Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode 7

Last week, there was a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of nerds cried out and were suddenly silenced. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but it was a pretty big deal when Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced plans for a new series of Star Wars sequels.

Since then, we’ve debated the pros and cons of the news, and have also reported on all of the speculation about Star Wars: Episode 7, including today’s rumor that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is in the running to direct the film.

Now, we’ve got another interesting piece of news to share. According to an exclusive report from Geoff Boucher (who has happily landed on his feet at Entertainment Weekly after leaving his gig at the L.A. Times), none other than Han Solo himself has allegedly expressed interest in returning to a galaxy far, far away.

The report quotes sources close to Harrison Ford who say that the iconic actor is “open to the idea of doing the movie” and, moreover, is “upbeat about it.” Obviously, being “open” to doing the movie is a long stretch from actually doing it, and it’s not like the 70-year-old actor is getting any younger. However, if he’s genuinely interested in returning to one of his most famous roles, it can only be a good thing for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Logo Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode 7

After all, this is the same actor who told ABC News back in 2010 that he didn’t actually like playing the character of Han Solo that much and was actually hoping that Lucas would kill him off in Return of the Jedi, quipping that he didn’t because “George didn’t think there was any future in dead Han toys.”

Presumably, if Ford returned to the big screen for a Star Wars sequel, it would be alongside his two costars, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). In a recent interview, Hamill discussed plans for the sequels to focus on entirely new stories to satisfy fans’ desires for “more and more and more material.

Nevertheless, it’s entirely possible that Lucas and company could throw in the original trio in expanded cameo roles, much in the same way that Leonard Nimoy played an important role in the new Star Trek film.

Whatever path they decide to take, it’s certainly an exciting development to learn that Ford is interested in returning to one of the film’s that catapulted him to worldwide fame. I was one of the few people that actually enjoyed Ford in Indiana Jones 4, so I would be more than happy to see him strap on the blaster one more time as Han Solo.

What do you think? Is Harrison Ford a must-have for Star Wars: Episode 7 and beyond, or should they start completely fresh with no original characters?

Star Wars: Episode 7 hits theaters in 2015.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. This is great news.

  2. some people need to give it up!

    • Namely you! :P

      What is wrong with Harrison playing Han again? It was never a very physical role, you can be an amazing shot and pilot well into your 80s. Plus this is Star Wars, all sorts of cool tech-stuff. Chewbacca is already over 300, Luke has the potential to live for a few hundred years, and “regular” humans can live extremely extended lives as well. The Star Wars books had an aged Han Solo (finally) kill the Emperor!

      • which emperer did han kill palpatines clone? and i agree ford is not too old to play han some peeps jus wanna sound smart and be negative

      • i agree wit you,did he kill palpatines clone?

    • Start fresh! There is 100,000 years of Star Wars story in the EU. We have already done the Anakin/Luke Skywalker story. Let it rest! Either go Old Republic or move on to Cade Skywalker era.

  3. Han dies, his child swears revenge against this new Sith that has risen after years of peace, there’s your movie.

    • Is this supposed to be a joke or an idea you take seriously or something your predicting?

      • Just an idea I had after reading the article.

        Dunno where the joke would be in that comment and I can’t predict anything because who knows what the new trilogy will be about.

  4. This sounds good to me!

  5. Yes!! get it done!! :D

  6. Since I’m 1% of the world who enjoyed Indiana Jones 4, I honestly hope Harrison Ford returns for Star Wars. Han Solo is my all time favourite and George better not ruin him like they did Anakin and Obi Wan in the prequels.

    • I’ll agree about Indiana Jones 4 and that i’d love to see Ford and the others back in the saddle. and i’ll agree that George Lucas (and those under him) screwed up with the portrayal of Anakin in the prequels. Obi-wan wasn’t too off though. either way, Disney has a very large cup to fill. No matter what it turns into, it ought to be interesting to see if they fill that cup with gold, or bull****. May the Force be with us all.

      • You know, I think I might just be part of that 1% myself. I thought it was a pretty good movie up untill the last like 15 minutes where you actually see an alien in the flesh and all that weird @$$ flying saucer stuff. Compared to the originals the whole thing seemed just slightly more ludicrous overall. Other than that a pretty great movie. Old Indy still had it and could still kick soviet butt just like he did for the Nazies.

  7. Eeh…No Mark Hamill. He’s creepy looking. Ford is too old unless a lot of years are skipped confusing things. Don’t care if Leia or Chewy (lol) are recasted.

  8. I’m ready to move one with different actors. These actors have all lost touch with the characters and they are way too old for the parts. Plus, you limit the future of the franchise with older actors.

  9. Time Travel wouldbe best. That way we can negate the events of the prequelwith Han going back in time. Han shoots first, saves the integrtiy of Star Wars.

    • ridiculous.

      • Carrie fisher (or however the hell you spell it) LOL is like 300LBS SORRY but true do you want to see a big fat leia on the big screen? all she could be is a big fat jedi housewife! WTF good is that? 20 YRS ago I would have loved this but Im sorry they are too old! LUKE (YES) as a Obi Wan like figure in the original trilogy ( a mentor to luke) I think it would be cool to have luke rebuild the jedi but anything more is CRAZY or it could be called STAR WARS 7 – The Nursing Home Wars… Cmon really? I think WE ALL want the REAL MAGIC of the first trilogy back BUT WE ALL NEED TO FACE IT – ITS GONE THEY ALL HAVE 1 FOOT IN THE GRAVE, they cannot be REAL fighters anymore! AN old ass luke fighting? AN old grey ass chewbacca? a fat leia? and a creepy old ass pilot tough guy hitting on fat leia? LOL NOPE I WILL NOT SEE IT IF THAT IS THE CASE, im good with the 6 we have now! and 3 of them kinda suck (1-3)

        • I bet you are a 300lbs basement dweller.

        • If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Carrie Fisher lose a lot of weight? I thought I seen a picture of her looking pretty good for her age.

  10. Luke would be the easiest character of the 3 to include if they focus on newer jedi. Imagine a force ghost Luke (CGI of course so they could make him look as athletic as they want) to bridge the OT with the next trilogy.

    • Yeah either dead as a force ghost or alive like an old master yoda, Luke is the only one who should be recasted. He restores the Jedi Order he must be there. As much as I love Star Wars, the follow up comics, books and everything. A new approach/story with the right elements of what has been written on books should be a great and interesting story/script for a new episode of Star Wars

  11. “pretty big deal” Understated. Getting the big three back in Star Wars VII would be a coup’e.

  12. This is turning into a hype-fest already, if all the talk produces product like the prequels then it’s going to be more of the same….

  13. This is kind of a “catch 22″. If you try to replace Han, Luke, or Leia, you’ll have all of the fan world and beyond screaming Foul. at the same time, if you bring them back in, it would be actors WAY past the age of the characters they are trying to portray. I’m not saying Ford has lost his ability or that Hamill and Fisher are any less qualified than they were when last playing the characters. I’m just pointing out the obvious when you try to pick up from a point that was last portrayed on film about 30 years ago and using the same actors. I’m an admitted star wars fanatic and would love to see any of the extended universe content put to film, but if it’s not done right, it could easily destroy a legendary trilogy and universe in general (although large chunks of the prequels SHOULD be forgotten lol). and that’s the problem, how does someone continue the journey loved by so many while walking a razor thin line between what fans want and what will actually work and appease those same fans. I really hope that disney treads respectively. I say that because treading “carefully” often backfires when someone new attempts to pick up and continue a successfull franchise. Best of luck to you Disney and May the force be with us all.

    • You do it like they did in Star Trek II. The characters have aged, you pickup the story from there.

    • Hey,why is nobody mentioning Billy Dee Williams coming back to Star Wars,I just saw him on the latest episode of NCIS and he did a pretty good job on his guest starring role. I’m just saying he’s freaking Lando Calrissian,the coolest rouge in the Galaxy,and he destroyed the 2nd Death Star to boot. :)

      • Hell ya, Billy Dee, get on board it wouldn’t be the same without you.

  14. If they accept any of the novels as part of Star Wars continuity, then Chewbacca wouldnt be in this movie as he was killed off in the books quite a few years ago now.

    • that would depend on how far forward from Return of the Jedi they go. Chewie was around for years helping out with Jacen, Jania, and Anakin before that pesky moon squashed him. If they jump forward to the point that Chewie is gone, then you’ve got a WHOLE lot of missing info for those that haven’t read the books. face it, there’s no way for disney to make this “right” by everyone, in order to appease some, it’ll piss others off and vice-versa.

    • I dont think the books etc matter.

    • From what I’ve read, the EU will play no role in the making of the new movies. You have to look at it as two separate stories. As someone who has read a good chunk of the EU, I have no problem with that.

  15. I know this might upset a lot of people but I sure hope they don’t go the novel wrought. My hope is that the new Star Wars movies are from the mind of George.

    • I think I read (on this site) that the films would be original stories and not based on the novels and such.

  16. yes it is important to have the original characters if you’re going to make an episode 7 but its been awhile since episode 6 so i dont think it would be good to make one now.

    • AGREED

  17. Age has nothing to do with playing integral continuing parts in the new movies, after all Alec Guinness was 63 and Peter Cushing was 64 at the time they made Star Wars and while Alec Guinness is dead now Peter Cushing is still going strong. What would Star Wars have been without Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi? I see no reason why any of the original cast members could not make several more movies!

    • Um…Peter Cushing died in 1994.

      • As a matter of fact, Alec Guiness died ‘after’ Peter Cushing in 2000.

        Need to get your facts straight dude.

        • And this changes the point how? Or perhaps you have nothing better to do! The point is that age does nothing but enhance the ability of actors and using only young actors provides little depth to the performance. Another superficial acting performance by pretty young actors with little ability is not going to live up to the original Star Wars.

          • Look kid don’t get testy, I was merely pointing out ‘your’ very wrong point about Peter Cushing ‘still going strong’. You obviously don’t keep up with things since Cushing has been dead for 18 years. Such an error detracts from your point. So obviously ‘you’ have nothing ‘better to do’ if you can’t get such an obvious fact straight.

    • it’s not that they can’t make more movies, they very much can. the issue is the timing. if they decide to pick up shortly after Jedi (EU or not) then it just wouldn’t work due to age. If they adjust for the ages, then i’m all for bringing them back to reprise their roles (as long as it’s done well and not just for fan service).

  18. Disney is going to take a dump on the Star Wars name… Just leave it be…

    • Why do you say this? Disney as bought Pixar, Marvel and The Muppets. All of those companies are thriving. As long as they let the people at Lucasfilm do their job and not try to put their own influence on them then there shouldn’t be much problem.

  19. Huzzah. This is shaping up nicely! Also I loved the costume design in Xmen FC, it’ll be interesting to see what MV brings to the look of the movie.

  20. Hahahahaha yes!!!!!! Makes te news even better!! Hehehe


    • I may not cry but I was excited to see he was interested in coming back to the role. He was the one of the ones I was worried about. I’ve always read he wasn’t interested in doing anymore Star Wars movies.

  22. I think what should happen in Star Wars episode VII is that it should be about Luke’s son Ben Skywalker. Then there’s Hans solo’s son (whom I don’t have a name for), who is a Jedi Palawan like Ben. Hans son has a run in one night with a sith ghost, most likely the dead emperor palpatine, who tells him to travel to mustafar and geonosis to turn on the droid factory (I’m pretty sure there was a droid control thing on mustafar). Luke ask Ben to follow Hans son. When Luke discovers the horrible truth he tries to bring his friend back but loses him and the droids return. A war breaks out and a Bunch of other stuff happens. I’m calling it Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Separatists

  23. Dear Disney and LucasFilm,

    Congratulations! You now possess the power of the force and with it comes a great deal of responsibility. So here’s what you’re going to do:

    STEP 1 – you’re going to set the new films (Episode 7, 8 and 9) 30 years after episode 6 (Jedi) and you’re going to have the FULL original cast back playing themselves as older people. DID YOU HEAR ME? You are going to cast Harrison Ford as Han Freaking solo, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Leia, Billy Dee Williams as Lando and even Denis Lawson back as Wedge Antilles. HERE’S THE CATCH: THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. They are older now and you can use them as side characters revolving around NEW lead characters. We don’t care what new characters take over leading roles but you HAVE to bring back the old cast for this all to be LEGIT and to come FULL circle. PLEASE don’t cast new actors in these roles and don’t CGI faces to make them look like the actors 30 years ago (Like in Tron Legacy) PLEASE!!! You can even kill them off in the first scene, just don’t replace them.

    STEP 2 – DON’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING GEORGE LUCAS SAYS! You paid him $4 Billion so tell him to shut up take his money and go make Radioland Murders Part 2! Put somebody in charge of directing who knows what we want. WE WANT EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ON CRACK. That means ACTING, ACTING, ACTING, ACTING, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, DRAMA, DEATH!!!!!

    STEP 3 – Whatever you did to make AVENGERS as good as it was, do the same for STAR WARS! I feel the force is strong with you and your company can pull this off. The prequels were the worst films EVER MADE! They showed us just how evil the dark side of the force can be when it seduced George Lucas and took over his ability to distinguish right from wrong! Please redeem the Star Wars Universe. DO OR DO NOT…THERE IS NO TRY



    • Sorry but I disagree with you about Lucas. Hes WAS after all the one who created this universe.

      I would instead say, LISTEN to him but then make up your own mind about what to do.

      • yes, he did make the original trilogy the legend that it is. but somewhere after that, he essentially was just going through the motions. The prequel trilogy had the story ingredients but it felt rushed and forced (no pun intended). yes, he should have SOME creative influence (he did create it) but Disney and all it’s sub companies should continue doing what it does best which is put together great movies. not every one is a blockbuster (no film studio is that good) but there’s a reason they had the money to buy Lucas out.

  24. No.

    He’s not terrible but god no. He was good in the lucky one for sure though.

  25. No!

  26. Sounds good to me but if they use the original characters it will be hard because the actors are obviously not as young as they used to be

  27. “films” not “films”

    Can’t figure out why, starting about three years ago, everyone on the planet started thinking you needed an apostrophe to make a word plural.

    And Harrison Ford as Han again? Only if it can be pulled off well…