‘Star Wars 7′ Cast & Plot Rumors; Are Oldman & Cumberbatch Set?

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star wars episode 7 image Star Wars 7 Cast & Plot Rumors; Are Oldman & Cumberbatch Set?

No one could be blamed for feeling frustrated over the steady influx of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors. But with filming allegedly set to begin in mid-May, it’s only a matter of weeks before the cast of Star Wars 7 starts solidifying.

The only cast members we’re even remotely sure are appearing in Episode VII are the original three – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford – though any official details about their involvement are still unknown. Besides those three, our only other lead is Gary Oldman discussing quite candidly how he has been called about appearing in Episode VII.

Oldman’s comments coupled with MarketSaw‘s proven reporting record on Star Wars 7 in the past allow for this latest scoop to ring a little truer than most. Their source is reporting that not only has Oldman been cast, but Benedict Cumberbatch has as well, and after both were being sought for the same role.

MarketSaw’s source:

“Ian McDiarmid, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davies, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman. I believe Cumberbatch and Oldman were pursued for the same role, but I don’t know how that will work out with the script changes, but I’m told they are both involved.”

20140224 221508 Star Wars 7 Cast & Plot Rumors; Are Oldman & Cumberbatch Set?

Supposedly, those script changes were made to make Leia, Luke, and Han the main characters, but it’s unknown what other changes there may have been to the film’s plot. Perhaps either Oldman’s or Cumberbatch’s audition, while not being right for the initial role, was impressive enough that a new role was created or another was altered to better suit the actor. This certainly wouldn’t be the first case of an actor auditioning for one role and being cast in another.

MarketSaw’s source also indicates that Hamill, Fisher, and Ford won’t just appear in Episode VII, but are also central to its plot:

“Ultimately it’s about twins, and which will take a path towards darkness and which will follow in their father’s footsteps, or at least that is what it used to be, that may come later as I think changes are being undertaken to bring the original cast into the forefront of the story leading to ramifications that lead up to the next generation of Skywalkers.”

As valuable as including the original actors is to not only fans’ nostalgia but good transitioning in the storytelling, let’s hope Episode VII doesn’t become bogged down by too much holding on to the past that it doesn’t properly set up the future. Director J.J. Abrams seemed to handle that tricky dichotomy well in Star Trek, balancing the new crew with Spock Prime, and hopefully he’ll be able duplicate that in Star Wars 7.

In addition to the casting and plot scoop, MarketSaw’s source is also reporting that Ford’s deal includes two more Indiana Jones films. This lines up with a recent rumor that Indiana Jones 5 is in the works as part of Disney’s acquisition of the property.

How do you feel about Oldman and Cumberbatch possibly appearing in Star Wars: Episode VII?  And what are your thoughts about the focus of the film being on the original cast? Let us know in the comments below!


Star Wars: Episode VII will release in theaters December 18th, 2015.

Source: MarketSaw (via CBM)

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  1. Cumberbatch would make an absolutely fantastic Sith lord. Come to think of it, he’d make a fantastic anything. Jedi, Sith, smuggler, soldier, politician. I feel like Cumberbatch could easily play just about any role in Star Wars. Though my fingers are crossed that he’s packing a red saber and Force Lightning. I haven’t read the Thrawn trilogy, but from what I understand, he’s supersmart and kind of a badass. So Cumberbatch could also rock him. But he’d really rock anything.

    As for Oldman, I feel like he’d be best suited to a sort of military role. Probably an admiral (cause Star Wars always gives anything that isn’t the space navy the shaft) or, if the Empire is still in play, he’d make a good Moff. He’d make an excellent Moff.
    I’m not quite sure how I’d feel about him as Pelleaon. I always imagined Pelleaon as more of a Lance Henriksen kind of guy. But that’s just me.

    As for the whole mess of the forthcoming movies and the EU, the way I see it, one does not have to supplant the other, claims by Lucas and Disney be damned. The EU was the expansion (no pun) of the story potential the original trilogy left, and even if Episodes 7-9 decide to throw some things away that EU introduced, that doesn’t make EU any less valid to the property as a whole. I see this as a kind of “Ultimate Marvel” situation. There’s a long, storied history of events and characters that have built up after everything in the movies with the EU, and now we’re sort of winding back the clock so we can see a different take on events that also does not invalidate the years of stories and characters we already have. Much like how Regular Marvel and Ultimate Marvel didn’t make each other not count canonically, I look at it in the same way where the new movies and the EU are concerned. Rather than us having to accept one set of events as what has immutably happened, we can just look at them as sort of separate timelines, almost separate properties.


  3. I remember way before the Episodes I-III I searched the web for the plots involving this films. So I’ve read the information that Anaking falled into a volcano and became Darth Vader. Well, when the Episodes III was released what was not my surprise that the history that I’ve read some years before was real. Well, what so you whant to say? In that time, I’ve also read some scripts in the same place regarding the episodes VII-IX, and that’s what I remember: 1. At some point Luke falls for the dark side, after restablishing the jedi order. So, Luke will be the last villain in this new series. 2. The twins (son and daughter of Leia and Han) will be trained as jedis, in the academy. 3. One of them will be Luke’s dark aprentice, and the other will have to fight uncle and brother(sister). Based on that script I read so many years ago, Luke will appear in all 3 new movies. Probably Han and Leia in the first. But thats all I remember.

  4. Benedict Cumberbatch would not only be a smart addition to the best film dynasty in the world but a welcomed one as well. I think he’s the best actor of his generation and he continually stuns audiences with his talent and range. Sure he’d be a brilliant Sith Lord because we’ve seen his Khan and with that voice but I’d mostly love to see him as a Jedi Master/Warrior…it would stretch him more and he could put that voice to good and different use. I’m completely leaving the fangirl inside of me out of this comment, I’m old enough to understand that he is talented and perfect for this film beyond his hotness. Seriously. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the first film when I was 9 years old, I care deeply for these films, for this franchise and I would never want Benedict Cumberbatch if I felt he wasn’t worthy of a role.

  5. All I can say is there better not be too many robots in this movie. Cgi or people in suits. After the over use of robots in the prequels this will put me & I’m sure a lot of fans off. The originals only had a few robots in. Just here & there. If they put too many in it will not feel like Star Wars…. ok.

  6. My expectations for this movie are so low. After the prequels I’ve lost all interest. For me Marvel are the best films now. Better characters & stories.

  7. Episode 7: Lea and Han’s twins will have equal force powers, they will fight to a stalemate, except the dark twin will delve into the dark Sith arts for superior power.

    Episode 8: The plot centers around Luke and Lea slowly arriving at the inevitable conclusion: only a child born of incest between two powerful Jedi Knights could ever hope to defeat the dark Sith Lord spawned by the union of Jedi Lea and Smuggler Han. The episode climaxes when Luke and Lea use their force powers to conceive and bring the ultimate force baby to term inside old lady Lea’s shriveled womb.

    Episode 9: The Ultimate Force Child comes of age to defeat the dark powers of the galaxy once and for all. Out of incest comes redemption. A new Jedi Order reigns supreme. The New Order carefully maintains a 50/50 balance of men and women, the interbreeding of which ensures the most powerful Jedi in the history of the universe. The Jedi master the art of force lovin’ and build New Xanadu, a temple dedicated to the pleasures of Jedi flesh.

  8. yes I think that star wars 7 old republic should be called that’s a nice name I hope you like it

  9. I feel Cumberbatch should make more Sherlock instead of a unnessasary sequil.