New ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Pre-Production Image Features a Familiar Droid

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star wars episode 7 image New Star Wars: Episode 7 Pre Production Image Features a Familiar Droid

The Star Wars: Episode VII rumor mill was starting to reach Marvel/DC levels of confusion for a while, but thankfully we now have a firmer grasp on where the project is at in pre-production. Director J.J. Abrams is currently finishing work on the script with Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back), based on an earlier draft written by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). Meanwhile, casting is ongoing and has even been opened up to thousands of newcomers, so to find the ideal candidates to play a new generation of heroes and villains in the Star Wars universe.

Mind you, a casting breakdown leaked online four months ago – which seems legit, despite still being unconfirmed – listing no less than seven new main characters who will be introduced in Episode VII, so it’s not as though the film won’t include any established actors/actresses (besides expected returnees Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, that is). Indeed, this past month alone, we’ve heard a new rumor about lauded actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) circling the new Star Wars movie, in addition to rising star Michael B. Jordan’s (Fruitvale Station) confirmation that he tried out for a role.

We’re still awaiting for the official announcement that Anthony Daniels will reprise as well-mannered protocol droid C-3PO in Episode VII, even though much like his plucky astromech droid companion R2-D2 – another character who has appeared in the six previous Star Wars movies and often served as the audience’s proxy – it seems more like a matter of when, not if, as far as confirmation goes. Well, perhaps we’ve already gotten as much, based on this image that Abrams has revealed through the official Bad Robot Twitter page:


 New Star Wars: Episode 7 Pre Production Image Features a Familiar Droid

The above pre-production image features Abrams alongside R2-D2, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and members of the Bad Robot team at the studio’s workshop, with the caption “Hi from the workshop! #StarWarsVII.” Besides the obvious suggestion that, of course R2 will be lending a helping hand to the young, smart and athletic warriors from a galaxy far, far away that will debut in Episode VII, is this a sign that Abrams and Co. intend to use social media to keep fans buzzing throughout filming on the next Star Wars movie?

Over the past year, director Marc Webb used Twitter to great effect during production on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, by fueling the fires of fan discussion by unveiling a Twitter photo a day. Similarly, director Bryan Singer has sporadically released photos from the X-Men: Days of Future Past¬†movie set (and even the editing room), so that X-fans might dissect and analyze them to their heart’s content. Moreover, Webb and Singer have managed to maintain more secrecy around their projects by using this method, which is something that spoiler-phobic Abrams should find appealing (see: how to keep fans in the loop on Episode VII‘s development without giving away too much).

On the other hand, there seems to be some division among the ranks of Episode VII producers, what with Kennedy having previously said that she thinks it would be useful to embrace the mentality of Internet culture (read: keep fans engaged by feeding them bread crumbs during filming). However, not long after Kennedy made those comments, Episode VII producer Bryan Burk spoke out about the joys of knowing as little as possible about a movie ahead of time. So, who knows, maybe images like the one included here will be as good as it gets.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Bad Robot

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  1. R2: Kneel before me.

  2. C3PO, R2D2, Han, Luke, Leia. This names make you want to know more about the film. On the other hand, hearing names such as Pettyfer and Efron really gives me the creeps. I really hope the younger cast improves because it has been a big let down thus far.

    • There has been no official casting yet, especially not the younger cast anyway so you don’t need to worry. Pettyfer and Efron will not be involved at all, trust me.

      Saoirse Ronan would be great though, this girl can actual act. Not many actresses get Oscar Nominated when they’re only 13

      • Saoirse Ronan has said she didn’t get the part.

    • Efron’s currently got his jaw wired shut after breaking it falling over in his bathroom so not sure he’d be ready for a big role, were he to be considered. Unless they push back the planned shooting schedule a few more weeks.

  3. I love the droids and am happy their in it but, R2-D2 C-3PO a good movie they do not make, concentrate on casting some quality actors.

    • lol oh it’s one of those “Movie/game/TV studios only work on one thing” people… move along.

  4. “Episode VII producer Bryan Burk spoke out about the joys of knowing as little as possible about a movie ahead of time.”

    My take on that is you can always choose not watch. i.e. don’t stop the movie teasers.

  5. Lucas has poisoned the well for me … not sure if Abrams is the right guy for this one…. lens flare, tough male leads crying all the time… sighhh

    • Lens flares are cool and the crying thing makes no sense.

  6. OK, now I’m excited!

  7. At least R2 was USEFUL.

    But C3P0?? Useless and annoying.

    Well, he was useful for interpreting languages. Other than that, pretty annoying….

    • We have no need for a interpreter. What we really need is someone who understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.

      • Ha

    • The fact you find 3PO annoying to be indicates you have no appreciation for comedy.

  8. With R2 on board, Abrams has yet another chance to right one of the many wrongs of the prequels debacle.

  9. R2 is in Star Wars, i REALLY hope they let us know we are gonna get lightsabers

  10. Hope that R2 doesnt fly this time around.. I expect to see more Episode 7 news after Thor hits its 2nd week. Should be right after this weekend

    • Well, R2’s flying system was out-of-order by the time Luke acquired him. It’s possible that he repairs it at some point after episode VI, but does he even know the droid once flew? One thing’s for sure: in the OT, R2 was somewhat worn whereas in the pic above he looks like he’s barely out of the factory, so apparently he had some maintenance work done on him.

  11. i saw Samuel Jackson on Letterman lastnight and he mentioned the open auditions in London, he said he was shooting a film with Mark Hamil in London and said that neither him nor Hamill got asked

    • That’s probably a case of Samuel L Jackson being on Level 2 while Mark Hamil is on level 7. No clearance for classified info sammy

      • ha…true

        Samuel asked JJ for a role and he just smiled at him…then proceded to chop his arm off

  12. Hey, create a new droid, okay, cool.

  13. C-3po’s purpose and the purpose of protocol droids in general is just to be interpreter counterparts for astromech droids, as revealed in the ten hour long ANH radio broadcast, which I think adds some humor to C-3po calling R2 the counterpart.

  14. So… no matter how much it doesnt make sense for them to be there, R2-D2 and C3PO MUST be in EVERY Star Wars movie.

    That said, it makes more sense for them to be in this one than the prequels.
    Why didnt R2 and C3 remember Obi-Wan? Or Obi-Wan remember them? Why didnt C3P0 bother to mention that Vader was Lukes dad and Leia was his sister? When they went to the Cloud City, how did Vader not remember he made one of the droids and knew the other with the “Rebel scum?”

    I can go on all day with these, but I wont.

    • C3PO’s memory banks were wiped, but R2 wasn’t since very few could understand him. That’s how he knew about Obi-Wan or Ben (whichever you prefer) and why C3 thought he was talking nonsense. Vader didn’t care about the robots later because of getting all darkside-y and also its not as if they were physically unique, R2D2 was a existing (though outdated) model of astromech droid and C3PO, although being cobbled together, was still at least heavily based on whatever lent him his outside plates. So all in all it could be that Vader forgot about them as he is very important evil man now or that he just passed off their existence as coincidental.

      • I figured Vader forgot about the droids because he was too concerned with getting revenge for Padme’s death and grieving for her, plus his own rise to power.

      • I heard that in the next Blu Ray edit of the original trilogy, they’re adding some dialogue to Return of the Jedi.

        Luke: “I’ve got to save you!”
        Vader: “You already have, Luke. You already have. Tell your sister you were right about me. And tell R2 and 3P0 that I’ve always loved them.”

    • Umm, because Lucas is a lousy writer?

  15. I forgot who said it on here in the comment section. But if you don’t like it don’t watch. I loved the New trek and can’t wait for the new Starwars.

  16. I think Abrams is a good writer but his weakness is in his endings, when his stories often take an arbitrary and random turn just to avoid being predictable. A weak ending comes out of left field and leaves everyone saying “there’s no possible way anyone could have predicted that.” A strong ending grows out of a limited set of pre-established circumstances and leaves everyone saying “Why didn’t I predict that?”

  17. if Mace windu shows up as a force ghost, Luke will be like.. ” who the heck are you? “

  18. It just reminds me how out of touch Star Wars actually is. Can’t believe they’re going to put that thing into a movie in this day & age.

    • Nostalgia. Everyone loves R2, even today. He’s on the most Star Wars related merchandise that I’ve seen, from Xbox 360 consoles designed to look like him to cups, bags, t-shirts, etc.

      Like it was mentioned already, R2 is pretty much the audience, going along for the ride in every movie.

  19. I hope Wal-E reads for the part of C3-PO

    • + Infinity

  20. I want R2 to get completely blown away. It’ll be great. No more beeping little pain in the a s s running around.

    3PO too. Actually, kill 3PO first.

    Better yet… let’s have all of the droids in the entire SW universe all stop working at once. Think about it. The droids have to go. Any decent villain in the new Star Wars will realize that the droids have been the whole problem all along. Take a cue from A.I. and have droids being destroyed en mass, in front of cheering crowds.

    I would also support a new Death Star type weapon taking Endor out, thus wiping the Ewoks out of existence.

    Yes!!! The Dark Side!!! All of Lucas’s cutesy, silly, nonsense wiped away for all time!

    Then I remembered Disney owns this now. So much for that idea. If anything, it’ll get worse.

    Anyway, to be continued. On the next episode, I will explain how the droids promote slavery.


    • Oh yea droids promote slavery, not unlike the ACTUAL SLAVES in SWs.

      • Oh, you mean the ones on the rim? On far remote worlds like Tatooine? The Droids are EVERYWHERE!!


    • In fact, if they take a cue from AI like you wish, it means the galaxy far, far away will end up populated only with droids…

      • Wrong cue, but it would make sense that the droids would take over Matrix/Skynet style, after flinging off the chains of their oppressors!!


        • What do yo mean, wrong cue? Remember the end of the movie, the AIs have long outlasted mankind.

          • Wrong cue, since I was talking about act 2. :shakes head:


    • What if R2 was the villain? That would be cool.

  21. I love R2. With that said, I can’t keep a smart phone working correctly for more than a year or two. A laptop gets out of date within 6 months out the factory. Yet, I’m supposed to believe that this droid can operate (through multiple battles) for 3 generations (Anakin, Luke, and Unnamed Episode 7 kid). Just tell us that R2 is a Jedi and I’ll be happy.

    • Newsflash: Everything you buy in this day and age is DESIGNED to have a short lifespan. That’s capitalism, baby! We know how to build good, reliable tech, we just don’t build them anymore for a simple reason: profit. I have a more than 40 years old Revox amp that still works perfectly.

      Besides, the droids in Star Wars have existed for thousands of years, they should know how to build them properly. Also, they’re only tech, it’s not like they have a real expiration date like organic beings: they can always be repaired and upgraded when needed.

  22. Please, no more C3PO!!!, He’s one of the most annoying characters of hollywood, he’s always complaining, always crying, always with that negativity. ARRRGGGG.

    • That’s part of his charm though.

      Honestly, we British make complaining an art form. Moaning that it’s too cold and you can’t wait for summer. Moaning that it’s too hot and you want it to be a little cooler in temperature.

      C3PO is the likable, pessimistic droid that has the same concerns and worries that most of us would have in the same situations while R2-D2 is the optimist of the pair and always looking for a way out of a situation, even if it isn’t the most obvious method.

      It’s the droid version of classic double acts like The Two Ronnies, Morecambe & Wise, Little and Large, Laurel and Hardy.

    • And what are you doing right now, exactly? Dude, you ARE C3PO. Now you can kill yourself.

  23. I can’t stand the droids. Why are they even in it. It’s a real mess. That whole business with Vader making c3po on phantom menace just summed it up for me. It’s all about squeezing it all together as if nothing else exists. Awful.

  24. You folks are in the minority group. If there is something I like about SW, these would be the droids. The Astromech line and the Protocol Droids. Also the surgical and the Bounty Hunter ones. The droids that I really hated were the ones in Episodes I, II and III. Particularly the B1 droids. They were awful.

  25. I really hope Kennedy has the final say and will have Abrams and company embrace the way social media can help a films marketing.
    I’m not saying that we need to know every detail about the plot or anything like that because I don’t even want to know that much and yeah Star Wars can pretty much market itself but as proof with Star Trek sometimes Abrams can go overboard.
    So use photos like this or shots from the set just to keep us up to date. Or even adopt the Peter Jackson approach and release a “from the set” video every once in a while.
    Can you imagine the reaction the first time they release a photo of Hamill and Fisher on set??? It would be insane and I’d predict it would be the most viewed thread in the history of this site and many others.

    • please no, don’t do that it might break my internet

  26. Look on TV tropes and you can pretty much guess this movie now.

  27. You referenced “X-fans” when talking about Singer’s movies. You must’ve meant “FoX-fans” because I’m an X-fan and I f#cking HATE those “X-men” movies with a passion and don’t give two sh!ts about what they’re tweeting about those films unless it has something to do with Marvel being put in charge or Fox losing the rights altogether. Neither of which are highly plausible since the ga can’t tell the difference between a good X-men film and some movie with an X-men title slapped in front of it and will continue to shell out money until the cbm era ends. :/
    Yay Star Wars…