‘Star Wars Episode 7′: Guillermo del Toro Declined Director’s Chair Consideration

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Guillermo del Toro Star Wars Episode 7 Star Wars Episode 7: Guillermo del Toro Declined Directors Chair Consideration

Despite only having a handful of well-known feature-films under his belt, Guillermo del Toro yet and still remains one of the most favored directors amongst the geek masses.

It was no surprise, then, to hear del Toro’s name thrown in the ring – alongside virtually every other big-name blockbuster director – when news first broke that Star Wars Episode VII was on the way in 2015. What may surprise you, however, was how del Toro reacted when calls for his talent to be applied to George Lucas’ Disney’s Star Wars universe finally landed in the ears of executives.

The Playlist has been in contact with Guillermo del Toro several times since the Episode VII news broke. They say the director/producer was adamant about the fact that he had not had any kind of meeting with Disney/LucasFilm back in the fall, but now that tune has now changed. Said del Toro in a recent Playlist interview:

 “We got one phone call to my agent saying, ‘Is Guillermo interested?’ And basically I have so much stuff already of my own, and I’m pursuing stuff that I’m generating already…”

It’d be fair to label del Toro’s claims as understatement. In addition to trying to launch his upcoming 2013 tentpole blockbuster, Pacific Rim, del Toro is attached to a large number of other projects – some of which are listed below:

Looking over that to-do list above, it’s easy to say that the demands of launching Star Wars Episode VII - quite arguably THE biggest movie event of my (and probably your) generation – would knock all of this other work onto the back burner. Question is: where should Guillermo be applying his (very considerable) talent?

Most Anticipated Movies 2013 Pacific Rim Star Wars Episode 7: Guillermo del Toro Declined Directors Chair Consideration

For my part, I think he should be focused just where he seems to be: on launching Pacific Rim. Despite a lot of fan acclaim and industry respect, del Toro has not yet scored a massive blockbuster hit as a director; the next phase in his career likely hinges on the performance of this new film, and so far, the Pacific Rim trailer has left people divided. So don’t count me as one of those who sees his declination of Episode VII as a tragedy or missed opportunity.

However, if Disney were to say… bring in del Toro as a consultant or creature effects artist, we would likely all welcome that choice over the possibility of more CGI atrocities like Jar Jar Binks. Just sayin’.

How about you: would you have liked to see Guillermo del Toro directing Episode VII? If not him, who would you like to see?

Star Wars Episode VII arrives in theaters in 2015.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. I really don’t know who should direct the new star wars film. Kinda of a tough call IMO. Whoever gets the gig will have some “major ” responsibility. I get the feeling that it will be a curve ball that Disney throws at us all as 2 who the director will be.

    One thing is for sure whoever he or she is that ultimately gets the job will have some major competition in the form of avengers 2 and the justice league movie. Good luck or rather may the force be with you.

  2. Del Toro would have been good choice.

    It does seem like Brad Bird is universal pick from fans and directors.

    • More from the interview:

      “I think the fans deserve somebody that is just going to immerse themselves completely,” he said. “As a geek, I would have loved to see Brad Bird take it.”
      Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/rorschachsrants/news/?a=72231#3eelwVS9QgeMTcUc.99

      • Brad Bird would hands down be the smartest choice to direct Star Wars. That guy’s a real gem, got my fingers crossed for that one.

        • What has Brad Bird done besides the latest MI film that makes everyone thing he’d be such a great director for Star Wars? Other than that it’s mostly Pixar stuff, which again, while good, doesn’t make me excited to see him do Star Wars (though I’m not saying he’s a bad director).

          Too bad Joss Whedon is busy with Marvel stuff. He really knows how to make a space epic.

          • I completely agree with your Brad Bird statement. Completely disagree with your Joss Whedon statement.

            • Whedon does Marvel now, so he’s out, same with JJ Abrams, none of the Trek, or Marvel guys should jump ship and I’m pretty sure they’re smart enough to know that. It’d just be sacrilege.

              Brad Bird, on the other hand… That guy is a legend in the industry, and would be the single best choice Disney could ever make to steward the new Star Wars movies. He was a pupil of Milt Kahl, one of the greatest of Disney’s ‘Nine Old Men’, Brad Bird was also a long time Simpsons guy and one of the primary reasons that show was good for so long, wrote, designed and directed both The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, both of which were instant classics full of heart, humor, real emotion and adventure without succumbing to sentimentality unlike most other cartoons of their era. He knows more about storytelling and animation and design and character than any of the other names on the shortlist of directors Disney is considering for these new movies. If they bring him on he will be just as well known as Whedon, Abrams, Nolan, etc. That guy’s a true dramatic genius with his priorities straight as a storyteller firing on all cylinders, unlike George Lucas, who used to have those qualities (but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.)

              And he can draw like a house on fire. :)

              • Well, that’s still not convincing for me but I have some hope. I mean, those things you mention will definitely help, but the fact that they’re still cartoons/animations and not really like Star Wars (unless they want to cater to the younger generation again, which I hope they don’t).
                I’m not saying he would be bad, just not the obvious choice since I don’t see him as the legend that you do.
                I guess we’ll see.

            • Sorry but Firefely & Serenity were amazing. 90% of the people that actually watch it end up loving it. If Star Wars were of the same calibre then I don’t think anyone would be complaining.

  3. Hmm give it to Nolan, he can bring his own fun, whimsical and light tone to the epic space opera, none of the gritty grounded realism like some current directors insist on!

    • What’s the worse Nolan can do? Change the mystical nature of the force into a lame biology lesson devoid of fun? lol

      • Or a hallucinagen that has contaminated the galaxies water supply and shows Jedi’s to be nothing more than mere conjurers of cheap tricks!

        • or turn an exciting story of rebels, evil emperors and a long thought dead knight order into a boring story of space taxes and “I hate sand” monologues all filmed on a 20 ft green screen!? lol

          • George Lucas: “too late. I already did”

        • Or have one of the Jedi Knights be an amnesiac man who has tattoos all over his body to help solve the crime of the murdering of his wife, while being tricked and deceived by those who realize they could take advantage of his short term memory loss. And while he’s at it, the beginning of the film actually displays the ending, and the ending of the film displays the opening, working around in circles in ways to either make people think harder or plainly perplex them.

          • I have issues don’t I?

            • Hahahahahahahaha love it!

            • Could be worse. He could turn “The Force” into microscopic blood fungus”………oh, wait..

              • Guys, guys, guys. Each planet does not actually exist. Each planet is actually a different dream world nested in other dream worlds, and if it’s too unstable, you end up in limbo, AKA, the gungan city. It’s pretty much hell. ;)

  4. Heard Whedon was in running from person close to Disney along with Abrams. But now I’m skeptical. The 2 people they look at now according to the producer Frank Marshall possibly selected after Del Toro said “No”

    • Whedon and Abrams may have been asked but that’s not the same as being in the running. Both of those guys are totally committed to their current projects, Star Wars would be too big for them to even consider splitting their time, it would be career suicide and there’s just no way they’d do it. They want to go to those movies as fans just like everybody else and let somebody else who is immersed 100% do the heavy lifting just as they’re doing on Trek and Marvel.

      • Whedon should do the next one after Avengers 2 is out of the way :)

  5. Another great director declined? I’m starting to get worried.

  6. Bummer Del Toro is a pretty good director ah well hopefully they can get someone good

  7. I am not surprised. Who wants to follow George Lucas. Try to make a Star Wars based on what exactly?

    There are hundreds of books to choose from, but for me. I am happy with the first 3.

    Ok with the last 3.

    Or is that happy with the first last three and ok with the three last first??

    • I agree, happy with the original unabused trilogy, where Hayden Christensens ghost doesn’t turn up at the end for know apparent reason?!

    • Agreed

    • Why not his partner in crime for the best trilogy ever? Spielberg that is…

      • I don’t understand why nobody else thought of him, he’s old school, from that era. He’s probably the best choice. I like what JJ did with Star Trek, to bad he declined.

        • Spielberg said this: “”No! No! It’s not my genre. It’s my best friend George’s genre,” he told a reporter.”

          So, no, Spieldberg will not be directing Episode VII.

  8. I nominate myself, I will throw myself into the work, and give it my all.

    • Can I help? :)

  9. Directors declining.. Maybe it might say more about the actual stories planned for the new trilogy… Meaning its not very good.

  10. Yeah….this isn’t coming out in 2015.

  11. Hmmm……. It’s seems these guys might be a little scared at the size and scope of this project. This could make or break somebody’s career.
    I don’t think Jon Farveau (sp?) should do. I loved Iron man, but I don’t want somebody that eager doing it.

  12. It should be hard to work with a franchise (and a fanbase) so inflexible as star wars, there is not much you can put of yourself on the movie, the path is almost drawn out. I think Disney should get Zack Snyder to do an adaptation of some good Star Wars book/comic/videogame storyline and call it a day.

    • The franchise was very flexible. The problem is all the great comics and novels have been pretty much made non-canon and have been ret-conned thanks to Lucas’ feeble prequels.

    • agree 1000% snyder on a spin off story could b beyond epic.

  13. Personally, I think to get the best quality, have him co-direct with peter jackson. Neither, in my opinion, have made a movie anywhere near the realm of bad. Just whatever they do, no michael bay. Just no.

  14. Much as I like Del Toro, and I do, the idea of him doing a Star Wars film is not that attractive, to me. He has too strong a vision to be a comfortable fit. It would be the same with, say, Tim Burton. What is needed is skill at adapting others material to the screen, and DT usually brings his own projects with him.
    We need a director like John Favereau to step up, and take a crack at it. He could do the second new one, the one I hope Kasdan Writes, and the combination of the three aspects, Favereau-Kasdan-Star Wars, could be a billion dollar recipe, easily.
    I know things can change, so none of this is set in stone. Del Toro could change his mind, and any number of other things could happen, but, as it stands now, I, for one, am fine with it.

    • Agreed, Del Toro is way to independent to work to do star wars, especially now that it is controlled by disney

  15. It’s kind of funny. Disney paid all that money for Star Wars and they can’t even find a big name director to make it because of how big the expectation would be for the movies.

    I guess it could make some noname director’s career.

    • Lucas is going to end up doing it after everyone turns it down.

      • That’s what I keep thinking. No one wants this over their head.

  16. Good call! Hellboy 3 asap please. Ron Perlman isn’t getting any younger and he’s already clocking in at 62.

    • Alas, I think that ship has sailed.

      Sigh :(

      • Yeah, Hellboy 3 ain’t never gonna happen. It’s been DOA for a long time now…

  17. It doesn’t matter who Kathleen Kennedy (not Disney) hires to direct Star Wars Episode VII because all of you overly judgemental,overly critical so-called ‘fanboys’ are going to hate it no matter what.Its now wonder nobody wants direct a new Star Wars movie for the lot of you so called ‘fans’.

  18. I meant ‘no’ wonder,sorry.

  19. Kofi Outlaw you suck for crossing out George Lucas’s name in your article,even though he no longer owns Star Wars,he is and will always be the creator of The Star Wars Universe and he should be respected as such,it is still his universe,his creation,bad move Kofi IMO. Peace.

  20. No sane person would direct this beast. It’s too much riding on this, so much at risk.

    I say Disney needs to throw a couple more 100 million at Lucas to direct it.

    • Ha! I think Disney just threw 4 billion at Lucas NOT to direct it…! :)

      • Indeed

  21. I’m worried they will have no choice but to let Spielberg get his hands on this movie.

    You know how Lucas Force Powers can influence the weak minded.
    ahem.. crystal skull

    • What the heck are you talking about. 1st Spielberg said he’d never direct a Star Wars movie because that’s Lucas’s work. Second Spielberg has directed all Indiana Jones movies and Lucas written them. They collaborate together when making them.

    • Crystal Skull was not that bad, quit jumping on the hate band wagon.

  22. This is like a ticking time bomb. How long have they got left to find someone?

  23. I like GDT as much as the next guy , but why tease and pretend to show interest knowing that he was going to turn it down anyway ?? not cool GDT

  24. They should get Micheal Bay to direct it. Hehe.

  25. Huge missed opportunity here for a GREAT director. First he passes on the Hobbit (which mad some sort of sense with all the production delays) and now he passes on Star Wars? This latter pass is totally unacceptable imo. This is the franchise of all franchises. Forget LOR, Harry Potter, James Bond, Batman, etc this franchise is the biggest there is in Hollywood.

    I feel that many of the directors that have passed feel like that would no be able to live up to the hype of the film (which is probably true) but Del Toro would, imo, deliver a great new trilogy because he has a knack for creating new imaginary worlds.

    Really sad, because for me I saw both Del Toro and Abrams at the helms of these films but it looks like it wont happen now.

    Spielberg? If I were him, I’d do this and end the wonderful career he has had, end on one of the highest notes possible

  26. I keep seeing a lot of comments that seem to show a distinct lack of thought. Is Star Wars a big franchise? Absolutely. That does not mean we need, or want, some big name director, simply because he, or she, is such. Most notable directors have their own distinct style, and here, with the Star Wars films, that might not be so good.
    While I love Del Toro, seeing HIS films would be better than seeing his take on someone else’s universe. I want to still see George Lucas’ vision on screen,not DT’s version of it. Nor do I want to see George direct again. He directed the 4 worst of the 6 we have thus far, and that is not a good track record. He knows his strengths, and will not step up to direct, if we’re lucky.
    So many of the comments seem to think they are NOT fanboys, because they are on one extreme of this, or the other. I submit that anyone on the poles of this issue is indeed a fanboy. Either you are in dire need of George to direct, because you think nobody else can do it, or you are pulling for some director that you like the works of, but has too distinct a style, and might not be able to bring someone else’s vision to life properly. I think that we will get news soon (We have to, don’t we?) of a director. Many folks will scream right out of the gate, no matter who it is, but I know that Kathleen is no dummy, and will do the right thing.

  27. no known good director is going to take this project! it’s a mess with FAN”S expectations, they(the Fans) act like they are in charge of the project, and won’t just allow the director some room to create the Dam picture, if the Fans would just Back off and shut up and let the studio pick the director or directors, I’am sure it will be a fine picture regardless of who’s at the helm….R.G.

  28. I would love to see Brad Bird, Joss Whedon, Matthew Vaughn, Steven Spielberg, or Jon Favreau directing it, but I realize that half of those guys are busy and/or have declined. Maybe Duncan Jones (Source Code), Rian Johnson (Looper), or Neil Blomkamp (District 9), as all 3 are young, promising action/sci-fi directors.

  29. Well I still think David Fincher could do it. He’s got all the right background, just drag him out from behind the TV camera…