanks ;) Have a great life.

  9. Well no duh Screenrant. It’s targeted for a 2015 release, it doesn’t take a genius to know when they will start filming it.

  10. I’m not looking forward to this. All the talks of spin offs, tv shows, stand alone movies, ect ect ect.

    Killed everything for me. I can already tell that Episode VII is not going to be as good as we want it to be.

    • Then don’t see the films etc. instead of complaining.

  11. I’m so sick of this annoying witch Kathleen Kennedy’s name. She has zero talent. She just blew the right people.

    • She has worked on some of the most successful movies of all time. It’s ignorant of you to write that she doesn’t have any talent. Did she do something to you to cause such hatred?

  12. This movie is going to suck. J.J. Abrams is a generic Hollywood wiener who won’t flinch when it’s time to “play it safe.” The “film” is going to be white washed in computer graphics with a polished, picture perfect, robotic, air brushed cast that looks like they’re straight out of the Twilight franchise. And of course it will be filmed in 3-D. Long gone are the days of man made costumes, gritty sets and made to scale models. Disney and the other big wig money men involved simply lack the vision, creativity and the balls to execute this with heart. The only love going into these monstrosities is fixated on the almighty dollar. The three prequel films were some of the worst piles of garbage ever. Wonder if these efforts will topple them on that sad list. Total bummer.