Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Darth Vader Returns Episode VII Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

The wait for every major movie is fraught with a number of exciting, dismaying, and even outright bizarre rumors. There’s no bigger movie on the horizon than Star Wars: Episode 7, and just as you’d expect, it seems that every new day we hear rumors that run the gamut from thought-provoking to ridiculous.

With a writer confirmed for the new, Disney-owned trilogy, the time has come for these rumors to turn toward plot details. The last day has seen a particular piece of gossip as huge as it is improbable – sources say that Star Wars: Episode 7 will see the return of one of the most iconic fictional villains of all time, Darth Vader.

British newspaper The Daily Express has reported that Darth Vader will be resurrected during the course of Star Wars Episode 7. According to the article, a “mole” within the film’s production has declared that Episode 7‘s creative team considers Vader “integral” to Star Wars. This anonymous source claims, “The plan is for [Darth Vader] to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

This is the purest sort of production rumor – unsubstantiated, echoing widely, and returning without so much as a peep from anyone involved with the film. We may hear from Disney regarding the report in the coming days, but for the moment The Daily Express‘s article has had to speak for itself. Its lack of clear source and provocative subject make it rather dubious, but such reports have sometimes contained a glimmer of truth. If there’s even the slightest veracity in the rumor, it sheds quite a bit of light on the narrative direction of the upcoming Star Wars sequels.

When the supposed mole within Episode 7‘s production states that Vader is integral to the franchise, the statement is difficult to debate. All six of the previous Star Wars installments have revolved – in one way or another -¬†around the Sith Lord. As such, the prospect of sliding back into that universe without its most constant and recognizable element must feel daunting indeed. However, Episode 7 has a very important question to answer up front if it really intends to go through with Vader’s rebirth: What role will Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker play in the new trilogy?

Darth Vader Pyre Return of the Jedi Rumor Patrol: Will Darth Vader Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

If the films’ creative team decides to reintroduce Vader as an antagonist, all bets are off. Bringing Vader back from the dead as the new trilogy’s heavy almost completely unravels the thematic arc of the previous films. This move would be seen as cynical and repetitive, grabbing lamely at the iconography of the first films in lieu of any new and original ideas. Such a development could spell disaster, and in light of the talent being brought to bear on this project, I highly doubt that it will come to pass.

Instead, it seems much more likely that Vader’s proposed return will be in a guiding capacity – perhaps as a Force ghost, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi after his own death. If rumors of a new generation of Skywalkers/Solos prove true, then it would make sense (and provide stronger ties to the first six films) for Anakin Skywalker to guide his descendants from beyond the veil of death. This would maintain the arc of Anakin’s fall and redemption while also providing a launching point to explore the deeper mysteries of the Force.

No matter the ratio of truth to nonsense in this rumor, it shows just how much interest remains in the Star Wars property. Hopefully, we’ll hear some official confirmation or denial soon, if only to calm our restless imaginations.

Star Wars: Episode 7 will appear in theaters in the summer of 2015.


Source: The Daily Express [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • line of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s not plausible. Anakin is dead. His body was cremated.
    His suit was to keep him alive following his extensive injuries. If Anakin is cloned, he would be born a healthy, physically intact person, and not need a respirator suit. The only other possibility is is someone was mimicking Vader by wearing the suit for show only.

    Bringing back Vader would be a sign of zero creativity and innovation of the franchise.

  3. I think it should be a clone of Anakin/Darth Vader. It could be that in Episode III when Palpateen found Anakin on mustifar all burnt up. He thought that was it. Because after he was burned and put into the suit with the artificial limbs he wasn’t as power full as Anakin was. So Palpateen cloned him. So in episode IIV they can setup this bad ass man in Darth Vader suite killing Luke’s jedi order that he built. Of wich this Vader can be more power full than the original Vader cuase the clone wasnt burned has all real limbs. And in episode 8 they can have Luke’s son confront this Vader and the helmet comes off and its Hayden Christensen Anakin Skywalker. (ESB Twist) Then in Episode 9 they can explian this whole clone thing.

    • That would be awesome!

  4. Knowing JJ Abrams….we’ll see a reboot/alternate reality much like what he did with Star Trek…

    Don’t put it past him.

    • We all know that this isn’t happening so you’re WRONG.

  5. Its not a bad idea but not a good idea as well. Maybe cloning of anakin sounds a bit nice but making him a villain won`t be effective. If JJ Abrams consider cloning Anakin , then a better way would be make him a Jedi or a good guy or something. Darth Vader being a villain will boring and definetely. Vader is done for good. He got no other motives to be a villain anymore. The filmmakers should bring a new villain. I got no problem with Anakin coming back being a Jedi but if he is the baddie again then this movie should face s***** coments from both fans and critics. Its uo to JJ Abrams and the filmmakers to decide to make a legend film like The Dark knight or a piece crap called Batman and Robin

    • I think, if there is a glimmer of truth to this, it will be as Vaders ghost, ala Obi Wan in the original trilogy. And why not? That could work, after all the old cast is getting in on it too. Now which Darth Vader to use, the original or sequel, no doubt it’d be Christensen. This nonsense about clones could never get of the ground.

      • I think the ghost of Anakin is the real possibility. Yep, Anakin Skywalker appeared as a ghost at the end of Episode VI. I just feel that if there is going to be villainy, they are going to move on past the villains from the original series. It’s just going to be redundant to keep resurrecting Sidious and/or Vader. It’s fun to create a new Sith Lord for the new Jedi Order, or a long hidden one like Exar Kun. Plus, if they somehow retcon the EU post trilogy novels, well, something like the Dark Jedi Jerec from DF2 JK would be awesome, because there is an enemy that is different in how he fights as compared to say Palpatine or Vader.

  6. What? Talk of Darth Vadar returning, stupid talk it is! Yoda would say! That is because Yoda is out there somewhere having a cup of blue glowing Jawa juice with Obi Wan and Anakin. There are so many great character ideas that could be told in Episode 7, now is the perfect chance to move on from Darth Vadar and really focus on finding new Jedi knights and introducing Han and Leia’s children. If Darth Vadar is Introduced as a clone it will be a bad mistake. Please come up with a new villan for this generation instead of the cash cow villan of yesterday’s ideas.

  7. George Lucas has always said that the story he wrote was always about Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader.

    The fact that they’re calling the next episodes 7, 8 and 9 means that this is the continuing story of Anakin Skywalker. His full redemption is not yet complete!

    If they wanted to go in a different direction then they would have started over with a new name and have no continuity to the previous 6 movies.

    Btw, Disney has already announced 3 standalone spin-off movies, focusing on 3 specific characters. These will all be different from the original continuing saga.

    Getting back to Vader…I think that they will bring Anakin back as a force ghost with him telling stories (to perhaps Luke and/or his grandkids) in flashback scenes with him being a bad-ass villain, warning them about the dangers of the Dark Side. Don’t forget, by this time all will know that Palpatine/Sidious resurrected himself into a cloned body.

    All the Jedi will fail to destroy Sidious, including Luke although he fares better than the rest.

    Long story short, by Episode 9, Luke will have learned the secret to bringing force-sensitive beings back to flesh-form (perhaps only briefly). With Anakin exploding back onto the final battle scene in the flesh in the closing moments, to have a light-saber duel with Sidious.(perhaps with the opening Star Wars theme playing as he bursts onto the scene)

    Everyone will stop with jaws open and claim “The Chosen One” is back!

    Of course this is all my vision of how it should go down. It could be somewhat different but not that far off in my opinion.

  8. In episode III-Revenge of the sith emporer/chancellor palpatine says his master Darth Plagius could stop PEOPLE FROM DYING so what if he brought anikan/Darth Vader back from beyond the grave ?!?!

  9. Please no.
    Anakin’s story is over, he fell and was able to pull himself back to the light. Let it die now.
    Start a new story, move on and try to explain why there was a break between the light and the dark aspects of the force, have someone fall(preferably Leia than Luke) to start the process over again.

  10. ever read the jedi academy trilogy…? back to yavin….luke brings potential trainees….1 of them found the presence of a long dead sith exar kun…..he seduces many and….well……easy to say vader new with emperor gone…..he could have weighed his options for the new future he did talk to luke about in empire…..rule as father and son…..perhaps he wasn’t being sincere to luke about being wrong…..perhaps he was being a sith…preparing him for the dark side in episode 7.

  11. In the comic series Dark Empire, Sidious returns because he cloned extra bodies for himself and can move his spirit around. It’s not so unbelievable that he would clone Anakin for his own uses. But they better play it off well, or I will never watch another Star Wars thing again

  12. if so it might be his Grandson who ends up wearing the outfit or something like it :)

  13. Beyond stupid. If he returns, it’ll be no more than a reference to “Vader” in conversation and done. This “mole” is just trying to generate silly conjecture to throw people off.

  14. I hope he is resurrected as aniken that would be awesome

  15. Why was that even a rumor? The whole series is about Vader being REDEMED before dieing at the end. I don’t think this is even a possible option. It would be more than a failure on the part of Lucasfilm… MAYBE Anakin will appear as a ghost… MAYBE, but if he did it would be for a short time and as a good guy.

  16. It’s actually quite possible that he could return.
    In episode III, The emperor tells Anakin about this Sith myth, about a guy who could save anyone from death, the only one he couldn’t save were himself. Couldn’t it be possible that Anakin (possibly the greatest sith of them all) have learned how to save himself in order to make the sith rule again. Yes well you can always discuss whether he was turned to jedi instead of sith, but i think it’s plausible that they’ve have made him learn that move or such.

  17. Anakin/Vader spirit was clearly shown as HEALTHY Anaking with all limbs present, only possible way for Darth Vader to appear-flashbacks or something like that…

  18. Since film will rotate around Anakin grandson and his falling on a dark side, it is pretty possible that image of Darth Vader may be floating around, but as a myth or flashback or something like that,maybe some part of the movie will be dedicated to some Vader`s actions, like maybe Mara Jade storyline?

  19. I’d really like to see some something of Vader in this.. fans would go nuts if it was done right.

  20. Well since JJ was so creative on the last Trek movie using a retread Kahan, and he’s in charge of this one, get ready for his creative genius, Star Wars fans will get a retread Vader,bbbahhhhaa!!!

  21. I think it would be possible. Besides, the entire franchise is based on Darth Vader/Anakin. Maybe the will be flashbacks or Anakin somehow learned a force technique to resurrect. And they should also have Yoda and Obi Wan

    Heck maybe even Mace Windu.

  22. Bringing Vader back from the dead is like having the whole new trilogy revolving around someone as retarded as that damn jar jar binks leave Vader alone he is dead and gone for over 30 years now

  23. Darth vader was more than a man. He is fear personified throughout the whole galaxy. from what i’ve read, He has many Statues and relics. He will never be forgotten. I read that Someone non-force sensitive will wear the suit simply to instill fear and a sense of control. The empire still has it’s loyalists who are trying to rebuild and they need vader to keep people in check. there wasnt a galaxy wide announcement of his death. Empire loyalists want everyone to believe he is still ruling to gain some control in rebuilding what was lost. There are however those within the empire who know of what happened and despise him for being a traitor the the empire, going as far as toppling or defacing any statue or relic. He Has his own fortress on coruscant, Bast castle, His face is all over that for just one example, and i know that the jedi find themselves there at some point. it is what it is. 30 years or whatever aint s*** if the whole galaxy knows and fears your very name. He was a major part of everything. and no, if your only knowledge comes from the films, then trust me, vaders story has barely been told. I think he Will be used as and example and idealogy rather than an actual in the flesh return

  24. It’s inevitable. Disney didn’t pay four billion dollars for Star Wars to make movies about a runaway stormtrooper. They’re gonna want to capitalize on their Big Bankable Brand Names(TM) and ain’t nobody bigger than ole Darth. They should just cut the crap and do what I know they want to: recast Luke, Leia and Han and do movies before after and during the original trilogy. They’ve already apparently found their Leia, in a form that’s hard to dispute – Carrie’s own daughter. Do Mark and Harrison have sons, ha ha.

    The good news is, maybe Disney will get around to rebooting the horrible prequels. The basic story is great – Anakin, the golden boy, falls to the Dark Side – they just need to execute it competently. Hire Dave Filoni, he’s already got most of the story done.

  25. They can bring back Darth in flashbacks, with Carrie Fisher’s daughter playing Leia. Which begs the question, why not just do movies in that time period. Disney, you know you want to.

  26. *01.

  27. Maybe it will like an episode of that classic series “Dallas”. Pricilla will wake up rub her eyes and get out of bed. Then walk to the shower, open it and see Bobby Ewing alive and well in there. It will dawn on her that Holy S**T it’s the 1980′s again and Darth Vadar never died in Return of the of the Jedi. And we can all live happily ever after! P.S you probably got to be in your mid to lates 30′s to get this joke!

  28. in the books they said palpateen had a son that wore the right glove of darth vadar and he became the new sith lord so maby thats what the can do in the movie

    • Disney wouldn’t have bought the franchise without Vader as a prominent part of it. I have no doubt this new trilogy’s main plot is a device to bring him back, whether as a ‘force ghost’, clone or something else. And it would make sense to have a vader that is the pure evil dark side aspect, without Anakin at all. That would protect the integrity of the original arc, assuming the whole thing is written well and not contrived. Plus, no need for all the ridiculous plot rumors of inquisitors, darth Luke etc. Abrams is going to keep the story simple. These rumored sith worshippers find a way to tap into the force and bring Vader back, as a purely evil, dark side persona. It’ll be darth vader as he was written in ep 4. Or I could be totally wrong about all of this.

  29. At some point in his life, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious sought to discover a way to extend his lifetime in the hopes of avoiding death. Darth Sidious’s desire to extend his lifetime gradually developed into an obsession to live forever, causing him to develop a powerful sense of paranoia over death. Nevertheless, he finally discovered a way to cheat death, but at a great price. Through his new-found Force power, Essence Transfer, Sidious literally had the power to project his spiritual consciousness into another body. While still alive in his original body, Sidious secretly commissioned a large batch of clones that were based on his own genetic template. The clones were kept in stasis and maintained on the planet Byss in the Deep Core of the galaxy. Sidious will return at some point in the next trilogy, maybe episode 7.