‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: Carrie Fisher Confirms Original Cast’s Return & Start Date

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star wars episoe 7 fisher ford hamill Star Wars: Episode 7: Carrie Fisher Confirms Original Casts Return & Start Date

With so many casting rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII swirling about, it’s difficult to decide which ones are bogus and which ones have (at the least) a nugget of truth in them. For example, co-writer/director J.J. Abrams recently confirmed that Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) is, in fact, an actor that he’s met with for Episode VII, but he also indicated that reports of his soon-to-be-official involvement might be exaggerated – not that you should take everything Abrams says at face-value, of course (cough, Khan!, cough). Thank goodness, then, for Carrie Fisher.

It was Fisher who flat-out-announced her return in Episode VII some 10 months ago – before her agent hurriedly passed it off as a “joke” – and now the actress/script doctor has confirmed what we’ve all known for some time (despite the lack of an official announcement from Disney/Lucasfilm): that she and her Episode IV-VII costars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill will be working on Abrams’ Star Wars movie.

Here is the excerpt from the TV Guide report, where Fisher also reaffirms when, exactly, the trio expect to reunite for a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away:

As for the next Star Wars film, Fisher says she, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are expected to report to work in March or April. “I’d like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again — but with white hair,” she says. “I think that would be funny.”

Star Wars creator George Lucas revealed that Fisher, Ford and Hamill were in final talks for Episode VII near the same time that Fisher originally spoke out, so today’s news is about as “surprising” as when Marvel finally confirmed Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers: Age of Ultron. At this stage, the 57-year old Fisher and 62-year old Hamill have apparently spent more than 6 months dieting and working out for Episode VII, so no doubt they’re as eager to move forward as everyone else is.

Star Wars Logo Art Star Wars: Episode 7: Carrie Fisher Confirms Original Casts Return & Start Date

In recent weeks, claims have been circulating that Abrams and Episode VII co-writer Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) have retooled the original story in the script draft engineered by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). According to sources close to the project (dispatched by THR), Arndt’s version of Episode VII was more focused around the new generation of Skywalker and Solo offspring and kept Luke, Leia and Han more in the background as key supporting players.

If so, then it sounds as though Arndt intended for Episode VII to be to Episodes IV-VI what Legend of Korra is to the Last Airbender animated TV show – keeping the series continuity intact but also progressing the mythology and embracing the next generation of characters – an approach that Abrams didn’t agree with, or so the unconfirmed reports indicate (read: take all this with a grain of salt). Abrams and Kasdan are said to have shifted the attention to the big three of Luke, Leia and Han instead – and infused Episode VII with a greater sense of nostalgia, in the process.

star wars episode 7 casting audition 570x294 Star Wars: Episode 7: Carrie Fisher Confirms Original Casts Return & Start Date

That’s not to say that giving the original Star Wars cast more screen-time is a bad idea, per se, though it’s a different approach than when Abrams transitioned from the Star Trek of old to new with his 2009 movie reboot; and thus, the final outcome may be less predictable, ranging in quality from a rejuvenation of the Star Wars brand that pleases a lot of people (thinks The Muppets model for success) to a project that earns a more lukewarm reception from longtime and new fans alike (think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Remember, though, none of these plot details are official yet, and for all we know Abrams could have something else in mind altogether for Episode VII; best that you not forget that, while discussing/debating his Star Wars movie in the comments section of this article.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Very good….Very good.

    • Yes, if true, thank you Carrie Fisher for not abiding by the ridiculous secrecy that Abrams apparently has a hard-on for. It is comforting to know that Hamill, Ford, and Fisher will be returning. I just hope they are in important roles, rather than mere cameos. Personally, I think Abrams likely wants less, rather than more, of them, but we’ll see. I disliked what he did to Star Trek, but hopefully, he will do better with Star Wars.

      • Keep in mind that Abrams also has a hard-on for misdirection, to keep viewers on their toes.

  2. AAAAAAAAAARGH so sick of rumors and speculation! I just want to see the friggin movie! Is it Christmas 2015 yet?!

  3. To be honest, I really have no idea what to expect from these new “Star Wars” films. I felt pretty burned by the Prequels and all the mechandise etc… that flowed from it just didn’t feel like Star Wars.

    I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I am, however extremely surprised that they managed to get Harrison Ford to sign on. He seemed to have lost interest after filming the firt one (Ep 4).

    • Oops. *first*

  4. I’m very glad to hear they’re returning. It’ll give the new film more of a sense of authenticity, and provide a more solid connection to the original trilogy.

    • Agreed I bet this movie will be sweet I’m so glad the original actors are back. :)

  5. Hmmm. Two thoughts come to mind after processing these latest bits of info. First, the decision to focus more on Fisher/Hamill/Ford suggests may indirectly suggest that they are doing great preparing for their roles. That thought makes me happy.

    Second, the decision to focus more on the “big three” and less on “the future” in Episode 7 might mean that they’ve decided to include some of the Expanded Universe material (Thrawn, etc) that would not have been part of the original plan if Arndt’s first script was based on George Lucas’ old story outlines from the early days. I still feel sad that Arndt’s script was not used based on his good reputation, but this whole thing might involve some real wish-fulfillment for longtime fans.

    Here’s hoping.

    • They need star power and familiarity to kick things off. The only problem I have is their “sagging” age. I sincerely hope the three, well two of them, would tone up for the movie. I have no doubts but thinking about it gives me the chills 😀

      • I actually got to meet them at Comicon a few years ago… not Harrison, but Carrie Fisher and Mark hamill, it was awesome… i almost died… but they really do look worse in pictures than in person. Most women do not stay size 0, and most men dont stay very thin either. So im not worried, plus its going to be a joint role for these three, and new people… so idk. its just to slowly slip us in to the newer roles. Im happy with this, and with George Lucas not physically writing the script, [and in turn his cheesy lines] these will be magnitudes better than the prequels, and I feel that since its moving more to George as a consultant on plot, etc, which is how the original three were made, they will be much closer to the originals’ quality

  6. Yeah editor, but I dont think Carrie Fisher is lying.
    So this could be taken as official.

    The thing is, if the script whas remade putting the original trio as the main cast, how are they suppose to do the action scenes at their age? especially Mark and Harrison.

    • So you think Christopher Lee did those action scenes as Count Dooku without the aid of CGI ? Come on man, special effects and editing go a long way. have a little faith…just a little.

      • CGI again? Come on man.

  7. I’m all down with this. They need to move away from the original cast and story, but kicking it off with those 3 (and hopefully Chewie and the droids) would be nice. They have the option of tying it together with the same cast, they should use that.

  8. This is great news if true. I can’t wait!!!

  9. damn, is that Stephen Amell in the pic?

  10. Aren’t they all geriatric by now and on the Geritol drip, struggling in their comfy chairs to reach the TV remote and prune juice?

    • You know that’s not true, so why even say it? Oh, you’re hoping to get giggles. Well, you’ve accomplished nothing but demonstrate what an agist you are.

      You do know…Alec Guiness was 63 when he portrayed Obi Wan Kenobi in the original film.

    • I bet Ford can still kick your ass…grow up please

      • From what I can tell the original poster is in the same age bracket as these three actors, so it might just be his brand of humor.

  11. If you didn’t like Revenge of the Sith then there is something wrong with you. It was the 3rd best Star Wars movie. IV and V are ranked #1 and #2 respectively.

    • Really revenge of the Sith? What are you like 12? “I’ve got the high ground, give up.” Anikin: “you underestimate my power!” And flips directly over Obwan!?! Lol… That and all the prequels were utter s*** that only little kids enjoyed…

      • LOL !!

        How about them love scenes between Anakin and Padme??

      • watch the originals with someone who has never seen them and they will tell you the same thing, a lot of it is blind love we have for the originals

        • There were some cheesy parts like I’ll see you in hell and the convo between leiah and dearth before he destroyed Alderan, but seriously a lot better than the prequels… They are so bad… The only folks I know that can watch them are little kids because of flashy lights and s***…

    • Im not trying to attack you dude, but there are huge plot holes in that movie…. i dont understand how people can even like count that as a finish to the saga…. i always knew someone would make new movies…. you could not leave the saga as is….. there is no way….. I think that there are a lot of things they misssed out on…. and that we will never understand because of the vagueness in the originals, which are by far the best, and the fact that there were unanswered questions from the third movie…. like how leia remembered padme, and how she was basically just thrown to Organa, and things like that, as well as where Obi Wan went… I know he went to tatooine and watched over luke but what did he do… just chill? lol… i dk… it was just terrible…

  12. Well, too bad Luke looks like a blobfish now… He has hardly any resemblance to his younger self anymore, but hey… CGI can do a lot of magic.

  13. I think that they should stick to the Yushon Vong attacks that are primarily the focus of the novels and expaned universe… at least for 10 11 and 12 if they get that far. they want to …. but it all depends on how they make the next three movies… i will go see them as long as they come out… but i want them to be amazing…. so my kids or other future generations can enjoy them.

  14. Keep writing these! It is the only thing we have to pass the time until the moment arrives. Finally!!! A movie to look forward to and debate and guess and spread rumors and capture everyone all over again.
    This is the rumor I am spreading for fun:SW 7-9: It is a 3 picture movie prequel that goes into the history, politics and mistreatment’s of….wait for it…Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans.JJ’s back!!!!Meesa so sorry!
    This is so going to suck.


  16. It has to be with the kids taking over. Have the originals play a major role, but in a supporting role. Hand the torch over while keeping the continuity intact.
    Also, I suspect both the Emperor and Vader will be back via cloning sometime before the trilogy is done.

    But, either way, just…have…Thrawn.