Harrison Ford Says He’s Undecided on Appearing in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Harrison Ford Says Hes Undecided on Appearing in Star Wars: Episode 7

Director J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to revolve around a new generation of heroes (Jedi?), villains (Sith?) and those who fall somewhere in between on the moral scale (bounty hunters, mercenaries, etc.), as was the case for the previous first chapters in the Star Wars trilogies produced to date (Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode IV: A New Hope).

However, much like it eventually became necessary for Star Wars creator George Lucas to hand over his “baby” to a younger generation of filmmakers (after he sketched out the guidelines for where to go from here), the expectation is that Episode VII will include a few veteran actors of the space opera franchise; that is, in order to connect the half-dozen Star Wars movies released to date with Abrams’ film – not to mention, pass the torch to a group of younger peoples (in a literal, symbolic and meta-fashion).

Lucas himself dropped the ball earlier this year, when he let slip that Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa/Skywalker), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) are in final negotiations to reprise their iconic Star Wars roles for Episode VII. We’ve since received additional confirmation that Fisher and Hamill are getting into the desired physical condition so they’re better able to keep up and play in the western-in-space sandbox designed by Lucas, once again.

Yet, Ford recently claimed on Graham Norton’s show (via Metro) that he’s “not quite made the choice” as to whether or not he too will appear in Episode VII. Interestingly, the actor went on to reiterate a sentiment that he expressed just a couple months ago – concerning how he’s perfectly willing to reprise as Indiana Jones in a fifth movie - having also revealed just this past week that he’s discussed his return as Rick Deckard in the Blade Runner sequel that director Ridley Scott is developing. (Translation: Ford isn’t against taking a trip down nostalgia lane, so long as he feels it’s constructive.)

Harrison Ford Han Solo Star Wars Episode 7 Harrison Ford Says Hes Undecided on Appearing in Star Wars: Episode 7

However, before you read too much/little into Ford’s Star Wars comments, it’s worth taking the time to pause and consider the Episode VII rumors that /Film has rounded up. Most of these “scoops” (like, the film’s official release date being November 11th, 2015) should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Still, when you pile all the reports together, it seems more reasonable to assume that important casting announcements are on the way sooner than later – not the least of all, because Abrams is supposed to begin principle photography on the film in a matter of months now.

Nonetheless, /Film‘s report includes two nuggets of information that suggest that Episode VII casting announcements won’t happen this month (or, rather, before the end of October 2013):

  1. Disney wants to keep the moviegoing public’s attention focused on Thor: The Dark World (which opens in most countries on either October 30th or November 8th), so they’ll refrain from dropping any major Episode VII bombshells in the meantime.
  2. Ford is rumored to have requested that any Episode VII announcements not happen until after he’s done promoting Ender’s Game for a November 1st release – lest he be swarmed with Star Wars questions, instead of queries about the sci-fi movie that he’s actually there to promote.
enders game interview image Harrison Ford Says Hes Undecided on Appearing in Star Wars: Episode 7

Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield in ‘Ender’s Game’

For similar reasons, it’s best that you not take anything Ford says about Episode VII as being set in stone (e.g. he could very well have have agreed to appear in the film already, but doesn’t want to say anything yet). Truth be told: with the Thor sequel approaching fast and building more enthusiastic buzz amongst fans by the day, it would feel a bit odd for big Star Wars news to drop over the next couple weeks; though, you never know for certain until it happens (or doesn’t), right?

Having said that, we previously outlined several pros and cons of having original Star Wars trilogy cast members return for Episode VII, in part to illustrate why it would be okay if someone like Ford decided that he wasn’t interested in working on the film after all. Similarly, there are ways for Abrams and Episode VII screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) to get around not having a character like the older Han Solo in the film – and thus, still manage to let their movie stand on its own (see how The Legend of Korra connects to Avatar: The Last Airbender, for a relevant example).


Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to reach theaters in 2015.

Source: Metro, /Film

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  1. If HF doesn’t appear in Episode VII…..I’ll still see it.

    • Sounds like he’s just making a play for more money.

      He’ll be in it.

      • I’m sure that he’ll be in it too. But, I’ll see it regardless.

  2. I would respect his decision if he doesn’t want to appear in the film I mean after all he is primarily responsible for the popularity of the character. If he feels having a few dialogues before his character dies is a disservice to the on a whole character then so be it. We don’t have witness his demise but I’m sure he’ll be referenced as a honorable hero that fought for the New Republic.

  3. He used to say Han’s got no mamma, no pappa: let him die. But George wanted him around for RotJ. Chances are Ford just wants the role to be meaningful. Maybe he’ll get the death scene he always wanted.

  4. come on Harrison, I hope you’re just pulling legs as per usual here. We are honored to have you back in it.

  5. Please don’t appear. If he is going to appear, it should just be a cameo; same with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil. I’m tired of all the older (the people who grew up in the 60s and 70s who saw the original movies in the theatre) demanding to have the same characters in these movies. JJ needs to keep this (these) movie(s) fresh with all new characters. I’m 31 and like watching episodes 1-3 way more than 4-6. Don’t get me wrong, as I like all the Star Wars movies, but 1-3 are way more entertaining for me.

    • So I’m guessing you don’t like story over style?

    • You mean they aren’t much of an eye sore in comparison to today’s standards of CGI, right? lol. I think that’s why George Lucas was so crazy about updating the CGI but to be honest he hasn’t added much really that would show some kind of a connection to the prequels like a rusted droid ship or an abandoned post that was occupied by the Jedi during the clone wars. You have to admit the quality of story is much better in episode 4-6 than 1-3. The acting was superb and intense and oppose to episode 1-3 messy dialogue and wooden acting it was as if everyone was in a party acting out their favorite characters. There was no sense of realism at all permeating from any actor in those films except Liam Neelson whom played Qui-Gon

      • I prefer the majority of the affects 4-6 than in 1-3. It’s too glossy and polished. Why on earth Lucas thought it would be a good idea to stick a bunch of CGI into 4-6 baffles me? it doesn’t work at all.

        I grew up watching 4-6 and a friend of mine was arguing about how much better 1-3 was when it became obvious he had grown up with 1-3. I think thats what it comes down to in the majority of people who argue there point on which is the better triology. Theres no point in being a fanboy about it, if you prefer the originas great if you prefer 1-3 YOUR A PATHETIC FU**ING WASTE OF HUMAN BEING THAT HAS NO PLACE WATCHING STAR WARS!! ha ha

        Who cares as long as try to find a better balance with the next movies for original and prequel fans of Star Wars.

        • effects*

    • blasphemy!!! 1-3 are way better than 4-6 said no one ever!

      • It’s OK he’s not a friend anymore, I pushed him in Great Pit of Carkoon!

    • You are absolutely right. I don’t know if all older fans want the original characters back. In fact, one of the problems I had with the prequel was the amount of the original trilogy in that. I was surprised there wasn’t a “kid Han” in episode 3.

      What we’re looking for (and what we didn’t get from the prequel) is a great story, characters we care about and can identify with, witty/sharp dialogue, and a great climax. We want to leave that theater, not just saying, “That was a good movie.” We want to leave that theater saying, “When’s the next one? I can’t wait to see it, but in the meantime, I’m going to watch this one 100 more times cuz it was so freaking awesome!”

  6. Maybe he wont shoot first this time?

  7. He must appear. I mean, if Fisher and Hamil do it then he must too.

    • He’s no gifted Jedi with quick reflexes he is just a regular guy relying on instincts

      • The Force is all around us and through us per Obi to Luke. Even Han has it. Han calls it “luck” but Obi Wan said in his experience there is “no such thing”. Han may be potentially quite strong with the force, he simply has had no training to refine his “luck”.

  8. He’s just messing with people. Of course he’s going to reprise his role, what else does he have going on that’s as lucrative as a seventh Star Wars film?

  9. He will. I just think he and disney are making the right choice for all of those films mentioned. let them release and all the buzz die down THEN announce the casting!

  10. He’ll appear, he’s trying to make buzz, as stated above.

    He’s yanking your chain, bud.

  11. What did you expect him to say? That he’ll be in it? Of course he will deny it until given the green light by Disney. Im pretty sure Solo will be a huge part of the sequel trilogies

  12. Well he pretty much laid out why he is on the down low about Star Wars. He doesnt want conversation about it to take away from Enders Game.
    He likely has been offered a good chunk of change already and has agreed in his head to play Han. He simply may not want to let his inner voice out yet.

  13. I would like to see harrison ford in it

  14. Game-changers needed. I’d much rather have new actors portray these iconic characters. I read all the Star Wars novels and comic books. The core three (luke, Han, and Leia) are great within that canon. Why? Luke and Leia are both Jedis that are complete game-changers in any situation. Especially, Luke, this guy is a franking Atomic bomb. He’s like the Silver Surfer of the Marvel comic book world. Simply on another level. Han is just a more craftier battle veteran, who is also a father figure to a bunch of young Jedi phenoms. Please note, in the Star Wars universe 80 is more like a young 50 year old. Bring in younger actors and don’t use the older ones, who are in their late 60′s, early 70′s to portray characters that still need to be game-changers. End of Line.

  15. He may not have decided because there’s possibly no finished script, yet. I happen to know that Harrison Ford is very picky about which films he performs in, and the deciding factor is whether or not he finishes the script. Maybe with his recent track record he can’t afford to stick to that practice, but does he really need the money? I’m guessing no. And I could be shot for suggesting this but perhaps since they’re going to shoot a Han Solo pre-quel it might be a good idea to go with another actor other than Ford to get the audience used to a different actor in the role. A Similar approach used by the James Bond producers might benefit the Star Wars series. That being said, I’d still prefer to see Ford as Gen. Solo.

  16. Just finished watching the BBC interview in full. After watching it, I absolutely would not be afraid to put a large wager on the fact that he will be returning to Star Wars. There were a lot of references to Star Wars in his interview. It’s his own way of hyping up the announcement.

    What was more interesting was that Bennedict Cumberbatch was also in the interview. I felt like he definitely gave away that he will, indeed, be in the film.

    It was a good interview.

  17. Graham Norton asked Harrison Ford something like “Han Solo and Princess Leia could run a bed and breakfast??” To which Harrison replied, laughed, “That’s why I have not quite made the choice.”
    So Holy Hell the Internet explodes with the headline:

    Harrison Ford Says He’s Undecided on Appearing in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

    What the hell??? Screen Rant and other internet news sites; have you ever heard of sarcasm? Is journalism dead or what?