‘Star Wars’ Episodes 7-9 ‘Original Story’ Discussion with AMC Theaters

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After the initial bombshell that Disney had purchased LucasFilm, and subsequently the Star Wars license, movie fans began to speculate about what we might see in the newly announced return to that galaxy far, far away. Conflicting reports indicated that Disney would either use Star Wars episodes 7-9 to continue the established saga, fleshing out unused treatments (originally penned by George Lucas), and bring back fan-favorite characters like Luke and Leia – or relaunch the franchise with an entirely original storyline (likely set after the events of the original films but without many returning characters).

Considering that the proposed Episode 7 release date is still three years away, it may be awhile before we have any concrete answers but that hasn’t stopped commenters and industry insiders from weighing in on the direction they’d like to see the series take.

Screen Rant editor (and SR Underground Podcast host), Ben Kendrick, had a chance to sit down with fellow entertainment writer Eric Eisenberg (Cinemablend) in a video panel hosted by AMC Theaters’ John Campea to talk about our where we think the series will go – as well as whether or not we might see the return of some familiar franchise faces.

You can check out the video discussion at the top of the page.

Star Wars Episode 6 Luke Skywalker 570x333 Star Wars Episodes 7 9 Original Story Discussion with AMC Theaters

At this point, moviegoers seem to be cautiously optimistic about the Disney/LucasFilm deal. However, when discussion shifts to where exactly the Mouse House should take the franchise, there isn’t a clear consensus. While plenty of fans would love to see fan-favorite characters return, it’s much more likely that Disney is going to draw a fine line in the sand – if for no other reason that to protect their investment. While characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO could provide a smart bridge between the original and upcoming installments, it’s hard to imagine that, given the backlash around the prequel trilogy, Disney will want to risk further tarnishing the brand by continuing the stories of principle characters.

As the news of an “original story” would indicate, Disney will instead enjoy profiting off of previously established characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker at retail – while at the same time forging ahead in a new direction with fresh characters. Remember, as Transformers 4 teaches us – new characters mean higher merchandise sales.

Join the discussion by letting us know what direction you’d like to see Disney take with episodes 7-9 (as well as whether you agree or disagree with the various points raised in the video blog). Plus, if you’re still reeling from the announcement, be sure to check out our fun lists of the Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Disney-LucasFilm Deal as well as 20 Disney ‘Star Wars’ Crossovers Coming Soon to Your Galaxy.


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Star Wars Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

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  1. Personally I see a very good story in the Rebels getting what they want and the Jedi becoming powerful again. Unfortunately so powerful that they begin to pervert the Force. Kind of the Revan and Malek story from TOR.

    But I still say either jump this to the far flung future or ship it back to the SWTOR era past.

    I like Mark Hamill, as Luke and even more as the Joker. God knows he was my childhood hero. But I don’t know that I need to see him as Luke again just to make me feel okay about the new movies (because frankly folks other than some poor relationship dialogue in Ep II, no chemistry between Portman and Christenson, and Jar Jar the Prequels were damn good….).

    • I just hope they don;t show Jar Jar in a x-wing, that’s all i’m hopping for. lol But I do hope they at least bring back Mark + Carrie + Harrison just for epi 7 and show some sort of departure. But I wonder if they will bring the black gue the the books have told.

  2. I want to see the rebirth of the jedi, like the first generation of jedi knights after the Anakin/Vader story ends. Luke could be the headmaster of the jedi academy or something like that, but mostly it would focus on new worlds and new characters.

    • One idea I think would work would be for Episode 7 to tell the final days of Luke’s life and how in death he passes his will on to the new hero of the story. That’s how the first episodes of both the original and prequel trilogies went about and I think it would be a good way of starting this new trilogy. Plus by doing that then all of the expanded universe stuff about Luke can remain canon, which will satisfy a lot of the fandom. Anyone else think that would be a good idea?

    • I agree with you 100%

      This is the best of both worlds — it continues the original storyline in the sense of ending those beloved characters storylines and then hands-off the franchise to the new generation.

      However, I’d like to see the droids carry-on. And I think seeing Luke as a member of the Jedi council could continue a little further on.

      I don’t think Disney should feel constrained by the EU after Jedi.

  3. The Star Wars Legacy storyline from the comics would really be the best course for Disney here. It has the same feel as the original comics (with a few key character crossovers) but is well distanced from the original storyline.

    • *original movies (not comics, duh)

      • I agree 100%. Hope it happens

  4. Any news on the Live TV Show ?

  5. I think the Thrawn trilogy of books would make an excellent start to a future Disney-helmed Star Wars film franchise.

    • Totally agree with you there Alan, kind of what I was thinking as well.

  6. If this is inevitabe, then bring back Luke, Leia and Han Solo.

    Han Solo and Leia are married and retired, and they have two sons. Luke is retired back to a farm on Tatooine, where he lives a happy life as a celibate Jedi master.

    One of Han and Leia’s sons wants to become a Jedi and persuades uncle Luke to teach him; the other wants to become a fighter pilot. One goes to military academy, the other becomes a Jedi padawan.

    The brothers of course have a sibling rivalry that grows (what is Star Wars without soap opera family drama?). Meanwhile, the new republic is being torn apart by political problems (fill in the details). Eventually, both brothers must rise up to fight for something, and take opposite sides in the conflict.

    Throw in a pretty girl whom they both love, to create a love triangle, and you have all the drama and action you could want. This way, they can pass the focus onto a new generation, but still let us see Luke, Leia and Han again. I like the idea of an old Luke Skywalker, now playing the role of Obi Wan- the wise mentor. And Han Solo would be the perfect cranky old warrior, with Leia as the sweet matriarch.

    If they do it right, I might be able to get behind this.

    • Interesting idea. The only problem I can see is the fact that it completely ignores most of the expanded universe material and even though the say their doing an original story it would still be wise of Disney to at least acknowledge the EU or risk alienating a fair amount of the fandom. But other then that I could get behind this idea.

    • How very sexist! Considering Leia has the force just like Luke I think she might be doing something other than hanging out in the kitchen and taking care of the kids! Perhaps if Leia’s kids need instruction in the ways of the force, she might just be qualified, after all you really don’t know what happened after the last movie (I say last because I don’t count the new movies).

  7. We are all talking about what the Jedi have been up to but there is no villain of the piece!! IMO Vader and Joker are the Worlds greatest villains and Star Wars is pretty much dead without either Vader or Sidious in it. Perhaps Sidious is so powerful he can bring himself back to life. Forgetting Luke and Leia, the main man in the first 6 movie is Anikin/Vader. I only stuck with the first 3 movies (1, 2 & 3) in the knowledge that Vader would turn up eventually, lets be honest we all did – the first two movies were a money making disaster. Boba Fett could fill some of that void but he’s not Vader :(

    • how about have it where Darth Sidious has clones of himself that are secretly brought to life after his death in Episode 6?

  8. Ugh, the expanded universe material represents the work of a number of authors. I suppose you plan on paying them off so that Disney can use all that stuff in the movies?? Let me quote something and get it out in the open. It comes from Leland Chu the keeper of the Holocron, the famous Star Wars archive;

    “Anything not in the current version of the films is irrelevant to Film only continuity.” I read this to mean that if it didn’t happen in the movies then it doesn’t affect the movie series story. Now if this is the way Lucasfilm operated by what reasoning does Disney have this overarching initiative to move in the opposite direction? I don’t think a small dedicated part of the Star Wars fanbase is going to win over Disney on a key point that could cost them millions. It also doesn’t make sense to incorporate all that stuff into future films because movie rights were likely not garnered at the time that stuff was published in other media. And even if they were it doesn’t mean they Have to use it or that it’s particularly useful. It makes the film that much more complicated to write a screenplay for one thing. To enslave yourself to the EU just means less people would be interested in working in that universe.

    It would also be nice if the next movie didn’t fall into a rut like pattern where a powerful component of an intergalactic government just has to be sent to stop one villain and his followers, I’m looking at you Star Trek…

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_canon

  9. This is my biggest fear, and I’m sure I’m not the only one: Will Disney bring back Jar Jar?

  10. Han Solo, leia, and Luke should be dead, start a story about 50-100 years after their death. Something no one will expect, but in a good way, like Star Wars initialy was, something that blew our minds. It can be done; look at Batman, a fresh take on the series that was masterfully done, although I believe the new Star Wars movies should remain cannon to the older ones. Good ideas, good acting and bloody good directing, all of which the prequel trilogy lacked, what it didn’t lack was CGI though as compensation for the lack of the previous points. Don’t do the same with this next trilogy.

  11. Love the fact that there will be new Star Wars movies, but Disney needs to take into account that for many years authors have made their own expanded universe with the many books out there, and changing the storyline these books take would tarnish them more

  12. The only thing Disney needs to do is not get involve with the story, be more like the Marvel Franchise, and not the Pirates of the Carribean.

  13. I would love to see sequels 7-9 of the Star Wars franchise. However, it would be beneficial to bring back some of the original characters to finish their storylines picking up from Return of the Jedi but years later. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2D2. These actors are still alive and well and would be awesome to see them again returning to their characters that captured our hearts many moons ago……

  14. I just hope they don;t put Jar Jar in a X-wing. lol I could see them showing Mark + Carrie + Harrison in epi 7 for a cameo and as a departure.

  15. I imagine George Lucas met with Fischer and Hamill to talk to them about him not bringing Luke and Lea back, just so that they heard it from him first. I am surprised this news didn’t leak until they wanted it to, so I am sure he was meeting with them so they weren’t blowing up his phone asking about certain things.

  16. I say run with the Twins and Anikin II start sometime after Chewie dies and go from there because the story of the kids has so much going on after Jedi Academy you can itroduce the Black Sun, and the New Jedi Order (You know the crazy ones) Hell just call EP 7 New Jedi Order.

    • Chewie isn’t dead, after all, they only hit him with a planet. That’d hardly slow him down. :-)

      I think one concern of the franchise should be “realistic” power levels. We saw in the original trilogy and the prequels that the Force provides a level of premonition and physical enhancement, along with low level psychic powers. The EU (and some of the video games) basically blew that out of all proportion and left us with the ability to pull Star Destroyers out of orbit, or create psychic storms in space.

      There is nothing interesting about a deus ex machina Force. One of the things Lucas got right in terms of story-telling, is that the Force is an aid. It gives a Jedi a significant advantage against normal people, but it doesn’t make them invincible.

  17. To be honest, what I’d really like to see out of this is some serious backtracking, maybe go back to the roots of the star wars universe. I mean, maybe not as far back as Jed’aii stuff, but to Bane and the Sith wars maybe, or something along those lines.

    • ^I agree with you there. Some backtracking. I’d like to see the origin of the Jedi order. But also draw some parallels to perhaps another storyline involving Luke rebuilding the Jedi. My idea would be something like this:

      With the origin, I kind of have two ideas for it:

      1. Have just a single person going through the universe, making some kind of living. He/she soon starts to discover hidden powers, jedi like powers. Then show the person going about how to use such power, abuse it or use it to help people. Have the person go through the discovery of the jedi powers and some epiphany like moments that guide the person to forming the jedi order.

      2. Instead of that kind of origin, instead have the Sith already established in another far away sector of space that remains largely unexplored because exploration is still at an early stage. Then have some crew discover an already established empire in this new sector that is dominated by the Sith. The people of that empire give the sith this mysterious aura to them that doesn’t reveal their powers really. They just use their mind influence powers mostly. So going with this, we could have some Sith lord who goes to oversee a reaping of a system of planets that were attempting to rebel. He notices one child that seems to display the force and decides to take him under his wing after slaughtering the rest of the planet including the kid’s family.

      Then they would go through the kid being deconstructed little by little becoming a sith. However, he sees all the destruction and violence and starts to develop a conscience when witnessing the family of another child being slaughtered in front of him. This dredges up a deep memory in him. He spares the child. Then his master comes in to check in on him during one particular event and sees that he had been sparing some people, showing mercy, when they exercise their powers over rebellious groups. The sith lord commands him to execute them himself. The kid tries to defy him slightly with a pause but does so after some hesitance. The kid starts to doubt everything he had been taught and questions his morality after that and starts to plot his escape from there. Sorta continue along that line and have him start up the jedi order far away from the empire to combat the sith.

      For the parallels, we could have Luke sorta go through some same things that the other two go through when forming up their jedi order: initial reluctance and difficulties forming things up again. But have Luke do another thing as well, actively combat the sith, seek them out, and find out where they came from. This could be made parallel to the ‘hidden empire’ and sorta have Luke go explore unventured places that could be the source of the sith. The empire still persists in that region and have become worshipped essentially in that region. Luke could go through the same ordeal of the other two from the origins trying to fight against them. An uphill battle sort of, trying to seek them out and uproot their vast but shadow influence.

      Anyways that’s sorta my idea. Feel free to berate but I’d prefer if you guys could perhaps guide me to literature that deals with the origin of the star wars-verse. Would be very interested in reading such things, haven’t really gotten into Star Wars beyond the movies.

  18. It’s simple. Any movie George. Lucas is NOT a part of is win.

    • Sooo 4,5 and 6 were fails?

    • George Lucas IS and always the creator of THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE,so these insults to him like yours a so-called ‘fan’ shows a huge amount of disrespect to one of the greatest creative film makers of all time.If you and others of your ilk dislike Mr.Lucas sooo much then stay away from the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII in 2015,so called Star Wars ‘fans’ like you just make no f@#&ing sense,you love the movies but hate the man who created it. Seriously?

  19. Starwars Legacy anyone?? Please make it happen!

  20. Two words: DASH RENDAR

  21. Bring back the DROIDS !!!

  22. I would like to see a better Anakin Skywalker interpretation, a reboot maybe for the Episodes I,II,III

    • Disney cant touch the first 6 films, I believe Lucas still owns the rights to those, so cant see that happening.

    • Haden Christiansen was an amazing anakin

  23. For a start, completely ignore “the expanded universe” of novels, comics and so on. I know so many SF fans, and fans of the Star Wars films (the first three, anyway), yet I don’t know a single person who’s read any of these spin-off novels. (Correction: I read Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster years back.) So all that stuff is best ignored, in favor of writing an original story for the screen.

    Second, people loved Star Wars back in ’77, and it had broad appeal. Adults went to see it, then took their children to see it. Obviously that didn’t happen with the misconceived recent films, which seem to be regarded with little but derision – little children might enjoy the cartoonish parts, but one has to seriously question the taste of any adult who considers them watchable films. Unfortunately they’re part of “canon,” but the safest bet for Disney is probably to make as little reference to those films as possible while not directly contradicting them.

    To most people, Star Wars is: the memorable characters (Luke, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca, R2D2, Yoda, Darth Vader), lightsabers, “the Force,” perhaps a few of the more iconic props like X-wings and the Death Star. Just as, to most people, Star Trek is Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr McCoy and the Enterprise. Star Wars certainly isn’t anything from the prequels or the spin-off books. So the best bet is to write an original and entertaing fantasy, incorporating enough of those iconic elements from the original movies to make it recognizable as Star Wars. Both Disney and Pixar areactually pretty good at movies that appeal to both adults and children, which is what Star Wars and Empire pulled off. The last thing Disney wants is the kind of reviews the infantile “Phantom Menace” and it’s sequels received. They want a big four-quadrant franchise which pulls in adults and children like Pixar’s finest, and they’ve got some obvious in-house choices for writers and directors.

    (I just hope 1952 isn’t a pre-production working title for Star Wars – because 1952 is scripted by none other than Damon Lindelof, who has a remarkable talent for glossy but superficial gibberish.)

  24. So tired of all the George hatred. I think if the internet had existed in 77 people would have been online attempting to make themselves sound more interesting tearing down the originals as well. George created the most amazing fantasy of my lifetime, some aspects of any of the films have things that can be picked apart. But within each 2 hours segment has been an amazing story, amazing special effects, imagination, great music, and action.

    Stop diminishing GL just so you can be like the fanbois. It’s pitiful.

  25. “Obviously that didn’t happen with the misconceived recent films, which seem to be regarded with little but derision – little children might enjoy the cartoonish parts, but one has to seriously question the taste of any adult who considers them watchable films.”

    Another pitiful commentary by someone who bought the hype hook line and sinker. I suppose lots of people have to be told what to think in our country, thus Faux News and it’s Liberal counterpart, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. I personally feel that the vast majority of those who didn’t like the new Star Wars movies were really bemoaning the fact that they were no longer 12, and no longer able to enjoy the fantasy of their youth. They had moved so far into taxes, car payments, insurance, and politics; that they no longer understood the purity and magic of science fiction designed for the whole family.

    There was no way to recreate the magic of your youth, simply because you were too old.

    • I’m sorry, but no. The new Star Wars films are viewed with derision because they lacked the feeling, character development and directing in the old series of movies, in short they were just not very good movies!

      • I loved ALL of the Star Wars movies for no other reason than they are such a fully fleshed out and fun movie universe from Episode 1 to Episode 6,that has captivated me and millions of other fans for decades.This not just nostalgia,its great storytelling with memorable and beloved characters that still resonate with me and many others on so many levels,created by a man who truly understood the emotional,spiritual growth and perilous physical journey that all heroes in all great mythology through out history must take.That creator is and always will be George Lucas.All haters should back the heck down,and think about what science fiction and fantasy would be like today if George Lucas’s life altering and cultural defining creation did not exist.

  26. A new trilogy regarding the future stories would be cool , the style could also emulate the original trilogy. I would also lve to see past stories come to life that has been apart of the novels, video games and comics. Shadows of the empire anyone?

  27. Plot of Star Wars 7:

    Episode 7: Conquest of the Force

    The time of evil is over. The Jedi Knights, custodians of justice in the universe, have long since fallen into legend. The former galactic empire had been replaced by the galactic order. The order – comprised of hundreds of planets working in unison – has ushered in a new era of peace and reconciliation.

    Rumour has spread throughout the galactic order of the location of the source of the Jedi spirit – the force itself. Although long considered a myth, if the force is found and restored it is claimed the noble Jedi Knights or their evil kin, the Sith, can rise again and threaten the universe. A contingent of renegade outlaws discover the location of a mythical planet. From within its bowels the force is extracted and the Sith brought back to life.

    A few months later the peaceful planet of Borayla is attacked by agents of the Sith. The good people of Borayla are enslaved but a small group of settlers manage to escape the planet in an attempt to inform the galactic order of this new threat. The Sith deem Borayla the prime location to launch a new weapon, a thousand times more powerful than any Death Star. A weapon* that can unravel space-time and change the course of destiny.

    With the galactic order facing its greatest test, it’s up to a new band of brave heroes to continue the epic saga of Star Wars…

    *(the weapon erases parts of the universe, like pieces of a jigsaw being removed)

  28. Keep Luke (and Mark Hamill) with some scenes as an aged jedi master in a new direction (a la Yoda’s involvement in the previous movies). Jetison the rest and go a new (hopefully darker) direction.

  29. I love the idea of new Star Wars. Its a major part of cinema history and my childhood and I believe that Disney will hopefully create a nice balance of Disney quality film making with the (hopefully) subtle guidance of George Lucas. Irvin Kershner made the best Star Wars movie to date while Lucas Produced it. I think this can work really well again with the right director that can take the stories in a new yet semi familiar direction.

    As far as story lines are concerned, who knows what is planned. I have read the Thrawn Trilogy, some Kevin J. Anderson stuff and a smattering of other expanded SW universe material and was never really impressed. And they already said they wouldn’t use any of that material anyway. So you might as well throw out all of the expanded universe. The most logical way to continue on with the story is to pass the torch onto the next generation of leaders and Jedi just like Episode 1 and Episode 4. A couple characters remain and play peripheral roles while letting a new crop of characters drive the story along.