Director Colin Trevorrow Being Considered For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’?

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Director Colin Trevorrow Star Wars Rumor Director Colin Trevorrow Being Considered For Star Wars: Episode 7?

Now that Star Wars: Episode 7 is no longer just a dream, the possibilities are wide open for the directors and writers who will be entrusted with carrying on the franchise. The job comes with more pressure than many would volunteer to endure, but many notable names are already being thrown around.

Apparently, we can add indie filmmaker Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) to the list of those rumored to be directing the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. The relatively unknown director may not have a proven track record, but he’s closer to the film than most.

For now, file this squarely under the ‘rumor’ category. Matthew Vaughn’s rumored connections to Episode 7 are still unsubstantiated, so Celebuzz‘s reports of an indie filmmaker being considered to helm one of the biggest sequels in film history need to be taken with a grain of salt. Trevorrow’s independent feature Safety Not Guaranteed has been garnering plenty of fans, with George Lucas reportedly one of them.

Star Wars Episode 7 Director Rumor Colin Trevorrow Director Colin Trevorrow Being Considered For Star Wars: Episode 7?

It was that film which led Lucas, the source claims, to speak with Trevorrow about Episode 7 “several months ago.” The acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney makes any previous plans by Lucas subject to change, including Trevorrow’s involvement. For now the director is one of a select few who knew about the film’s existence before it was announced, lending this rumor at least some credibility.

The idea of more Star Wars films has its pros and cons, but whatever the risks involved, the director’s chair will be sought after by plenty of highly-regarded filmmakers. Given the amount of positive responses to the Lucasfilm/Disney deal from industry notables, it seems unlikely that Disney will overlook proven talents for pure potential.

The direction that will be taken for Episodes 7-9 is still up for discussion, specifically whether the film’s writer and director will stick to the established formula or chart a brand new course. The rumors so far support the creation of a completely new story, but that doesn’t mean established characters won’t make appearances (in fact, we can likely count on it). So who better than one of the most beloved secondary figures in the series?

Star Wars Episode 7 Boba Fett Actor Comments Director Colin Trevorrow Being Considered For Star Wars: Episode 7?

Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who first brought Boba Fett to life in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, is adding his name to the list of cast members optimistic about the upcoming trilogy. Speaking with UnleashTheFanboy, Bulloch explained that the time has never been better to revisit the iconic bounty hunter:

“It would be lovely to see Boba Fett back! The technology now exists to make his jet pack even more realistic and exciting […] Realistically, I’m sure if Boba Fett were to return they would go with someone younger, but I’m still fit and can jump around. I’d love to be involved in some way, maybe a cameo as an aging Bounty Hunter in the corner somewhere.

“People are going to be talking about it non-stop, especially once filming starts, and there will be rumors left, right, and center, ridiculous ones like ‘I heard Boba Fett jet packs around the world!’ So lets all just step back, wait, and see what happens.”

Bulloch certainly isn’t the only cast member of the original trilogy to put their support behind the announcement of Episodes 7-9, with Mark Hamill understanding the fan demand, and Harrison Ford willing to reprise his role. But until official details – or more believable rumors – are provided, fans will have to make do with lengthy discussions about Episode 7‘s potential.

Star Wars: Episode 7 will be released in theaters in 2015.

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Source: MovieWeb, Unleash The Fanboy (via CBM)

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  1. Boba Fett was killed in Return of the Jedi. Fett is dead…as is the Star Wars franchise. Fett was overrated anyway. I don’t understand how he became such a fan favorite. He was Jabba’s best lawn ornament until his jet pack malfunctioned and he feel to his death–womp, womp :'(

    • The Sarlac supposedly spit him out in the Extended Universe books, for what that is worth. As for why Boba Fett became so popular, he sold merchandise so the character became a bigger part of the lore.

      And are they going to announce a new potential director each week for this vapor Star Wars movie?

      • The Extended Universe mythologies are taken with a grain of salt and spat out like a saarlac pit occupant routinely, for what it’s worth.

    • Because he was the bounty hunter that actually brought in Han Solo, the only Bounty Hunter of all of them in the movie on a pursuit for Han Solo and getting him, and then he was the mystery guy w/ the helmet who seemed badass from just sheer presence alone.

    • Actually Bobba Fett survived. If you knew your star wars you would have known that.

      • I know that when something burps it’s a sign of digestion.

        • I’m not a Star Wars nerd but don’t bodies digest in that thing over 1000 years or something? So maybe the burp was from a body from years before :)

    • I agree with the ‘Star Wars’ franchise being dead – creatively at least – they really do seem prepared to run it right into the ground. The original Trilogy was a perfectly self-contained saga that needed neither prequels (did actually SEEING it happen change anything?) nor sequels (the very sequels George Lucas has spent the last 15 years stating would never happen and he had no story for)… that being said, they need someone who’s going to think outside the box for this new trilogy, lay everything on the table with no sacred cows, and give it a fresh and original slant, and a director coming from the indie world would be a smart choice for that.

      And Lucas said he made a mistake killing off Boba Fett in ‘Return of the Jedi’, and that had he known just how popular he was, would have written his fate differently…and I agree, they should have had Fett flying off into the desert after Han whacks his jet-pack, and when they ride off in the skiff after blowing up Jabba’s barge, there should have been a wide shot with the skiff disappearing into the distance with Boba Fett suddenly appearing into frame in the foreground (like Catwoman at the end of ‘Batman Returns’) and then turns to look at the audience.

      • So don’t see them when they come out then, Mr. Stickinthemud.

        • Don’t worry about him. He’s probably still angry that they had Ozymandias use Dr Manhattan to destroy cities instead of a stupid flying alien.

      • I disagree. the franchise is very much alive. As for the way boba died, it sucks the fetts always go out like chumps. i wanted to cry when he fell in the pitt. I LOVE YOUR EDIT OF HOW IT SHOULD HAVE WENT DOWN! That would have been much more awesome than him screaming and falling into the pitt. BUT in the books it says he detonated a thermal detonator and escaped! It was cool that jango is the only person to ever beat a jedi without a light saber, that fight was epic! It was obi-wan too! nice save lucas.. I really hope he comes back as a main villain role in the new ones. Every one loves him, he just looks and acts so cool.

  2. I think it’s interesting how this director is really an unknown while Matthew Vaughn is a director rising upward in the world of movies. I really like Vaughn and this guy sounds very interested in the project, I am to and so are many others whoever they end up picking I hope they do a good job, I remember I had a boba fett action figure when I was a kid i remember ordering it online and kept waiting and waiting for it to arrive and when it did I was very satisfied lol. Id like to see boba fett again they actually wrote a comic series or a book or something where boba survives (I don’t follow or believe that) but hopefully if they bring him back in the series they do it well because I always feel like they reserect people poorly in movies and books. So I would like to see Boba come back and I’d like to see more of him because I feel that he was so awesome but he didn’t get that much screen time, we could see him as an adult behind the mask which would be cool.

    I’m cyked for this movie unlike others out there if they choose an unknown like this guy then I think it will be interesting to see what he brings to the classic trilogy I would also like to see a Vaughn star wars. Mage Vaughn could write and Colin could direct.i doubt that will happen but who knows.

    Really excited for this hope people come backs and hope new people come in.

    • Or, one directs 7, and the other one does 8.

  3. It seems like everyone who has ever directed before is being “considered” for Star Wars Episode VII… Maybe Mike Leigh will be next or Terrence Mallick?

  4. Just watched the ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ trailer – looks ok, it seems a bit of a jump tho from directing a quirky indie drama to helming the biggest sci fi movie franchise of all time, with endless expectation and the world of a billion nerds on your shoulders, will watch this space, I’m sure every director breathing right now will be associated with the role

    • Watch American Graffiti. Lucas’ direction of Star Wars wasn’t comparable to Kirsh’s development of the series, but he went from quirky youth film to Star Wars, and that worked well.

  5. Mever hear of the guy, but that image with Han Solo is awesome! 😀

  6. “‘I heard Boba Fett jet packs around the world!’”

    Nice, Robot Chicken reference. I hope they give Boba Fett not one but two lightsabers for the next trilogy. “He doesn’t use The Force, he uses force.” “He is the most interesting Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy.”

  7. I played a stormtrooper on Endor. You might remember me, I was waving my arms? Yeah. It’s time to revisit all the fantastic possibilities my character presents. Are you going to finish that soup?

  8. I liked Boba Fett, he was pretty awesome. Strong, but silent for the most part. But I don’t think bringing him back is a good idea, the GENERAL audience doesn’t go deep into the mythos. Boba Fett was eaten and should stay gone.

    • Boba Fett is a guy who is uselessly standing around in the background and who gets killed by blind man with a stick. Nothing awesome about him, except the stylish outfit. He even needed Darth Vader to capture Han Solo for him. Some bounty hunter he is. Was. 😉

      • Haha, he is like the Giant Chicken from “Family Guy” (probably why the Chicken was the one who spoofed Fett). The outfit is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But there was more things going on with Jango Fett; a more polished and important role than his son

  9. I think for all intents and purposes Boba Fett is dead. What are they going to do, inject some backstory scene and show him escaping? Ridiculous. Now if he had a clone hiding somewhere, that might be a different story. However that seems almost like another character, because he wouldn’t have the same experiences or memories…

    OK.. For the Boba Fett fans!
    Star Wars VII

    Scene 7:

    Setup- camera set at control room height just outside the Millennium Falcon Cam pulls in closing on control room passes through windows.

    Tool noises in the background; Han is heard cursing that Chewie isn’t there to help him. Silence.

    Camera still focused on the back of Falcon control room, view Through control room door can be seen, console and chairs in forefront. A young small/slight person is seen slipping past camera view. A low hissing and creaking sound is heard. Into camera view from the floor rises a startled wide eyed Han. Gun in hand, Han passes Through the doorway exiting the control room.

    Camera follows: Han searching out the strange noise. Person in dark clothing slips around corner at a run, Han pursues around curved corridor space. Catches young female spy by the arm at corridor intersection. Yelling ensues Han trying to question girl.

    Camera Closeup: As Han turns to take girl back to control room a familiar person comes into view startling Han.. The uniformed visage of Boba Fett comes into view holding a blaster to Han’s head.

    Camera Closeup Han and Fett:

    Han- I thought you died back on Tatooine.
    Fett- That person was a clone, drop the blaster.
    Han- Why now?
    Fett- A bounty.. The War.. You Understand.
    Han- So what now?
    Spy clamps manacle’s on Solo. Fett turns Han and pushes him down corridor.

    Fett- I collect..

    There you go his reintroduction. In the last act Solo kills him while escaping. Happy now…

    • I already a saw flaw: Han is cursing. This is Disney property now >:)

      • Starship Troopers and Con Air were produced by Disney (Buena Vista and Touchstone Pictures are Disney subsidiaries). Plenty of cussing there.

  10. I know we are all having fun debating who will be the “chosen one” to direct Episode 7 and all the bigger names are being talked about but I don’t think it would be a surprise at all if a lesser known director or someone off the radar got the job. Look at what Disney did with Marvel and the Phase 1 and even more so with the Phase 2 directors. I can’t think of 1 that was on anybody’s list as a sure thing and it’s been so far so pretty fricking good with that.

  11. If anything don’t let Lucas pick the director. You saw what he gave us with the prequels. This new director if he wants could give us more of the same because it fits Lucas’ current everychanging “vision” of what Star Wars should be.

  12. Holy Mother of God! I just thought of a great idea for a parody of Gangnam Style first you rename Gungan Style and you get the Gungans to perform it!

  13. I think its great news with the new star wars, there is one thing i think will be in this new one is the main 3 han,lea and luke, lets begin with them, now i think lando will be in it, and a possible Bobba,, also a new enemy will have been etablished along with a new army, technology and planets and creatures. The new plot take your pick, the word is something new and original,, so lets look at key points about the future of star wars from yoda’s conversations to luke about the force in his family take for example empire strikes back there is another, RTOJ its leas, the force runs strong in your family, and then lea in the ewok base – ive always known some how,, when she is talking to Luke,, lets take these little bits, and examine them,, and narrow them down, i feel something really good about the new star wars films when i think of these points, i think also there will be Anikin, QUiGon, and yoda in spirit form,, and maybe possibly Amadala. These are my own thaught’s on what to expect i could be wrong but i like to speculate as much as the next,, all the best everyone…

  14. i forgot to mention Yoda says to Luke pass on what you have learned ,,,