New ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Set Images Tease the Millennium Falcon and More

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star wars logo New Star Wars: Episode 7 Set Images Tease the Millennium Falcon and More

Normally, seeking out information on a J.J. Abrams film ahead of its theatrical release is a bit like trying to extract a Rancor’s teeth – we’ve never tried the latter, but we imagine it’s very difficult, and it lets us segue to talking about Star Wars: Episode VII and the new details that’ve been unveiled this week. Yesterday alone, several photos taken from the film’s Abu Dhabi set were released online; on top of that, we got an update concerning two additional female cast members for the space adventure blockbuster.

The majority of the Episode VII shoot is going to take place in London, on sound stages at the Pinewood studios where previous live-action Star Wars movies were filmed in decades past. There’ve been rumors and speculation about what practical set pieces are being constructed for the project, with the most noteworthy claim being that a “full-scale 1:1 Millennium Falcon” – Han Solo’s famous spaceship (or a piece of junk, if you ask Luke) – had been built off-site and moved over to Pinwood, ahead of principal photography on Episode VII getting underway.

TMZ, which also premiered the most recent Episode VII set images from Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a new collection of Star Wars set photos, revealing what, beyond all but a shadow of a doubt, is a Millennium Falcon set piece under construction. In addition, the new images show an X-Wing fighter practical set being assembled together, along with a look at the unfinished version of the immense, boar-like creature that was glimpsed in yesterday’s photo collection (one that is reportedly being operated by five people and will be walking around a Tatooine marketplace in Abrams’ film).




star wars episode 7 millennium falcon New Star Wars: Episode 7 Set Images Tease the Millennium Falcon and More

Rumor has it that Han (Harrison Ford) has a fairly large role to play in the Episode VII proceedings; if so, then it would make sense for a proper Millennium Falcon set to be built, seeing how Han’s beloved ship presumably won’t just be featured in the film in the background and/or with a cameo for nostalgic purposes. One possibility is that franchise newcomer Daisy Ridley (Silent Witness) is playing Han and Leia’s daughter, who receives some assistance from her old man (and perhaps even “Uncle” Chewbacca) in the film – which includes, getting a ride in Han’s equivalent of a prized antique car.

Other members of the new generation of heroes/villains being introduced in Episode VII include John Boyega (Attack the Block) – who is filming scenes in Abu Dhabi with Ridley currently – as well as the likes of Adam Driver (Girls), Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), and Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave), among others. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that one of these individuals could wind up piloting said X-Wing fighter in the film – though, it’s also certainly possible that the elder Luke (Mark Hamill) will be the one getting (back) in the cockpit.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: TMZ

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  1. I have a feeling the Falcon will be killed off in this movie.

    • Take that back! Take that back right now!! The best spaceship in movie history, bar none, can’t be destroyed ever!

      • Come on really? “the best”? The Falcon is maybe in the top 25 at best.

        • For me it is. I just love that old rugged design that reminds me of World War II piston aircraft, and the sound of its engine is pure music to my ears. There is nothing like it.

          • Oh my that sound! That sound is pure virtuosity! It’s currently unmatched.

            • Most people don’t realize how iconic the sound engineering in Star Wars is. Even in the prequels, anything audio related is usually the best part.

        • Can you think of another ship that can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Other ships might be fast, but the Falcon literally compressed space.

          • U.S.S. Enterprise owns ALL Star Wars spaceships.

            Discuss… ;)

            • Maybe Voyager, as it was built to be fast and deadly, not really suited to long range missions but hey. Wouldn’t it also be the most advanced of both trek/wars worlds in chronicle terms?

              • The Defiant would own them all.

                • I agree. In terms of maneuverability and firepower… I love the Enterprise, but she is in a totally different category… And, she can’t land…

        • Serenity.

          • I don’t think so.

            Compared to the Falcon, Serenity can hard burn it’s way back home.

            • TARDIS, nuff said.

              • @Wade I wouldn’t consider TARDIS in this discussion of spaceships.

                @motoko – I don’t know what it is maybe Max and Wash (although Solo/Chewbacca and Kirk/Spock are great too), but I just really like the Serenity though in a fight you would be screwed compared to the Falcon and Enterprise.

                • I like Serenity just fine, but it just doesn’t have the nostalgia of the Falcon for me. Since I was a small child the Falcon was the most iconic spaceship ever put on screen (Or in my hand as a toy).

      • Abrams killed Vulcan in that other franchise. Nothing is safe.

      • The ‘best’ spaceship which has no means of steering…it’s probably the least aerodynamic ship with that huge antenna at the top…

        • Yeah, I don’t know how you could possibly steer in a vacuum without a rudder or something. And the wind drag that occurs the the vacuum of space due to that antennae? That airless vacuum sure isn’t friendly to ships that aren’t aerodynamic. You know, with all the vacuum and whatnot.

        • No means of steering?? Then how the hell did Han, Chewie and Lando fly the damn thing?!? lol
          also, aerodynamics mean absolutely nothing in space.

          The Mil Fal is without a doubt the greatest spaceship in film history

            • Sorry, I should have been more clear. What I meant to say was…

              You know this isn’t real life, right?

    • I thought the same thing

  2. Sh*t just got real! Very excited!

    • TLW

      Actually, I don’t think this is breaking news?? I remember reading a while back that they were thinking about building a full size Falcon for the next movie, inside and out so they can shoot scenes with it that look really real instead of using CGI… Like instead of making an outside only one and the interior sets on a separate stage, they actually wanted to build the interiors inside a fully built exterior. I really remember reading about this a very long time ago…

  3. I hope she did not agree to cover up that beautiful dark chocolate complexion with makeup or prosthetics…

  4. Does that X-Wing look funny to anyone else? It’s nose is shorter/sharper and the wings are also shorter. It looks like a mix between the Jedi fighter from the prequels and an X-Wing.

    Obviously it’s still under construction, so who knows.

    • It has been 30 years since rotj so it may well be a new ship/new version of the x-wing.

    • You’re right. The laser cannons are shorter as well, and the engines are completely different – semi-circular instead of circular intakes.

    • Look up Ralph Maquarrie’s original design for the x-wing. Pointed nose. More streamed lined. Those engine intakes look similar

  5. i can’t wait to see Queen Amidala fly it again

  6. Its nice to see these leaked Ep 7 photos up to a certain extent.. But when will this stop? I don’t want to know everything about the movie before it shows on December 2015. Cant Lucas/Disney sue TMZ for trespassing ?

    • I wouldn’t be too concerned about this. The stuff leaked by TMZ is hardly anything we didn’t already know.

    • Then don’t look at the photos, easy. I get what you’re saying, but it’s not like you’re being strapped down to a chair and having some force feed these things to you.

  7. Agreed. The MF is iconic and indispensable to the Star Wars mythology. Please Abrams, don’t kill it off. But heck, he can, can’t he ? As long as he has it rebuild in the next episode. ‘The Return of the Millenium Falcon’. Whatever. I’d take that too.

  8. And could he not include his damn lens flares for once! It’s so annoying.

    • The ongoing complains about his use of lens flares are definitely more annoying now than any actual lens flares could ever be.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Give this man a popsicle!

    • The flaring effect only exits in the Star Trek universe.

  9. I think Harrison Ford will play a mentor role like Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek(2009). He will both be integral to the story and provide nostalgic moments. The Millennium Falcon will probably come into play when the protagonists are stranded or need to escape a planet, Han will say i might have something we could use and they remove the covers of a dusty Falcon and then Han would probably comment lets see if it can still do the kessel run in 12 parsecs

  10. Personally, I think the ONLY way they convinced Harrison Ford to return is if Han dies in this one. He’s made no secret that he isn’t a fan of his character. Hopefully, the Falcon will survive. As far as these being “leaked”, I have my doubts. I have nothing to base it on, but it wouldn’t surprise me these were strategically released to show the fans how they are using “practical sets” vs CGI. I can’t imagine security would be this lax on the set to enable so many pics to be leaked like this.

  11. Didn’t Galaxy Quest do that pig creature already. Oh hang on… They did… And it was better that this pantomime thing. Star Wars 7 looks like it’s going to suck. No surprise then.

  12. The single best thing about these pictures, is that they are real tangible props and sets. Did George Lucas ever built Padme’s jet?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Loving the practical sets.

      And no I doubt he built padme’s ship or any of the other ships for the prequels.

      • Actually, Ryan, the Millennium Falcon was built for Jedi, but the scene was cut. The scene took place after Luke, Leia, Han and Lando destroyed Jabba and his sail barge. The scene was supposed to play out during a sandstorm. Most of the dialogue was still used in the final film but with Luke in his X-wing talking to Han and Leia via com link.

        What I have always felt a little sad about was that we did not see Han in the pilot’s seat of the Falcon at all in Jedi. So I am very hopeful we see Han Solo in the pilot’s seat of the Millennium Falcon at least one more time.

  13. I hope the new movie uses the old format of the models ships and back to the puppet of Yoda. When Star Wars came out when I was nine, it changed my imagination and opened up new worlds for me. Even the double record of The Star Wars the sound track by, John Williams was and still is the best he ever did. Everything that came out with the movie was prefect. I hope they just film one in the original format for the real fans that liked the models instead of the CGI. Thank You, One hopeful Fan..

    • “I hope they just film one in the original format for the real fans that liked the models instead of the CGI”

      Once again there were more practical effects in any one PT movie than the entire OT combined.

      Why some people are so obsessed with the one thing and not acknowledging the other I don’t really know. It’s all fake but the fake Yoda CGI does more than the fake Yoda puppet could ever do.

      All fans are real.

      • You make some good points, Ryan, and I am a big supporter of laying everything out, good and bad, while acknowledging as you do that “all fans are real.” The competitive nature of these discussions can cloud reason and be unnecessarily devisive. That said, a level headed dude like you can probably appreciate that the prequels leave a heavy taste of digital magic that even a fan can find difficult to stomach. For all the strengths and weaknesses of the six films, the first three were stylistically defined more by the solid look of physical objects and even real explosions. Both approaches have mixed results, but I for one am greatly enthused by the notion of more physical sets, props, ships, etc. This is a good sign for the production, in my opinion, and a sign that even if JJ might have been pleased with the computerized look of the prequels, he can appreciate that some of us had mixed feelings and wished for, shall we say, more tangible illusions.

  14. Isn’t it funny how only people who really like or hate Star Wars go on the internet to comment. Them again I guess most people don’t really care so why would they bother. The point is… It’s not just people who have bad stuff to say. Although, judging from the images released so far… What’s good to say about it. Especially that pig thing. What a mess.