‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumor: Alex Pettyfer & Rachel Hurd-Wood Up for Roles

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star wars episode 7 pettyfer hurd wood Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor: Alex Pettyfer & Rachel Hurd Wood Up for Roles

Another day, another rumor about Star Wars: Episode VII, in the absence of any concrete updates for director J.J. Abrams’ new movie installment in the George Lucas space opera juggernaut; possibly because Episode VII is progressing forward at a slower pace than Disney/Lucasfilm anticipated. However, claims that the film will be delayed from its previously-announced Summer 2015 date to a December 2015 release date remain unconfirmed… for now.

So, what do we know about Episode VII, then? Well, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill seem prepared to reprise their Star Wars roles (Han Solo, Leia Skywalker/Solo and Luke Skywalker, respectively); meaning, the next major casting announcements should reveal who are portraying the sons and daughters of the Skywalker and Solo clan in the film.

Last month, Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling were rumored to be in consideration to play such characters as Luke’s son (in Gosling’s case); for now, it’s fair to say that neither actor is likely to sign on for the project in the future. Elsewhere, there has been talk of Chloë Grace Moretz portraying Han and Leia’s daughter in Episode VII, as started by rumors about the version that Matthew Vaughn pitched (when he was in consideration to direct). Moretz has since claimed that she’s open to joining the iconic sci-fi/fantasy franchise, but denied having any insider knowledge on the situation.

Jaina Solo Star Wars Episode 7 Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor: Alex Pettyfer & Rachel Hurd Wood Up for Roles

The newest Episode VII casting rumor comes from Latino Review, which is the same site that provided the Efron/Gosling rumor and recent (unconfirmed) claims about how the deceased Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan Kenobi might fit into the film’s narrative. LR is reporting that actress Rachel Hurd-Wood has both read and auditioned for the role of Han and Leia’s daughter – a character named Jaina in the Star Wars ‘Expanded Universe’ (read: supplementary literature, comic books, video games, etc.). Meanwhile, the site also claims that Alex Pettyfer will be meeting with the filmmakers behind Episode VII soon, as he may be in the running to play Luke’s son (named Ben in the Star Wars EU).

There were initially rumors – shortly after Disney bought Lucasfilm and confirmed Episode VII is happening – that suggested the film’s story will not be based on any EU sources. While more recent rumors haven’t totally contradicted the claim, there does seem to be a chance that the script by Michael Arndt (Oblivion) could takes its cues from the “Legacy of the Force” storyline (a series of nine books) – albeit, with significant changes, in terms of which Solo/Skywalker children are corrupted by the Dark Side and must fight to save their relative/sibling’s soul. Not to mention, what the major new threat is that our heroes must face, some three decades after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars original artwork Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor: Alex Pettyfer & Rachel Hurd Wood Up for Roles

If nothing else, the (unconfirmed – noticing a pattern?) Episode VII casting call indicates that there are a couple of roles that people like Pettyfer and Hurd-Wood would be sensibly choices to fill, in terms of their ages and physical appearances. Hurd-Wood is the sort of lesser-known who’s traditionally been cast in a Star Wars film, with her major roles to date being in movies like Peter Pan (2003), Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and Solomon Kane; Pettyfer, by comparison, is a bigger name (see: I Am Number Four, Magic Mike), but not at all what you would call an A-lister. As far as acting chops go: Hurd-Wood is arguably the stronger of the two candidates, but Pettyfer has managed to turn in solid work when he’s paired with a good director.

That is to say, while neither Hurd-Wood nor Pettyfer may be on anyone’s dream cast list for Episode VII, they’re the sort of up and comers who usually wind up playing the central roles in Star Wars live-action movies. So, even if neither of the two casting potentials wind up snagging a role, there’s a good chance that people of equal performance caliber will take their spots. (Hey, they just have to be better than Hayden Christensen, right?)


Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to open in theaters by 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Don’t know who they are, so I already like it better than Efron/Gosling.

  2. Can’t bring myself to muster more than a “meh” at any and all ep. 7 rumors.

  3. Perfect timing for this, I was just watching I am Number Four and I thought to myself Alex Pettyfer would fit great in the star wars universe. He has that whole jedi look.

  4. I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t quite mind Hayden Christensen in the prequels. I just thought the material they gave him and his fellow actors was complete garbage.

    • T too want to see Hayden.

    • Hayden Christensen gets blamed for what was not his fault.
      Better story, script, and director for the prequels and
      no one would be pointing their fingers at him.

      • This.

      • Sorry Mr Palmar, I gotta disagree. He’s abysmal in anything he appears in. Look at his filmography – recognize anything? I think he’s a c-grade actor, making c-list movies (although I will admit to hearing decent things about Shattered Glass). If you have to watch something else he’s “acted” in for proof, try Jumpers…
        Just abysmal…

        • Well, I have not seen Christensen in anything else.
          I was just saying the prequel’s faults were not his.

        • Jumper is a bad example, that much like Twilight had an interesting concept but the people involved in its writing and execution dropped the ball as a collective. His other roles like AJ in the movie Takers is actually really likeable & sympathetic. If anything he just needs the proper motivation, material, and direction much like James Franco, or Kirsten Dunst.

          • My impressions exactly. With mostly a strong director to draw him out.
            Fame may have come too soon for him and his initial training may
            not have been the best but underneath Hayden has talent.

        • Overlooking Samuel L. Jackson’s hair (which we’ll agree to never speak of again), Jumper was an amazing movie. I don’t understand AT ALL why people hate on it. I would really like to see more of that universe on the big screen.

      • Well, I saw him in something else, and was not much more impressed. So if theoretically, the story/script/director were better for the prequels, Hayden might actually get more fingers pointed at him if his acting still did not come across well. Hard to say…

        As it is, I certainly agree that he did not have good material to work with.

        • He was in a film called Takers about bank robbers which was pretty decent starring Idris Elba and Paul Walker.It came out the same time around Ben Affleck’s The Town so it got slept on by most of the public.

      • +1!

      • Definitely agree with this.

      • I’m up for Hayden Christianson being back in these movies, I don’t think he did a bad job considering the script of the second movie

    • I liked him too. The scene where he talks about killing the sand people is about the only emotional scene in the whole trilogy.

  5. No – use Georgina Haig and Freddie Highmore

  6. I hate pettyfer and I’m not really familiar with Rachel Hurd-wood I wouldn’t be suprised if they end up getting unknown actors for the film to be honest

  7. Rachel Hurd-Wood, she was Wendy in Peter Pan.
    She was a real charmer there as a child star.
    I have lost track of her and I am curious.

  8. I think that it would be great if Episode VII uses some of the story lines from the Legacy of the Force series.

  9. Jedi Stripper. Nice.

    • She is the girl who played the prettiest in Perfume: Murderer’s Story.

      • Mindscribble is referring to Alex Pettyfer
        who played a stripper in Magic Mike.
        Did not see it but Alex is in it.

  10. Rachel Hurd-Wood…

    Wasn’t she Randy “The Ram” Robinson’s daughter in The Wrestler and appeared in her (ex?) boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s music video for “Heart Shaped Glasses”?

    • That’s Evan Rachel Wood.

      • Thanks for correcting me, wasn’t sure when I saw the name. Easy mistake to make.

        • No worries.

  11. I’m not a huge Alex Pettyfer fan, but he does bear a certain resemblance to Hayden Christiansen, and although it could bring up bad memories, it is also a logical choice to carry on the family resemblance. Of course, resemblance doesn’t mean jacksquat if the story is terrible (looking at you, Superman Returns). I have a lot of faith in Michael Arndt though.

  12. When I read the second paragraph, the geek side of me suddenly took over. Even though it was revealed that Leia was Luke’s sister, she never took on the Skywalker surname. As a matter of overall fact, the expanded universe called her Leia Organa and Leia Organa Solo. Only the Noghri called her ‘sister of Skywalker’. rofl…

    • Even though I do not like the current state of “Star Wars”, I am a massive fan of Timothy Zhan’s novels. As a result of reading all of Zhan’s novels, I truly believe he should be writing “Episode VII”. Only Timothy Zhan can recapture the spirit of old-school “Star Wars”.

    • Didn’t they also call her “Lady Vader” or something vexing like that? Leia was not particularly fond of being Darth Vader’s daughter, which makes a lot of sense. Oh Expanded Universe, how we have grown to love thee…

      *all hell breaks loose*

      • @ J83, Yep.

        I think her Noghri body guards also called her ‘Lady Vader’.

  13. Still waiting for real information about new characters/story.

  14. All I want is Chloe moretz.
    She would be fantastic.

    And I wouldn’t mid Zachary efron. He’s not a half bad actor. Watched him in the lucky one and he was pretty good.

    • +1

    • Love Chloe too but maybe too young for this?
      Not sure of the character profiles for this movie.

  15. I would be excited for Pettyfer just because he was alex rider! he wasnt bad then and im sure hes better(though not great) now. though im not sure he could pull off an american accent and if his parents dont sound British it would be wierd

    • Everyone in the Star Wars universe switches back and forth between British and American accents.

    • Alex can pull off an American accent just fine ….. he did an American accent in Beastly,I Am Number Four,Magic Mike and In Time so that wouldn’t be an issue.

  16. Sort of disappointed that they might use the Legacy of the Force story line. Considering that it will just be more light saber duels instead of the far more interesting Yuuzhan Vong. I think they would be the best villains introduced in Star Wars seeing as how the Jedi struggled to fight against them. The casting choice does seem to be decent I mean it is Star Wars they lowered the bar long ago. They can give new young actors the chance to really shine and become household names instead of using all ready famous people. We already have a shortage of action stars we need more and until we know more about the progression of this movie it is safe to say that unknowns may be just what this movie franchise needs. Also December sounds better than summer it is Star Wars after all it would make a great Christmas movie.

  17. Alex, yes. However Rachel please just no. She can’t do it.

  18. Alex Pettyfer. I still remember him as Alex Rider in that terrible Stormbreaker movie. I loved those books, but man did that movie disappoint me. I suppose it wasn’t his fault, though.

    About Star Wars, I’m fine with both.

  19. I hope it is rated pg and there is Romans and a big battle

  20. If that Pettyfer rumor is true, it would be a HUGE let-down for me. Pettyfer looks like Obi-Wan, not Ben Skywalker. However, his I Am Number Four co-star JAKE ABEL exactly looks like Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen. How can they be so ignorant?

    Just look up some pictures of Abel and compare them to young Hamill and Christensen. They’re like family. Pettyfer does not belong there. Not even remotely…

    MAJOR mistake! He may be more popular than Abel but he’s the wrong guy. JAKE ABEL needs to, must be Ben Skywalker…

  21. I would like to see Luke going through a jedi ‘mid life crisis’ with a wife half his age (and possibly from Bespin) and a convertible (but fast) spacecraft.

  22. They are playing young Luke and Leia after the originals accidentally go back in time and create an alternate reality.

  23. Just finished watching Bates Motel and as soon as i saw the character Dylan played by Max Thieriot i instantly thought Skywalker !!!


    • Max is superb in Bates Motel and he is a
      better choice than many names mentioned.

  24. Please no when it comes to Pettyfer!!!! Just hearing stories of how he acts on set is a turn off, and that’s besides he isn’t that good of an actor.

    I don’t know Rachel Hurd Wood that much, so I really can’t judge anything.

    I agree with an above commenter on Jake Abel (from the two Percy Jackson films). He would be awesome in these movies.

  25. I love all the “unconfirmed”casting rumors, they an make a day interesting….honestly though I like these choices. But I think these would be better if they were cast as Han and Leia’s twins. He has the look of Jedi and someone who can be a Sith Lord. She has the look of someone who that is good in the force but Ca become that bad a$$ when she needs to be.

  26. …did you just copy and paste what I posted?

  27. To hire Pettyfer will be like taking a bunch of scorpions inside your underwear . Rumour has it he is a pain in the neck and difficult to work with.

  28. I dont know these actors.. In Abrams I trust

  29. Pettyfer starred in I Am Number Four and Beastly, both are movies based on Twlight-genre books, at least Efron has become a decent actor and, lets be honest, kinda looks like younger Luke anyways ;p