‘Star Wars’ Episodes 7-9 ‘Original Story’ Discussion with AMC Theaters

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After the initial bombshell that Disney had purchased LucasFilm, and subsequently the Star Wars license, movie fans began to speculate about what we might see in the newly announced return to that galaxy far, far away. Conflicting reports indicated that Disney would either use Star Wars episodes 7-9 to continue the established saga, fleshing out unused treatments (originally penned by George Lucas), and bring back fan-favorite characters like Luke and Leia – or relaunch the franchise with an entirely original storyline (likely set after the events of the original films but without many returning characters).

Considering that the proposed Episode 7 release date is still three years away, it may be awhile before we have any concrete answers but that hasn’t stopped commenters and industry insiders from weighing in on the direction they’d like to see the series take.

Screen Rant editor (and SR Underground Podcast host), Ben Kendrick, had a chance to sit down with fellow entertainment writer Eric Eisenberg (Cinemablend) in a video panel hosted by AMC Theaters’ John Campea to talk about our where we think the series will go – as well as whether or not we might see the return of some familiar franchise faces.

You can check out the video discussion at the top of the page.

Star Wars Episode 6 Luke Skywalker 570x333 Star Wars Episodes 7 9 Original Story Discussion with AMC Theaters

At this point, moviegoers seem to be cautiously optimistic about the Disney/LucasFilm deal. However, when discussion shifts to where exactly the Mouse House should take the franchise, there isn’t a clear consensus. While plenty of fans would love to see fan-favorite characters return, it’s much more likely that Disney is going to draw a fine line in the sand – if for no other reason that to protect their investment. While characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO could provide a smart bridge between the original and upcoming installments, it’s hard to imagine that, given the backlash around the prequel trilogy, Disney will want to risk further tarnishing the brand by continuing the stories of principle characters.

As the news of an “original story” would indicate, Disney will instead enjoy profiting off of previously established characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker at retail – while at the same time forging ahead in a new direction with fresh characters. Remember, as Transformers 4 teaches us – new characters mean higher merchandise sales.

Join the discussion by letting us know what direction you’d like to see Disney take with episodes 7-9 (as well as whether you agree or disagree with the various points raised in the video blog). Plus, if you’re still reeling from the announcement, be sure to check out our fun lists of the Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Disney-LucasFilm Deal as well as 20 Disney ‘Star Wars’ Crossovers Coming Soon to Your Galaxy.


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Star Wars Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

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  1. Im trilled from the news, and really looking forward to 2015. I would love to see Luke, Han and Leia, probably in similar roles as Ben Kenobi played in 4-6. But if that’s not possible, C-3PO and R2-D2 should return. And lets not forget that wookies have a life spend in 100 years, so Chewbacca could be a bridge character as well. Interesting thing to consider what about the ghost of Ben, Yoda and Anakin? they never really said there’s a limit which beyond they can’t return. Or since the empire is gone, they found there peace? Also I would really like if the sith’s would not be around, I mean sure sooner or later they will return, since there will be always stupid and weak people with lust for power. But would like to see a time period where the jedi aren’t tainted by conflicted emotions and they are what they should be and doing an awesome job of it.

  2. Whether Disney is a good match or not (which based on the new marvel movies, they will be) the fact that star wars 7-9 will continue the adventure is fantastic. As far as the inlcusion of the big 3, I think it is absolutley necessary even with an original story line. The big three add substance, a bridge, and the fullfillment of most star wars fans. However, I do agree with most that, the torch must be passed on with new characters with the big 3 making cameos but intertwined with how the story moves forward. You can’t create this new universe without some bridge between ROTJ and episode 7 or you will be left with half the fans being perplexed on how the movie got to where it is and what happened after the last installment. I also think the characters are what maid 4,5,6 so timeless. The new generation of JEDI should in my opinion follow an original story but with concepts from the book series. Han and Leia haved children, Luke has Ben and with a host of new exciting characters, the new generation is formed with leadership from the old one. THe story itself is left to the writer and the imagination and that is what I will wait for. Mark my words if they dont do what I and a tonne of other people are suggesting, the movie will fail to impress on many levels even if the movie is good. Books are great but we all want to see it happen at the movies.

    • Might not be possible. Han might be to old. But the story line is pretty epic and interesting. If any of you have read you’ll know. Chewbaccas death as trajic as it was blew my mind and was so well written. Vergere, Han and leia’s kids all interesting characters. all offer the connection with the option for something totally fresh. The star wars universe flipped upside down and landed on its head. No matter what it’s fun to imagine. You are absolutely right, it would be great to see it happen in the movies and after what is happening to marvel, they might pull it off.

  3. Im am highly excited about star wars episode 7 se what bothers me is disney taking control over it i get its, its own trilogy but it should of ended where the profit ended thus having a movie about the respawning of the jedi way or what is left off of them and rebuilding their ways teaching childern of the force and peace in the galaxy. Or they need to make a series of what happened way before episode 1 instead of doing a repeating the tv series thats going on right now even though i really love this series. Or creat between 3 and 4 thank you for letting me publish this

  4. To explain my position on such macro-level news is a nearly futile effort. But I digress. I have read all five Zahn Books as well as a Kevin Anderson trilogy. They were great. To the idea of an original storyline and perhaps all new character treatments across the board, well its a horrendous mistake. Their must be a level of continuity. To accomplish this end, and add a new list of characters, Disney must bring back some of the old cast.

    Luke should play the roll of a Yoda character. The old wise leader of the Jedi who serves as a guide to our new heroes. Leah should have a few scenes that wrap up her character as a Jedi Knight. We all now know she is a Jedi from a powerful lineage of force user family blood. Give her a duel or show off her skills as a politician/force user. As for Han it is simple, should her be willing to join the team use him if not it would be easy enough to write him free from the script by saying he died of age over all the years or was even killed off by some of his former drug smuggling enemies. The old crew could pass on an leave the new crew in control by the Episodes 8 or 9.

    The movies do in fact need to focus on the new cast. Perhaps the Jacen Jaenna and Anikin II. This will make using the old cast more continuous as well as keep the Skywalker name the main focus of topic. I would provide concrete reasoning behind it all that makes sense to the die hards.

    Dont ignore the books. Look to ignore the Timothy Zahn books would be an atrocity! These were great stories and to many were at least in their minds Episodes 7-9 to begin with. Placing them entirely on the back burner would do more harm than good. I believe Mara Jade should play a roll in these films. Mentions of Grand Admiral Thrawn must at least have a script footnote. Perhaps Admiral Palleon could play a roll as an Imperial Moff or the new Grand Admiral. I do believe you dont have to lock into the books all that closely either. Ignoring many of the others like the Jedi Academy Novels would be forgiveable as would not keeping sub characters from Zahn’s series like Talon Kardde.

    Bring back the magic. Disney is all about their magic. Before Midicloriates we all believed in some way that the force was all around us and as kids weilding our first lightsaber toys had high hopes of becoming a Jedi Knight of our own. With Midicloriates out there now, there was no hope left to be a Jedi. Could we all pretend this never happened? (Not saying I want to be a jedi though just saying midicloriates took away the mysticism)

    Speaking of never happened, there are all of the unanswered questions between the prequels and original trilogies, Leah and her Mom, The Cave of Degobah, How Vader did not know his daughter was in the room with him, and What the hell was Jar Jar Binks? Some more answers could be most helpful in the rescue of the saga. Maybe this could be accomplished through Jedi holocrons being viewed.

    Here is to hoping for a great new set of films. Im glad that Lucas is now in the back seat. I love him but his own desire to stick with his minds creation without enough open ears to his fan base may have caused damage to the prequels. So A new generation of writers, producers, actors, directors and fans alike may be the best ripple in the force for some time.

  5. sounds kinda hard to continue with the original characters due to all the books that have already covered a wide base of the before between and after but either way im excited for the saga to continue but i swear to god if i see one alien that looks like mickey mouse i will end the world

  6. They should in the Legacy Era where Case Skywalker is the main character. It would be perfect. He would be the last Skywalker struggling to become a Jedi like his ancestors plus he would confront Darth Krayt and the One Sith. Krayt was in the clone wars. And plus Cades seen in a vision hundreds of years before withu luke and Vader. AND even Luke appears to him as. Force Ghost many times

  7. I wonder if the starships will keep getting nastier and older looking.

  8. I am two books away from finishing the new jedi order series and i can’t wait. I still the hope for the story to include this storyline, even loosely. The vong, the voxyn, the solos and skywalker, vergere, and Zonama Sekot. Really solid base for disney to work with, especially because the want to begin with carrying over a few crucial characters. You should check out a couple really good quality home made episode 7 posters on geek tyrant. luke looks weathered and serious, awesome! Also a poster of darth krayt looks sick as well. Haven’t read about him yet but after the new jedi order is over i will continue reading. Has anyone read the dark nest trilogy or the legacy of the force series.

  9. I’m surprised this is even a discussion since the next one is called, “Star Wars Episode 7″. Keep in mind, it will Not be called, “Star Wars: An Ancient Septor” or “Star Wars Part One” or “Star Wars – A Pair of Golden Slippers” or “Star Wars Episode 44″. Seven is the number after 6 yet, before 8. Hope this helps.

  10. I think that the new series should start as Luke Skywalker is in the twighlight of his life I think Princess Leia should have already died, being as how Carrie Fischer will never look the same as she did and will likely be unrecognizable to many. I would keep Harrison Ford in for a couple of Episodes and then finish him off as well.I believe this could help to establish new Characters and tie together the story of the Skywalker family. You could make the movie based around Luke Skywalker’s search for his replacement as Jedi Grandmaster. Having Han Solo as a friend of the Jedi Order and possibly having children in the running for Grand Master. I think this could solve many of the problems of both age and continuity of the Star Wars Saga and the past actors involved, while at the same time creating many new characters.

  11. No one would recognize Carrie Fisher? I guess if you mean people between 12 and 20 years old, of course they probably wouldn’t recognize Harrison Ford if they only watch Star Wars. It’s time to get over the fact that the actors are not in their 20s. These characters (Leia and Luke) would be the most powerful and experienced Jedi (assuming Leia chose to become a Jedi) around, so removing them from the story wouldn’t make since, it would be the same as killing off Yoda and Obi Wan simply because they are old!

  12. Why are there so many comments that the originals cant be in the new movie Hollywood has alot of older actors in movies. Those three original characters made the past movies they can be in it as well as their childern who are now Jedi. They could take some information from the expanded universe books I heard that J.J. Abrahams is directing and that the movie will take place 8 years after Jedi on Yavin if they could make new characters and use Han , Luke and Leia why does everyone want to kill them off stop – they are a whole generation of fans you will lose if you do that.
    Anyway Star Wars is the best movie ever made- I have been a fan for 30 years the first movie came out when I was nine.

  13. I think they should start with an old Luke Skywalker, as GrandMaster of the New Jedi Order, maybe sometimes around 50 years after Episode 4.
    At the end of Episode 7 he has to die and pass the story on to his son Ben, his niece Jaina and her niece Allana.
    That way the Skywalker-Saga would continue, but focussing on new characters.

  14. why not tell a story about the origins of yoda, the history of the star wars galaxy and the power of the force, I think we’ve had enough of luke, leia and solo.

  15. i totally agree with the idea of “there must be a continuity of sorts”. an all NEW STORYLINE will not be star wars. in effect they can call it “trek wars” considering that the director is jj abrams. it will be so easy for the treatment maker and storyman to earn his pay.

    disney told us that it is the 7th. logic tells us that we should be pondering and expecting what will happen after the 6th. all we have at this point are:

    1. the existence of two forces that does not agree with each other.

    2. the existence of individuals who are involved in the forces.

    3. the rise and fall of dark sith lords e.i. vader, maul, emperor etc.

    4. what is hot and most likely inspire us and guide us through our lives.

    5. what will give disney their millions back and possibly give them more.

    what will happen after the 6th? for me, disney should start from the things enumerated above and reconsider the scrapping of a totally new storyline. draw story from the enumerated above and make it superbly interesting. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THEM.

    • there were soul images of anakin, obi wan and yoda complete attire and lightsabers. how can a lightsaber have a soul? please do not cultivate this idea and just let it pass away like a vapor.

      • at the end of return of the jedi

    • you’re 100% right if we’re talking about an episode #7. however, a “new” star wars series that focuses on the origin of the sith/jedi, and the struggles that took place between the two empires leading to the supposed eradication of the sith (they went into hiding), would still be “star wars”. Remember that in the current saga repeated references were made about the old empire/republic.

      • i hope arndt sees these.

  16. well said.

  17. The new Star Wars flicks will suck.
    How do I know?
    Well for starters Jar Jar Binks is going to be in it.
    In fact episode seven he will have a huge part. Disney is under the impression everybody loved this character.
    Plus, I’m willing to bet these films will be geared towards six year old rather than the die hard Star Wars fans that grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy.

    I hate to say it, but in time Marvel will be Disney’s bit** and everything will be focused on toddlers in stead of young adults.

    Why do you think Spectacular Spider Man was replaced with that god awful Ultimate crap. Avengers EMH was also cancelled early so Disney could release a show better suited for younger audiences. There’s even a Hulk Agents of Smash cartoon coming out fer crying out loud.

    I think the changes made to the original trilogy (remember Greedo missing Solo at point blank range? Or the stupid musical number in Jedi?) were a warning sign that the Star Wars franchise so slowly going downhill. Jar Jar Binks and Hayden Christensen are also warning signs that episode VII – IX will blow chunks.

    Think I’m wrong?
    Let’s hope I am.
    Unfortunately there’s too much supporting my fears.

  18. I really wish the studio and pruducers of the new Star Wars movies would go in an entire direction when it comes to the original cast. Yes the original trilogies are epic, and can go up against any set of movies I.E. Godfather etc. however I believe that casting different actors to reprise the roles of Luke,Lea, and Han are essential to the continuing growth of the Star Wars franchise!!! Although it’s a different situation look how great a performance Ewin McGregor played in portraying a young Kenobi!! He was the prequels!! I just feel with new actors reprising the roles we have all grown to love it would give the new trilogies an added boost

  19. They obviously have a hard time creating episodes 7 to 9. Especially episode 7. The crank they need still not there. They try to tell the story as a whole. For me a ray of light can be awesome. I do not want seeing explanations within the movie. Just let it flow and let watchers use their imaginations. Artistic inclinations will do the trick.