‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: Disney Now Eying Late 2015 Release Date?

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star wars episode 7 release date2 Star Wars: Episode 7: Disney Now Eying Late 2015 Release Date?

A year has passed since Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and plan to release Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 was announced, yet we still know remarkably little about the film (beyond rumor and hearsay). Similarly, J.J. Abrams (Star Trek Into Darkness) has been onboard as director on Episode VII for 9-10 months; yet, it was only two weeks ago that Disney/Lucasfilm confirmed that Abrams has taken over screenwriting - in collaboration with Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) – from Oscar-winner Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3).

Abrams has since teased his planned aesthetic/storytelling approach to Episode VII; in essence, a blend of the grittier space western feel of Episodes IV-VI with the slicker and heavier sci-fi vibe of Episodes I-III (i.e. along the lines of Abrams’ Star Trek movies). Meanwhile, the rumors just keep on circulating, with regard to what actors/actresses will be cast in the film – alongside the expected returning players from previous Star Wars installments – and what date, exactly, will Episode VII open in theaters.

Thus far, Disney/Lucasfilm has been sticking with its previous line – Episode VII should arrive in theaters by Spring/Summer 2015 – even as the rumors continue to pile up, pointing to a Fall/Winter 2015 theatrical debut instead. However, just today, Disney’s Director of Retail in the Netherlands, Dennis Barbie, posted the following on Twitter (hat tip to Bleeding Cool and Jedi News):

When asked by a follower if a December 2015 date was now being planned for Episode VII, Barbie replied “end of CY15 [is the target] but in the entertainment business you will never know.” (For those unaware, CY is a typical abbreviation for common and/or calendar year.)

star wars 7 writer Star Wars: Episode 7: Disney Now Eying Late 2015 Release Date?

That said, last week’s report that Disney CEO Robert Iger wants Episode VII to reach theaters by 2015 – even though Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy would prefer a 2016 date – also points to a late 2015 release being more likely now. That should work as a good compromise date, while still allowing Kennedy and Abrams more time to properly finish writing, shooting and editing the seventh Star Wars installment (assuming that the unconfirmed status update for Episode VII is accurate, that is).

One recent Episode VII rumor pointed to the film hitting theaters on November 11th, 2015, which would be less than a week after the 24th James Bond movie opens and 9 days before The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 releases. Another possible route would be for Episode VII to hit theaters in the first half of December that year (a la Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films), some 1-2 weeks before the 2015 Winter Holiday frame brings such titles as Warcraft and Kung Fu Panda 3 to your local multiplex.

If nothing else, you can rest assured that if Episode VII does release in 2015, it will break from the Star Wars tradition of having a May premiere date – what with Disney having already set a little film called The Avengers: Age of Ultron to open that month.


We hope to have a confirmed release date for Star Wars: Episode VII in the foreseeable future.

Source: Dennis Barbie [via Bleeding Cool and Jedi News]

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  1. Studio win, didn’t see that coming.

    • Can’t see why they just don’t get on with it and stop going to the press every few seconds!!! Film the bloody thing!!!

  2. So this gets Ant-Man’s previous release date?

    Good swap in my opinion.

    • Exactly, the summer is so unbelievably cluttered that it’s smart to release Episode 7 when it has minimal competition. Plus more time to work on the film ensures a better product.

  3. Never sense Disney got the rights too it

  4. With the no news coming out about this movie lately .. I knew it was a matter of time.. Good call too differently can’t rush this project too much is on the line n expected

    • * definitely … Dam auto correct

  5. And when asked by a Twitter follower about news, Barbie reponded that “they’ve started on the story”… they’ve STARTED on the story, they’ve STARTED??? They better be a damn sight further on than started if they hope to make a release during 2015 at all!

    I didn’t believe the recent stories about the original script by Michael Arndt being dumped wholesale and a brand new one being started from scratch, but this sounds unfortunately to be the case, it does shed new light on exactly why Kathleen Kennedy wanted a 2016 releasee for this film… and if this is just how far behind they really are, Disney are doing ‘Star Wars’ a grave disservice by not pushing the release date back to May 2016, and letting the production team deliver the very BEST film they can possibly make!

    Better an awesome Episode VII in 2016 than a really good one in 2015…

  6. Why do I get the feeling that Disney is not going to be happy?

  7. I really sense a disturbance in the Force…

    • yes,as if millions cried out in pain…and they do not stop !

  8. Please release this in December. :D

  9. Disney, take as MUCH time as you need to make an awesome Star Wars film and erase the stench of the Prequels!!!

    • Its people like you that make me ashamed to be a Star Wars fan. The Prequels aren’t all bad, alright? The OT wasn’t perfect either, much like any other trio of movies.

      Star Wars probably wouldn’t be anything more than an old trilogy of movies people look back on, instead of the money-printing juggernaut it is today because of the Prequels.

      The Prequels also drastically helped Star Wars come out of its dry period in the late 80s and early 90s as well. Also because of the Prequels we’ve gotten not one, but two successful TV series.

      If anything, you should be kissing the feet of the Prequels for keeping Star Wars alive.

      • Woah “Its people like you that make me ashamed to be a Star Wars fan.” that seems quite harsh.

        I grew up with the Original trilogy as did the majority of people who prefer the first installments. The problem that I had with the prequels were that so much of the appeal of the originals had been changed. Their was far too much politics, it looked too polished compared to the world that was already established, the acting was pretty dire as well but the script really didn’t help matters. That being said, I can understand the flip side that people who were predisposed to the prequels will probably feel they look too dated to connect to.

        At the end of the day whether you like the original trilogy or the prequels neither are more or less fans of Star Wars.

        Lastly to say “wouldn’t be anything more than an old trilogy of movies people look back on, instead of the money-printing juggernaut it is today because of the Prequels.” Definitely makes you sound like you’re not a real Star Wars fan.

        • Anyone who prefers the prequels to the OT is a rube.

        • I should’ve ended with “what’s wrong with liking both trilogies?” Because the majority of SW fans make it seem as though you have to “pick a side” like some weird high school club.

          I grew up with SW; it molded my life and imagination. I was shown the OT years before Episode I was out, and once it did come out it was simply an amazing experience seeing a brand-new SW film as it was released, in theaters. Same goes for the other two prequels. So don’t you tell me whether or not I’m a fan.

          Also as for the politics and presentation of the PT; it takes place during the golden years of the SW universe when everything is slick, new, and polished. It makes the used universe of the OT all the more fitting narrative-wise. Politics had to be present in order to show both how diverse the galaxy was, as well as the fact it was a democracy, and show how it would end up becoming nothing but a totalitarian government. Again, making the Empire’s iron grip in the OT all the more fitting. Its not like they didn’t talk about governments or the senate. (Episode IV )

          • Rube

          • Nope, none of the sophistication that you’re attempting to attribute to the prequels exists. The political intrigue was ill conceived and illogical, as were most of the plot and character motivations. They were poorly written scripts shot as an exercise to expand the bounds of digital filmmaking. Nobody’s saying that you’re not true a fan, just a rube.

            • I’m quite sure only you’re calling me a rube. Which makes no sense, since this is a site where comic book nerds; a big number of which I’m sure are awkward, naïve, etc. flourish like a safe haven.

              Have fun liking only half a saga. I’ll be enjoying all of it.

          • The thing about the OT is that it is a very incomplete and fractured story by design. Lucas doesn’t like exposition but as much as he tried to cut it to the bone as per usual there just came a time with the parts of the PT that he simply couldn’t do that anymore.

            You have to tell as well as show how the Republic became an Empire. You have to explain the Sith since they aren’t even mentioned in the OT at all.

            Think of all the things people thought they knew which turned out to be completely wrong or mostly wrong or kind of right but with a twist they didn’t expect.

            The politics of the PT are really very well done, generally well thought out and in the context of the adventure serial base of Star Wars they work out across the entire saga as good a way as they can when you are trying to forward story from a series of films done after that have to move into films done before.

            • I wholeheartedly agree. It makes the universe seem all the more bigger and the ending of VI more complete, when you add the PT events along with the OT.

              WAY(I can never stress that enough) too many badmouth the PT, because they hear only “true fans” hate it. People only bash the surface of the PT, seemingly just copy-pasting statements/responses from others.

              Then a domino effect happened after a certain trio of RLM reviews appeared on the net. Now even more think the PT is nothing but trash, which is honestly quite sad.

              Star Wars will always be a six-part saga, to me at least.

    • Well if no one will wait in line in the cold.. Then guess what there’s no line.. So don’t be such a wimp n suck it up.. I live in Canada n I will be in line for sure.

    • Are you kidding? I’m sure those crazy fans who wait in line for months are dying to break out their Hoth costumes.

      • hahaaa sorry this made me die

  10. How’s that scheduling going to affect Star Trek 3? (2016, 50th anniversary of Trek)

  11. Well, we still have some sweet movies in 2014!! Cant wait for Godzilla!

    Anyone know the updates?



  12. I don’t care what anyone says, but its gotta be done right and done well. As for the release date, they should keep with the Memorial Day Weekend tradition. If it can’t be ready by that time for 2015, they should hold it for Memorial Day Weekend in 2016 rather than a 2015 Holiday Season release. That will give them a few more months of Post-Production to polish it up rather than rushing it out.

  13. From what I understand (someone correct me if I’m wrong) wasn’t shooting originally set for early next year and now it’s spring?

    By the time shooting finishes you are in fall with only a year to do post-production?

    Doesn’t seem possible unless the whole visual level of the movies would go down from the standard set by the PT. I would think you’d want to go further ahead not backwards. So late 2015 makes way more sense if they can make that even.