Rumor Patrol: Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Star in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Star Wars Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Star in Star Wars: Episode 7

While J.J. Abrams continues to claim that Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy and he are still attempting to hash out the story for Star Wars: Episode 7, there already is a completed script draft by screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3), indicating that his evasive answers on the topic of Star Wars may be an attempt to deflect attention while focusing on the present: promoting Star Trek Into Darkness.

Once the Star Trek sequel approaches the end of its theatrical run, it’ll be all Star Wars, all the time, until (and after) the saga returns to theaters in 2015. And this important date brings us to the first new character casting rumor which claims that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in talks to star in the untitled Episode VII in what will likely be a minimum of three pictures.

The rumor comes from Latino-Review who have a history with nailing Marvel Studios scoops up until recently, where an Iron Man 3 post-credits sequence scoop and a Fantastic Four exclusive were proven false. Still, the subject here is as interesting as the timing of the rumor and its implications.

J.J. Abrams fans will find Jonathan Rhys Meyers familiar for his supporting role in Mission: Impossible III but he’s more well known for his lead part in The Tudors, which earned multiple awards and four seasons on Showtime. His Tudors co-star, Henry Cavill, has launched a film career of his own, leading The Immortals last year and Man of Steel next month. As for Meyers’ upcoming roles, he’s starring in NBC’s Dracula and has a major role in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters in August.

Star Wars Logo Art Rumor Patrol: Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Star in Star Wars: Episode 7

Assuming Star Wars is still on track to return to theaters by 2015, and Disney will make absolutely sure it is, that means it begins filming in early 2014 at the latest. It’s also a good indicator of when fans may begin hearing about casting. Scottish born Ewan McGregor was cast as the iconic Obi-Wan Kenobi for the Star Wars prequel trilogy in June 1997 – a full two years (short a month) before The Phantom Menace opened in theaters.

What does that mean for Episode 7? Disney will have a major presence at Comic-Con with their other pop culture (Hulk) smash franchise, Marvel, likely promoting Thor: The Dark World and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., both of which launch this fall. The world renown event could be host to Star Wars announcements should Disney host panels, but the more likely venue for such reveals and celebrity appearances for Star Wars will be at D23 this August. The now-biennial Disney fan club event was heavily criticized in 2011 despite its high-profile guests, but promises an improved show with even bigger presentations this time around. It’s a certainty that Star Wars will be a part of the show.

The bigger question is what role Meyers could potentially be playing. Is he the lead, or key supporting character behind the frequently rumored female lead? Would this character be a Jedi? A villain?

No new or returning actors have been officially announced for the next chapter in Star Wars but we can count on Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford returning.


Star Wars Episode VII is expected to release in summer 2015.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes if you’d like to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers join the franchise!

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  1. Hopefully supporting, in my opinion. I hate to sound cliched, but I’d like a younger character to star. But Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an awesome actor nonetheless.

    • I have no idea who this guy is. So it’s a big “what?” to me.

      I’d rather someone with relevance, and talent to headline in the film.

      • You have no idea who he is but are sure he doesn’t have talent? And “relevant”? What does that even mean? Maybe Tom Cruise should play a Jedi. The SW movies have always featured lesser known actors in large roles. The “star” of the SW movies is the story itself.

        • Quite frankly I’m surprised Tom cruise has never tried to seek a role in the star wars franchise.

        • Also, so long as they are good actors, it is way better to have lesser knowns. An exception for Sam Jackson and H. Ford ( this time ) makes sense, but seeing a new epic that is littered with inherent references is lame. “hey, it’s the incredible hulk and that guy from Avatar, only now they are Jedi!”. That pulls me out of the film, and it damages my suspension of disbelief. I have to disagree strongly with those who want young actors (simply because most suck), or think that popularity equals quality or relevance, which is almost completely backwards. “Nick” is probably young, and likes to see his favorite stars in everything, but I have found that a film of unknowns and relative unknowns has a wonderfully unique energy that isn’t familiar or just a rearrangement of the players and plot points from something else. It suits the series, too.

      • Oh well if YOU’VE never heard of him or have no idea who he is that must mean he has no talent so.

        Someone with relevance? What on earth are you talking about?

        Do you think many people had heard of Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford for that matter before A New Hope came out in 1977.

        • yeah but that was a long time ago, and I do mean a LONG TIME AGO. The prequels had Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Samuel L Jackson and Natalie Portman. I am all for Jonathon Rhys Meyer, but to say that they need nobody relevant is wrong. You got to have box office draw now a days.

          • And which trilogy was better, 4-6 or 1-3?????

            • We all know what is better, but that is besides the point. Its all about the money and you need a knoen actor to draw people and specific crowds

              • I seriously doubt the new Star Wars film needs any help from any high profile actor in order to draw crowds in.

                It’s the follow up to the Original loved trilogy, the most famous movies in history, possibly featuring the return of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. The trailer for this could literally be 2 seconds long and just say, “Episode 7 coming soon” and it will still make a billion dollars.

            • 3, 4, and 5.

              1, 2, and 6 were pretty poor in my opinion.

              • 3, 4, and 5 were my favorite, not necessarily in that order, but I didnt think 6 was poor at all. Hell, 1 and 2 were only poor compared to the other ones, they werent THAT bad.

                • Yeah, they were. As films, not just as Star Wars.

                  • Fair and true. Oddly it is in the film elements that the movies have some redemption. The Pod race may suck as Darth Vaders childhood, but the amazing realization of it on screen would have been impressive in any sci FI film. They each have material that is worth while, even the worst of them. Still, I agree: 5, 3, 4 are my favorites by far and 1 was so full of awfulness it was sad…but some of that was in 3 as well!

          • Sorry friend but if you’re using the cast of The Phantom Menace as a defence for anything then I’m afraid you’re just digging a hole.

            The fact that it’s the NEW Star Wars film and the follow up to the Original Trilogy will be the box office draw

            • Especially since the only one of all those “stars” that gave a decent perfomance was Ewan McGregor.

              The rest were a poor misuse of spectacular talent by the movie’s director. Liam’s, Natalie’s, and Sam Jackson’s performances were all very boring and one dimensional. I won’t even get started on Hayden Christianson.

              • Sorry but Ewan McGregors performance was horrible, bordering on annoying….
                His accent was terrible…..

                • Ewan MacGregor I can tolerate. The three ‘actors’ who destroyed 1, 2, and 3 for me were (in order); Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christiansen, and Natalie Portman. Thoroughly terrible actors all. At least in these roles, they were horribly miscast. Cannot say I have seen them in other roles (except Portman, who I did see in The Professional).

        • Yup Harris Ford American Graffitti!

      • I’m sure he doesn’t know who you are either.

  2. All I have to say is please make this one for adults No ewoks No JJB No kiddie crap

    • Disney didn’t buy Star Wars to make it for adults but I have tremendous faith in Abrams to make it accessible to (almost) everyone.

    • Stop embarrassing yourself. This movie will be for kids, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be cool for adults either. JJ has shown in the past he is able to make movies that are accessible to both kids and adults (super 8 and star trek, even mission impossible is not just adult fare). Stop being a lame fanboy. In order for this movie to be good it doesn’t have to be ‘dark and gritty’ in fact, it probably shouldn’t if it’s keeping in the same vein as the originals.

      • What makes you guys so sure that these movie will be primarily for kids? Just because it’s Disney? I beg to differ. Disney also was behind movies like Starship Troopers, Primeval, Hollywoodland, Flightplan, The Recruit, Bad Company etc., all of which aren’t exactly kids movies (especially the first two). Neither are the National Treasure movies. And what about the Marvel movies? Despite the comic book subject matter they aren’t very childish either, are they?

        You can be sure that they will aim at a demographic with the big money after shelling out 4 Billion for Lucasfilm. Primarily aiming at kid’s allowances will not cut it. Oh, and just to be sure what we’re talking about here: there is a big difference between making it accessible for kids and making it childish (Jar Jar, Ewoks etc.). That’s what JD5DAD meant.

        • Well, I didn’t say it will primarily be for kids, just that Disney didn’t buy this franchise just to cater to one specific demographic. It’s going to be a movie for everyone.

        • There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ewoks…. I love those furry guys.

        • I agree with TheLostWinchester. These films will be targeted for both parents and kids keeping the generation that made Star Wars in mind. Disney is a smart company and if you target the fanboys, more will come with their kids.

          They hired J.J. Abrams for one reason and that was because he was able to bring Star Trek back that appealed to MOST fans and to bring in the masses. You can argue with me about this as much as you want but the reception and money made on both Star Trek films will prove you wrong.

          Remember, your opinion doesn’t change the facts.

          Supposedly, the prequels were targeted for kids..(which i disagree with in 2 and 3) and we all know how well those were received.

    • Here! Here! I think ESB gets credit for being the best of the original 3 movies because it had that…thing…what was that thing?…um…oh yeah, actual drama in it! Imagine that. Go ahead and take the movie a little dark, man. And I am not talking Hayden-Christiansen-Episode-III dark…phew, the stench of his ‘acting’ still stinks the place up. It doesn’t need the latest and greatest CGI special effects to be a great movie. George Lucas once said, “A special effect without a good story is a pretty boring thing.” I wished he had listened to himself (Episodes I and II…Episode III got a little better, but not by much).

  3. That corny Tudors/lightsaber thumbnail needs to disappear.

    • It’s sweet!

      • It reminds me of Ra’s Al Ghul

    • Actually, I found it funny as hell and one of Rob’s best :D

      • Rob shoulda added some lens flare behind him also :D

  4. They should just put out one rumor that says a male, British actor will star in Star Wars:Episode 7, and that there will be light sabers in it until there is actual news.

    • He’s not British he’s Irish, big difference.

      • Pardon me I should have said European or possibly Australian, they have overtaken American male actors over the years. Probably because they still do theater in those places….

        My comment about the light sabers stands though, unless they really want to upset the Interverse….

  5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Really? Why?

    The guy hasn’t been in a major motion picture since MI3, 7 years ago! The Tudors was cool but that show stopped running almost 4 years years ago. And even then, it was Henry Cavill who upstaged him.

    He’s talented but he has had serious addictions and even OD’ed not too long ago and was doing heavy treatment. ( I do hope he’s doing better )

    The only shred of legitimacy is his connection to Abrams through MI3.

    But this is coming from Latino Review! Come on Screen Rant! They are so beneath you guys.

    If this isn’t a rumour , maybe he’s playing a storm trooper or a wampa or something like that.

    • I don’t think your concerns are very important. I greatly prefer some obscurity to actors we see everywhere and frequently. Unknowns would be best, unless a great choice is available like Ewan for Obiwan and this guy as whoever. Cavil was great in Tudors, but saying he upstaged the king with his relatively minor and infrequent role is odd to me. Maybe you just recall him fondly. Seems like he had a very small and subtle part, far from upstaging anyone. I don’t think being in MI3 makes Meyers legitimate either. It was a small, forgettable performance. Why is that more important than his Tudors work? He starred in a challenging title role for years, and he delivered. THAT is legitimacy, and combined with the more important details of relevant talent and appropriateness, it makes him a good choice. Seems like you’d rather have people from known blockbusters, even maybe some really bad ones, than someone you don’t associate with mainstream popcorn culture. Why? Nobody knew the original cast, and that was a part of the strength of those films.

      Sucks to hear Meyers had drug problems. Of course many have come back strong, including Iron Man’s RDJ and Batman’s Bane. I think his inner darkness will be an asset, and I bet you will agree some day! Hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised how good a post-prequel movie can be.

      • Perhaps you are right: Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be the NEW Robert Downey Jr! By Batman’s Bane, you mean Tom Hardy.

        As I said, he’s a talented actor. My GF at the time and I watched the Tudors faithfully. In the arts, most everything is subjective and we both knew there was something about Cavill’s ‘Charles Brandon’ that stood out. Years before he would become an established Film actor.

        But Myers was good. Glad you find this so promising.

        I find this to be a false rumour. Again, this is coming from Latino Review lol.

        IF there is some truth to his being cast, I would bet it is not a prominent role.

        And that’s a bet I’m willing to take head on.

        • Latin review is far from perfect like you have stated but to pretend like they have never broken a scoop is way off base. This could very well be true, or be not true. Id say they are at least 50/50. Rumors are rumors and they get people talking much like everyone is now.

        • Not familiar with the source, but of course even if there is zero truth to it now it is possible that a seed was planted. If the public reacts and likes the idea, or if the actor himself hears the rumor and pursues it… Something may come of it, and weirder things have happened. I am hopeful because I think Meyers can imbody an intensely serious and powerful person in the midst of scifi melodrama. Just as the dignity of Patrcik Stewart elevated star trek above its sometimes impenetrable genre norms, Meyers ability to make me take him seriously while he is using the force for instance is a great asset. I’d like to see him play a darker version of the Vader apprentice in the Force Unleashed games, with tremendous power at his disposal and little patience for Jedi culture. My concern is that we will get a cast that looks like that awful new SHIELD picture, full of plastic youngsters and non-substantive actors. A concession to older fans would be to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    • I don’t know about this, lately The Latino review have been wrong..Plus they are a stupid gossip site so I take this with a grain of salt and throw it into the Star Wars Reclamation category.

      On other news, what we should be talking about is that Lucasfilm announced Star Wars Rebels, the new animated series. And that one is official folks!

  6. I wonder if they cast Ewan Macgregor.

    • Yeah same, ive heard him say countless times that he’s up for Dou it again but no one has contacted him he says that he would rather do it than somebody else because he thinks it would better connect the prequels to the new ones. I’d like for I’m to come back as Obi-wan in my opinion he was one of the few good things about the prequels if he doesn’t comeback and they still need an Obi-wan as a ghost I vote Geoffrey Rush to take over. What about you dude?

  7. Great news, if true. I am relieved that no young model-looking, talentless nobodies are mentioned yet. I fear a cast of incompetent kids and hotshots. This actor did a tremendous job in tHe Tudors, and proved that he can be a complex villain and powerful individual. His comfort with villainy makes me think that he is either playing a powerful villain, or someone who may become one eventually… If he is another tragic Jedi, destined to be seduced by the Dark Side, then he may start good, but it’s hard to believe he isn’t being chosen for his frightening demeanor.

    The idea of the movie starring a girl/young woman is weird. Disney is making a big push to gain ground with little girls and piles of princesses, but putting a female star into a predominantly male fan base is dubious. A great female character should be a must, but in the starring role? Sounds like a corporate decision rather than a creative one. Also, as bad as young actors are, girls are often the worst in mainstream stuff because what sells is sex and attitude, leaving talent and subtlety behind. I doubt their ability to create a great movie with a very young star, especially a girl, because they won’t find a great actor. They will pick a model without charisma and intelligence, I assume, which is sad. At least if they use Meyers I bet he will deliver.

    • 100% agree

    • Of all the young prodigy actors out there, the ones I’m most familiar with are female, such as Dakota/Ellie Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Abigail Breslin. I’m a part of the male fan base, and I love female characters. Star Wars has a history of great characters, such as Mara Jade and Jaina Solo, the latter of whom could very logically be the lead in a film.

      • All the actresses you mention have played almost exclusively very little girls, suggesting that they may all be too young to be the lead character. I know one Fanning girl was finally getting taller, but staring in Star wars 7? By the way, I like female characters too, and females in general and specific, but I stand by my concerns about motive for a female lead and quality of available actresses, and most of all the judgement of those who cast female stars. Too often they are glaringly untalented, and coincidentally I’m sure, they look like models. It does everyone a disservice to keep casting idiots and posers instead of real women with intelligence and nuance. A strong female character, lead or not, would be great news, and I’d be thrilled to have her leave a mark on Star Wars.

        The strong characters you mention, as I’m sure you know, are not from the movies. (and we dont know if any extended fiction will be aknowledged or utilized). That dodges the casting and acting issues that ruin most female characters, particularly in scifi and mainstream big budget movies. Anybody see Battleship who is willing to admit it? That made everyone look bad. Men, women, humans, movie makers, military, you name it, all were damaged by that crapfest. I’d like to think they will be so careful with Star Wars that there is no reason for these fears, but there are a lot of cooks in that kitchen, and the more money that is on the line the more mainstream appeal must be generated by giving us what we payed for before…including weak actors.

  8. I wish I had the money to buy the rights to Star Wars so I could end the franchise, it jumped the shark with Jar Jar and needs to go away forever.

    • Or you could simply be a decent human being, not watch it and leave it for others to enjoy. ;)

    • You don’t need to bother with that. Why don’t you just go away so the rest of us can still have us some Star Wars?

    • I can understand that feeling, as Ive had it before. On the other hand, most of us are old enough to regret some era of our own history. Who wants to show their Hoghschool ID? I surely do not. With a franchise that isn’t even beholden to a single creator there is every reason to allow the possibility of good things, regardless of a checkered past or shameful missteps. Plus the only people here who dont still love some part of star wars are the trolls that want to insult us and our interests, and you wouldnt want to be mistaken for one of those…

  9. This guy was one of my top 3 choices for the upcoming Dr. Strange film. Sure, he’s a tad young for the part, but they could probably age him a little bit and work in the origin story.

    • The aged him significantly at the end of the Tudors, but I don’t know the role you refer to.

  10. What if (if the rumour’s true) he’s playing one of the skywalker children ( of Han and Leia) and his sister is the hero, and he turns to the dark side. The dramatic family story could ( similar to that between Luke and Veda) revolve around the conflict between them and her fighting to bring him back to the good side ( bright side??) just a thought. Also could imagine him as a villain.

    • Who is Veda??

      Actually, I know what you meant but I don’t understand how you got this one wrong =p

      • I think he means “Vincent Veda.”

        Star Wars has always basically been “Pulp Fiction.”

  11. I really like this rumor. I think that JRM is a phenomenal actor. As long as he has overcome his demons, like RDJ did, then I fully support him being in Episode VII.

  12. I just want a good Star Wars movie, don’t care what they have to do to get there. Just make this and the others episodes good and I’m happy. And real quickk, am I the only one who doesn’t really care for all these spin offs? I mean, it is a nice and different change of pace but that’s the problem at the same time. All theatrical releases have been episodes, I’m open to change but just feeling a bit skeptical about the change in the formula

  13. i’m not familiar with this actor but if he’s talented then lets go!

    • If you have Netflix, especially the streaming kind, check out The Tudors. He and the new Superman are really good in it, and Meyers is the lead: the king.

  14. A trilogy centered around the origin of the Sith is so much more appealing to me. I have no problem with this casting update but I’m finding it difficult to get excited about Episode 7- No Vader. Hopefully one of the spinoff movies will be about the splintering of the Jedi order and the genesis of the first Sith Lord.

  15. I loved the Tudors, and I thought Mr. Meyers gave a very good (albiet over the top sometimes) performance as Henry VIII. But if this rumor is true, then that’s great! He’s a perfect villain!

    • Who says he would be playing a villain, though?

  16. Never watched The Tudors, but have seen Meyers in a couple things. He has never stood out to me. I would have hoped for someone with at least a little more promise. And like some have already been saying, this is a rumor, and one from a not so reliable source, at that.

    • I never noticed him until Tudors, where his menace and sense of power/authority/violence was unnerving. I am pleased.

  17. He kinda looks like Kyle Katarn to me

  18. He has shown great range over the years. From the heavily under-rated Matchpoint to his role as king in The Tudors. He has a malevolence and charm that could pull off a very memorable villian. Now about casting the hero as a female…If she’s badass enough and beautiful enough than who cares.

    • Problem being that “badass beauties” is all movies can come up with these days, and it’s more than just boring, it’s uninspired. The average female star these days is not known for intelligence, subtlety and nuance so much as a tight costume, big bust, and a manly toughness that is totally over the top. I want more from these films than more of the same, and I would easily trade in looks and bad-assery for a little realism and talent. That said, I hope she’s attractive too, but that would be a bonus. The line is blurry between models and actresses these days, and models tend to be talentless and shallow.

  19. He has shown great range over the years. From the heavily under-rated Matchpoint to his role as king in The Tudors. He has a malevolence and charm that could pull off a very memorable villian.

  20. maybe the new Jedi Knight will be Kam Solusar who Luke rescued and help turn to the good side of the Force. Kam in turn vows to help Luke rebuild the Jedi Order. Also at this time Leia is learning the ways of the Force from Luke and is married to Han Solo. They already have twins who Luke will train as Jedi Knights and are expecting a third child according to the HEIR TO THE EMPIRE storyline. I hope the new STAR WARS movies will follow this story.

    • They will not. It is already on record that the new episodes will be original stories.

      I really don’t understand this clinging to the Thrawn trilogy which wet our appetites during the dark period of star wars fandom.

      I’ve read these books a few times and I like books, but I don’t feel they would make very good movies. The books are so much more political than the prequels were.

      Do we want a full scene where Thrawn talks about his art on the Chimarea for 20 minutes? DULL

      • Yep. While some elements may be adopted or referenced, I can’t imagine them telling the public “these films are based on those books that came out in the early nineties.”. No chance. I never finished the trilogy, but the first book didn’t feel ANYTHING like a movie, or have the structure, originality and impact of the Star Wars films. It would make a glaringly weak rebirth to start with such material, and serving fans of that series is nobodies priority.

        Another question is how they will deal with Lucas’ thoughts about how Jedi shouldn’t have kids, etc. Will they say that it is necessary to bring back the Jedi that couples with midichlorians gotta “get it on”, do the “historical-scifi nasty” until we repopulate Corruscant with thin blooded super royalty? Sounds reasonable… Makes the middle film a guaranteed hard x rating, but the trilogies have traditionally taken a dark turn in the second part, so we’ll see.

  21. hmm i suddenly saw him as a Chiss for some reason.

  22. I LOVED the Tudors, this is definitely a good pick. I hope he plays a Jedi or a new villain.

  23. Whilst time will tell if this rumour be true
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers does fit the profile of
    the kind of actor who should be pursued for this.

    Jonathan is accomplished yet relatively unknown.
    And he has bona fide charisma and star power that
    has yet to be fully unleashed and a vehicle such as
    Star Wars could be the catching of lightning in a bottle.

    Personally, I will always root for Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    for the loving respect he paid Elvis for attempting the
    impossible of playing him and doing do admirably.

  24. I mean i can see him playing a Chiss character

  25. I am happy about this Rumor. I like JRM a lot as an actor. He could play any number of parts, Jedi, Chiss, Sith, heck even a young Talon Karrde maybe (just wishful thinking there).

    After seeing IM3, I wonder if Rebecca Hall might be a good choice for a SW female role…

  26. I’ve never seen a movie with him in it but he sounds like a very good actor and his history with Abrams seems to be strong and helpful. I hope that he isn’t playing the lead though i’ve just gotten used to the idea of Chloe Grace Mortez taking the lead but than again i have never really seen a movie with him in it so who knows.

  27. Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus anyone?

    • He looks more Cadeus or Sith like to me what do you think man?

  28. This sounds great, JRM is a very good actor from my land of saints and scholars. Mind you there is a few still left, in the forty shades of green in my homes town.

    Any way JRM he is one of the finest actors to come out of Ireland, he has great acting chops, he can truly act he is very good. If you have not seen him in any film and are not sure, google his films especially August Rush i loved that film and the tudors, he was in Bend it like Bekhem.

    to tell you the truth I really hope its true that JRM is connected to the new Star Wars film, how about also Killeen Murphy too and Gabriel Byrne to other fine irish actors as siths or jedi.
    They would be spectacular in it with JRM they would give it great depth I would love to see them involved. Also running on the irish theme of actors how about Peter o Tool and even Colin Farral, Brendan Gleeson,Colm Meany, Brenda Fricker, Daniel Day lewis, there is allot us irish actors that would really bring great screen presence to the new Star Wars film .

    JJ if your reading this have good think about these considerations, you know us irish were steeped in myth and story its part of our people its like the Force its in us and around us. Ps you would have great sense of joy and merryment working with us irish on set.

    ps there is some magical mind blowing scenery in Ireland to for filming, there are amazing places like Glendalough which would just blow your mind and inspire you, which is not far from Dublin.Its also called the Monastic city because of the 9century monks and St Kevin,, its is incredible, this place is a feast for the eyes.Also there is the west of Ireland too where the landscape is awesome especially the Burren, I would strongly encourage you to look into Ireland for a location at some stage of filming the star wars films and consider some of us irish all the best ps your doing a great Job on the Star trek films awesome stuff.

    take care slan lat agus go rabh muire guit. ( irish gaelic bye and may God and Mary be with you) an irish greeting and fair well.


  29. ps to JJ if you do come to Ireland you will have plenty of privacy, and space, here in Ireland,we irish are known for respecting and giving the actors and singers freedom, to walk down the road and just be themselfs without any bother, from any one, sure Michael Jackson came over here on few occasions to get away and he was thinking of buying a house, and he could come and go as he pleased without a bother. Also you can have a bit of a break while here, and visit some of the amazing sights take care I look forward to the next chapter with Star Wars.. slan