Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Darth Vader Returns Episode VII Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

The wait for every major movie is fraught with a number of exciting, dismaying, and even outright bizarre rumors. There’s no bigger movie on the horizon than Star Wars: Episode 7, and just as you’d expect, it seems that every new day we hear rumors that run the gamut from thought-provoking to ridiculous.

With a writer confirmed for the new, Disney-owned trilogy, the time has come for these rumors to turn toward plot details. The last day has seen a particular piece of gossip as huge as it is improbable – sources say that Star Wars: Episode 7 will see the return of one of the most iconic fictional villains of all time, Darth Vader.

British newspaper The Daily Express has reported that Darth Vader will be resurrected during the course of Star Wars Episode 7. According to the article, a “mole” within the film’s production has declared that Episode 7‘s creative team considers Vader “integral” to Star Wars. This anonymous source claims, “The plan is for [Darth Vader] to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

This is the purest sort of production rumor – unsubstantiated, echoing widely, and returning without so much as a peep from anyone involved with the film. We may hear from Disney regarding the report in the coming days, but for the moment The Daily Express‘s article has had to speak for itself. Its lack of clear source and provocative subject make it rather dubious, but such reports have sometimes contained a glimmer of truth. If there’s even the slightest veracity in the rumor, it sheds quite a bit of light on the narrative direction of the upcoming Star Wars sequels.

When the supposed mole within Episode 7‘s production states that Vader is integral to the franchise, the statement is difficult to debate. All six of the previous Star Wars installments have revolved – in one way or another - around the Sith Lord. As such, the prospect of sliding back into that universe without its most constant and recognizable element must feel daunting indeed. However, Episode 7 has a very important question to answer up front if it really intends to go through with Vader’s rebirth: What role will Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker play in the new trilogy?

Darth Vader Pyre Return of the Jedi Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

If the films’ creative team decides to reintroduce Vader as an antagonist, all bets are off. Bringing Vader back from the dead as the new trilogy’s heavy almost completely unravels the thematic arc of the previous films. This move would be seen as cynical and repetitive, grabbing lamely at the iconography of the first films in lieu of any new and original ideas. Such a development could spell disaster, and in light of the talent being brought to bear on this project, I highly doubt that it will come to pass.

Instead, it seems much more likely that Vader’s proposed return will be in a guiding capacity – perhaps as a Force ghost, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi after his own death. If rumors of a new generation of Skywalkers/Solos prove true, then it would make sense (and provide stronger ties to the first six films) for Anakin Skywalker to guide his descendants from beyond the veil of death. This would maintain the arc of Anakin’s fall and redemption while also providing a launching point to explore the deeper mysteries of the Force.

No matter the ratio of truth to nonsense in this rumor, it shows just how much interest remains in the Star Wars property. Hopefully, we’ll hear some official confirmation or denial soon, if only to calm our restless imaginations.

Star Wars: Episode 7 will appear in theaters in the summer of 2015.


Source: The Daily Express [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Hopefully this isn’t true. He’s dead. It would undermine the whole ending of episode 6

    • If there’s any truth to it, they could be ripping off the Zahn novels where they cloned Luke, but instead they could clone Vadar. If the story is right I’d be down with a scenario like this.

      • if they cloned him, he wouldnt be in the same get up, as it wasnt birth defects that put him in that suit, but injuries, and his clone wouldn’t have those. he would be darth vader in name only and would have no reason to be wearing that suit

        • @Ed and jeffro

          I would agree with you both. If Darth Vader were to be “resurrected” in the new trilogy, it would be in the form of a clone, just like in the books by Timothy Zahn. And yes, he wouldn’t be wearing the iconic life-support suit but would most likely be wearing a dark hood like what Anakin (already christened as Darth Vader) wore when he attacked the Jedi Council building and killed the Jedi “younglings.”

          However, I think Anakin can still appear in this movie as both a “guiding ghost” to the Solo and Skywalker kids and also as the “Vader clone” which these new generation of Jedi would have to fight, perhaps in Episode 9. It could make a nice plot wherein the grandsons/granddaughters of Anakin would feel a certain conflict within them while they’re fighting the Anakin clone.

          Well, just a thought anyway.

  2. Hopefully he doesn’t. There are so many villains they could introduce for the new trilogy, and countless other Sith.

    • Bingo

  3. This really can’t be true, that would destroy any credibility they want to establish going forward.

  4. Somehow someway I wished they would bring back Darth Maul. I know he’s in the animated series and all that bt still. Darth Maul is like my favorite Sith Lord and one of the most underused villainsof all time. But I don’t mind if they bring back Anakin as a force ghost. I just hope they don’t fully ressurect him and retread the same path.

    • I agree! He was the best part of Episode I

  5. I suppose they could figure out a way to bring Vader back… granted it would make the entire arch of Anakin Skywalker’s rise, fall, and redemption form the last to trilogies utterly meaningless but what do I know… (That this idea would be terrible. Get a new villain)

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vader back as ghost, he can guide/teach these new jedi’s not to go down his path. But honestly… I would rather see Yoda then Vader. Vader’s story was the last 6.

  7. Though I’d like to see Vader return because he is just a great iconic villain I don’t see how it would do the story any justice, I agree with the article if they just used him as a force ghost it would work just fine, for me at least. I’d like to see a brand new Sith Lord maybe one even as deadly as Vader which would be tricky because Vader is so classical and all but it’d be cool to see

  8. Maybe a force ghost like the article mentions but Vader coming back in a physical form is just… laughable. Very poor rumor. :neutral:

  9. *Er, Force is strong in this one…BUT NOT THAT FREAKING STRONG!…Seriously?

    Return of Darth Vader….God I pray this is an internet rumor and not fact. If it was, then Disney has already screwed the pooch.

    * Disclaimer.

    For the Poster(s) that will say we are fanboys. Put a sock in it. Darth Vader died, his body was set on fire, His Ghost showed up. He is dead, dead, and I mean Dead, burned to ashes dead. He is not an erector set, The Force is NOT THAT DAMN STRONG, He is dead. Period. End of Discussion. This is not a Dallas Bobby Ewing was in the shower the whole time Pam had a dream he was dead….Darth Vader is dead….He so dead. You put his remains in a mini vac…..Ziplock Storage bag. Zombies have a better chance of becoming Human…The Sith Lord is The Ash Lord….Ash Wednesday..Ash Ketchum.

    Anyone, and I mean anyone pulls out The Force is all powerful, you need to step away from the crack pipe….Force is not that dang strong.

    Rant Complete.

    • that was awesome

    • Haha, I am certainly not a fanboy. And, you’re 100 percent right. I think that bringing back Vader is an absolutely terrible idea.

    • I think they can bring aniken back . because all we see is the vader costume being burned. So I assume that could bring all kinds of possablities. Luke Could have left him in the shuttle with life support. It is fiction so there is always away. they can always dress him in the jedi robes as well.

  10. Ok, The ONLY way Darth Vader should appear in ANY new Star Wars films are if they decide to do The Force Unleashed storyline. Thats it! Sadly they wouldn’t be able to do the “Shadows of the Empire” storyline because the actors are far too older now but if they don’t stick to the stories that the expanded universe has done it’s going to be kind of disappointing.

  11. Revan wtf are they doing go back in time and tell the story of revan, vader is nothing compared to the kotor series.

  12. This seems too silly to happen, like it’s been mentioned before Disney didn’t spend 4.05 billion just to run this series into the ground.

    Ghost maybe, Darth: no way.

    I do wish Darth had a bigger role in episode III.

    • they did bring bobby ewing back but it was corny. they could bring aniken back iwould be ok with that . just not him as vader. I just hope they use the orgenal actors and not replace them like they did shetner. I think that was wrong for them todo not realy a star trek fan

  13. Stupid Stupid Stupid Idea.

  14. Obi-Wan dies in IV and showed up in V and VI as a ghost. I don;’t see why Anakin and even Yoda won’t show up in the others as ghosts, though I’d rather them not…

  15. Thought they cloned both vader and Luke from the hand that vader chops off

  16. Darth Sidious can be brought back as he has comeback twice before his final death.

    Darth Vader can NOT, because he wasn’t Vader when he died he was Anakin.. even at the end of ROTJ his force ghost was Anakin. That’s the only way he can come back.

    An i believe one of Solo’s an Liea’s kids becomes a Sith Lord as well.

    • Jacen was the kid that became a sith and was defeated by his twin sister Jaina.

  17. What if 7 takes place between 3 and 4?

    • that would make it 3 and half.

  18. Idk bout this.

    That’s it.

  19. Darth Vader must stay dead. The prequels already cheapened his backstory, and resurrecting him now will only cheapen his sacrifice and death. Although an appearance as a hallucination or Force ghost wouldn’t be too bad, I suppose.

  20. If Darth Vader returns (most likely a force ghost) then prepare to see Hayden Christensen reprise his role as an older but wiser Anakin. Let’s not forget George Lucas gave back Anakin his youth in the overly edited Return of the Jedi.

    • Im not even a STar Wars fanboy, i enjoyed some of the movies a fair bit, others not so much but i hope and pray Hayden Christensen doesnt return to this series.

  21. Hype.

  22. I smell reboot… Or this is just a load of crap! Yep I said that in my Scotish accent…

  23. I hope too this is BS!!
    For crying out loud, where are the producers with new innovative ideas and balls in Hollywood?!?! Do they exist anymore??
    But then again .. they have to try and get the 4 billion back somehow!

    If they “bring Vader back”, we as intelligent fans should boycott the movie in protest!!

    Gone will be the pace and story of A New Hope and Empire.. we’ll get fast action packed nonsense! Funny – thats what my folks used to say about these movies when I was a kid!

  24. I can see this working only if this Darth Vader is another sith lord who takes up the guise of Vader. Or a Clone

  25. Give me some flash-backs of Darth in full Bad–ss mode. His rise, fall and return to good could be told to the new Skywalkers as a warning by Luke. This would be very cool!!!!

    • Yeah. A flash back of Vader being a complete boss would be cool and maybe not cause any uproar.

  26. There might be something to this idea…. not anakin skywalker of course, though the armor of Vader… a more advanced, yet recognizable version of it… after all, who but a handful of rebels and Ewoks actually saw Vader’s corpse… and who would believe a bunch of Ewoks..

  27. I can actually see this being really cool. Maybe there is a flashback to Vanderbilt hunting down the Jedi or anakin comes back as a force ghost. I doubt Vader will be back as a villain. It wouldn’t make sense after spending 3 movies working towards his redemption. I don’t like the idea of cloning either. The emperor maybe, but not Vader

  28. “This move would be seen as cynical and repetitive, grabbing lamely at the iconography of the first films in lieu of any new and original ideas.”

    And if that above statement doesn’t sum up this new trilogy as a whole, nothing will!

    I wouldn’t put any faith whatsoever in this report, it’s from a British tabloid rag; if it’s not true it won’t matter, if it is true this new trilogy has a real credibility problem when it comes to a proper storyline… are they going to digitally resurrect the late Sebastian Shaw to play Anakin’s force ghost, because if they use Hayden Christensen, the fanbase will burn the theater down, and I wouldn’t blame them!

    I;m going to say this one more time, and after that, I’m going dark on this subject permanently – not least of which because I am sick to the back teeth of ‘Star Wars’, they have so mangled this once-great cinematic saga through the corporate franchise grinder too many times, and I for one am getting off this ride, I feel decidedly ill, franchise fatigue has become franchise projectile vomit, and if never hear the words ‘Star’ and ‘Wars’ mentioned in the same sentence again (unless the OT’s theatrical versions get a restored DVD and Blu-Ray release), I’ll die a little happier and content, ’nuff said (and then some!).

    • And no one will even notice.

  29. I remember hearing about a rumored (emphasis on RUMORED) storyline several years back, in which a fanatical cult of Dark Jedi devoted to the legacy of Darth Vader succeeds in cloning both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker (presumably the Empire had recovered Luke’s hand and lightsaber on Cloud City). Their idea was to fulfill Vader’s dream of a galaxy ruled by father and son. Sounds kinda iffy, but a clone is one possibility. I highly doubt a clone would have the actual memories of its predecessor, but it could be brainwashed into thinking it’s the fallen Sith Lord. Even worse, it could have the full potential Anakin Skywalker had before being crippled by his injuries.

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