Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Darth Vader Returns Episode VII Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

The wait for every major movie is fraught with a number of exciting, dismaying, and even outright bizarre rumors. There’s no bigger movie on the horizon than Star Wars: Episode 7, and just as you’d expect, it seems that every new day we hear rumors that run the gamut from thought-provoking to ridiculous.

With a writer confirmed for the new, Disney-owned trilogy, the time has come for these rumors to turn toward plot details. The last day has seen a particular piece of gossip as huge as it is improbable – sources say that Star Wars: Episode 7 will see the return of one of the most iconic fictional villains of all time, Darth Vader.

British newspaper The Daily Express has reported that Darth Vader will be resurrected during the course of Star Wars Episode 7. According to the article, a “mole” within the film’s production has declared that Episode 7‘s creative team considers Vader “integral” to Star Wars. This anonymous source claims, “The plan is for [Darth Vader] to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

This is the purest sort of production rumor – unsubstantiated, echoing widely, and returning without so much as a peep from anyone involved with the film. We may hear from Disney regarding the report in the coming days, but for the moment The Daily Express‘s article has had to speak for itself. Its lack of clear source and provocative subject make it rather dubious, but such reports have sometimes contained a glimmer of truth. If there’s even the slightest veracity in the rumor, it sheds quite a bit of light on the narrative direction of the upcoming Star Wars sequels.

When the supposed mole within Episode 7‘s production states that Vader is integral to the franchise, the statement is difficult to debate. All six of the previous Star Wars installments have revolved – in one way or another - around the Sith Lord. As such, the prospect of sliding back into that universe without its most constant and recognizable element must feel daunting indeed. However, Episode 7 has a very important question to answer up front if it really intends to go through with Vader’s rebirth: What role will Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker play in the new trilogy?

Darth Vader Pyre Return of the Jedi Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

If the films’ creative team decides to reintroduce Vader as an antagonist, all bets are off. Bringing Vader back from the dead as the new trilogy’s heavy almost completely unravels the thematic arc of the previous films. This move would be seen as cynical and repetitive, grabbing lamely at the iconography of the first films in lieu of any new and original ideas. Such a development could spell disaster, and in light of the talent being brought to bear on this project, I highly doubt that it will come to pass.

Instead, it seems much more likely that Vader’s proposed return will be in a guiding capacity – perhaps as a Force ghost, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi after his own death. If rumors of a new generation of Skywalkers/Solos prove true, then it would make sense (and provide stronger ties to the first six films) for Anakin Skywalker to guide his descendants from beyond the veil of death. This would maintain the arc of Anakin’s fall and redemption while also providing a launching point to explore the deeper mysteries of the Force.

No matter the ratio of truth to nonsense in this rumor, it shows just how much interest remains in the Star Wars property. Hopefully, we’ll hear some official confirmation or denial soon, if only to calm our restless imaginations.

Star Wars: Episode 7 will appear in theaters in the summer of 2015.


Source: The Daily Express [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. I hope this is true. It would be good to Hayden Christensen return for another movie.

    • 1) It’s a terrible idea.

      2) If Vader is resurrected, Hayden WILL NOT reprise the role.

      • And you know this how?

        • It’s obvious that they’d hire someone more high profile for the role. And, of course, someone who is a better actor.

    • Hayden’s acting was the worst part of the new trilogy.

      • No – the s***** story and overall BAD movies were the worst thing about the prequels…

  2. Couldnt they do a trilogy that picks up right after episode three where there are some Jedi in hiding and see the death star being completed then u could have han as a teenager or something and see a young lando then u could bring backthe emperor

  3. oh god we be done with that child murder already

    • What?

      • I think he’s referring to Anakin killing the younglings at the Jedi temple in Episode III. At least I hope that’s what he’s talking about.

      • Darth vadar , i just i feel like his story is done let just never see him ever again

        just my opinion

  4. What if they had a new villain using a similar armor, maybe even calling himself Vader. The mystery of his identity could be a big part of the plot.

    • Nope, wont work. For the vast majority know there is and forever will be only one Darth Vader.

      Now if Disney chooses to believe we are all idiots, then that is their choice, not our. As a Star Wars fans, which in many people opinion, has a cult status. Disney for all their influence and standing, would suffer from lack of creation, something they have been accused of rarely in the past, but still.

      Perhaps they want to appeal to the children and teenagers who truly do not graps the concept of Star Wars, then that is for them to make a movie for, not the true fans.

  5. I call bullcrap and chalk it up to rumour only. How could Vader come back? Anakin found redemption in Jedi, returned back to the light side, and not to mention, had his body burned. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but highly unlikely.

  6. I think this film will break records

  7. I think people are getting too worked up about these films, it would appear some haven’t learned the lesson from the disappointment of the prequel trilogy… I liked them in the cinema, but they’re virtually unwatchable now. They could have been truly something to behold; an elegant and stately trilogy that was at once an extraordinarily epic, visually breathtaking, emotionally heartbreaking, and deeply haunting study of a once good man’s – and the galaxy at large – descent into darkness… but instead we got a cartoon universe filled with arrogant and whiny brats, poop and flatulence jokes, misplaced slapstick humor, and racial stereotypes by the barrel-load, nice one George!

    The original Trilogy wasn’t merely part of the story, it WAS the story (for all intents and purposes), and I see no reason for these new ones other than financial enrichment on the part of Disney, and no matter what the story is for this new trilogy or how they eventually turn out, I dread the thought of having to endure innumerable more years of constant and never-ending ‘Star Wars’ debates… sigh, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

    • Cool. So don’t watch them when they come out. Problem solved. No need to even state your gripe. Nobody cares.

    • Virtually unwatchable? C’mon now… They’re not THAT bad… Revenge of The Sith is miles above the other two. Personally I think he went wrong right there. All we wanted to see was HOW we became Darth…not WHY (more or less)… The best part of the prequels is the last half of sith…once Anakin ‘helps’ ice Samuel…it’s game on!

      And quite frankly it COULD all be fixed. It’s a 2 step process.

      1. Remove Greedo shooting first and that STUPID dance number from jedi.

      2. Re-cut the prequels ala (but not exactly like) the phantom edits.

  8. My thoughts is if one of Lukes’ kids is being lead to the dark side and one brother won’t give up on him. Or maybe his daughter wears Vader’s mask as a twist.

    • Finally, someone who thinks like me! Episodes 4-6 were THE storyline… nothing more needed to be written except only to capitalize on it for profit. And I’m fine with that, but the second trilogy (Episodes 1-3) were gosh awful, added nothing really of substance, and felt thrown together as an excuse to try a bunch of CGI effects for no apparent reason. The only redeeming quality was giving us a backstory for Vader’s fall (which felt contrived to me). But now we’ve seen his fall and redemption, the story is done.

    • Funny you say that, because in the Expanded Universe novels, Han and Leia’s older son (Jacen Solo) DOES become corrupted by and fall to the Dark Side. It’s a great story, but it would need to occur MUCH later in the films (somewhere in the 9-12 range, as films go).

      • Some are suggesting this could be. How much space is between the trilogies, 3 and 4, about 20 years. Maybe they change the story to where Jacen wears the Vader Helmet.

  9. There is a different report on this same Vader rumor but that report says that after Episodes 7-9, they are talking about doing a 4th trilogy of movies set between Episodes 3 and 4 which star Vader and his leading the rise of the Empire under Palpatine. Now THAT would be cool (and since he’s in armor, they could get any number of people to play the physical role)…but he’s not showing up in Episode 7 unless it’s a minor cameo as a force ghost.

    • A Triology based on the rise of the empire negate all we know. The Empire was well established, it power was universal in its approach, your either joined the Empire or face extinction.

      We know they built two death stars, and each was destroyed. A Trilogy based on what happens between 3-4 is hollow.

      We cannot believe The Empire is all powerful, when we know their two death stars, the pinacle of their power were destroyed.

      I cannot sit through 3 movies knowing what the outcome will be.

      • I take it you’re not a fan of biopics or historical dramas?

        • Difference between those, and Star Wars is.

          Well no one has built two Deathstars.

          Has anyone gone back in History and added what they wanted regardless of what was alredy known and accepted?


  10. It’s sad that we would sacrifice good storytelling for a chance to sell more toys. Vader is dead, his death was poignant and beautiful.

  11. I wouldn’t mind them bringing back Darth Vader, the ruthless imperial leader, if Anakin Skywalker remained dead and buried. His story shouldn’t be touched at all.

    But who knows what the power of the dark side can do? Maybe the evil spirit of Darth Vader left the body of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Return Of The Jedi? Maybe it moved on to Luke Skywalker?

    • Yes, that’s my assumption – Luke is now the Sith Lord as the death of his father was too much guilt to bear and lead him to the dark side. Now Han and Leia’s kid is the ‘new’ Luke and Luke is the ‘new’ Vader. Throw in the droids, Chewy, The Fettman, Lando and that thing with the ‘fish face’ and we got ourselves Episode 7.

      • So, you’d NEGATE the wonderful ending of ROTJ…for some new tickets? Really?

        • I personally would like all this talk of ep 7 to go away but Disney wont let it so I am merely speculating on where the mouse will be taking us next.

          • Fair enough.

  12. I am going to put this technology question to the test here in Star Wars.

    For all of you who think someone can Clone Vader and bring him back to life , so to speak.

    Ponder this question.

    Do you think the technology is as advance in the Star Wars Universe, that they could clone one of the most powerfu Sith lords ever.

    But yet, they lack the ability to Jump to Hyperspace without the lack of needing to dump their trash, or the fact they cannot detect the extra weight of a ship clinging to their Conn Tower.

    Force is Strong, but Technology is weak.

    Vader is dead, and he should remain dead.

    • the CLONE wars.

    • In the Expanded Universe, the higher-ups in the Empire created multiple clones of Palpatine, so the idea is at least possible (and, likely, viable).

      • I DO, however, agree that Vader’s tale has been told, and the story should move forward…or FAR backward (pre-SW sextupled).

  13. The only way for Vader to return that would make any sense to the star wars universe would be as a force ghost of Anakin skywalker trying to stop his Grandson Aka Jacen Solo from going down the Path Anakin went down i.e becoming Dark Lord of the Sith.

  14. I hope it isn’t true. That would be a pretty stupid move and downright remove any tension from all the movies whatsoever. Not to mention how it would affect the emotional impact of the original trilogy’s finale.

  15. they should also make a sequel to titanic.

    how long before we start wishing George was back in control again ?

    • not gonna happen. keep in mind this is a rumor

      • And keep in mind episodes 1-3.

  16. I’d prefer it if they didn’t go with cloning or anything like that. They’ve removed enough mystery from the series with over-explaining everything in the prequels. Let people use their imagination again!

  17. I could see Darth Vader returning…but not Anakin Skywalker. Does anyone get what I’m saying?

    • Someone else dons the Armor of Vader. But the Armor for Vader was not Darth Vader, it was to keep him alive.

      Vader was human, not some suit of armor. Any Jedi would know who is behind the Armor, especially Luke, he would know that person is not his father, and that carries a lot of weight.

  18. Someone under the guise of Darth Vader, I mean vader made himself a symbol to the galaxy wide as power and destruction.
    The empire could have someone dress up like him.

    • or a clone

    • “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become villain”…or

      …You are born a villain and you live long enough to see yourself become a hero?

      So would someone under the guise of Darth Vader be a villain or a hero?

    • You are assuming the Imperial Forces are still loyal. Palpatine and Vader ruled with (no pun) an Iron Fist, Obey or Suffer.
      The Imperials forces might have went back to their homes and families.

      Imperial Forces saw what the Death Star did to Alderann, would they want their own worlds to suffer.

      Now take into account, most Imperial forces, if not all were Human, with no aliens whatsover in sight. Perhaps they laid down their arms and surrenderd, or they were finally free.

      Japan, Germany and Italy were all allies in World War II, They lost and are now Allies of the United States, what to say that is not true of the Imperial Forces?

  19. If he will be mentioned or be truly integral in the future films, it would be appropriate if he is written in as a Siths legend or some goody or baddy cult’s saint.

  20. If he is made as some cult’s saint (long dead), good or bad doesn’t matter, then i’m OK with that.

  21. WTF?

  22. Funny, they talk about a creative team. Uh, who? Other than a screenwriter, I guess, Kennedy, Lucas, and probably a few Disney execs. But still, who is this so-called team, and why don’t they say who any of them are? That’s why you always have to question these rumors.

  23. Years ago when i was a kid i read supposed ‘official’ treatments online for episodes 7-9. They were very detailed and claimed to be written by George Lucas, which i believed at the time, in retrospect they probably weren’t.

    Anyway the storylines involved cloning Darth Vader and bringing him back to life and cloning an evil Luke from his severed hand, which good Luke then had to fight. Could this be the storyline? Probably not. I hope not, the treatments were pretty silly.

    • it was on a site called supershadow…i saw it too…all these rumoursto be coming awfully close to that stuff..

  24. Let me state this, as I previous stated.

    Vader is not the suit, Vader is the person. The suit was for life support nothing else.

    Are we going to believe that Luke Skywalker could not tell who the person is?

    Are some of us past the point of logic with Vader, that we would believe someone can don the armor and become Vader.

    Everyone in the Universe knows the Empire Fell, they celebrated it. Vader Returning is not going to strike fear into them, nor will it allow for someone to think he can become Vader.

    They need to go a new villian, and a new route. They cannot say “Hey Vader is back, run in fear.”

    And without the Empire, or the Fragmented Empire, who lived in fear of Palpatine and Vader, both are dead and all Imperial Forces do not have to worry about being choked to death.

    • Right, Episode III showed that Darth Vader was the title Anakin was given when he turned to the dark side. From that moment on, he was Darth Vader until he killed Sidious in Episode VI.

      I could see someone taking both the title and the armor that belonged to Vader. It just wouldn’t be the official crowning of a Sith

  25. Would it be possible to separate Darth Vader from Anakin Skywalker? I mean, if Darth Vader came back but he was not Anakin Skywalker, but someone else who took the name. Regardless, I think it would be cheesy if they did.

  26. Just threaten him with sand.. He’ll go away! Lol…

  27. Disney Breaking News.

    The Powers that be at Disney have decided to return Darth Vader to life. They will state precedence in movie history.

    They will use the Jason Voorhees/Friday The 13th formula.

    Vader will continue to die, and come back, die again, come back, die again, and come back die again, and come back die again, and come back die again, and come back die again, and come back die again, and come back

    To which either, Fans will knows the predicable outcome, or they will revolt and attack Disney World.

    This is how it will be.

    Now Bend over, Grab your Ankles, Star Wars: The Colonoscopy Wars will commence in 2015.

    This has been a Disney Breaking News Update.

  28. I love Darth Vader just as the next star wars fan but wouldnt it be more interesting if we had a new villain ?? Someone just as menacing ? Darth Maul was awesome but he died too quick into the trilogy. I wana see a new Sith this time! Lets leave Vader’s legacy as it should be

    • Darth Maul was dreadful, not a Star Wars villain at all. He could do back flips, had a new Lightsabre and had his face painted but did his presence on the screen make you think ‘holy f**k, this guy is pure evil and I would be bricking it if he were here right now’? My answer is no. Vader was THE guy in 3 movies, he crushed the throats of his employees if they failed, he threatened even the highest ranking officials and they were petrified of him and as for the Emperor, Vader was scared of him!! Maul looked good but was like the rest of the film, not developed enough. Vader HAS to come back, Disney somehow brought back Captain Barbossa to the Pirates movies, I’m sure the biggest pull in the Star Wars universe will be back. Don’t care what anyone says, the reason we all watched the Star Wars movies was Vader, that’s like taking Charlie Sheen out of 2 & 1/2 men, it just wont have the same draw.

      • Write for yourself. I watched Star Wars for other reasons than Vader. And, it would just be such a cop-out to resurrect Vader. There are other villains Disney can use for the third trilogy.

        • So why did you go and see the movie?

          • Well, I only saw 4-6 in the theaters since I’m 28. I, obviously, saw the first three on tv. I watched them because I like the plot and the CAST of characters, not merely to see Vader. I think vader is an amazing character. But, I think that it would be a bastardization of the first trilogy to bring him back. I just think that it’d be cheap.

            • I am a little older (sadly) and can tell you that during the early 80′s when I was a child it was all about Vader, the Falcon and the X Wing – The first 3 movies made Vader into a household celebrity, he was advertising all sorts of wares and products on TV. None of the other characters really had a look in even though they were developed more by the movies themselves. Its my opinion that Disney will bring him back as that is the maximum way to bring in the revenues. I would go back and see 7 in the cinema just to see how they got Vader from being dead to alive again!!

              • Obviously, I know how popular Vader is and how much money Disney would get with his inclusion. Nevertheless, for the reasons I previously mentioned, I am not in favor of his resurrection.

                • Don’t really like it myself but I think this rumour is spot on and will happen.

  29. Is Sidious really dead? Hmmmm?!? Is falling into a reactor core enough to kill him completely, perhaps that blue haze was a teleportation trick to take him to another place/planet. Perhaps he knows the path to immortality, we already know Darth Sidious has the potential to bring back the dead (Ep III) as Pleagus 3rd was his previous master. Just saying that there is more than one way to ‘skin a cat’.

    • Yes he is really dead.


      Episode VI

      Luke :”Master Yoda, you cannot die.”

      Yoda : “Strong I am with the force…but not that strong.”

      Sidious was not as powerful as Yoda, and Yoda could not keep from dying.

      • Lame answer, this has nothing to do with Yoda as Yoda died of old age, over 500 years old he was – the Emperor was not anywhere near 500 years old. Also Anakin will ‘become more powerful than either of us’ was a line from the Emperor. If you had read my post, teleporting to another part of space instead of falling into a reactor is one theory. If the Emporer evaded death somehow he would be able to resurrect Vader.

        • And how is that proof really??

          • Stop dreaming…he’s dead.

            In the Expanded Universe, where they’ve even brought back Boba Fett and Palpatine, they STILL did not resurrect Vader. The “Clone Wars” series DID bring back Maul to cause more trouble with his brother, but that is, in itself, unusual and disappointing (at least, HIS story was cut short; Vader’s was NOT). In the film universe, NO ONE has been brought back, except as a Force ghost.

            Vader’s gone. Done. Finished. Finito. Finis.

            • Did Disney write any of the extended universe or any other Star Wars book come to that?

              • No, Disney did not, of course. They DO, however, care about getting their investment back. Overwriting the previous trilogy (4-6) would anger so many people and confuse so many others that they will not do something so stupid. They wish to make back as quickly as possible that $4B.

                • If Disney say ‘I want Vader in the movies’ he will be in it. I have watched the first trilogy more times than I can remember, the second (prequel) not so much but I have not read any of the books or watched Clone Wars cartoons etc. Its my opinion that Disney will aim the movies at someone like myself who has not a great idea on the ‘whole picture’ but very much enjoyed the films (well 3, 4, 5 & 6 anyway). The fastest way to get their investment back is with the ‘banker’ characters – Han Solo, Luke, Leia, R2D2, C3P0, Chewy & Vader. If they start from scratch with a totally new story, characters etc this would not encourage me to go to the cinema and watch the movie. Only ‘real’ Star Wars fans would be interested and that is not enough people or $ for Disney.

                  • Real Star War fans are quite content with Vader Redeeming himself.

                    More to point as a Father, I find it easier to believe that Anakin saved his sons life. Which any father would do.

                    Let’s Bring Back Vader from the dead and let him be evil once again….

                    Yes, the True FANS will never know.

        • Lame Answer?

          For your question?

          Ok, How about his. Had Palpatine had the power to live forever, then there would have been no need to clone him.

          And if he had the ability to cheat death, then with power on that grand scale. He would never have the need to build two Death Stars, form a powerful and feared fleet. He would simply have infinite Power, to destroy anyone at will, because for one to cheat death, that would mean he has a power greater than a god.

          My Answer was lame if I responded Yoda, but you did not see point of the answer.

          Palpatine was old and his power was not able to keep him from Aging, and I doubt being thrown into a reactor would have saved him.

          • Ok, it was lame. When was he cloned in the movies? Cheating death means avoiding a car or pulling a parachute and not evading old age. ‘Unlimited power!!!’ A direct quote, argue that. Dies not mean you can destroy a planet like ‘say’ a Death Star perhaps. Your also bringing god into Star Wars, some people believe there is no gods in reality, this is a work of fiction. The emperor was throw to his apparent death into a reactor, Yoda died of old age, palpatine did not, I really don’t get your analogy at all. Perhaps you can explain it to me?

              • If he has been cloned then there is no worries, a clone died in the second Death Star. I am not saying anything at all about the storyline in stone, I am suggesting ways that Disney ‘could’ bring back characters. Ok, so Sidious was old BUT he did not die of old age, that’s my point. My other point is that the emperor may be able to teleport giving an explanation why he is still alive in episode 7 if Disney needed one!! And in your comment you state about bending the ‘laws of physics’, well I am pretty well educated where physics is concerned (think you may call it a major in the US) and I can not remember being able to move objects with a thought being part of the syllabus. So far I have heard science and religion brought into a Star Wars discussion, it’s science fiction, George Lucas and his imagination, nothing more than that. Unreal.

                • If the Emperor could teleport, there would basically be no need for him to Show up in a hologram, or take a shuttle. If I could teleport to any place, I would never fly again…AND IM A PILOT.

                  If Palpatine could Teleport, then why not teleport when he was held over Vader’s Head and walked over to the catwalk and thrown in?

                  Teleport when you are above Vader’s Head, not teleport when your butt is being thrown down a reactor shaft.

                  Actually, Star Wars falls into the fantasy category, then Sci Fi. As it open sequence indicate In a Galaxy far, far away. The conjecture between Sci Fiction and Fantasy, is that Star Wars happens in another galaxy not of our own, and therefore is not bother by the contraints of being Science Fiction. Whereas you believe that a Person could come back from the dead, purely based on a MYSTICAL and Powerful Force, would put it in the fantasy section.

                  As for my comments about bending Physics, and your education in physics.

                  To teleport without a clear line of sight, would mean you would have to pass through solid matter, now as we both know two objects cannot occupy the same space.

                  As in Hyperspace, you have to make your calculations to make the jump, or you could come out near a star or the middle of an asterorid field.

                  The Ships and Lasers, and all that good stuff is Science Fiction.

                  • Firstly I don’t believe in any of this as you mistakenly have accused me of as its all fiction, second at the speed of light matter becomes energy (I believe Albert Einstein here rather than George Lucas) and can therefore pass through any solid matter without being affected. A teleport would not involve interstellar travel and is therefore not a hyperdrive, a hyperdrive involves moving the galaxy around the ship and is an extremely complicated concept. Most people on the Internet consider Star Wars science fiction as you mentioned, lasers and space ships etc. yes there are galaxies far far away and aliens and force etc but the films do have advanced tech in a larger capacity and also do not specify whether the human characters are actually ‘human’ but have travelled and settled in this galaxy far far away. Lord of the rings falls into the fantasy section tho the categorisation of Star Wars has not been actually defined so that is my opinion and not fact.