‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumor: Simon Pegg to Make an Appearance [Updated]

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Simon Pegg The Worlds End Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor: Simon Pegg to Make an Appearance [Updated]

[Update: Pegg has weighed in on the matter. Scroll down for more.]

Between 1999 and 2001, geek paragon Simon Pegg made his bones with Spaced, a series founded on a philosophy of “by the geeks, for the geeks.” Based out of a comic book shop, the show revolved around geek culture and interests, focusing on the lives of the shop’s employs – notably Tim, Pegg’s character, as passionate an enthusiast for comics, video games, and science fiction as anybody. Tim was an avatar for fanboys and girls alike; he represented our joint love of superheroes, space operas, and all geek fare in between.

Fast forward to today, and Pegg has graduated from playing the geek – not just in Spaced, but in films like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Paul – to starring in the sort of movies those characters would probably end up seeing themselves. Spaced didn’t care much for Star Trek, but Pegg has taken roles in both of J.J. Abrams’ reboots, as well as Mission: Impossible 3 and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Cornetto trilogy capstone The World’s End, and The Adventures of Tintin. Old Tim has come a long way.

And now Pegg may have his eyes on Tim’s holy grail: a part in Star Wars: Episode VII. Maybe. Possibly. As of now, it’s incredibly unclear, so take all of this well-salted, but reports from IGN Middle East indicate that Pegg was seen on-set during the film’s Abu Dhabi shoot, which only just wrapped. Mere mentions of Star Wars lead to flimflam, subterfuge, and astronomically high levels of secrecy, so what he might have been doing there – particularly in light of the fact that we know the full cast – is something of a mystery.

This, of course, assumes that Pegg was even on-set to begin with. For those keeping score at home, we’ve been in this place before, and the last time Pegg had his name tossed about in discussions of Star Wars casting, he roundly denied the claims. Even last year, Pegg played proactive and quashed any new talk of putting in an appearance in Episode VII in light of his relationship with Trek helmer J.J. Abrams, who everyone knows is holding the reins on Star Wars.

Star Trek Pegg Saldana Weepy Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor: Simon Pegg to Make an Appearance [Updated]

So what does it mean if he was hanging around in Abu Dhabi? It’s tempting to take the bait and assume that he will indeed pop up somewhere in Star Wars: Episode VII‘s plot; it would be appropriate, given how much Spaced focused on Tim’s relationship with the franchise, and AbramsĀ isĀ the type of director to shoot for comfort casting. Pegg is also notoriously awful at predicting his own career trajectory. Remember when, after Shaun of the Dead, he joked about how he wouldn’t run off to be in Mission: Impossible 3? Remember how, years later, when Mission: Impossible 3 became an actual movie, he wound up taking the part of Benji?

At the same time, gossip is gossip, and until official word lets out, it’s best to call a horse a horse. Plus, Spaced, for all its Star Wars love, has some sharp thorns to put in George Lucas’ side; Tim rants about The Phantom Menace to the point of unemployment, and even goes so far as to burn all of his Star Wars memorabilia. Casting the guy who literally put his fandom to the torch in the new film seems an odd choice, and besides that, Star Wars‘ very nature invites rumor-mongering of all stripes. Pegg’s involvement is just the latest rumor to add to the pile.

UPDATE: Whether or not Pegg ultimately winds up making an appearance in Episode VII remains to be seen, but he is, for certain, part of one upcoming Star Wars-related project:


Star Wars: Episode VII arrives in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: IGN Middle East

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  1. F*** yeah, Simon Pegg is great.

    • You will get no argument from me whatsoever on that one, Anton.

  2. As much as a fan of Simon Pegg as I am, no way. He is in Star Trek already, he wouldn’t fit into the Star Wars universe.

    • @Jade Sun,

      so by your rationale Chris Evans should not be captain America because he as johnny storm? ( back when storm was a white guy with a white sister but that’s another argument)

      I say throw pegg in there because he is awesome and can not hurt the movie at all.

      • That’s not really an accurate comparison to Star Wars vs Star Trek. The Chris Evans thing would be more like Scott Bakula being cast as Dr. McCoy in the new Star Trek films. This is different.

        I think that JJ Abrams should be making an effort to demonstrate that he was the right choice for Star Wars on its own terms, something he didn’t achieve with Star Trek. I love both franchises, but they are different and I like to see them treated as such. Maybe some people find crossovers appealing…but not me.

      • Well, I think you meant to say “back when Johnny Storm was a white guy with a Latina sister” cause Jessica Alba’s as far from white as you can get.

        I agree though, put Pegg in there, no one except the professional complainers will mind.

        • Latina is not a race
          Jessica alba is WHITE

          • @Droll, I agree. Latino is not a race.

    • Star Trek crossover!

    • Is he playing the same character as he did in Star Trek? Whats that? No? Then it doesn’t matter.

    • Don’t be so narrow-minded. He could play an alien, therefore look and sound completely unlike his Star Trek character and himself. Some people might not even realise it’s him.

      • You got it right. How did you know.

  3. Hell Ya! Fun actor…solid nerd creds… Would love to see him in a small part.
    Maybe he was there jst to tell the new cast how much star wars actually means to the fans… Outside of the original cast, not a lot of people who can give that talk.
    But would love to see him in star wars.

    • Do you know what? I would love that. I would love it if Pegg just innocently went to the set to cheer on the cast and crew, and then went home. That would just be perfectly him.

      • I know!! That would be soo cool. JJ Abrams would definitely know enuf to ask him.
        Still…would be cool if he gets a line.

  4. Remember they’ve done this before, having little nods to the other franchise, I’m sure R2D2 was in a Star Trek film and vice versa. I might be getting mixed up here but I’m sure its a thing, so maybe Pegg will just appear in the background as a nod to Star Trek.

    • I think it would be awesome if he just walks by in the background red shirting it.

  5. Pegg represents each one of us — so I hope he’s in the movie, that he gets at least one memorable line, and gets to shoot something/someone. We can live vicariously through our nerd rep.

  6. Let’s hope this rumor is false. I want appropriately casted actors who serve the script, not a bunch of cameos from Abram’s buddies.

    • But it might also be the only way we get Pegg in a Disney film since Pegg’s best friend is now off Ant-Man duty.

  7. I agree. Even a cameo would ruin the believability of the new star wars universe ambitions.

  8. I love you Simon but that would be terrible, especially if you were to be the comic relief…

    • Better him as comic relief than Jar Jar Binks.

  9. I love his movies, he’s a great actor and would bring that to a Star Wars film and while I think even with the prequels in the equation Staw Wars is superior to Star Trek. I still love them both and neither Simon Pegg, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, or Karl Urban (plus many many many more) belong in a single scene of Star Wars! I also wouldn’t want Hayden Christianson in Star Trek (but that’s just because he can’t act)…

  10. Great, it’s not bad enough JJ shoehorned this no talent hack Simon Pegg into Star Trek, now he’s trying to jam him in Star Wars too.

  11. I sure hope not. I’m not really a fan of Pegg in general; even beyond that, they REALLY shouldn’t use Star Trek actors in Star Wars, or vice/versa.

  12. What a terrible idea. As soon as he’s seen on screen everyone will think “Oh, Scotty!” Not exactly the reaction you want when watching a Star Wars movie.

  13. “Even a cameo would ruin the entire movie…” Are some of you serious? You hit the eject button if he’d show up in the movie? Sounds like many of you are wanting to hate this movie from the get-go.

    Anyways, I highly doubt he is going to have a major role in the VII or was even casted for that matter. I can see a cameo but nothing more than that. Why? JJ Abrams likes to keep stuff a secret but that hasn’t been happening with Star Wars, set photos, plot details, and casting leaks have all surfaced and most of panned out to be right on the money. If he was casted in the film as a major or even minor character, I am sure we would have heard a lot more chatter about him potentially being up for a role. People have speculated but there hasn’t been any strong rumors that justify the casting, only other than, JJ and Simon are friends, and Simon loves Star Wars. When was he on set, how long was he there? He’s been in Germany recently according to his twitter profile

  14. Quite the leap, going from slagging off Episode I in Spaced to appearing in Episode VII. I like him as an actor but in a way I hope he isn’t in Star Wars as it would take me out of the experience.

  15. Oh that’s just great…. NOT!!! He’s ruined Star Trek now he’s going to ruin Star Wars. What’s he going to be… A fat alien. Actually, I bet he is. That would just be very boring & predictable. This movie sounds like it’s going to be worse than the phantom menace. No thanks.

  16. I hear this guy is a real DICK to fans. So F him being in this movie, he certainly doesn’t deserve it even if he is butt buddies with JJ

  17. I reckon he’s just doing a small cameo as an alien, he probably won’t be recognizable and I sincerely doubt he’ll ruin the whole film, and come on quit hatin on him how could you say no to any part in a Star Wars film.

  18. it would be nice for this man to have a cameo at the very least, he’s as down to earth as an actor can be and after giving us so many laughs it would be nice he got a reward like this