Rumor Patrol: Will Judi Dench Play Mon Mothma in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Judi Dench as Mon Mothma in Star Wars Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: Will Judi Dench Play Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Episode 7?

When a film is as highly anticipated as Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s bound to collect more than a few rumors. Most recently, both Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad fame and Chiwetel Ejiofor, the star of 12 Years a Slave, were rumored to be up for roles. There’s been several rumors about the possible spinoff films, Boba Fett’s in particular. (Could Lawrence Kasdan be working on it? Will it still be Jango’s clone in the armor?) And with extensive rewrites to Episode VII‘s script pushing the release date to late 2015, there have been rumors that these changes allow for Luke, Leia, and Han to have larger roles than initially planned.

Director J.J. Abrams recently confirmed the script for Star Wars: Episode VII has been completed. Filming is expected to begin soon, which means in the coming months, all these casting rumors may in fact become casting facts. In the meantime, however, rumors surrounding Episode VII can be as outrageous and bogus as they please. Case in the point, the latest rumor concerning Episode VII casting – Judi Dench as Mon Mothma, former leader of the rebellion.

The “scoop” comes from the most recent episode of Big Shiny Robot‘s Full of Sith podcast. There’s absolutely nothing solid to back the rumor up, and in fact, their source, Bobby Roberts, only goes as far to say Dench’s name is being discussed. So, could there be any truth to Judi Dench being sought out for the role of Mon Mothma in Episode VII?

mon mothma Rumor Patrol: Will Judi Dench Play Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Episode 7?

Many bloggers died bringing us this rumor.

Reason suggests this is a rumor that is about as unlikely as they get. Then again, back before Episode I, it was pretty hard to imagine Samuel L. Jackson as a Jedi. (With a purple lightsaber, no less!) And who would have guessed prior to ’77 that the legendary Alec Guiness would join the cast of a sci-fi movie like Star Wars? In that case, Dench really isn’t as outrageous a choice for Mon Mothma as she initially seems. Star Wars has a tradition of pulling from classically and stage-trained actors just as much as it does for casting relative unknowns.

But what of original Mon Mothma actress, Caroline Blakiston? A quick IMDB search reveals the actress, age 80, is still working in television. While Abrams seems so concerned with bringing back Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford and expanding their roles, it’d be a shame for Blakiston to be looked over. Especially as she’s obviously still a working actress and is only a year older than Dench.

star wars episode 7 release date2 570x294 Rumor Patrol: Will Judi Dench Play Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Episode 7?

Then again, recasting Mon Mothma isn’t all too unbelievable. She isn’t a character who’s very well known beyond the most ardent of Star Wars fans. Dench is an instantly recognizable name, an award winning actress, and she has proven herself very popular for blockbuster franchises with her role as M in multiple James Bond films. Attaching a name like hers to Star Wars: Episode VII, even in a minor role, would definitely heighten interest for what’s already one of the most highly-anticipated movies of all time.

What are you thinking, Screen Rant readers? Could Judi Dench soon join the Star Wars universe as Mon Mothma? Let us know if you think this rumor is bogus or not in the comments below.


Star Wars Episode VII releases in theaters December 18th, 2015.

Source: Big Shiny Robot

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  1. I say bring back the original actress that played Mon Mothma I’d like some consistency through this franchise as we transition into new territory. As much as I like Judy Dench and I think she would be great addition to the roster it would just seem weird not to have the original actress return since they are going as far as bringing back the old cast members. It would be like casting Morgan Freeman to play older Lando Calrissean. Do you think the fanbase would be comfortable with that? I think not.

  2. Mon Mothma? Who is that again? Arre they gonna recast Biggs and Wedge too? If anyone even remembers who they are.

    i don’t think minor characters like Mon Mothma are news sorry.

    • Alexander, when you typed that message, did you intend to be a jerk or did it just end up that way?

    • If you feel that way you should – as the Sandtrooper says “move along, move along…” because this news is not for you.True fans, and I mean those that follow every rumor and spend more time obsessing over every bit of news than they do on their jobs find this type of news of minor characters and back stories the essence of “The Wars.”

    • Minor character? Mon Mothma was only just the LEADER OF THE REBEL ALLIANCE.

  3. IT’S A TRAP! Bring back Admiral Akbar!

    • Peter Dinklage for Akbar

  4. To (kind of) quote Sherlock:
    “Sounds like those bloggers we’re just showing off.”

    • I really would like to see some Bothans on screen, seriously. They have great fur.

  5. Is Riddick going to show up too? Lol

  6. Many Bothans died to spread this casting rumor.

  7. Hmm, a casting rumor that doesn’t make me throw up in my mouth. What a nice change of pace.

  8. If she gets cast, then us fans can start calling her ‘Jedi’ Dench.

  9. ‘Jedi Dench’ ha. Good wordplay, Dylan.

    Of course Judi Dench could be great in the role, kind of reminiscent of Alec Guiness as Obi-Wan. That being said, I would certainly prefer that they bring back the original actress. Not doing so could only be justified on the grounds of her being unable to return. And now that I’m thinking about it, they should TOTALLY bring back Dennis Lawson as Wedge.

    Also, Cate Blanchett, although a bit young in literal age, resembles the established Mon Mothma (both from the prequels and originals) more than Dench.

  10. If you bring back the original cast, you want Caroline Blakiston as well, she’s still around. Not doing so would be disrespectful. While Judi Dench is a formidable actress, we need consistancy. Besides Star Wars is successful enough not to need another big name for the sake of it. People are going to watch this stuff anyway.

  11. Sigh,,,, anyone else think there should be a ban on writing articles about Star Wars casting rumours until something actually official is released??

    No, just me, fair enough

  12. Would prefer to see original actress.What’s wrong with her.

  13. I don’t think it’ll be true, but I’d be all for it. She’s a great actress and would fit very well I think. And to the point about her maybe being too good for it…she did play in Chronicles of Riddick. Can’t get much more out of her realm than that. At least in terms of comparing it to Star Wars.

  14. They should bring back the original lady – don’t overreach with Dench

  15. If the purpose is for Mon Mothma to have a major role in the films, then it is fairly clear that Abrams wants a best known actress. Remember that not everybody knows the novels and the way Mothma appears on the films is just as a regular character. I’m fine with both choices.

  16. I just hope it doesn’t end with her kids spraying web all over Godzilla, that was so lame.

  17. This would be lovely, however, Judi Dench is going blind, and has to learn her lines by someone reading them to her. With the best edition of “Exotic Marigold” coming (is she cast in that?), it’s doubtable that Dench would take on a possibly recurring role in a big franchise, due to the strain on her health, which is why she left the James Bond series.

  18. Well, the script is complete, so it doesn’t really matter what anyone says at this point. Still, I hope they don’t make the prequel mistake of too many tie ins. There were three major things that killed the prequel trilogy. 1. The lack of compelling characters. 2. The incomprehensible story line. 3. The over the top tie ins and explanations of the original trilogy.

  19. Sounds Good to me. She was great in Bond.

  20. I thought she retired?

  21. I think this is a great pick. most of these actors that played bit parts in these movies are either dead, or way too old to be in movies anymore. I think that she would bring great leadership especially if she plays her traditional role as the head of the New Republic. There are many different versions of Mon Mothma though. There is the semi-stressed out mon mothma in the video games, and there is the kind of soft spoken natural leader in the movies… to see consistency i would say we need someone like htat…. but i also think Judi Dench would do a great Job!.