Luke Skywalker To Build Jedi Academy in ‘Star Wars Episode 7′? [Update]

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Yavin 4 Jedi Academy Luke Skywalker To Build Jedi Academy in Star Wars Episode 7? [Update]

[UPDATE: This Rumor has been officially debunked by the person who reported it. FAIL.]

The now Disney-owned Lucasfilm is developing a new, original Star Wars trilogy, that may lead to another trilogy and many spin-offs along the way. Star Wars Episode VII will mark the beginning of the franchise’s return in 2015 and has a story in place, written by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). For Star Wars Episode VIII and Episode IXLawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will reportedly write and produce.

Outside of knowing that these movies will continue the saga and pick up sometime after the events of the original trilogy, no offiical information has been released regarding what stories or characters will be presented. We do have however, more evidence that lends credence to the idea of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker returning.

In a report about the “end of the world” this Friday (time to party!) – an idea stemmed from the belief that the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar (December 21, 2012 on the Gregorian calendar) signifies the end of days - Reuters explores the relationship between Mayan culture and Star Wars, potentially revealing a major story detail for the next trilogy.

In the original Star Wars (A New Hope), the Rebel Alliance had set up shop inside the great Massassi Temple on Yavin 4, one of three habitable moons surrounding the gas giant planet of Yavin. The location plays a big part in the film’s final act where we see Luke Skywalker enlist as a pilot  in an attempt to help stop the Empire’s Death Star space station from destroying the moon. And it was shot on location in the Guatemalan rainforest where ruins of Maya temples stand in between treetops.

Yavin 4 Rebel Base Hangar 570x244 Luke Skywalker To Build Jedi Academy in Star Wars Episode 7? [Update]

The entire lower level of the temple was refitted into a hangar for the Rebels’ X-Wing and Y-Wing starfighters. Thousands of years earlier in Star Wars lore, an infamous Sith Lord took refuge on Yavin 4 and had his Massassi slaves construct the temples. In the Extended Universe novels, after the events of Return of the Jedi and the downfall of the Empire, Luke Skywalker returned there to start a new Jedi Academy.

According to Reuters’ sources, that’s going to happen in Star Wars Episode 7. Disney however, is more likely to use sound stages as opposed to returning to the Tikal archaeological site.

UPDATE: Website The Force now has Reuters reporter Michael McDonald falling on this proverbial sword. McDonald claims that he got mixed up about Disney’s plans for Episode VII and some Star Wars expanded universe fiction:

This was a mistake. I misunderstood what fan clubs had told me and shown me in book plots and that storyline has not been announced by Disney. Perhaps I should have written something along the lines of ‘Yavin 4 appears in several Star Wars book plots and while Guatemala fans said they hope film crews return to Tikal, the company has not announced plans for the new episode.’

If Skywalker is set to return and launch the New Jedi Order, what other elements from the extended fiction will be taken? Award-winning Star Wars author Timothy Zahn created the characters of Jaina & Jacen Solo for instance, the twin children of Han Solo and Princess Leia, who also appear in Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy trilogy and Young Jedi Knights series. If Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher return – and they’ve expressed interest in doing so – then count on their children being introduced as well.

Star Wars isn’t finished yet, therefore the world can’t be finished yet.

Star Wars Episode 7 will hit theaters in 2015.


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Source: Reuters

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  1. Fett!!!!

    • Mr. Feet? Mr. Bob A. Feet?

  2. Really? That’s the best rhey can do? How un-creative.

    IMO Brining the original cast back is a mistake. This is an oppurntunity to create something new that adds to the Star Wars lore. I really don’t care about the expanded lore but I think it should still be respected. They should set this movie years into the future with Hamill returning as a force ghost if need be.

    • Well, it’s Episode 7 for a reason. It’s continuing the saga.

      • hahahaha XD couldn’t have put it better myself

    • Dude This Takes Place After Episode 6 Luke Has To Back To Establish The Jedi Order.

      • They are going to have to put Hamill on the “300″ workout.

  3. I really want the New Jedi Order storyline with Luke returning. I think that’s excellent.

    I’m sure that the main cast will be different, but Mark Hamill being there would link it nicely to the original trilogy.

    I definitely like the idea, even if I know others have different opinions, but we’ll see what will happen in the end :)

  4. I’m fine with this plot.

    More Star Wars is a good thing, and borrowing from the expanded universe should work well as long as they’re changing it up a bit, a la The Walking Dead (series versus the comic).

  5. I’m of the opinion that focusing the story around Leia’s daughter is the way to go. I’d love to see a powerful female Jedi take center stage. I love the ideas of having the original cast come back. Works for me!

    • I wouldn’t be against that idea, it’d be kind of a female Anakin. As long as she’s in her teens or early twenties instead of an 8 year old.

      • I agree on the age!

      • *Spoilers*

        Well she is the only child of Han and Leia to have survived. Anakin died in NJO and Jacen went to the darkside and started another war (and was killed by Jania)in Legacy. So she kinda has to take center stage.

    • Jenna- I would love to see that, as well. Star Wars needs more strong, female characters.

      • Yes. Very definitely. It’s time.

  6. Two words: Kyle Katarn

    • Oh, Dark Forces here we come!

      I guess that could lead to Mara Jade and her relationship with Luke.

    • Hell yes! By far my favorite EU character.

  7. Sounds good to me! :)

  8. If they bring the New Jedi Order in, then we get to see Exar Kun possess Kyp Durron, and then they can pull in the Sun Chrusher, the kids as they advance into young adults, and then eventually pull in the Yuuzhan Vong or Thrawn as the new enemy. They can also pull in Luke’s search for his students, and Mara Jade trying to kill him and then love him. I think using Thrawn and C’Baoth to jump start a war with the Yuuzhang Vong by destroying one of their worlds with the Sun Chrusher and having to ally with the New Republic would be awesome. It would also allow us to pull Daaala into the story and present us with a strong female Imperial commander.

  9. Casting choices for Kyle Kataran?

    I got my money on Gerard Butler or Joel Edgerton.

    • Also Jason Court should be considered. He played Katarn in the backstory scenes of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, although that was over 10 years ago.

    • Russell Crowe would’ve been the perfect Kyle Katarn 15 years ago.

      • Sam worthington would fit the bill now

        • @Agent Tom: Crowe would be pretty badass
          @a: If I wanted a stoic, emotionless bag of blandness with a bad American accent, then Worthington would be PERFECT

    • how bout robert downey jr?

      • Interesting… I’d say he’s too old, but RDJ can pull anything off.

        • dear web site , hi my name is david conway , and my comments to here is that i can understand that walt disney wants to use the story arc of the han and liea , just by using there own kids but how about luke sky walker why not have 3 , kids in the future of star wars movie,s , han,s and liea kids can meet luke sky walker son just at the end of the movie , love david conway

  10. I love a New Jedi Order, but I hope that it doesn’t follow the expanded universe “word for word”. There are alot of great ideas in them such as Han and Leia having a child ot children can be assumed at the end of Jedi, but I hope they take the new stories where ever they they want to take them and not be restricted by lore that is not canon.

    In all honesty I just hope it’s good. I use to try to defend the new prequel trilogy because it was the untold story many have wanted, but for the most part they are just “bad”, imo. So, I have almost completely abandoned Star Wars minus the original trilogy which I absolutey adore.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • They would have too, they’re canon.

      • Really? After all these years this is the first I have heard of this, if I may, where is your information from?

  11. Look at this way. Do they want to make as much money as possible? If yes, then have some of the original cast members come back.

    I feel it would be wrong if they ignored the original cast members. That’s just me.

  12. My god luke youve gotten fat…and you sound like the joker
    OH GOD LEIA what happened!!!

    • CGI is a wonderful thing.

      • Use a little “Tron Legacy” with the original cast.

  13. Always in motion,the future is…

  14. May The Force Be With Us All. :)

  15. I don’t want these old guys back.

    • Why not?

  16. Mark and the rest are going to have to lose some serous old-age weight if they don’t want to be laughed at when they return to Yavin.

  17. I call BS…would Reuters really know the plot of the biggest movie news of the year and hide it in a article about Mayan geeks? Talk about stretching a story…

  18. I wonder if Yoda will come back somehow

    • Only once, you live

  19. The original Actors are too old for any story line prior to the Legacy of the Force series. If they go with Luke opening the first Jedi Temple on Yavin, that role with have to be re-cast.

  20. As long as they stay far, far away from all that ridiculous Expanded Universe nonsense – none of which is canon anyway – they’ll do just fine… especially with someone like Michael Arndt scripting!

    If it was up to me (which it isn’t), the new trilogy would effectively be about the rebuilding of a new Republic, with the recreation of a new Jedi order, against the backdrop of a lawless galaxy no longer under singular rule… but a galaxy that comes under ferocious attack with the re-emergence of the fearsome Mandalorian warriors, who take advantage of the void left by the death of the Emperor and subsequent collapse of the Empire to take revenge on the fledgling new Republic over a long-held historical grievance.

    Just my own personal opinion on how they could it, but regardless of how they eventually do, here’s hoping they’re fantastic…

    • Sounds good to me!

    • The EU is absolutely canon.

      • Not according to George Lucas…not to mention the 99% of cinema audiences who couldn’t tell you a darn thing about the EU (and I don’t mean the European Union, although about the same percentage couldn’t tell you a darn thing about that either, and that’s including most Europeans)!

        • What do you have against the extended universe?

          • *expanded

            • I don’t think he has anything against the expanded universe, he’s just stating that the creator did not acknowledge it is canon. I believe only the video game is considered canon.

              I like the expanded universe, it’s fun, but I don’t want the new stories to be restricted because of them. I’m excited that we will finally see what happens after Jedi.

  21. Mark is only 60. It could work.

  22. luke should essentially act as the new yoda, hope the story centers around him or his family and he merely isnt a background player. also hope they dont kill him off either.

  23. My biggest concern is that Episode 7 onwards will merely be a rehash of the original trilogy – taking down the Sith all over again. I understand that’s the very nature of Star Wars, but I feel like that plot will get redundant quickly.

    But it’s still an improvement over trade disputes I guess.

    • I agree, but I feel the expanded universe does this as well.

  24. That could be cool to see. I’m hoping they’ll use some of the material from all the novels/the expanded universe.

  25. There is a part of the article that implies the author(s) were getting their information on ep. VII from *fans*. So, yeah, take it with a grain and all.

  26. I see no reason why the expanded universe storylines shouldn’t be used.

  27. They need to reboot the series, it need to be more epic !!!
    When i see the scene where darth vader and obiwawn fight, it’s like 2 grand pas fighting each other, it doesn’t explain how the emperor (around the same age in episode III) is very swift and kill 3 jedis at once.
    Keep the same characters. Remove the annoying ones
    Like jj abrams maade for his star trek.
    or like the stargate tv series.
    Or even better, why not make a star wars tv series, it could work.
    actors don’t need to be greedy but passionate about a project.

  28. I think with how much time passed and how old Mark Hamill is now, Episode VII should be set with him as a Jedi Master of an already established academy. I don’t think we need to see him starting it and training the first round of students except maybe in flashbacks. The new movie would benefit from having it take place years after Episode VI and give enough time for more trained jedi and a new sith lord.