‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain

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Female Villain in Star Wars Episode 7 Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain

After months of speculation about which actors would be lucky enough to become part of the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, the answer was finally revealed in April by way of a surprise announcement from Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm. Late next year, original stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and more will return to the roles that made them famous over thirty years ago, but they’ll also be joined by a slew of young actors including John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver.

According to reports, Boyega and Ridley will play two of the film’s leads, and the pair were recently spotted filming in a remote desert in Abu Dhabi for scenes set on the sandy planet of Tatooine. Meanwhile, Driver is rumored to be in line to play a villain of sorts – a Jedi who eventually falls to the dark side.

Then there’s also the film’s two new female cast members, who were recently added after reports that casting on the film was not yet complete. Not much is known about Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie’s exact roles, but perhaps these new rumors from Latino-Review can help shed some light on this and a few other questions we have about the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII:

  • Though John Boyega isn’t a Jedi at the beginning of ‘Episode VII,’ he has an arc similar to Luke’s in ‘A New Hope.’
  • There will be a female villain, probably Sith.
  • There is no New Republic at the beginning of the movie.
  • We’ll see Boba Fett-esque armor at some point, though probably not on Fett himself.

star wars episode 7 cast1 570x294 Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain
As the supposed lead of Star Wars: Episode VII, it makes sense that Boyega’s character will begin the movie as essentially a nobody. Casting details that went out late last year described the lead male character as a young man lacking a father figure and a sense of self. No doubt his call to action and hero’s journey in Episode VII will lead him on a quest of transformation, just like how Luke was introduced to audiences and started down the path to become a Jedi in the original Star Wars.

Nyong’o and Christie’s place in the plot, however, is a little fuzzier. There’s been speculation that Nyong’o could be playing the young black or mixed-race granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. If true, this leaves Christie as the most likely candidate to become the female Sith mentioned above. As a warrior already in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see Brienne of Tarth wield a lightsaber instead of a sword.

How do you feel about these new plot and character details for Episode VII? Are you surprised to hear that Luke Skywalker still hasn’t established a New Republic?


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Making a woman evil isn’t science fiction.

    • I LOL’d and cringed at the same time.

    • She so mean
      And she so cruel:
      Teach you all a lesson
      That you don’t learn in school!


    • Star wars is fantasy/adventure and the women are baaaaaad

    • Your point being? This is Star Wars, it’s the definition of the term Sci-Fi.

      • That joke went a mile over your head

        • And besides, Star Wars isn’t the definition of sci-fi; it’s much more in line with fantasy.

  2. Why the insist of Obi Wan´s granddaughter? I mean.. HOW?
    We are talking here about a honourable character who was strong in his jedi beliefs of no attachments.

    • Nope, Obi Wan was a playaa.

    • No attachments and no sex are not the same concept. Visit any nightclub in the Western World, most of those people are not looking for long-term attachments.

      • Yes dude, but we are talking about FICTION here.
        But be that as it may, The jedi Obi Wan was strong in his beliefs. All the previous movies proves me right.
        There was NEVER a love interest for Obi.

        • By that same logic you could say that there’s no females in the empire & that none of the main trio (Namely Luke, Leia, & Han) will ever die because those things NEVER happened in the 6 episodes of the Star Wars saga so far. Just because something hasn’t happened yet unless there’s a specific canon established prohibition against it then that in NO way proves you right simply because Obi Wan didn’t have a romantic interest in the films. He was an old man who died in Episode 4 & Episodes 1-3 were more focused on Anakin anyway because he was the chosen one & the focal point of Episodes 1-6. Idk why outside of political correctness the filmmakers seem obsessed with the idea of making this potential descendant of Obi Wan black (Having tried out many black actresses for the part) but as far as it being possible for Obi Wan or any Jedi for that matter having a lover or child it’s definitely well within the realm of possibility provided that said a lover or offspring didn’t produce the attachment which was forbidden within the Jedi Order.

          • Hear me out on this…
            If Obi Wan had a love interest.. as stated by some fans there was no point in the fall of Anakin to the dark side, there was no point of doing the prequel trilogy.. as his Master would followed his same route…so wheres the learning lesson to that?

            • I hear what you’re saying but what you’re missing in my opinion is that it wasn’t the fact that Anakin had a sexual relationship with Padme that was responsible for him turning to the dark side nor was it that together they conceived Luke & Leia. What destroyed Anakin Skywalker was as George Lucas himself said Anakin’s inability to distinguish selfish love from selfless love, I.E. whereas the former which is self centered & controlling (The kind that he & tragically many others in our world today was all too familiar with) the latter is giving, sacrificial, generous, & focused upon the needs of the other above your own needs. I don’t believe that Jedi were forbidden to love selflessly, in fact like Anakin says when he’s wooing Padme that they’re actually encouraged to love. Anakin was just too selfish & fearful of loss & abandonment (No doubt because of his separation from his mother at a young age) that he didn’t want to lose anyone that he cared about (Witness his almost compulsive need to save Obi Wan throughout the first half of Episode 3) not Obi Wan, & especially not Padme. Remember what Yoda said to Anakin in Episode 1? “Much fear I sense in you.” Obi Wan Kenobi however was far more mature & grounded than Anakin & could have no doubt had one if not several selfless romantic relationships throughout his adult life. The reason that we didn’t see Jedi pairing off with others in the films I liken to biblical condemnations of the love of money from The Bible. God doesn’t say that money makes you evil or even that it is itself, only that the state of someone’s heart can & often IS hardened towards God & their fellow human beings because of it. It’s easier to stay in a right relationship with God without tons of cash that will probably inflate your opinion of yourself beyond acceptability & destroy any humility or faith in a higher power that you may have. By the same token romantic relationships for the Jedi can be & were quite tricky I’m sure & so many Jedi just didn’t engage in them as a “better safe than sorry” maneuver. It wasn’t forbidden it just wasn’t encouraged because of the inherent dangers of not doing it right. Obi Wan, as possibly the greatest Jedi of all time could & would handle it right & just because Anakin screwed up his try at it & we never actually saw Obi Wan gettin jiggy with it doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have. In fact for an adventurous kind of guy like Obi Wan I can practically guarantee that he did.

              • All of what you are saying is so true.
                but in the films we never see another relationship involving a jedi.. (not mentioning Luke and Mara Jade). its because they were not allowed to have so deeply personal love. they are taught to give uncontiditonal and impersonal love to everyone.

      • Just don’t let a slip of the hip sink the ship!

  3. Darth Minnie vs Mickey-won Kenobi

  4. I am pretty sure that is Captain Jean Luc Picards sister.

  5. Looks like a poorly drawn and poorly animated puppet!

  6. Kind of sad that female representation is so low in mainstream media that the announcement of a female character merits a mention of her gender in the headline. Were Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and General Grievous announced as a “male villains?”

    Why is it Mrs. Pac-Man instead of Mr. Pac-Woman?

    • So feminists have invaded screenrant too. I can’t even enjoy movie talk without the whining.

    • It’s not a character announcement, it’s a rumor from LR. Cool your jets. There’s no pleasing you people. Honestly, if there hadn’t been a mention of her gender you’d complain about that as well.
      And also, because Pac-Man was the first of those games made so it would be dumb to name him after a character that hadn’t been created yet.
      Man I hope this is a troll because people actually thinking this way is depressing.

    • That doesn’t even make sense.

      What exactly are you getting worked up about? Stating a characters gender? Really? Really? Are you really that insecure to make a stand on something so petty?

      Even if you are, most likely, just another troll…there’s a limit where you go from troll to pure retard.

    • Ummmm Grevious was without gender !!!

      • You sound fit darlin ;)

        • The Dark Side has invaded Screenrant! Darth Periods!!!

    • Back to the kitchen!

  7. Assajj ventress, the scorned former secret apprentice of count dooku would be a fantastic movie character

  8. female sith please!

  9. lmao. Never gets old with the female thing here on SR. And also, what other villains are there in Star Wars besides the master and apprentice? Probably?

  10. other than the original characters coming back(ford, hamill, fisher,) does anyone know why they havent really cast any popular names? granted these actors and actresses in it already are good from what ive seen from them in other stuff but i mean your dealing with the biggest Sci Fi franchise of all time and it hasnt attracted any big name actor/actresees so far

    • I think they’re going for quality of actor over star/box office power. The name Star Wars is enough to get people to the theaters so they don’t really need big name actors to pull in the audience. Cost is another factor. These actors are talented and cheap to hire, which leaves more money for flashy effects. I’m sure there were some big names who were interested but it could ahve come to down to something as simple as having the right look, dark hair instead of light hair. I do think cost is probably the biggest factor though. First of the new trilogy, gotta prove that it can stand without A-list star power to prop it up. There are a lot of reason though.

      • yea i agree…i was hoping to see Benedict Cumberbatch as a Sith but looks like that aint happening, maybe after the success of Episode 7 they will bring in more people, i want to see them do a Darth Bane story, i mean in the clone wars he came in and restored the Sith Order

        • Ben is a god actor, very talented, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in this, but I think JJ didn’t cast him because he doesn’t fit what they need. Darth Bane would be a cool story, but I don’t think he restored the Sith Order in the Clone Wars. He was the one that established the Rule of Two.

          • er…good actor…not god actor lol

        • Isn’t big name stars the last thing we want?

          The original trilogy really only Alec Guinness was what you would call a star but I don’ t know if you would have called him a household name.

          Then the new trilogy put in Ewan McGregor, Sam Jackson, Liam Neeson, Christopher Lee, Rose Byrne, Jimmy Smits, etc…

          I think they are trying to follow the formula for the original. While I think seeing Cumberbatch play a Sith villian…I think I will be sitting there thinking to myself that Sherlock and Khan is running around with a lightsaber rather than focusing on the story.

          • Don’t forget that Peter Cushing was also the only well-known name in the original trilogy(even if he was only in the very first film).

            • Billy Dee Williams(of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI) was also the only other well-known star that acted in the original trilogy. And I don’t recall Rose Byrne being in any of the prequels.

              • She was. She played Dorme I think.

                • Here in England Sir Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing (my uncle by marriage) were household names.

                  • Here in America I did not even realize that Alec Gunniess was Bensonmum in Murder by Death, which is one of my top 5 favorite movies until today. LOL

      • The difference between A-list and B-list or any other frickin’ list is by how much those people are over-paid. If you are talking about a fictional list that symbolizes true talent, that can carry even a bad movie by the virtue of their presence…then there probably aren’t enough people who’d qualify for that. By a long shot.

        Sure, there are a few people i could think up to be an excellent addition to the movie but that doesn’t mean it would be more likely a success.

    • Good point – the star wars films – both trilogies used unknowns as main stars flanked by well known actors in support roles, with a few exceptions (Natalie portman, Ewan McGregor). I think its better that way

      • we all make valid points, its just there were alot of actors who were rumored and were in negotiations to be in episode 7, cumberbatch, oldman, Efron, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alex Petyfer, Saorse Ronan, Fassbender, i mean i just thought it was odd none of them got cast

        • Ah yes I was also kinda hoping Oldman and Saorse would be cast too as they are both quite good at ‘disappearing’ in to a role. In any case we’ll probably see the uncast actor’s script readings and ‘true’ stories behind the casting of Ep7 in the 2039 25th anniversary edition 8 disc box set bonus archive material lol

    • ‘Hasn’t attracted any big name actor/actresses’…. WRONG. They CHOSE not to cast any really well known actors. Exactly the same as the original trilogy.

      • Iknowitbetter…i am right at the fact that they didnt cast any big name people, if you woudl look at my first post i asked why they didnt, i didnt say it was a bad idea or mistake i wa sjust simply asking, i just made it clear i wanted to see a few big name actors/actresses

      • Max Von Sydow,Andy Serkis(LORD OF THE RINGS,RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES),and Harrison Ford(along with original trilogy stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher)are the only big name stars in this film.

  11. I hope Lupita is the sith.

  12. These are the dumbest “rumors” I’ve ever seen posted, and of course they came from LR.
    “There will be a female villain, probably Sith.”
    “We’ll see Boba Fett-esque armor at some point, though probably not on Fett himself.”
    Seriously? These are the kinds of rumors that will shed light on the plot? Those are no brainers. Of course there’s going to be a female villain. They have 4 female leads if you count Fisher. They can’t all be good guys. It stands to reason that she’d be Sith as well.
    And Boba Fett-esque armor is obvious. He isn’t the only one who wears that kind of armor. He got that look from the Mandalorians so we’ll probably see at least one other character wearing something similar, even if just in the background of a scene. LR is a joke. These aren’t rumors, they’re speculation and pretty obvious speculation at that.

    • I think you and I are the only ones lmao. The channing tatum article right below it is just as bad. It’s almost like SR has run out or has limited amount of ideas to talk about and are just copying CNN’s strategy.

      • Yeah they don’t have any inside sources or any real news about the movie so they just report what other sites are reporting. Come on SR, gotta get some cinema spies inside Disney and WB.

  13. I recognize that most of you are younger than me, I’m 44. However anyone who does not thing that Max Von Sydow is a big name is simply wrong. Von Sydow is a classical actor from the old school who has a distinguished and remarkable career. Look him up on Wikipedia and you will understand that he is in the same league as Alec Guiness.

    • i know who Max Von Sydow is but hes not a popular name these days, i think hes a great actor as well as the whole cast but im just saying when it comes to fan appeal there isnt no nig names that jump out at you by looking at the cast except the original characters…but see star trek was the 1st big movie for chris pine, zoe saldan, zachary quinto and karl urban and there careers have sky rocketed since then so maybe its just an Abrams thing

  14. Obi could not have had a kid. Please do not tell me that is the f/n story.

  15. Bota Fett WAS EATEN by the sand monster in Star Wars 6 !!!

    • …or was he?
      Regardless, plenty of other people wear the Mandalorian uniforms or they could even bring back the Mandalorians as characters for this movie.

      • That’s twice you have mentioned the Mandalorians and few other E7 threads ever talk about them but I’ve always hoped the Mandalorians feature heavily in the new trilogy. They’re human, a race of warriors in a time of peace, were infiltrated by the sith (clone wars), and boba/jango provided major plot points in the previous 2 trilogies

        • They’re one of my favorite groups so I also hope they get a little screen time in this next trilogy or at least in a Bobba Fett spin off. They have a really cool culture. They’re like the Spartans of Star Wars.

          • Flying Spartans with lasers

    • And blasted his way out in a book in the EU, which I understand is no longer canon but that idea could still be used. I look forward to a Bounty Hunter movie and would really like to see more of Boba Fett and IG-88.

  16. I can see Lupita Nyong’o could play Asajj Ventress.

    • Do you think the spin-off films will allow that kind of depth? I feel the trilogy films have driven the brand and merchandizing aspect of the franchise so maybe the non-canons will be lower budget young adult affairs with riskier talent.

      • Jar Jar Thinks…im kind of confused about the spin offs there doing, from what ive heard and read there supposedly doing origin movies for boba fett and han solo, bringing in young actors to play the young character…but what gets me is why would they do an origin story when episode 7 falls in the timeline 30 years after return of the jedi. boba fett is dead and han solo is old now so why would they go back and do something like that when it wouldnt even fit into the on going story? i can see them doing spin offs for new characters but not origin stories

        • Rigging I’m glad you asked, I have a theory…I watched the entire set of Clone Wars (don’t bother with season 1+2) which was filled with characterizations of nearly every hero or villian onscreen in the prequel films and a few (bossk) from the originals. Afterwards I rewatched ep1-3 and and the experience was enhanced because every minor character that flashed onscreen for 1 or so scenes suddenly had a deeper, layered connection to the overall arc.
          It literally reinvested into the preexisting films. I hear they are making a new animated series set between ep 3 -4 which suggests they are cool with nonlinear new entries. I’m saying I think it keeps the old stuff relevant for the new people

          • i mean i think it would be cool to see a young Boba or Han before they were who they are today but i just feel like that would be a wasted story cuz for one boba is dead and it wouldnt tie into the new epsiodes, the only origin i can see them doing that wouldnt affect the new epsiodes is a Yoda story…they should do episode 7 then a spin off and introduce new characters and add them to epsidoe 8, then another spin off with new characters then add them to episode 9 and so on until they decide to stop, i could watch new star wars until the day i die and im only 23

        • * it autocorrected your username sorry

    • J.J. Abrams is a major STAR WARS fan who is highly aware of the fans wanting the new film to be up-to-par with the original trilogy and pretty much aimed at adults(unlike the first two prequels,which were aimed at children[with the third prequel taking a much darker and downbeat step{which made it more aimed for adult audiences}]),for all that’s been revealed about the new film(which isn’t being kept super secretive in this Spoilers dropping Internet age)has so far sounded very positive and promising,and it’s interesting to know that one of the new film’s lead characters is portrayed by a black actor,since that’ll easily fill in the void left open by the(strange)absence of Billy Dee Williams.

      • J j Abram’s just isn’t talented enough to pull this off none of his films are any good. this film will end up being a homage of sorts (in a bad way) to the originals much like in super 8 when he was homaging speilbergs movies. That film was terrible. there really is nowhere for this story to go it wrapped up perfectly fine in rotj. oh wait a new sith lord? better get my light saber out!

    • Brian, I couldn’t agree with you more. The best scene in a new movie (somewhere near the beginning)would be if Han began to say “I have a bad fee..” Then Leia claps her hand over his mouth and says, “Don’t ever say that again.” Then we actually never here it again. It would be a little omage and comedy then we move on to a real storyline, one with substance. I don’t even care if there is a lot of action if the story and dialog is good enough to drive the other two movies…

    • So your tired of the same ol male protagonist going on a journey before reaching his goal but if it’s a girl then your cool? afraid to point out the obvious but most action adventure movies follow this trope and making the protagonist a girl doesn’t change that.

  17. So where does the Justice League fit into all this?

  18. Gwendoline Christie could be a good Sith. Maybe along the lines of an Asajj Ventress type dark Jedi/Sith. Possibly in the service of Prince Xizor. However, the SOTE arc is slim to none.

  19. Darth Hillary

    • I personally am waiting on a movie where we find an older Jar Jar who turns out to be a dark sith lord and was only playing the bumbling fool to slow down the Jedi for Palpatine.

  20. I agree with Hyoga1001. It would be wrong for Obi Wan to have a granddaughter. His commitment to the Jedi Order was unmoving. Commitment and lust was where Anikan went wrong, what made him evil, his being afraid of loss. Would put the whole concept of being a Jedi in peril. He never could have been a player, as was mentioned in one of the other posts. I think J.J. is the right man for the job, but if he messes with the Jedi mystic, well, you thought Lucas caught (bleep) for the prequel’s?

    • That whole “emotion is bad” b******* in the prequels was just that, b*******. Made up by Lucas because he apparently couldn’t come up with a decent character story arc for Anakin.

      It’s even worse when you realize the original trilogy ended with Vader regaining his emotional side and connecting with his son.

  21. So we have Luke and Leia cast. Who’s doing the “totally not Han Solo” thing?

  22. boba fett not completely digested in return of the jedi?

  23. I think Darth Sidious should return as a ghost. If the Jedi can do it, so can the Sith.

  24. Well, this is a HUGE letdown. Of all the hope I had for the new movies if most of these rumors are true then sorry, but not interested. My hopes are for an expanded universe style story, in other words a continuation of where the OT left off. The Solo twins being the focus and not some gansta jedi or some bi-racial love child of Obi-Wan destroying the entire back story of the most honorable jedi aside from Yoda. What is up with EVERYTHING having to be PC in movies now, it is ridiculous. These rumors if true also show that Disney is more worried about making the minorities the lead actors and less about the story or THE FANS that are the reason Disney even acquired the rights.

    • Good good let the butt-hurt flow through you ;)

      There’s no way they make the black chick obi wan granddaughter, that’s beyond messed up. Who cares what color the lead is though as long as he plays his part well. Kid was good in attack the block so I’m cautiously optimistic. Its not outside the realm of possibility he gave a good audition. Guess the real question is Why do you care so much what color the lead is?

  25. They don’t seem to be following the plot of the Thrawn story… this is disappointing as that is a better story then the original 3 moves about Luke. Oh well, I just hope they made it good as i’m use to being dissapointed after the last 3 movies.

  26. I believe a female sith would be good…but I still would like to see Darth Plagueis the Wise resurrect from his ashes to be the Ultimate Sith lord in this next trilogy..
    Where Luke Actually battles this Sith Lord in one of the most baddest light saber battles ever…

  27. I take all these rumors,with a grain of salt.I won’t believe anything these rumor-filled websites say until it is confirmed by Lucasfilm/Disney,but I will keep reading them,this is all part of the fun leading up to Episode VII premiere in 2015.