‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain

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Female Villain in Star Wars Episode 7 Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain

After months of speculation about which actors would be lucky enough to become part of the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, the answer was finally revealed in April by way of a surprise announcement from Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm. Late next year, original stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and more will return to the roles that made them famous over thirty years ago, but they’ll also be joined by a slew of young actors including John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver.

According to reports, Boyega and Ridley will play two of the film’s leads, and the pair were recently spotted filming in a remote desert in Abu Dhabi for scenes set on the sandy planet of Tatooine. Meanwhile, Driver is rumored to be in line to play a villain of sorts – a Jedi who eventually falls to the dark side.

Then there’s also the film’s two new female cast members, who were recently added after reports that casting on the film was not yet complete. Not much is known about Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie’s exact roles, but perhaps these new rumors from Latino-Review can help shed some light on this and a few other questions we have about the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII:

  • Though John Boyega isn’t a Jedi at the beginning of ‘Episode VII,’ he has an arc similar to Luke’s in ‘A New Hope.’
  • There will be a female villain, probably Sith.
  • There is no New Republic at the beginning of the movie.
  • We’ll see Boba Fett-esque armor at some point, though probably not on Fett himself.

star wars episode 7 cast1 570x294 Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumored Plot Involves Female Villain
As the supposed lead of Star Wars: Episode VII, it makes sense that Boyega’s character will begin the movie as essentially a nobody. Casting details that went out late last year described the lead male character as a young man lacking a father figure and a sense of self. No doubt his call to action and hero’s journey in Episode VII will lead him on a quest of transformation, just like how Luke was introduced to audiences and started down the path to become a Jedi in the original Star Wars.

Nyong’o and Christie’s place in the plot, however, is a little fuzzier. There’s been speculation that Nyong’o could be playing the young black or mixed-race granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. If true, this leaves Christie as the most likely candidate to become the female Sith mentioned above. As a warrior already in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see Brienne of Tarth wield a lightsaber instead of a sword.

How do you feel about these new plot and character details for Episode VII? Are you surprised to hear that Luke Skywalker still hasn’t established a New Republic?


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. We can only hope she is a

    Sexy Female Villain.

    Maybe borrowing from “The Dragon Lady” concept of the thirties.
    Alluring and untouchable. Deadly.

  2. This movie is going to flat out suck ass… I love star wars and I am so pissed it is going to die like this. Come on Luke Skywalker 30 years after rotj not having the new republic established or the academy….. No ben Skywalker instead we have stupid Boyega taking his place… Gah and all this female token crap….. Can’t stand how female leads are bieng forced upon this trilogy… I hope im wrong but I only care about Luke and Han screw this new cast I don’t want the story to arc around them I want to see the big three and a Grand master Luke Skywalker not misplaced actors that don’t belong…..

    • Amen

    • You really should not judge something like this before you see it. You’re quite clearly very close-minded which is not good. Approach and see the movie with an open mind and you might be surprised. If it turns out you didn’t like it, fine. But at least have an open mind about it.

    • On the one hand, I’m pissed at Disney for cancelling 1313 (seriously — a game centered around descending into Coruscant’s underbelly? AI WANT). On the other hand, I feel that reserving judgement until we have seen the movie in person is something than every TRUE fan of the series owes to it.

      Even if the film turns out to be the funeral of the series, a truly devoted person would attend.

    • oh God here comes miss Negative Nancy again. I swear I feel for all these little girls that feel privileged to just say every thing will suck..Oh batman v Superman will suck or Star Wars will suck. Jeeze did you guys have that hard a life to just criticized everything to make you feel better as a person?

    • Oh dear Star Wars VII is going to be a big pile of s***e, JJ Abrams just couldn’t help it could he? Well he’s destroyed Star Trek, time for him now to ruin Star Wars.

  3. I can see Lupita Nyong’o as a Nightsister, or grand-daughter of Ventress. Ventress ages the same as humans(Clone Wars) and would unlikely be in Ep. VII. Gwendoline Christie can play Mother Talzin(Nightsister Clan, Dathomir) or a Mandalorian, possibly a descendant of the Night Watch.

    On Darth Sidious being back as a Sith Necromancer, why not. He supposedly was to teach Anakin a way to bring back the dead. As taught by Darth Plagueis(EU) and Darth Bane’s necromancer(Clone Wars).

    On how come Luke should have created a Republic by Ep. VII, not necessarily. A farm boy turn Jedi Knight does not make him a person of influence(no Jedi mind tricks, plz), a world leader(politicians and lawyers go hand-in-hand); he wasn’t taught the finer points of global politics, unlike his sister, Leia. Remember he was still shooting womp rats and no friends in Ep. IV and Ep. VI, was he leading the mission to destroy the Death Star. Nope, he went off to go find daddy and make up for lost time, all touchy feely run away with me.) Remember Vader offered-together they can rule the empire and Luke rejected that idea of power to rule. I can see Luke more of living out his life as a simple farmer.

    Now, Leia, with her political upbringing and influences holds a better logical choice to rebuild a republic or hold political office- the finer points of diplomacy and position of power(See House of Cards or Game of Thrones, if you don’t understand politics). But since her homeworld was blown up- she really have nothing left, otherthan clothes on her back and handouts from relatives and friends…Admiral Ackbar? Here’s some fish sticks and you can stay in the family room for a week, but ahh, the Mrs. is expecting a million roe to hatch and we will be needing the room back.

    May the Force be with you all. Special thanks to Disney and K.K. for more Star Wars, and Netflix for Clone Wars S6! Let the adventures begin!

    • If they were smart she would be Lumiya and have a sick lightsaber whip!

  4. That’s going to be a mistake. I’m betting my money that this is gonna pass just like all the recent others.

  5. Some of the casting is going to suck. Boyega as a lead? I don’t get into women who they make look tough and kick a guys ass. It’s usually not believable. The logical choice for episode VII would be relation to the big three original cast members. Because of political correctness we have to include everyone in the lead. One white, one black one woman, one gay, it’s sickening. My favorite scene is where Luke looks up at the twin suns. That was the most powerful part of Star Wars. To dream of being more than what you are.

  6. Consider the source Latino Review. Its a good thing we have more filming going on and the leakage of stronger rumors from better sources.

  7. I have heard that the plot will revolve around a cloned Darth Vader , yes thats right . Imperial scientists kept vaders DNA then after return of the jedi they created a new Vader for luke and gang to battle but han and leia had kids so vader becomes all grandpa like so they all settle on the moisture farm and live a bit like the waltons until a cloned emporer cums along and throws a hydro spanner in the works .

  8. I dont care ,I still think there starting off were fate of the jedi left off.

  9. the film is basically going to be based around han solo and the hutts getting there revenge for jabbas death .

  10. I wish Lupita would’ve have Played Ahsoka Tano

  11. Rumors are just rumors. That being said, these rumors really suck. John Boyega as lead jedi character, bad chicks in control of the empire, an Obi-Wan granddaughter… Come on! What’s next? Jar Jar Binks meets Mickey Mouse?

  12. Well,well-Star Wars :Episode VII,what can I say…it’s Disney @the helm,not 20th Century Fox..!So the beloved fanfare @the beginning will be interesting.Also note that Lando’s character is nowhere to be seen or mentioned.! I do believe myself there will be some kind of Jedi order@the beginning..but who.?Leia,Luke-as far as a new villain-where from Phantom Menace did Darth Sidious and Darth Maul come from..? Food for thought everyone,this movie I believe is going to surprise us all..! :-) May the force be with us all on 12/18/15.:-)

  13. “We’ll see Boba Fett-esque armor at some point”
    You mean Mandalorian aromor ? Boba Fett’s not the only one with such gears. 😛

  14. Kenobi’s Granddaughter?
    Jedi’s are not suppose to have kids!
    That’s what episode three was all about!!
    There SHOULD be a female Jedi, Jaina Solo Fel, and two males, Ben Skywalker and Jacen Solo, that’s it.
    No Kenobi Granddaughter.
    Kenobi was mastering the skill that Qui Gon Jinn used in ep 1, not making babies.
    Besides, not one hint of him having a family other than the size of his yurt was in episode 4.

    Luke’s hand, the one Vader cut off in Ep 5, is used to clone up an army of Jedi stormtroopers. There I said it, if you weren’t cloned up enough over the past decade, guess what? more Clones!
    Hopefully they completely change that too.

    I am more than glad to see more Star War movies being made, and at least they are not remaking episode 4 but continuing the story. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to Star Wars being rewritten entirely to append itself to foreign market research. From that point of view, an Asian Jedi would almost be considered a stereotype or racial slur.

    And make the toys have bendable elbows and knees, and no diecast play sets.
    But seriously, the toys the toys the toys. I’m talking Japan import level stuff.

  15. yeah it does…not because of the woman, but star wars 7 is gonna be gay as hell

  16. Perhaps the mixed raced girl will play as Boba Fett’s Grand daughter Mirta Gev, and as for Luke’s possible apprentice, the book series introduces a 12 or 14 year old boy named Kip Durron who goes off the deep end using an Imperial prototype super weapon known as the Sun Crusher thats armmed with a torpedo that when launched at a star can cause it to go Super Nova (i.e.: the Caridia Star System that served as an Imperial Storm Trooper traing base where his older brother was sent to after being forcibly conscripted after the murder of their parents) Kyp was enslaved in the Spice mines of Kessel when he was 6 years old. If that wouldnt lead to the darkside what would?