New ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Casting Rumor Points to Jack O’Connell

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Jack OConnell in The Runaway New Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Rumor Points to Jack OConnell

With cameras set to start rolling next year, pre-production for Star Wars: Episode VII is currently heavily tied up with the process of casting what will no doubt be an expansive collection of new characters. Disney is casting the net wide, with open auditions for two major roles being held all over the UK and Ireland just in case the next big star is currently hiding amongst a pool of unknown actors.

Then there are the well-known names who have been said to be up for a role; Benedict Cumberbatch in particular seems to spend most of his interviews fielding questions about whether or not he’ll be in Star Wars: Episode VII, after playing the villain in director J.J. Abrams’ last sci-fi outing, Star Trek Into Darkness. With at least two young leads yet to be cast, it also feels like we’ve also seen just about every young up-and-coming British star rumored for one role or another.

Missing from the casting rumors up until now, however, is Jack O’Connell, a 23 year-old actor who has began garnering attention for his roles in TV dramas like Skins before moving on to major feature film releases like Harry Brown and Tower Block. Bleeding Cool reports that two “very dependable” sources have both named O’Connell as “a real contender for a key role” in Star Wars: Episode VII after a meeting with Abrams that apparently went very well.

Jack OConnell in Private Peaceful New Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Rumor Points to Jack OConnell

It’s unknown whether O’Connell is up for one of the two young leads described on the casting call, or whether it’s the same role that Matt Smith was rumored to have auditioned for. As a reminder, Disney is seeking an actor between the ages of 19 and 23 to play “Thomas,” a smart and capable, if somewhat directionless, young man who doesn’t take life too seriously.

O’Connell certainly has a lot of raw talent and is still enough under the international radar to qualify as a fresh face for the franchise’s new trilogy. While this casting rumor is still unconfirmed (like most of the others), it definitely makes sense and O’Connell would be a worthy addition to the cast. You can check out this young actor playing Calisto in 300: Rise of an Empire when the film arrives in theaters next spring.


Star Wars: Episode VII arrives in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Looks a little like Harrison Ford. Maybe a young Han contender or Jacen Solo?

  2. i just dont care anymore. enough rumors. i want some official announcements, like now. i do not want to hear anymore rumors.

    • I feel pretty similar. Can’t decide if it’s because I’m tired of the rumors or if it’s because there are so many other fun movies to get excited about besides Star Wars.

      This article has been up for three hours and there’s five comments. Post something about Batman vs. Superman and you’ve got, what? 50-100 comments in the first hour? Star Wars has a big long road ahead of it to win back the loyalty of its fans. And it’s facing that road with far greater competition than that franchise has ever faced before. Maybe that’s why I can’t bring myself to get more excited about whoever this person is or whoever the last ten people were to be *rumored* to be attached to this project.

      • “And it’s facing that road with far greater competition than that franchise has ever faced before.”

        SO true!!! Back in the day Star Wars used to be THE ultimate movie franchise. Apart from some minor, low-budget horror series and the more hardcore fanbase oriented Star Trek movies there was basically nothing whatsoever. Then came LOTR and the Harry Potter series…that was in 2001…

        12 years later there are dozens of successful superfranchises, especially those related to Marvel but also Avatar, the Star Trek reboots, the oncoming DC movies, Avatar, Transformers etc…lots of them being a lot more successful than any Star Wars entry.

        I really hope Star Wars will retake some ground because I feel emotionally much more attached to it than to, let’s say Transformers or most of Marvel’s stuff, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride to reclaim the top spot again…

        • The other problem is that Star Wars is already more over exposed than any of its competition. Over exposed and reviled by fans that turned (to the dark side) against Star Wars with the advent of the evil empire (Prequel Lucasfilm).

          Fans cared so much about Star Wars, even as the over saturation exploded on toy shelves, clothes racks, diapers, paper weights, whatever. You name it. I recently saw a vintage Millennium Falcon at Toy ‘R Us, the kind I used to have when I was a kid, and it’s “on sale” for close to $400 bucks. I should have been giddy with excitement, but I found myself just kind of hurrying my kid along so that we could find the “fun” toys like Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-man, hell–even Octonauts!

          These new films have to over come serious fan hatred, plus merchandising over saturation, plus a film landscape chock full of major event movies like Avengers 2, Batman vs. Superman, and I don’t even know what all.

          Disney bought a seriously damaged property. I’m hopeful they’ll get it back on its feet again.

  3. Man, dude came a long way from Skins. Good for him.

  4. I’m all about Brit actors, but this kid looks more like a young Imperial officer than anything.

    • Or a young version of a certain Scottish actor who portrayed a certain Sith Lord :-)

  5. No more kids!

  6. hopefully he plays a Stormtrooper

  7. Here’s a heresy for you: I have never cared much for the Star Wars franchises. After the first 3 movies with Luke and Han, I had seen about all the “over the top” action I could take. Maybe too much happening at once? It got confusing who was who and why they were who they were by the fourth outing, and it seemed to just get silly. I had the same problem with Indiana Jones and the modern mummy movies. Lots of good special effects, but let’s slow down a little of the flash and dash, and get a better plot. Maybe I just wanted something a little more serious? But that could just be stick-in-the-mud me?!

  8. I used to love star wars, but like everyone here, it’s been there done that. There’s nothing to get excited about. If they want to win me over, they are gonna need a much more diverse cast than all the leads bein a white male. This being the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee, give us a kick ass beast asian Jedi. Is that too much to ask for. Lucas mentioned it but never pulled the trigger. I’m getting a little annoyed at all big pictures just having all white male leads.

    • Lucas has planned for this upcoming trilogy to be a story of the third generation of Skywalkers ever since the early 80′s. We’re not going to have a non-white lead because they will be the offspring of Han, Leia, Luke and Mara Jade.

      • I really hate seeing this. No he didn’t concoct the whole story like that. You know what I can safely say that he didn’t? Because it doesn’t matter if he did. Obviously the story needs to change over time, as there are needs and circumstances that must be met to implement whatever plan he originally had. If it were true, then by God, throw away whatever idea he had!

  9. Please no Matt Smith, I prefer my Star Wars without screaming Tumblr fangirls.

    • Not even Matt Smith as an alien? The Doctor is welcome in my book, even if he isn’t my favorite. That chin…

  10. CNN just did a story about jar jar binks returning to the star wars franchise.

  11. I looked on Ahmed Best’s omen page and he has episode 7 listed as pre production. Jar Jar Binks? What are they thinking?

    • Oh geez…

      You know, if they’d just used Admiral Akbar in Jar Jar’s place in the prequels, with his race in place of the Gunman, it would have made WAY more sense.

      • Would you look at that, Gungans got autocorrected to Gunman.