‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Rumor: Emperor Palpatine Will Return

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Star Wars 7 Rumor Emperor Returning Star Wars Episode VII Rumor: Emperor Palpatine Will Return

With Star Wars Episode VII still over a year away, and the animated series Star Wars Rebels not premiering until the fall, there have only been a handful of facts officially confirmed about the next stage in the Star Wars franchise. Rumors, however, have been plentiful.

The most persistent rumors surrounding Episode VII involve the film’s villains – which isn’t too surprising considering Star Wars gave us a character who has become arguably the most recognizable film villain of all time: Darth Vader. There are still those insisting Vader will make a reappearance, but beyond a potential flashback that seems unlikely.

When it comes to the animated Rebels series we already know of its villain, the undeniably Sith-like Inquistor, and it’s quite possible this character or others like him will crossover to the film trilogy as well (allowing them a work around to the long-standing “Rule of Two” that governs the Sith). Confirmed cast members Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, and Lupita Nyong’o have all been rumored to be playing villains (either Sith, Sith-serving Jedi hunters, or officers in the crumbling Galactic Empire), and even legendary actor Max Von Sydow’s character is rumored to be some “ancient” evil.

Many have speculated Sydow’s role, if he is indeed a villain, could serve the same function as The Emperor did in the first six Star Wars films – i.e., the evil mastermind pulling strings from behind the scenes. Yet,  Latino Review has gone one step further, claiming that the big bad of the new Star Wars trilogy will actually be Emperor Palpatine.

Emperor Palpatine Clone Star Wars Episode VII Rumor: Emperor Palpatine Will Return

Palpatine again being revealed as the ultimate evil in the galaxy isn’t exactly a new twist. It’s a story element that has previously been explored in both the novels (ghost-Palpatine) and comics (clone-Palpatine) of the Expanded Universe. And while the EU has been removed from official Star Wars canon, any of those previously used elements could still serve as “inspiration” for the new trilogy. So it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that in either Episode VII or VIII we will see The Emperor again – something LR‘s source says will “100%” happen.

However, Emperor Palpatine appearing in the new trilogy and Palpatine being - again - the final boss are two different claims. There have already been reports of a flashback sequence in which we’ll see Darth Vader recruiting The Inquisitors, and there’s no reason The Emperor couldn’t appear here as well.

Latino Review goes on to saw actor Ian McDiarmid would not be returning, which also suggests an appearance by The Emperor would either be terribly brief, or that it’s completely false. McDiarmid originally played The Emperor in only Return of the Jedi, but later returned to play a younger Palpatine in the prequel trilogy; he was also inserted into The Empire Strikes Back in the Special Editions. Not returning to film a scene or two for the new Star Wars trilogy seems very odd, and any claim that the actor is too old is ridiculous, seeing as McDiarmid is 15 years younger than the already-cast Von Sydow.

Best Movie Chairs Star Wars Emperor Throne Star Wars Episode VII Rumor: Emperor Palpatine Will Return

Bringing back a character who had been the primary antagonist for the previous six Star Wars films could lend a sense of symmetry to this new Star Wars trilogy, but it would do nothing to prepare the series for future installments. This new trilogy is intended to be a launching pad for a whole new Star Wars media empire, and along with Rebels and the spinoff films, Episode VII will dictate the direction of the franchise. So why saddle yourself with the same old villain? It simply doesn’t make much sense.

What do think are the odds of Emperor Palpatine returning? And if he does, will it be in a brief flashback or will he have been orchestrating our heroes’ misfortune all along? Let us hear your thoughts on this latest rumor in the comments below!

Star Wars Rebels begins with a one-hour special on Disney XD airing October 3rd, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Don’t want to see him or Vader unless it’s a flashback scene and that is IT.

    • Remember when Palpatine told Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith about a powerful Sith Lord who had discovered the secret to cheating death and that his Apprentice had killed his Master. I like everyone assumed the Apprentice was Palpatine. What if he under estimated his Master’s power and survived, after all he did have the supposed secret of immortality. If Sydow is cast as a villain, he could be Palpatine’s Master (Darth Plagueis). Then Darth Plagueis could train a new Apprentice and this would move the franchise forward.

      • i dint know anything about that but hmmm.. im amused.. email me at lesnar333@gmial.com im not here much but interesting..

      • yea I believe that is whats going to happen, i have ever since i heard about episode 7

      • There’s a flaw in your reasoning. Darth Sidios is a SITH MASTER, he would have made sure that Plagueis is dead. In the prequels, there is no indication at all of him sensing his former master’s presence. Darth Sidious definitely ended master’s life and assumed the role of sith master.

        • so he is a sith master so what? Yoda was a Jedi master and couldn’t sense palpatine was the true sith lord not to mention even sense evil intent from palpatine until I believe things were going his way well enough that he let his guard down. your logic is flawed friend.

    • I hope it’s not true.

  2. UUUUUUUUNLIMITEEEEEED!… Powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Good… Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

  3. there is more to that i guess if u know ur material.. ud think hed just die after planting like 2000 feet to his doom right? theriot.. my bad gmail.com but u knew that lol.. sabers red lihts up as shadow of darh appears*

  4. Umm, we never actually see the Emperor die. All we have to go on is he “supposedly” dies when he falls down that cute. So technically, he could still be alive. Also, yeah no Darth Vader. If JJ relies on him, then that just confirms that he ran out of ideas. Another thing: could it be possible that they haven’t announced Ians return in order to guard the plot line for the Emperor? I’ve seen movies do that before.

    • What if they use one of the stories where the empereror cloned himself? I believe it was in one of the books. Luke even decides to be his apprenctice for a while because he wants to explore the dark side. At least that’s what I’ve heard from one of my Star Wars fanatic friends. If he’s cloned himself, it could also be a much younger version of himself, which would mean a completely different actor. Just an idea.

      • That’s the Dark Empire comic book series. It’s not very good, IMO; retreading the same ground story-wise over and over again gets pretty old. Palpatine is dead and buried; I can’t see how it services the plot or pays tribute to the OT to bring him back. It makes Anakin’s final redemption and sacrifice meaningless, and undercuts the entire premise of the first six movies.

        I’m already sort of disappointed in some of the things we’re hearing about Luke’s role in the new films; I’m really hoping he hasn’t become some kind of ineffectual hermit over the past thirty years while his friends and family continue to fight against the Empire.

      • I see your point. I’m ready for some new blood myself.

  5. I can say for certain that Palpatine will return in a flashback but it’s not confirmed if he’ll return as a ghost or hologram…..

  6. Maybe him and Vader will be the antagonists. And the whole story will revolve around vader. And maybe r2d2 and c3p0 will run around doing absent minded stuff and then r2d2 saves them.

  7. What if J.J Abrahms use this sort of “time travel mechanism” which had worthed the price in Lost series and Star Trek Series to “reboot” storylines. Im guessing some sort of malfunctional Lightspeed travel on Millenium falcon who makes this failure.

    So for me, if that happens would bring both the emperor and Vader back, even yoda.

    • That’s…just terrible.

    • Um. No. Just No.

  8. I like what a poster above said, that Palpatine will appear in the same flashback sequences as Vader, but that the villain could be Darth Plagueis, who used the dark side to cheat death, just as Palpatine told Anakin decades earlier. Perhaps the inquisitors, in an act of absolute devotion to the Sith and the dark side, manage to bring Plagueis back from the netherworld of the Force to wreak new havok upon the galaxy. It would be a great way, in my opinion, of tying the prequels, classics and that new cartoon together. Palpatine’s master would be a threat worth telling a trilogy about.

  9. The Emperor cannot be the main villain again, I don’t care if it’s as a direct clone or as a younger one (to have a new actor in the role). Either way it would be lazy writing.

    I want to see brand new heroes and villains at the forefront of these stories. Sure Episode 7 should have lots of nods to the past alongside flashbacks and key contributions from Luke, Leia and co but by episodes 8 and certainly 9 the new heroes and villains need to be the story.

    I would like for the villainous mastermind to be someone initially appearing to be a sith lord trying to build a weapon to destroy solar systems, only for it to be revealed eventually to be a weapon to destroy the entire Force.

    After all nothing in the Star Wars universe is more important than the Force, this could eventually unite the Jedi and Sith against a common enemy

    • Folks have floated cloned Anakin, Emperor, and Mace around, though it is mostly done tongue in cheek. To bring back the original cast Han, Luke and Leia to fight the Emperor yet again is super LAME!

    • I’m sorry but a Sith lord trying to destroy the force? doesn’t make sense, A Sith Lord Uses the Force, if he destroys it he has no more power and that is the one thing a True Sith Lord fear’s most. It wouldn’t make sense in the story.

  10. The Emperor return is super lame! I’m fine with the Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and the gang returning. I can even see Lando returning in a future episode. Unless, it’s a flashback, it would be a disaster. Fans will rightly pan the Emperor as unoriginal, lack of freshness, and downright stupid. It’s like a bad B-movie sequel idea.

  11. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. okay just got my erection back.

  13. How dull. Wouldn’t surprise me. Disney & Abrams seem to be vomiting every used up idea from the original movies in a desperate attempt to convince everyone that it’s not the prequels all over again. But in fact it only makes them more like the prequels. Come on!!!! Original ideas….. Please!!!!!! Otherwise I’m just not going to see this film.

  14. I really hope they don’t bring back Palpatine. We had enough of his politics and talking in the 3 prequels. Ugh…

  15. SPOILER: No flashback scenes to bring back Vader and the Emperor. But I will leave you with this simple thought to ponder: Do you think Jango Fett would be the only character who ever cloned himself?

  16. I really don’t want to see the emperor in anything Star Wars related again especially in this upcoming movie I have a strong feeling he won’t be in the movie at all and neither will darth vader I think darth vader may be mentioned but I don’t see him being in the movie

  17. In the Extended Universe, as covered early in this article, it discusses the resurrection of Palpatine.

    Between the Secret of Ashka Boda, and the Journal of Whills (which Qui Gon uses as a Force Ghost to teach Yoda and Ben Kenobi the secrets to immortality post mortal coil), Palpatine managed the ability to transfer his life essence into a new body; a clone host, in the Dark Horse graphic Novel “DARK EMPIRE”.

    If you’ve not read through dark empire (SPOILER ALERT) Luke Skywalker joins the darkside, holds han solo up by the throat, and is redeemed all in a six part series that was probably, next to the Thrawn Trilogy, the most exciting EU series to unfold before the fans.

    So. If Palpatine were to appear in the movies, and not as a flashback, it would be something similar, due to his mastery of the darkside, and his ability to transfer his essence into a clone (after all the Empire had Cloning technology. It was only outlawed outside of the empire).

    • The most exciting series, seriously? Good thing you never read it. Wink wink

  18. Darth Sidious’s desire to extend his lifetime gradually developed into an obsession to live forever, causing him to develop a powerful sense of paranoia over death. Nevertheless, he finally discovered a way to cheat death, but at a great price. Through his new-found Force power, Essence Transfer, Sidious literally had the power to project his spiritual consciousness into another body. While still alive in his original body, Sidious secretly commissioned a large batch of clones that were based on his own genetic template. The clones were kept in stasis and maintained on the planet Byss in the Deep Core of the galaxy. Sidous will return in the trilogy, maybe episode 7. My guess is he will create the Galaxy Gun, which was designed to serve as a superweapon capable of firing large, destructive projectiles equipped with particle disintegrator warheads capable of destroying an entire planet. My guess is that the whole trilogy we be about them destroying the Galaxy Gun and finally kill off Darth Sidious.

  19. This is so cool! I really hope this is true. Palpatine/Darth Sidious is the most evil character ever and what would Star Wars become without him? Nothing, really. Nothing.

  20. These fan suggestions are just awful. Almost as bad as the eu. I’m really hoping everything I’ve read is way off.

  21. You all have brought up very interesting points.

    With all that is happening, The Force Awakens better be more than 2 hours long!

  22. Luke goes bad. That’s my prediction.

  23. Makes perfect sense to me, if we can have “like use the force” from obi why can’t we expect the same from palatine? ??

  24. Come on, guy. Obi-wan came back after being slashed. Luke fell out of cloud city. Han was frozen. Anakin was cut up and burned and came back as vader and then again as a specter. Yoda’s “last words” weren’t really his last words. Qui-gon and darth maul came back. Conquering death is Star Wars’s thing. I could totally see the emperor coming back as a dark specter or something. In fact, I’d love it and it just makes sense.

  25. Okay guys, now this is a shot in the dark here, but it’s a thought. What if the new Sith Lord is Darth Revan from the Old Republic. YES i know it was the “Old” republic, but here this. First off, Max Von Sydow’s character is rumored to be some “ancient” evil as said above. 30 years later i wouldn’t consider “Ancient”, even if it’s just a rumor; 4 thousand years later though, yeah that’s ancient. Next, Go watch the new clip again and pause it at 1:11. Take a good look and then go look up Darth Revan and tell me you don’t see some kind of resemblance. Lastly, think about the name. The Force “Awakens”. What is he was frozen in stasis or cryofreeze by his fallowers at the end of the Old Republic and is now being awakened by fallen Jedi? Four thousand years old fits he Ancient and Awaken Part. It makes sense.

    I’m not saying it’s not palpetine seeing there’s a good chance it is considering in the books he uses his clone to come back to life, but it’s just a thought. Ideas? Thoughts? Yes or no?

  26. The villan is princess laya and han solos son they had twins the boy is Sith and his twin sister is Jedi I thought everybody knew this