‘Star Wars 7′ Release Date Spring/Summer 2015? Darth Vader TV Specials Coming

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Darth Vader in A New Hope Star Wars 7 Release Date Spring/Summer 2015? Darth Vader TV Specials Coming

Disney and Lucasfilm’s rumor mill for Star Wars: Episode VII seems to offer updates on everything except what fans want to know about the highly anticipated next installment of saga. As Anthony Daniels teases the possible return of C-3P0 and release date info coupled with an idea of when we might see a teaser, the hard facts remain common knowledge: there will be a seventh feature film, it will be directed by J.J. Abrams from a script by Michael Arndt (based on material developed by George Lucas), and it will release in 2015.

As listeners of the recent Screen Rant Underground podcast recapping NYCC 2013 know, we here at SR are getting just as weary of hearing these rumors as most readers and fans. Questions of whether or not Episode VII will feature a female protagonist as well as the return of the original cast boil down to a smoke-screen as well as unabashed rumor-mongering.

However, it appears that there is one major original character we could be seeing again, but not necessarily on the big screen. A page from the brochure given to those who attended the European Brand Licensing Show in London from October 15-17 seems to detail all of Disney’s major plans for multi-platform Star Wars releases. You can view a highlighted picture of the page HERE (courtesy of Jedi News, via Collider).

The source for this – known only as “Scruffy Bothan” (Return of the Jedi fans will recognize Bothans as the spies who provided the Rebels with plans for the second Death Star; many were killed to give them this information) included a breakdown of the main points:

This is a page from the Disney brochure given out to the attendees of the European Brand Licensing Show. This is the detailed current calendar plan from Disney for the Star Wars brand. Plenty of little bits of info that will stir much debate and discussion:

  • Star Wars Mobile LEGO games following on from successful app releases of the Batman and Harry Potter platform ports. Coming in Spring / Summer 2014.
  • A Star Wars Digital Library is to launch in Autumn / Winter 2014.
  • Confirmation that the plan remains for Star Wars Episode VII to be released in the Spring / Summer of 2015.
  • But perhaps the most surprising, exciting and fast approaching news is the release of “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials.”

Anakin Becomes Vader Star Wars 7 Release Date Spring/Summer 2015? Darth Vader TV Specials Coming

Beyond this helpfully delineated compilation, here is a complete list of multi-platform releases from the brochure page:

Autumn/Winter 2013:

  • LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Episodes 2 & 3
  • Star Wars/Angry Birds Game Sequel Release
  • Clone Wars Season 5 BR/DVD Release

Spring/Summer 2014:

  • ‘Choose Your Side’ cross-company marketing initiative 
  • Classic Lego Games Mobile Release
  • Darth Vader Themed TV Specials

Autumn/Winter 2014:

  • REBELS Television Premiere; Disney Channel 1-Hour Special with series on Disney XD
  • Digital Library Launch
  • Phineas & Ferb Star Wars Special

Spring/Summer 2015:

  • EPISODE VII Theatrical Release

Beyond these, Disney lists a “Continuous Multi-Platform Engagement,” which includes “Star Wars and Jedi Training Academy at Disney Parks,” “May the 4th Be With You fan holiday,” and “Social Media and PR, & Character Appearances.”

Darth Vader Interrogating Star Wars 7 Release Date Spring/Summer 2015? Darth Vader TV Specials Coming

The actual brochure page certainly looks authentic, but as always, this is to be taken with several tons of salt. While this list of releases includes items we know to be authentic – the upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV series, the Blu-Ray release of The Clone Wars Season 5, and the 2015 release date of Episode VII – the official page for Disney Consumer Products at the Brand Licensing Europe 2013 website does not list anything Star Wars-related among the brands featured. In other words, “Scruffy Bothan” might be a double-agent.

That said, a multi-platform media blitz makes perfect sense and is to be expected. The most exciting items are the spring/summer release date, the Darth TV specials, and the release of a digital library (the latter item sounds like it could mean that Disney will make the previous six films – and presumably The Clone Wars - available to stream on demand in some form, on some platform).

But what about Vader? We’ve seen his entire story played out in three original films and the three prequels, with his back-story filled out with The Clone Wars, but the chunk of time between The Revenge of the Sith and the first Star Wars film is largely incomplete, at least in the form of a proper film or TV adaptation. The 2008 console game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and it’s 2010 sequel, The Force Unleashed 2, attempted to cover that ground by featuring a turncoat former Sith apprentice of Vader’s. But there’s still plenty of ground to cover with the character, considered he’s one of the greatest screen villains of all time.

Authentic or not, this release plan is every bit as ambitious and multi-faceted as one should expect from Disney, and certainly illustrates their plan to make the most out of the ongoing public affection for all things Star Wars. Even if this list is not entirely accurate, Disney’s actual plan is sure to run along these lines.


Star Wars: Episode VII is either slated for release in summer 2015, November 2015, or Christmas 2015, depending on the rumor.

Source: Jedi News & Collider

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  1. they will milk the star wars cow for all its worth.

    • Just like Marvel. Disney is poison to popular franchises.

      • Marvel is poison to popular franchises?

      • Yeah, I hate seeing Disney squeeze the Marvel cash cow, giving us great movies and making billions of dollars worldwide in box office revenue. It’s disgusting that they even dare to give us what we want by green lighting more movies in the franchises we know and love.

        • Dazz, I think I’m in love with you.

      • ? talk about things that make you go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!

        • I’d love to hear Darth Vader actually say that.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vader at his most evil time hunting down Jedi and taking over planets for the empire. Seeing if he secretly blamed Palpatine for his wife’s death.

    • sounds like the darth vader mini series specials

    • The Prequels made Vader/Anakin into a complete idiot. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to see him as the super villain the OT had us believe.

  3. I don’t care about the milking part, as long as the quality is present with all of the releases. The more star wars the better.

    • I have to laugh at people who complain about “milking” a film(s). As if any movie is made to lose money…

      • I made a movie to lose money once, it was a huge success.

  4. Wow. The news I was waiting…

    It does look authentic to me.

  5. I ascribe no legitimacy to these sorts of rumor, if and until they are officially confirmed.

    Darth Vader is a great character, but I feel like the content-creators need to be reminded often that such characters thrive on mystique, on cultivating the fear of the unknown. I would not mind a brief look at “mid period” Vader actually going about the business of being evil, but we do not need any more revealing backstories for him.

    Perhaps it will tie into Rebels, which is set in the same general time period.

    • You must have missed the mystique boat with Vader. We already had the mystique shattered with three prequel movies.

  6. We love you Vader! Woohoo!

  7. I’d only be happy with this if Vader was voiced by Alan Ford, Snatch Wars style.

    “What the f*** are you two lookin’ at?”

  8. At least they seem to have a handle on the merchandising already. I cannot wait until they paint the Epcot ball to look like a Death Star.

  9. It would be cool if we saw ashoka meet vader as he’s hunting jedi , that would be cool to see what happens as well as answer what became of her after she left the order . I hope they bring back some cool characters from the clone wars in rebels to see what became of other characters from the clone wars in rebels , that would be cool !:)

  10. It would be awesome if they based the Vader series on the “Dark Lord” novel. That is a great book about Darth Vader learning how to use his new body, all while hunting down the remaining Jedi.

    • Disney have done dark before, since the company started in fact.

      Can’t say much about ABC because we don’t have that network here but we have had channels that we associate with low quality fluff that have produced some great dark shows.

      Give it a shot, you never know.

  11. Happy Life Day

  12. It’s ridiculous that someone would even say that Disney or Marvel ruined a franchise when The Avengers was one of the best movies of last year, and the whole Marvel franchise has been pulled off very well. That being said, the Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure franchises were alright but let’s face it, they were far off what they could’ve been and let’s not even get into the Haunted Mansion. I think Disney and JJ Abrams will pull off the new Star Wars trilogy fine. I would sign on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hardy, and Jennifer Lawrence. Bringing back Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford would keep with the continuity. I think they should ignore the prequel trilogy and just remake it with a succession of TV specials concerning Darth Vader, because they were merely average. Here’s how I would personally change them:
    The Phantom Menace-long and boring at times; Jar-Jar and the Naboo were unnecessary
    Attack of the Clones-long and boring at every point in the film outside of the final battle on Geonosis which was alright; there was also poorly constructed romantic tension between Anakin and Padme
    Revenge of the Sith-long and boring at times
    I would change all this in a bunch of hour long TV specials, also getting better actors in pivotal roles such as Obi Wan and Anakin. I would have Darth Maul and General Grievous return in these TV specials. Also, I would like to see the period between 3-4 covered.
    I’m thinking: Benedict Cumberbatch as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Mila Kunis as Padme Amidala, Liam Neeson as Qui Gon Jinn (again), Gerard Butler as Obi Wan Kenobi, Anthony Hopkins as Emperor Palpatine, Sean Bean as Darth Maul, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mace Windu, Frank Oz as Yoda, Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, Kenny Baker as R2-D2, Patrick Stewart as Count Dooku, Alex O’Loughlin as Jango Fett, Lawrence Makoare as Chewbacca, Zoe Saldana as Shaak Ti, John Hawkes as Ki Adi Mundi, Gary Oldman as General Grievous, and Chris Pine as Boba Fett.

    • Stopped reading after your Phantom Menace changes you’d make. Jar Jar and Naboo where crucial to the film. One was an important character (whether you like him or not) and the other was where the main conflict of the freaking movie was! Just because you think they’re boring doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant as a whole.

  13. Hi there I was watching a great documentary tonight on H2 it was on for nearly 2 hours on starwars it had joss, JJ, on it I think it was called Star Wars Legacy of the myth. If you have not seen it its worth a look at, It got me thinking and suspecting a few things about the next chapter of Star wars. There is a few points i want to put out there to explore in particular Pademe Im wondering did she actually survive and is kept hidden for future possibility of returning and made to look like she did not make it but in fact did in order to compleetly protect the twins and padme from the emperor. Im just suggesting because at the end of RTJ when the Ghosts of Anakin OBi One and Yoda aper theres no sign of her there. Also Luke in RTJ says can you remember your mother and of course Lea answers the question about her memory. So was the mother more low key than lea and luke and somewhat that may be brought out in the next ones.

    There is a suggestion of a female Jedi a daughter, of Luke or lea, there could be a even a female sith rising in the next one. Something tells me this could be a very strong possibility, and that Palpatine survived because he knew how to keep him self from dying.

    Look at when Luke fell in Empire he clung onto a cable under cloud city and reached out to lea using the force. What if Palpatine when he was falling he managed in the process of being able to summon one of his small band of circle that was with him in RTJ could have picked up his call and as they where escaping the Death Star one of them just like the way lea picked up Luke, on of them picks up palpatine and smuggle him away with a few imperial personal.

    Some how there is going to be a loss in the new one and something tells me its going to be Luke, I feel its going to echo the original trilogy way, always in the first of the trilogy one a mentor is killed by a sith ie- Obi one in Star Wars New Hope, Qui Gon The phantom meanace. There is going to be a battle, there is going to be a face towards the end a sith a jedi , or ship to ship like a New hope, or face to face jedi and sith,

    Now another arc either Luke respects the Jedi code of not having love interests, keep the order in a Priestly line, and training and passing on the Jedi to one of Leas Kids who has a very strong leaning to the force. Tho trying to keep the strict order may be tricky because lea is married and has children and she is trained as a by luke so then again i could be wrong.

    I really dont think that that characters out of the expanded universe will be in the next Star Wars, I think they will draw on reverences from it like names of planets, and variations on people and things like the home planet crusant (cant spell it but you know what i mean). I could be totally wrong, Its just my own views I haven’t got a clue on what episode 7 is about But i am just putting a few things out there But if there is any suggestions from the expanded universe it would be worth having a look too, Im not to well up on the expanded Star Wars,, tho i have read up on the chiss, and the si rui the only expanded novel i read was truce at bakura, i taught that was interesting having Imperial and rebels working together The would be cool too see in the next one.

    well take care all the best to everyone I just cant wait to see this next chapter in Star Wars, and ps jj if your reading this I want you to know I praying for you that this will go well for you, there is allot on your shoulders, and the stress must be something else in dealing with such a dream project as big as this. I just want you to know that you are remembered big big time in prayer here and that to entrust in faith, and to try and get time out when you can, and don’t try to take on everything, you know what they say you can give what you havent got,, take care and i wish you the best of luck in this from davey Ireland.

  14. give me all things vader

  15. waiting patiently