Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode 7

Last week, there was a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of nerds cried out and were suddenly silenced. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but it was a pretty big deal when Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced plans for a new series of Star Wars sequels.

Since then, we’ve debated the pros and cons of the news, and have also reported on all of the speculation about Star Wars: Episode 7, including today’s rumor that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is in the running to direct the film.

Now, we’ve got another interesting piece of news to share. According to an exclusive report from Geoff Boucher (who has happily landed on his feet at Entertainment Weekly after leaving his gig at the L.A. Times), none other than Han Solo himself has allegedly expressed interest in returning to a galaxy far, far away.

The report quotes sources close to Harrison Ford who say that the iconic actor is “open to the idea of doing the movie” and, moreover, is “upbeat about it.” Obviously, being “open” to doing the movie is a long stretch from actually doing it, and it’s not like the 70-year-old actor is getting any younger. However, if he’s genuinely interested in returning to one of his most famous roles, it can only be a good thing for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Logo Harrison Ford Open to Playing Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode 7

After all, this is the same actor who told ABC News back in 2010 that he didn’t actually like playing the character of Han Solo that much and was actually hoping that Lucas would kill him off in Return of the Jedi, quipping that he didn’t because “George didn’t think there was any future in dead Han toys.”

Presumably, if Ford returned to the big screen for a Star Wars sequel, it would be alongside his two costars, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). In a recent interview, Hamill discussed plans for the sequels to focus on entirely new stories to satisfy fans’ desires for “more and more and more material.

Nevertheless, it’s entirely possible that Lucas and company could throw in the original trio in expanded cameo roles, much in the same way that Leonard Nimoy played an important role in the new Star Trek film.

Whatever path they decide to take, it’s certainly an exciting development to learn that Ford is interested in returning to one of the film’s that catapulted him to worldwide fame. I was one of the few people that actually enjoyed Ford in Indiana Jones 4, so I would be more than happy to see him strap on the blaster one more time as Han Solo.

What do you think? Is Harrison Ford a must-have for Star Wars: Episode 7 and beyond, or should they start completely fresh with no original characters?

Star Wars: Episode 7 hits theaters in 2015.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. “films” not “film’s”

    Can’t figure out why, starting about three years ago, everyone on the planet started thinking you needed an apostrophe to make a word plural.

    And Harrison Ford as Han again? Only if it can be pulled off well…

  2. Harrison Ford is wrong about Han dying in ‘Return of the Jedi’, he should have been visibly PREPARED to sacrifice himself for the rebel cause, but comes through it alive and a humbler more selfless person than the lovable-yet-selfish rogue we first encountered in the 1977 film…

    And I don’t care what anyone says, there’s absolutely NO creative reason for a sequel trilogy, this is everything that’s wrong with films these days; it’s all never-ending franchises and endless sequels/prequels/remakes/reboots, and you wonder why so much talent is headed for television!? George Lucas only wrote the sequel trilogy outlines as an incentive for Disney to buy Lucasfilm, and Disney are making them because there’s simply too much money at stake not to… would it kill these people to actually make something original and challenging and fresh, say what you want about ‘Cloud Atlas’ but at least it wasn’t a sequel, a superhero movie, or a reboot of some other movie franchise!

    Enjoy the new trilogy when it comes out, I’ll just stick with the theatrical versions of the original Trilogy whenever they’re properly released… some things should just be ended gracefully before they’re run into the ground, ’nuff said.

    • I don’t fully agree with you when you say there is no creative reason for a sequel trilogy. There’s no reason to just throw them out there for the sake of money, but it is possible that somebody out there could come up with a story worthy of the big screen. Then after that, hopefully someone with some talent can turn it into something worth watching. The prequels have plenty of potential and story. If only Lucas had the talent to turn them into what they could have been. If only……

    • That would be a cool ending to return of the Jedi man, that’s shows a ton of great character development for Han to sacrifice his life to save his friends.

    • Lucas wrote an outline of Ep.7-9 and 9-12 back in the 70′s but it never happened so i wasn’t an incentive unless he had a time machine

    • Actually, Star Wars was to feature three trilogies since the beginning in 1977. All nine episodes had supposedly been written. It was decided later to drop the last trilogy because it was taking too long to make the series.

  3. Harrison Ford career has been dead for the past ten years. I think it’s time to recast the role. The same thing should happen to Indiana Jones as well.

    • No, I think better to not have him than recast him.

    • No, Han Solo can only be layed by Harrison Ford, it is the only wy disney could even hop eto make a half-way decent Star Wars.

  4. Will this war ever end?

  5. All the movies dealt with the original characters in one way or another. It’s ridiculous to think they wont return. It’s Money in the Disney bank. Too bad we never saw how Han met Chewy.

    • Han met chewie while he was working in the imperial navy presiding over slave workers in the kessel mines. He was was stripped of his rank and kicked out for freeing Chewie from slavery because he couldn’t stomach it. Han Solo doesn’t hate anything in the galaxy more than he hates slavery. He was told to kill Chewbacca for insubordination and he freed him instead. That’s why Chewie owes him a life debt.

  6. Whatever.

    Just keep Shia Lebouf away from both this and everything that may exist in the future.

    • I’m with you in that man he would not be good for star wars lol

  7. After the disappointment of the prequels, I can see why so many people look at this with so much negativity. To me, the prequels had huge potential with its story. The thing that messed it up was George Lucas’s inability to make it happen as a writer and director. Lines were written and delivered by the actors that just make you want to break the TV. The Jedi Order, Palpatine’s deception, The Clone Wars, The Jedi Purge, Anakin’s journey from padawan to Vader. Those are huge story lines that deserved a chance on the big screen. New characters that could have been great that fell short, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Qui Gon, Jar Jar, Grevous and Darth Maul to name a few. Darth Maul could have been one bad arse Star Wars character. Notice I said Jar Jar. I have nothing against the Gungans or Jar Jar, it was just that they were poorly written and shown on the screen. Jar Jar would have been better off as a Gungan warrior who was exiled for standing up for something he believed in and actually helped in the fight against the Trade Federation and later the Separatists, instead he was thrown in for comic relief that just didn’t come close to working. Bottom line is this, the story was there for the prequels, George just didn’t deliver. If the story is there for the new trilogy and we get a director that can deliver, like Peter Jackson has done with Middle Earth and Nolan with Batman, then we have the potential for some bad arse Star Wars films. I’m all for it.

    • I guess even the hardliners have to admit they can’t ignore how bad the prequels are anymore.

    • Agreed man, I think that this has potential to be good and since Lucas isn’t writing or directing the odds seem a little bit better. I didn’t hate all the prequels first one was pretty bad the second one also had a ton of stuff that could’ve been a hell of a lot better I at least liked Hayden Christensen as Skywalker Revenge of the Sith I thought was good, it was the first two that were lame as hell (to me at least). I really hate the tv cartoons though the regular cartoons by cartoon network I understand why they made that it at least had purpose but for me the thing that made me want to break the tv set was the animated Star Wars the clone wars because there was absolutely no point to it, Anakin did not have an apprentice God!!!!
      Anyway I agree with you man, people do seem to be negative to this, saying this is just a cash grab or that it’s gonna kill the franchise. I’m thinking, trust me the prequels and tv shows did enough of that for me I hope this ones good, I’d love to see hamil, ford, and fisher again directed by Vaughn who I really like

    • I couldn’t agree more. And as for people complaining about the sequels being created simply for profit; one, all films are created to make money, it’s a business and that’s how businesses operate, and two, face it, the fans of Star Wars want more Star Wars. It’s Science Fiction at it’s finest, a vast and creative realm full of interesting and complex characters with a myriad of fantastical worlds. I know that I crave more, just as I do with the Marvel Universe. Just like Comic Books, which people like myself have collected for dozens of years and will continue to for dozens more, the Star Wars Universe can continue to add continuity and develop characters who can endure for centuries. If the films are written and directed by able people I say bring on the Sequels and keep them coming.

      • Well said man

  8. Surely before theres any casting there needs to be some sort of script? A good script with a bit of depth and characterisation… Plus huge space battles and a few determined types fighting giant robototic tanks maybe.. No wait that was The Empire Strikes Back..

  9. It’s impossible not to look at the Episode I-III movies any time we think of what the new movies will be like. I think that is the largest hurdle that Lucas/Disney have to overcome, is to convince the public that this is something new, while still acknowledging what was laid in I-III. It’s a difficult balancing act. We can discuss until the day is done about what the problems were with the prequels. Basically, the formula to success is keep Lucas away. But in some ways, it’s hard to fault Lucas completely with regard to the prequels. He was kind of in a corner with these movies. Because you knew what had to be in there. You knew you needed to see the story of Anakin, how he became a Jedi, meeting Obi-Wan, meeting his wife (of course we knew nothing of who she was, just that she was Luke and Leia’s mother), and of course him going to the Dark Side. At the same time, we expected to see the Clone Wars, the rise of the Empire and the Emperor, and a few other things that were mentioned in IV-VI. But other than that, the slate was fairly blank. There was a lot that could have been filled. The actual details of the story could have went many different ways and it would all still have fit the canon. I think that’s why there were so many big problems with the prequels. Everyone had their own ideas about what they should be like. Not only because they were so anticipated, but because everyone knew what needed to be shown. So in a way, it was all very anti-climactic, and backlash would have been inevitable.
    With these new ones, of course, it’s wide open. If they’re not basing these ones on anything, it can be set any time. There’s a refreshing feeling about it, because you’re not obligatorily rehashing a necessary but ultimately depressing back story, but being optimistic and looking forward to continuing the storyline. But also, needing to acknowledge the previous stars. This will be difficult, because it is almost impossible not to be ultimately disappointed with the somewhat obvious pandering to the past. I mean, who really wants to see old, wrinkled Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (especially Carrie Fisher) come back as creaky, geriatric versions of Han, Luke and Leia? I mean we want to see it because they’re the link, but I guarantee you, the end result will be a letdown.

    • “I mean, who really wants to see old, wrinkled Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (especially Carrie Fisher) come back as creaky, geriatric versions of Han, Luke and Leia?… the end result will be a letdown.”

      What utter and repellent ageist tripe. I wonder if you’ll appreciate this kind of statement when you’re their age. Because people aren’t allowed to get old, right? We shouldn’t see them age, heaven forbid!

      How did you manage to spew that out and not cringe?

      After all, who wanted to watch a geriatric Alec Guinness as Kenobi in the first movies? Oh wait…

      • Very Well Said!

      • BURN!

      • ME!!!

  10. Well put.

  11. Good news

  12. Thats awesome news to me!

    • Maopheus you’re right.

  13. Han is married off after the end of Jedi. I don’t mean in the EU. It’s obvious. He’s mowing the lawn. He’s trying to get that old car to start. Leia’s making him go to parties with her boring friends. He’s finished. He’s happy. Leave him alone.

  14. If I’m being completely honest if I had to pick a cast member I don’t want back it’s Ford.
    But it’s really only sour grapes on my end.
    In the time between the original trilogy and the prequels when Ford was one of the biggest stars in the world he was adamant about not ever doing a Star Wars again. So if this is true why has he suddenly softened on the idea? Could it be because he isn’t the biggest fish in the pond anymore?
    Like I said before this is just sour grapes on my end and if he does turn out to come back I’ll probably love it.
    End of rant…

    • Type casting when looking for other roles, thats all.

  15. Episode 7 is deff gonna be about Darth Caedus and Ben Skywalker.

  16. Well, C3PO and R2D2 HAVE to come back. I think the idea originally was that those two would be the one consistent between all three trilogies. As for the rest, only Luke I can see coming back as, now, an older Obi-wan type Jedi. So I could see, at least, a cameo by Mark Hamill. He’s the right age to be an older, wiser Obi-wan type too. No one wants to see a grumbly 73 year old “charming rogue” with a barrel chest and grey hair, or a bloated pushing-60 wrinkly princess with a gravelly voice in a gold bikini. Those two you always want to remember as they were. As for Chewbacca, does he really need to make an appearance? How relevant was his appearance in Revenge of the Sith? Not relevant. And Yoda and Obi-wan are dead. Let them rest and peace. Vader too. And leave the Emperor dead as well, it would ruin the ending of Return of the Jedi if they say he survived the fall. Keep Jabba dead too. For God’s sake, don’t resurrect a dead character unless they’re supposed to be a Christ allegory. If Boba Fett turns out to be the real Jesus of the Star Wars universe, okay, otherwise leave him in the sarlacc pit. As a side note: I wouldn’t object to more Admiral Ackbar…

    • So, far no one has mentioned much about the Expanded Universe of Star Wars in comics and, especially, the novels. Any new movies would wisely, I think, take that material into consideration. If you’ve read any of them you know HAn and Leia didn’t “settle down” and become old and boring. Sure they have a granddaughter “now” but that doesn’t mean they’re dead. Many grandparents, like myself, who are also Star Wars lovers would probably agree.

      I think cameos of one or more of the original characters would be a great way to continue the franchise, but do the main story line of the new films with new characters.

  17. STAR WARS Episode 7- So there is another Sith Lord/Apprentice out there after all. Glad to see Harrison Ford coming back to play Han Solo.

    • You mean Jerry Seinfeld?

  18. I don’t understand some of the hatred toward the original trio of the first trilogy coming back. 10 years ago, EVERYONE wanted those stars to come back, and now it’s a terrible idea? Are old actors not allowed to play older, wiser versions of their characters? I wouldn’t be dissapointed if Ford, Hamill, or Fisher didn’t come back, but it would still be cool if they did. And Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors (and I loved seeing him as Indy again a few years ago) so him coming back as Han Solo would be cool. Also, it was never that Ford hated the character, it’s that he always thought the story would have been better if his character died. Anyway, can’t wait for Episode 7! :)


    • Agreed! I would gladly have Harrison Ford and the rest back! I guess people dont realize people understand people grow older.

  19. They need to have Kyle Katarn and new characters in these movies. Like one could be a Balosar guy with a double bladed lightsaber who lives during order 66 and he lived because his ship’s (which had a clone named Fox in it) transmissions were down. So the clone never received order 66. He goes to warn the Jedi but comes across Anakin and 101st legion. He fights his way through saving one youngling and two other Jedi. While they are trying to escape to the outer rim have them send the youngling in an escape pod to Degobah while they freeze themselves in carbonite to be smuggled to another system but the ship is blown up and they float to Mustafarr over a 16 year period. When the lava melt their Carbonite they find the youngling is now a 17 year old women trained by Yoda (before Luke comes) and they join the rebellion. Meanwhile Grand Moff Tarkan is shown how he gets his power over Vader and becomes the main enemy of the rebels.

  20. Hell no! I love Ford and the rest of the crew but you guys are too damn old to take on your old roles. Cameos are fine and could be fun. I say have an open audition for faces nobody knows! Give Star Wars to the people that appreciate it! I would like to audition for the new Han Solo! Does anyone know if and how this could actually be possible?

  21. No! I love Ford and the rest of the crew but you guys are too old to take on your old roles. Cameos are fine and could be fun. I say have an open audition for faces nobody knows! Give Star Wars to the people that appreciate it! I would like to audition for the new Han Solo! Does anyone know if and how this could actually be possible?

  22. Hopefully they’ll take inspiration from some of the excellent novels that were published before the original trilogy came out and go down that route. Set after Jedi they could introduce the Yuzhaan vong as the enemy from the excellent New Jedi Order franchise of books. Loads of big Jedi battles with an enemy they struggle to best who seem more powerful than even the Jedi. The Sith angle has been done (albeit not very well in the new trilogy) and the only thing that has touched on them again is in the “Legacy of the force” series of books, which to be honest just rehashes the new trilogy of films and doesn’t really add much. At least with the New Jedi order set of books it’s set quite a long time after Jedi so it’d explain the main characters aging so much between them. There have been some excellent writers that have expanded the Star Wars universe outside of the films, get one of them to write a new trilogy for the screen or adapt some of their books to the big screen. It’d be better than turning it over to someone who has no love for Star Wars and is only going through the motions to make Disney more money to cash in on the Star Wars franchise.

    • Unfortunately for fans of the EU like you and I, they are writing a whole new, unique story to set these new movies in. I believe they say they would honor some of the things that were done in the EU, but they’re adamant that this trilogy will not be an adaptation of any existing stories from the books. I’m mostly okay with that, as long as they stick with certain character developments (Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, Jacen/Jaina, Ben, the fate of Chewbacca, etc…) and don’t stray too outside of the EU timeline I think I’ll be okay. ;) People argue that since Star Wars was originally a movie franchise, that the books are just “What if” continuations off that but that’s not really the case. The books have carried the torch that was left behind by the movies. The story has advanced for years with Lucas’ approval. The story is there and the people who don’t want to read the books because it’s not “The true Star Wars” are just being obstinate. Star Wars has evolved past being a simple movie franchise and to disregard the books completely would be folly.

      As for the original cast playing their old characters again… I think this is obvious. They should absolutely be in the new movies. The argument that nobody wants to see a 60 year old Leia with a gravelly voice in a gold bikini is both correct and ridiculous at the same time. Don’t forget that they can do AMAZING things with digital retouching. They can easily take 20 years off an actor or actress using CGI nowadays. The actors may be old and wrinkly and fat and look nothing like how we might imagine “Stately” older versions of the original characters, but they can be made to look far closer to that ideal. I LIKE the idea of seeing Luke as the immensely powerful Jedi Grandmaster. Han Solo as a grumpy old man still trying to come off as a rogue with a heart of gold, and mostly just telling “When I was your age” stories and self-deprecating humor about his advanced age? Absolutely. Leia as a politician with her own set of Jedi training over the years? Yes please! (I’ll bet Carrie Fisher would love a chance to swing a lightsaber around for a change). Anyway… That’s MY rant…

  23. Luke needs to be in there if the film is going to be involving Jedi, which it better. He was the “last” Jedi but surley he went on to find Force sensitive children to teach and since Yoda and Obi Wan can continue to teach Luke, he’ll he as wise as Obi Wan to say the least. Han and Leia can be cameos but Luke needs more, he’s directly involved with the main focus (Jedi) of the entire series.

  24. Movies 1-9 were to chronicle the skywalker family and their struggle with the dark side and saving the entire galaxy. I’d like to this ended but at the same time I would like to see something new and fresh. Star Wars is in need of fresh blood and I think delving in to the EU and away from Lucas’ original concept is the way to go.

  25. It’s much better to have him back because episode 7 takes place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, around that.

  26. I think, after reading some of the “Fate of the Jedi” and “Legacy of the Jedi”, the three back would be very fitting. Super, Uber stoked to see the next series!!!

  27. I would love to see the original actors come back to this new episode in order to tie the new episode with the original Star Wars. I also hope that they put more importance on a good story and strong characters. They surely fail to do that with the second trilogy.

  28. I would absolutely HATE IT if they get another actor to play Han Solo. That is a huge no no. You can’t just replace him like that and expec. Fans to accept him as Han. Star wars is a classic and can’t replace charaters if they are I definitely will not be watching that. Being a huge Harrison Ford fan, I will not accept a new Han Solo. I rather Han solo not even come out in episode 7 than see a new actor.