‘Star Wars’ Episodes 7-9 ‘Original Story’ Discussion with AMC Theaters

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After the initial bombshell that Disney had purchased LucasFilm, and subsequently the Star Wars license, movie fans began to speculate about what we might see in the newly announced return to that galaxy far, far away. Conflicting reports indicated that Disney would either use Star Wars episodes 7-9 to continue the established saga, fleshing out unused treatments (originally penned by George Lucas), and bring back fan-favorite characters like Luke and Leia – or relaunch the franchise with an entirely original storyline (likely set after the events of the original films but without many returning characters).

Considering that the proposed Episode 7 release date is still three years away, it may be awhile before we have any concrete answers but that hasn’t stopped commenters and industry insiders from weighing in on the direction they’d like to see the series take.

Screen Rant editor (and SR Underground Podcast host), Ben Kendrick, had a chance to sit down with fellow entertainment writer Eric Eisenberg (Cinemablend) in a video panel hosted by AMC Theaters’ John Campea to talk about our where we think the series will go – as well as whether or not we might see the return of some familiar franchise faces.

You can check out the video discussion at the top of the page.

Star Wars Episode 6 Luke Skywalker 570x333 Star Wars Episodes 7 9 Original Story Discussion with AMC Theaters

At this point, moviegoers seem to be cautiously optimistic about the Disney/LucasFilm deal. However, when discussion shifts to where exactly the Mouse House should take the franchise, there isn’t a clear consensus. While plenty of fans would love to see fan-favorite characters return, it’s much more likely that Disney is going to draw a fine line in the sand – if for no other reason that to protect their investment. While characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO could provide a smart bridge between the original and upcoming installments, it’s hard to imagine that, given the backlash around the prequel trilogy, Disney will want to risk further tarnishing the brand by continuing the stories of principle characters.

As the news of an “original story” would indicate, Disney will instead enjoy profiting off of previously established characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker at retail – while at the same time forging ahead in a new direction with fresh characters. Remember, as Transformers 4 teaches us – new characters mean higher merchandise sales.

Join the discussion by letting us know what direction you’d like to see Disney take with episodes 7-9 (as well as whether you agree or disagree with the various points raised in the video blog). Plus, if you’re still reeling from the announcement, be sure to check out our fun lists of the Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Disney-LucasFilm Deal as well as 20 Disney ‘Star Wars’ Crossovers Coming Soon to Your Galaxy.


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Star Wars Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

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  1. I just can’t picture a movie where we see Luke Leia and Han 30-35 years later. If Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull taught us anything, it’s that your hero might not be as exciting in his old age. I would love to see a story in the New Jedi Order, however, where Luke is a Jedi Master and we follow some new Jedi as the Sith re-reveal themselves after being defeated. Cameos could work with all of your favorites, but I just can’t see them all carrying a film or having the desire to do so

    • Wow! I actully agree w/ ya. You have a point, and seeing as how Jedi ended i would love to see the new jedi order headed by luke and see what new conflict the sith will arise after being overthrown. The sith didnt have to end w/ siddious

      • This is the best way to do it. Keep it familiar but also new.

    • From reading the books, the best place for them to start would be the vong wars as it would be far enough into the future to justify the ages. Flashbacks would let everyone else know what has happened in different snippets

  2. Cautiously optimistc is right.

    IMO the new series should move away from the Skywalker lineage and get back to the ensemble style storytelling. Knight of the Old Repbulic would be a great tale but the biggest thing to remember is that the Jedi are NOT the coolest thing about Star Wars. There so much more story tell. Narrow minded thinking is what could be the death of Star Wars.

    This new series needs something fresh that isn’t so focused on the Jedi, who became a lot less cool in the Prequels. Boring asexual monks that preach calm and rationale thinking but constantly take rash and brazen actions. lol.

    • The Jedi are anti-rational, they rely on feeling. Cool or not, there really isn’t any Star Wars without Jedi. And asexual means reproduces by splitting in half.

      • There is plenty of Star Wars story to tell w/o Jedi. Star Wars 1313 and Republic Commandos are both excellent stories that ae not focused on the Jedi.

        I meant anti-sexual lol. And i believe the Jedi don’t rely on their feelings, despite them saying trust your feelings all the time. Yoda often says not to give into your emmotions as it’s the path to the dark side.

        • There is a difference between FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. “Trust your feelings Luke” – Like a gut feeling. A sense of awareness, if you will. A “6th” sense.

          • +1

          • “Aggressive feelings” lead to the Dark Side. Stretching out with feelings links to the Force, which brings awareness of the future, telepathy, etc. A lot of the script problems in SW seem to come from characters doing things with no apparent reason, like Qui Gonn on Tatooine and Anakin & Obi-Wan at the beginning of Episode 3.

        • Blasphemy! Star Wars without the Jedi would be like having a JL movie without Batman or Superman. The Jedi and what the stand/stood for are at the heart of these stories so to focus on something else would be a huge mistake.

          Plus it’s the all the exciting light-saber action that keeps the fans interested. Blaster “pew pew” battles are a dime a dozen in SciFi movies so THAT is what we can do without before the Jedi.

          • mongoose

            The originals had little Jedi action/philosphy and look how fantastic they were. There was a bigger emphasis on creating emmotional connection in the originals than a wow factor.

            In the Prequels and subsequent media, the Jedi have become Star Wars. It’s a shame. Because Star Wars is about the universe at large.

            There should be a balance of Jedi and Galactic affairs. It needs to be story about the universe at large with a relatable protagonist. Basically everything The Prequels wasn’t.

  3. If I may… There’s a lot of room for sequels. (sorry for my english) Let’s forget all that have been writen after episode VI and all the computer games.
    What if, after the battle of Endor, Luke decided not to open a Jedi Academy (because he thought that the Force was too powerful to be used and better be forgetten) and went into exhile like Yoda.
    What if, Leïa and Ian’s childrens, now being orphans because of a mysterious new enemy of the Republic (not Siths), went to their uncle Luke (now as old as Obiwan in episode IV)to convice him to teach them how to use the Force.
    What if, those mysterious new enemies were, in fact, offsprings of Vador himself, with another woman than Amidala, after his demies on Mustafar. That would make them cousins!!
    (Submit idea to Disney and Lucas!!)

    • I do like the idea of Luke not creating a Jedi Temple and going into self exile like Yoda. Be interesting galaxy to explore.

    • Vader would never have cheated on Pademe like after she died or anything. And honestly after losing his last three limbs and being burnt half to death I seriously question his ability to continue to court on women. Like could you imagine what he’d be like on a dinner date?

      I really want to leave the last point to your imaginaions, but do you think after having his entire body burnt half to death Vader still has everything intact that would be needed for having more children?

      • Point taken. This being said, remember this is science fiction, Vador could in fact still be able to reproduce. Also, being on the dark side, he would not need a date to unleash his anger… It would not have been a love child…

        • Well, on second thought, and to perpetuate what you said in a science fiction light and because it doesn’t necessarily have to be about Vader getting with another lady (saying they just threw a lady at him just so he could have another child kinda fringes on women trafficing and slavery, I’m deffinatly not saying thats what you were saying, but its diffinatly a very important point to explain thats not how it happened if they do go that route).

          Its possible in a weird invetro fertilization way (a test tube baby if you will, since they apparently have cloning it wouldn’t be a stretch to “grow” a child from Vaders, er.. half of the child equation plus a “doner” egg) that they could say he has another child and it deffinatly sounds like something the Emperor would push to do since it would give him another force strong future apprentice to work with.

          If done in that way then I think I could support the idea a little more if you get what I’m getting at here.

    • How would cadet cheat after mustafar? His whole suit is life support, and he cannot remove it without dying so he magically leaves it, is attractive enough for a woman to want him, and makes children? Not likely

  4. How about this? Darth Vader had ANOTHER child, this time with a sorceress, a Sith princess from a dark galaxy, who is now the Black Emperess, her child embedded deeply in theJedi…

  5. IMO The new protagonist should not be a force user or force gifted in any way. A jedi or former Jedi should be included as a supporting character. And the main focus should not be another Jedi vs Sith struggle.

    • Man,what’s with the Jedi/Force user hate?Maybe you should leave Star Wars alone and get into Starship Troopers or something like that.

      • Lando’s Son

        Well if you watch the originals, you would know that the Jedi are a small part of the universe. It’s only in the prequels, and Lucas animations and special effects that Jedi became the focus of Star Wars. The Jedi are cool but there is a lot more stuff other than Jedi in Star Wars. I really don’t want another story of a person finding the force during dark times in the galaxy and going the hero route. It’s been done a thousand times. Something fresh would be great.

  6. The new 3 movies “sucked” for a lot of reasons. To name a few… First Lucas had completed authority over everything with no one to answer to but himself, second he has his own personal bias/nostalgia of star wars that affects his judgement, and the cast pick was terrible. The visual effects carried every single new movie. Crystal Skull was still better because at least it had a good cast, the failure had nothing to do with Harrison Fords performance.

    They need to bring closure to the original storyline in order to not alienate the core Star Wars fan base. Fortunately, it seems like all events have aligned perfectly now to finish the series properly.

    1. All the original actors are of perfect age to finish the remaining 3 films in the saga.
    2. Lucas no longer has complete control over the films
    3. Disney is committed to creating a 3rd movie
    4. Disney has a much larger budget than Lucas

    What is unfortunate is that Disney like any public company is looking for only revenue opportunities, not to satisfy hardcore fans. So originally we had Lucas who was too emotionally attached to create a good sequel, and now we have Disney’s board of directors completely detached.

    Even though I think original cast and story continuation is the best approach, I highly doubt that is how it will play out.

    • Larger Budgets do not equate to success. John Carter of Mars comes to mind.

      Disney has the rights and do a so with as they please. They can either give us a good movie, or force feed us something they think we want.

      Just saying.

  7. It’s funny you write about yourself in the third person Ben! ;)
    Nice to have another source of online debate next to the sr underground podcast! Have you had any plans to do a podcast in webcam conference style?

    • We’ve talked about doing some video supplements (similar to what we’re doing here with AMC) – but I definitely think several hours of our faces might get old (if we were to do it as an actual video podcast)!

      • Haha, yeah no I meant it like for a special occasion or whatever, bit like the special podcasts like the Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers! :) The AMC videos are nice ’cause it also has a bunch of other faces we (I mean “I”) don’t know that well! :D

  8. I say bring back the originals, even if they’re old as ****.

    This time around, there’s a new evil emerging. Now the empire has been broken, we have ancient force who want to destabilize the restored Republic and wreck havoc. But they bring in a new villain, one that makes the emperor look like a ballerina. One that predates the Sith. A full fledged military force hidden away in a distant part of the galaxy, using their politics as a shield of religion. They’re untouched and the corruption in the Republic is causing it’s own downfall. Skywalker is a Jedi master training an apprentice. With the guidance of the spirit of Obi Wan. One of the Generals of the new enemy forces possess an ancient ability long forgotten over time by the Jedi. He devours the spirit of Obi Wan. Potentially disrupting the future of restoring the Jedi order. An uncertain future looms for the aging Skywalker and his apprentice. And the slowly restoring Republic.

    I’d like to see it go somewhere from there. To match current politics around the world. Like it or don’t. *shrugs*

    • How about the new “evil” being similar to terrorist cells led by this new villain of yours?

  9. Characters Han Solo(Harrison Ford), Leia(Carrie Fisher) and, luke skywalker(Mark Hillman)can never be replaced.

    • absolutely, and they NEED to be included.

    • Hillman? It’s Hamill.

  10. Balance is what it’s all about right? There was Yoda & Obewan plus Vader & Sidious and two kids leia & Luke. With the first 4 dead surely Luke or Leia will turn restoring the balance. Am thinking Luke will turn due to the loss of his father.

  11. Do not worry, I, the great and powerful Michael Bay, hear that you are worried.

    I know that you are all scared, and that you doubt that this movie will do good. I understand that, I really do. That is the reason I will be in talks to direct the upcoming movies.

    I, the great Michael Bay, will take the movies back to their former glory, forget the “original”, I promise to bring back Jar Jar and make him the next great Jedi!!!

    The action will be what the fans want, all explosions and no talking. I hate the talking in movies. I also promise to make Yoga a robot and reveal that Luke Air-walker thought of that bigfoot guy when he kissed his sister. It was kinda gross. :P

    You thought that the Dead Star had a big boom? Just wait untill you see what I got planned for the new Star Wars AND (spoiler alert) another of my upcoming movie “Rugrats: The Revenge of Angelica” and/or “The Little Mermaid”.

    Little Mermaid will have octopus girl find some of the little mermaids stuff (who is from outer space) and uses it to become a hybrid of a woman and a squid. The little mermaid came from her planet called “Water Place” through a wormhole in her spaceship called “F.L.O.U.N.D.E.R.” and has a robot friend called “Sebastian X-33″, he is red and likes to sing. Little Mermaid has to kill octo-girl, so she gets all of her super alien guns and blows up most of San Fransisco (she landed in the bay), but everyone forgives her because octo-girl looked scary.

    I think I could do The Little Mermaid before the new Star Wars. What do you all think? :D

    • Me and everyone else around here are getting really F**king tired of you just waltzing in a doing this BS about once a week every d*mn week. Its annoying as heck just to scroll over it as we ignore it and move on. And the scarcasm and comedy? Not only is it childish as heck but you just suck at it anyway no matter what intentions it is you have for doing it.
      Wait. Childish and crappy comedy pointlessly added in a place where it is completely uncalled for??. Dang you really are Bay. And you really will cheese up anything you lay eyes on.

      • Chill out, Grumpy Gambit. He’s just trying to provide some laughs. Does it really takes so much effort and time to scroll past his comments if you don’t want to read em? For goodness sake, it’s not going to break your finger.

      • Having a bad day? Don’t let us know about it, go tell your therapist. :D

      • Me and everyone else around here are getting really tired of people that think they speak for everyone :D

        Have a good day, and thanks for keep giving me a reason to write more on this site for you to hurt your finger when you scroll past it.

        Signed, The real Michael Bay.

  12. I can understand them wanting to go with an original story, but if things don’t follow the general path of what has already been laid out for the expanded universe, then all those novels and games that told such stories become completely worthless, well to me anyway.

    I realize much of that stuff is not, or has never been, considered canon, but at least without contradicting feature films, I had plausible deniability on my side. Don’t screw it up Disney.

  13. I’m sorry, this “original storyline” crap is just a slap in the face to fans as far as I’m concerned. I’m all about a new direction/storyline, but it’s as if Disney wants to shake their little tail feathers already and forget all the great treatments and characters Lucas created.

    Here’s my argument and it’s really the only one I need (kinda like MJ, 6 championships, done):

    1. Luke was the last Jedi. How in the hell can you even further the story line of the Jedi’s without involving him MAJORLY as the specific “driving force” to build the Jedi Order again? The answer is, you can’t people.

    2. Leia is at the highest possible position within the Rebel ranks. What would her and Mon Mothma do now that the Empire is gone/left in shambles? They would REBUILD the REPUBLIC! Who else but those two, Leia in particular, would be left to do that? Leia absolutely needs to be in it.

    3. Who cares about age!? First of all, Disney themselves certainly don’t care, look at Flynn in the new TRON movie. Jeff Bridges was great in it and perfectly aged. You can’t pay for this kind of natural aging and they will fit just fine.

    4. To totally combat someone’s previous claims that “we all know what will happen …. Indiana Jones /Crystal Skull …. proof bringing old characters back sucks …. yada yada”, that story was absolute A$$ to begin with. Harrison looked great and did fine, Karen Allen smiled giddily way too much, just about every plot device was farfetched (did I mention nuke the fridge or launch off a waterfall?), inter-dimensional beings in the “grounded” Indy film, it was just stupid, stupid, stupid. And then there was Shia LeBouf. PLEASE!? And they named him MUTT! Seriously? Everything, I mean, everything, was bad about that movie. It had NOTHING to do with the age of Harrison and Karen Allen. I still think Sallah could make a great appearance in the next one if they do it. Having Han, Luke and Leia and Chewie would be awesome. I’d like to dial down C-3PO and R2 since honestly, they looked the same for practically 20-30 years and R2 somehow never figured out how to fire his rockets in the future.

    5. The original characters are the heart of the series. I can’t stand all this “cameo” talk. Are you kidding me!? You’re going to “cameo” Luke Skywalker in his own movie/story? Ooook. If anyone should cameo it should be Yoda in ghost form, or Lando, or Boba (since he flew out of that Sarlaac, right?). Even these characters could stand to be in for a nice chunk of movie time. What is so wrong with including all these characters in a big way with a whole new direction?

    6. New characters are essential/awesome, but they can be contrasted by the old ones who clearly went through it all to get the story to where it is today. They deserve and belong in these movies. End of story.

    • @Ian, my thoughts exactly. I think you said it perfectly. I totally agree with this.

    • This could be great- they have to include Leia , Han and Luke and even lanado and Chewie. If anyone has read the books Han and Leia have 3 kids Jania Jacen and Anankin Solo. The movie could tell their adventures and include Luke and Mara Jade and their son Ben. They cannot recast Han , Luke and Leia- or I will not go to the movie. Han and Leia don’t get married unitl years after Jedi they had the kids later on in life so the age of the characters could work. They need to get original three back but focus on their kids adventures they need more than just a cameo role. I am so excited but I hope Disney does not ruin it with recasting of important characters. General Thrawn could be a bad guy as well as the Yuvaong wars that go on – in the books Anakin Solo dies during these wars it was really sad- there is so much material here

      • The problem with using the novels is that A LOT of people have not read one of them. My friend is a huge Star Wars fan, and has never read one of the novels. You can’t just have episode 7 starting with Mara Jade, Jaina,Jacen, Ben and Anakin being there already. You’ll have lost most of the audience. I’d love for the original cast to be there, but I am not sure that you can incorporate the novels with the age of those actors playing said characters. It’s going to be a fine line to keep the novels as canon and tie them into the movies, but to not alienate people who haven’t read the novels.

        • I know what your saying, but when Star Wars was created we didnt know any of the characters, we learned about them as the movie went on, I think everyone will learn to accept these new characters once their stories are told. Harrison Ford and Carrie could play the parents and it would make sense. Mark could easily pass for the older uncle who runs the Jedi academy. The story lines are all going to come together. There is so many good stories that can be told.

    • Look at the link I put up in the previous comment you would like it ofcourse if that stuff is all true

  14. Two words: BILLY DEE.

  15. Can Pixar write the screenplays? PLEAAASE!?!?!?!

    • With Pixar’s current status, it’s better to have comic book movie writers take the helm, with the success of the Marvel films.

  16. Can Pixar write the screenplays?!??! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!?!?!

  17. IMO like others have said and like the guys said in the video the best way to use Hamill, Fischer and Ford would be cameos as elder statesmen. But if they decided to feature even just 1 Hamill would be a great choice.
    Having Luke back playing a Obi Wan type role would be amazing. AMAZING!!! The fans of the original would love it and you can also introduce the new blood.
    I’m still in complete shock though. I still don’t think it’s properly set in that this is going to happen. I haven’t read many comments yet so I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but of course I’m already thinking of potential directors and I think a good option may be Joe Cornish. Most of the 1st people that come to mind have a pretty full slate but I can’t remember hearing or reading anything about Cornish’s next project and I think he’s someone to look out for…

  18. X-Wing/Rogue Squadron. Hopeful.

  19. Plz give us Kyle Katarn!

    • +1000

  20. The Founder of Star Wars,

    If you are hearing or reading this please make a Star Wars Episode 0: The Beginning the first 3 are still incomplete here is why:

    Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
    Count Doku has Obi Wan trapped in beam chains while he tells him that he should join him and tells him that Qui Con was once his Apprentace as he was once his which tells us that Count Doku use to be a good Jedi before he turned to the Dark Side so in conclusion to this the two jedi knights in Episode 0 should be:

    Dount Doku:Jedi Master
    Young Qui Con Gin: Jedi Apprentace

    Continued next Paragraph

  21. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    Chanceler Papatine meets up with Anakin Skywalker in the theater and tells him of a Sith Legend of a Darth Lord Sith named Darth Plegous the Wise he was so powerful he taught his apprentace everything he needed to know about the Dark Side and one night his apprentace killed him in his sleep. What im refering to here is that The Chanceler was the Apprentace of of Darth Plegous the Wise who taught him everything about the Dark Side before he killed him and took over his power to became Lord Sidious which leads to Episode 1 here would be my Dark Jedi siths in Episode 0

    Darth Plegous the Wise: Sith Lord
    Young Chanceler Papatine: Apprentace

    Later on after the end of Episode 0 we see a hidden scene where The Chanceler ends up recruiting Darth Maul and we also see a scene where Young Qui Con Gin ends up recruiting Young Obi Wan Kenobi who I believe is 6 or 7 years old in this scene

    So what do you guys think it could work right? I already came with a script George Lucas just has to finish the details.

    • cool

  22. Now if this doesn’t define risk to you I have no clue what in the world will. The films that played such a great part in the fun and entertainment of our lives that taught such great lessons of both will power and life as a whole will be continued, but to make the risk even more scary it will be about entirely new people and the question that makes all of us nervous about the new trilogy is can these new people (both the actors and people making the movie) make it as memorable as the originals (and by originals I don’t mean prequels) well we’ll have to wait and see we’ll know in a few years. I like many of you hope so, I think it will be interesting to see what the galaxy will be like for everybody after the fall of the empire how will this affect everybody else in the universe, what If the last remains of the imperial army are going berserk and just killing as many people as they can out of anger and revenge, maybe one of the people that sees this is force sensative and everyone wants him to save them but he doesn’t know how and all of them are angry as hell at him. Who knows?

    I always try to accept the change so let’s see what these people can really do

  23. I think bringing back the original cast is a bad idea, and I think their story has been told. I don’t want to remember Han Solo as a grumpy old man, or Leia as anything but a nerd sex symbol. If it takes place after ROTJ, then I do think Luke should have a pivotol supporting role, but to put it bluntly, as much as I love him and think he deserves to be in it, Hamill hasn’t aged well. He’d look really out of place unless he really hits the gym ASAP. That being said, I’m going to throw out my own crazy idea, which would be to cast Michael Biehn as an older gruffer Jedi Master Skywalker. He looks exactly like a better-aged Hamill, and even more so like EU versions of an older Skywalker, plus he’s a better actor than Hamill. If it’s about the Jedi coming back via Luke, which it must be in some way, that’s my suggestion.

    BTW, anyone hear about the rumors about Damon Lindelof’s secret tentpole sci fi Disney project 1952 directed by Brad Bird being Ep 7? Pretty similar to Blue Harvest, and if true, this will be an gorram awesome Star Wars movie.

  24. Reboot and make the first 3 films darker… Episode 1 Obi finds a 17 year old Anakin and starts to train him. Episode 2 is the Clone Wars and Anakin starts to turn and hunts down Jedi. Episode III is the start of the Empire. Then we jump to reboot of Episodes 4, 5 and 6. No kiddie stuff. Make cartoons for the kids…

  25. **THE FORCE UNLEASHED** story should be the next Star Wars film by far…

  26. I’m personally not understanding what our original cast’s age has to do with ANYTHING. Alec Guinness was in his 60′s when he did Star Wars and Christopher Lee, the light saber wielding Count Dooku himself, was in his EIGHTYS. As long as the cast are physically able then age is a non-issue. (I will say though that Hamill does probably need to hit the gym and lose a bit of weight to get back to his fit “Jedi” weight)

    And including the droids? PLEASE NO. I thought it was completely stupid that Lucas force this exact same issue into the prequels, having Darth Vader actually build them to keep the duo in the show. /facepalm

    Fun Fact…..I went to the same Jr. High and High School as Mark Hamill did in San Diego. That was my Jr. High’s big claim to fame :)

    • Not forgetting Ian mcdiarmid who was 61 as palpatine/sidious abd Yoda is around 450 years old!

  27. im confused by this thread…we already have confirmation that they’re sequels to return of the jedi, 7, 8, 9. And we know George has been writing the treatments for a year. He talked to Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher about it last August. Someone else will be writing and directing but George cracked the story with Kathleen Kennedy in anticipation of the merger with Disney. So The first three will have something to do with Skywalkers, but the movies Disney does after the next trilogy will be new original stories, possibly even a PIXAR film is a possibility now, as well as things like Old Republic, etc…