‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Abu Dhabi Details; Adam Driver’s Character Revealed?

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star wars episode 7 abu dhabi tatooine Star Wars: Episode 7 Abu Dhabi Details; Adam Drivers Character Revealed?

Most of the cast members for Star Wars: Episode VII have been officially unveiled now, though there are reports of at least one more important role that will be filled in the near future. Meanwhile, unconfirmed details about exterior sets built for J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII have emerged, along with an old familiar rumor about one of the film’s main actors (which, if accurate, has significant implications for the overarching narrative of the third Star Wars cinematic trilogy).

According to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, the second unit filming on Episode VII has already begun, ahead of principal photography getting started on sound stages in London. Whereas previous Star Wars movies filmed on location in Tunisia for scenes set on the planet of Tatooine, Abu Dhabi is reported to be serving as the desert-like world in Abrams’ movie. As such, there aren’t likely to be many (if any) additional photos leaked from the set, since production is reported to be taking place in a remote section of the country.

Security is also clamping down on the Abu Dhabi set for Episode VII ahead of shooting getting properly started there this week, though The National is claiming to have some details on what’s being constructed for that portion of the movie’s production. As always, best to take this following with a grain of salt, at the least:

Our sources also report that the sets are getting closer to completion, with a “whole world” having been built on an otherworldly salt lake at one location, a “shuttle-like” spacecraft, a large tower, a “big, centuries-old-looking market”, something the crew are reportedly referring to as the “alien house” and 10 to 15 “really fast buggies” powered by jet engines (landspeeders of Tatooine fame from the previous films, perhaps?)

We have also been told that two lorries of explosives have been brought to one of the sites under high security and that a blast crater has been created. So, it looks like the action in Abu Dhabi could be set to feature a major battle or spacecraft crash of some description.

Some fans have expressed concern about Episode VII revisiting the world of Tatooine, worrying it’s a sign that Abrams’ movie will be too focused on waxing nostalgic about the original Star Wars trilogy for its own good. The ongoing rumor is that while the initial Episode VII script draft penned by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Catching Fire) was focused on the new generation of young characters, the screenplay credited to Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) better allows the older cast members to pass the torch to their successors. If so, that choice could just as well help move the franchise forward (better than Arndt’s approach), as it could be a hindrance to the series.

Similarly, when Lucasfilm announced that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe - which encompasses everything Star Wars-related outside of the previously-released six live-action films and the George Lucas-created Clone Wars TV series – is henceforth officially not canonical, the studio also indicated it is free to pick and choose to include old EU elements, as it sees fit. For better or worse, that leaves the door open for certain new characters in Episode VII to, in essence, be re-envisioned versions of EU characters, who’ve been given a different name (in addition to other distinguishing qualities).

star wars episode 7 adam driver character Star Wars: Episode 7 Abu Dhabi Details; Adam Drivers Character Revealed?

Adam Driver is a member of the ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ cast







According to a new rumor reported by Jedi News, that will very much be the case with actor Adam Driver (Girls, Inside Llewyn Davis) – who, if these claims are accurate, is essentially going to be acting out the Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus storyline from the Star Wars EU literature, albeit as a differently-named character. (Short version: Jacen, son of Han and Leia, grows up to become a Jedi who eventually falls to the dark side.)

Sounds like Adam Driver is NOT going to play a villain…sort of. He will be playing the son of Han and Leia, and it seems he will be seduced to the Dark Side, and a main plot point for the movie will be their attempt to rescue him.

These claims are nothing that mind-blowing, seeing how Market Saw reported similar rumors months ago. Not to mention, we’ve speculated for a while now that casting Driver in Episode VII makes sense, based on the idea that his character will begin the film as a noble member of the Skywalker/Solo clan who, at least temporarily, is transformed into a Sith. Point being, for all we know this new report could just as well have been made up by someone playing the same deduction game as everyone else – as opposed to, additional confirmation about what we should expect in the new Star Wars movie trilogy.

That said: Episode VII cast member Daisy Ridley is, almost without doubt, playing Han and Leia’s daughter, who was Jacen’s twin sister Jaina in the old Star Wars EU. If the rumors about Driver are true, then it’s not a stretch to assume that Ridley’s character arc for the upcoming Star Wars film trilogy will include her attempt to bring her brother back from the Dark Side, similar to the Jaina/Jacen storyline from the EU literature. This could also account for those longtime rumors about Episode VII having a female protagonist (i.e. Ridley).

star wars episode 7 jacen jaina caedus Star Wars: Episode 7 Abu Dhabi Details; Adam Drivers Character Revealed?

Jaina Solo vs. Darth Caedus

Frankly, we’re down with that idea, since the Darth Caedus storyline is among the better old EU developments that fall in line with the timeline of events in Episode VII. It also leaves plenty of room for additional surprises that those familiar with the EU mythology might not expect, starting with the claim that Episode VII cast member Max von Sydow is playing an “ancient evil” – who may even be the one responsible for turning Driver’s character to the dark side.

What do you think of these Episode VII rumors? Let us know in the comments section, below!


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in U.S. theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: The National, Jedi News, Market Saw

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  1. A female Jedi protagonist? NO.

    • They are NOT going to use the “twin Solos” device. That is, there isn’t going to be a Jacen and Jaina Solo. Daisy Ridley will most likely be their daughter, but she will not adhere to the story arc of Jaina Solo.

      Adam Driver will most likely be a pupil of Skywalker, but will be unrelated to him or the Solos. My guess is that he’ll most likely be inspired by the EU character Gantoris — the foolish and prideful force-sensitive that gets tricked into the ways of the Sith by the main antagonist (which I suspect will be Ian McDiarmid…they just haven’t announced his involvement yet for obvious reasons).

      Due to Von Sydow’s extremely advanced age (85!) it’s highly unlikely that they would have signed him for 3 movies…so he’s probably NOT going to be the main Sith antagonist. He probably will play a bit role in just the first film — which, if I had to guess, will be Obi-Wan’s Force ghost or an aging Imperial Grand Moff or Admiral (kinda like Cushing’s role in A New Hope).

      • If Max Von Sydow’s character is going to be a bit role like you say then why did they have him sit with the rest of the cast for a reading? You don’t bring Sydow in for a “bit” role.

        • They didn’t, he’s not in the photo. Yoi’re confusing him with either Anthony Daniels or Lawrence Kasdan.

    • Why not a female jedi protagonist?

      • Because it is not natural. I know you feminist/male feminist types won’t like that, oh well. A female lead, to me, is unrealistic and boring. Especially if this unknown actor Daisy is going to be it. She has virtually no acting credits except for a few short movies and a few tv show guest appearances.

        Why they brought her on I will never no.

        • She probably blew someone;)

        • “A female lead, to me, is unrealistic and boring” Did your mother never love you as a child? because to me you sound extremely depressing and pathetic. “Because it is not natural.” You liar. There’s so many good movies with female leads. Grow up already and get a better opinion.

        • The Hunger Games say hi.

        • Welcome to the 21st century.

          If its true then I think it’s cool, I just hope they do a little more than change the gender of the protagonist to keep it fresh, just as I hope the original cast have very small roles in the film.

        • That is so stupid and Macho, i am ashamed to belong to the same gender as you do.

  2. A female Jedi protagonist. YES !

  3. I’m liking what I see so far. I have faith in Abrams.

  4. The longer gestation and script tinkering bode good for a decent plot… Roll on whenever its released in a couple of three years-ish?

  5. Why are we still bringing up EU storylines. Disney already said that it’ll be original and they wouldn’t use any of the stories from these books. I doubt they would even use any of the names from the EU, lets be original. Also, all these sites are recycling the same old rumors since episode 7 was announced. Other than the director, owners, writers and the cast we don’t know s***!

  6. Please be true. Please be true. I am going to be so disappointed if they don’t use these characters. I don’t care about the specific story lines as much as these characters. Just all these years of them being Han and Leia’s children and to be thrown away is just wasteful.

  7. Im not a big Star Wars fanatic, but i enjoy watching the films. I really like The Old Republic. They need to make that into a movie. Its too badass to not to. I want to see many sith, not just one villain. Or sith warriors with lightsabers, that would be cool. But I have faith in Abrams.

  8. Reading the EU books made me fantasize about how the continued trilogy would be like years before its was finally announced, I’ve always thought of things I would like to see improve as technology has improved and everything else, among them was the use of the Force.

    4,5,6 – was awesome for its time but wont work anymore.

    1,2,3 – showed some improvement with the Force and Jedi fights (loved Yodas part/ How Greivous moved and fights/and of course Darth Mauls double bladed lightsaber)

    7 8 9 – I’m hoping to see something like the trailer of “Star Wars Force Unleashed” game where He was using the Force to pull down a starship I thought that was really cool, It was like the Force on steroids. I’d also like to see improved fight choreography just can’t think of one thats really cool involving swords.

  9. Like what ive read. personally wouldn’t mind seein a female protagonists in Star Wars… The only strong female is Leia through and through… though the prequels were a bit meh.. i liked Portmans performance of Amidala (sp?)
    But time part 3 rolled around she was all sappy and justed as depressing as Christensen. to watch onscreen ….
    Here is to hoping… Abrams hasn’t let me down yet
    (cept his love for lense flares and Cumberbatch being an “original” characters. those are let downs)
    but I’m beginning to think he might hav tried making Star Trek look bad on purpose… i do recall him in an article way prior to SwE7 saying he never got into Trek but had a strong love for those in a galaxy far far away…

  10. Hey Sandy,

    Any clue on who Boyega and Isaac are playing?

  11. I’m just so happy we get to go back to Tatooine. When they announced this movie, I was afraid they’d give us new planets and not just recycle all the old ones. Good to see they’re going the recycle route, star wars fans don’t need anything new.

  12. I hope this isn’t true, with all the vast array of stories to tell why would they tell another story of someone good being seduced into the dark side. Seriously that is lazy

    • Lazy indeed. It’s already been done through and through in the original trilogy. Isn’t there any other route for a Jedi to follow than being seduced by the dark side?…

    • Bringing Han Solo back when his story is clearly finished: that’s even lazier.

  13. Please drop the whole EU storylines. Its NOT happening. Abrams already said that Ep7 will be entirely original. So with that being said, no Darth Caedus storyline, no Jaina Solo trying to bring him back to the light side of the force. Nothing. Stop forcing the issue.

  14. I khannot believe anyone is falling for that. That’s just another red herring, in a long line of red herrings, that Disney is throwing into the mix, muddying the waters.
    And yes, I think we’ll see a lead female protagonist and possibly a female antagonist
    in SW7 and the spin offs.

  15. Driver as Ford´s and Fisher´s son?
    He is ugly as hell.. I dont see the resemblance.

  16. This is why I always wanted the Sequel Trilogy instead of the Prequels simply because nobody knows where they are taking the story and it gives an added suspense to them. I like the transition of the big 3 to the children for Episode 7 as it gives us a sense of familiarity yet a hope of what to come. Plus the Sequel Trilogy is a return for the fans to root for the good guys for 3 more movies!

  17. Let’s not be too hasty and say the ENTIRE EU is non-canon. They’ll never be able to de-canonize the KOTOR series.

    • Truth

  18. I’m so bored of Star Wars already. Why don’t they just stop right now. It’s going be a disaster of a movie. We all know it, just some of you are kidding yourselves…. Just like you did with the prequels. Remember that disappointment.

  19. This is exactly how I felt like this should play out. I actually think Driver totally looks the part of a son of Han and Leia. Perfect age and look, IMO. Seems like he has what it takes to show the conflicted torment he’ll experience of being yanked between the light side and the dark side, something Hayden just could NOT do. It was a joke how quickly his turn was. I sure hope there is a good justification for it in their script and that it happens very, very gradually.

    Max von Sydow is perfect for an ancient evil, because he already has experience with one AKA The Exorcist! All jokes aside, he’s the perfect age to be a Sith master of some sort, maybe even an unseen variety. Certainly charming enough to stay cloaked under the visage of an old, frail man. Excited about the dynamic between he and Driver. I hope Max’s character had something to do with the Emperor’s rise, that may be too much of a connection to the older past, but maybe he found some of his old teachings in writing or something and decided to continue on that Dark path. I’d like a small connection, especially since the rules are very specific, only 2, never more, never less and always a Master and an Apprentice. This makes me slightly more excited at least.

  20. Knowing Abrams, he’ll revere it to the daughter of Luke becoming a Sith. I heard Sith witch being thrown around, considering people wouldn’t be shocked by a guy becoming a Darth.

  21. If they’re going to do this, I really hope they’ll make it at least as interesting and complex a story as it was in the books. Especially the “seduced bu the dark side” part… a plot point that we see happening a lot in Star Wars in general, but so well done in the ‘Legacy of the Force’ series.

    What I loved about Jacen Solo(him being “corrupted” from family’s narrow point of view aside)is the way he chose the Sith way. He wasn’t really seduced or mind-influenced into anything, or even really manipulated (in a way he was, but not in the classical sense)… he listen to Lumiya’s arguments and simply agreed with them, out of logic and reasonning. He listenned, thought about it and was like “yes, after thinking this through, I think you’re right: becoming Sith seems the logical course of action… one that suits me and my purpose better than any other”.
    I just loved that.

    Yes, he made mistakes along the way, and sometimes let his aggressive feelings take over his mind but at the end, he became wiser, learned to carry the full weight of what he did and was still doing on his conscience and accepted the pain that came with it. He sacrificed his happiness for what he believed was right, knew it and accepted it calmly. I don’t thik, as Jaina his sister said, that he was “Jacen once more and not Caedus, when he died”, but that what she felt was always part of Caedus (which for me accepted himself as a whole, ‘Jacen’ included)… hidden behind the mask of steel he was always wearing.

    Jacen/Caedus was certainly no angel or even martyr. He made mistakes, lost himself a few times but finally grew up as a person and as I see it, understood what being a Sith implied, better than most throughout the Star Wars history.

    Again, it is just how I see and understood it and I won’t fight with those who don’t agree. ^^

    All this to say: I really hope the Star Wars movies evolve a bit and go past defining light and dark with just simplistic notions like “good” and evil”.

  22. J J’s obsession with nostalgia is tedious, please don’t waste too much time revisiting tatooine

    • At this point, 80% of the film’s audience will be in it for the nostalgia, so… Yeah, expect that.

  23. I honestly cannot see there being ANY children of Luke in this series. After all, marriage is not part of the life of the Jedi. Whatever their names, it seems that the young Sith will be a child of Han and Leia . . . maybe. There are also rumors that characters in Episode VII will be introduced in the Rebels cartoon series. Von Sydow’s character figures to be one such character, assuming that rumor is correct.

    • In the Extended Universe, Luke changed that rule because he partly felt that it was the very cause of Anakin’s conversion to the dark side. Because of this rule, Anakin had nowhere to turn to when facing his dilemnas about Padme’s life and death, and the only person who would listen to him and never judge, was Palpatine.
      Add to that that Jedi would be better prepared to face the dangers and temptations born from love and attachment if they experienced it… as opposed to completely repressing those feelings and be all the more vulnerable because inexperienced with dealing with them when facing their inner sleeping passions… and you get a smart and sound measure.
      It also made the Jedi order more relatable for us and increased the emotional stakes whenever Jedi were involved.

      As I said though, this change is part of the post RotJ EU, and is therefore now considered as “Legends” by the new story group. They said they’d reprise some characters and ideas from it though, so it is at least probable that they will add this new rule, the “freedom to love”, for the new Jedi order.
      We can only speculate at this point.

      • Thanks for the education. My thinking is that Episode 7 won’t deviate from what has been done/said in the movies and Clone Wars cartoon series, since those are now the only material considered canon. You’re right, though, that’s mere speculation at this point. It will be quite interesting to see what plot lines the next three movies follow. I’m hoping that Han doesn’t die, but fear that he will in Episode VII.

  24. So cool to have Darth Vader in Episode 7. No Jar Jar Binks Please, he killed Star Wars.

  25. The things which don’t add up is the age of Driver’s character as a Solo child. He would be at most 30 years old if he was born following Return of The Jedi or whatever timeline Lucasfilm/Disney decides to make up for this movie. If Driver is playing a Sith apprentice as rumored that of Darth Ruin, then he would be several thousand years old and in no way could he be Solo’s son. Or does he fall to the dark side upon beginning his training as a Jedi in his 20s and secretly takes up the Sith teachings after somehow encountering Ruin’s spirit or another Sith follower in hiding?

    The other thing that doesn’t add up is the Jedi are completely extinct in the post Episode 6 era. Luke is rumored to have disappeared for 10 years. In 20 of those prior years did he begin to teach Driver and then detected something was wrong and suddenly decided to stop? This could explain the future vision which troubled him if Driver is essentially another Anakin Skywalker. Luke saw the bleak future if Driver completed his training and went into exile to avoid it from happening.