‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Potential Young Lead Revealed

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Maisie Richardson Sellers cast in Star Wars Episode VII Star Wars: Episode 7 Potential Young Lead Revealed

Star Wars: Episode VII is one of the biggest upcoming movies of the next few years. It’s so big, in fact, that it doesn’t necessarily need well-known stars playing the leads in order to attract an audience. Disney seems to be approaching casting with this in mind, and thus the studio has been seeking new heroes through open casting and a pool of newcomers (rather than handing out roles to already famous young stars).

The shortlist of young male leads includes young British theater actors and lesser-known film and TV stars like Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) and John Boyega (Attack the Block), but early character descriptions suggested that Star Wars: Episode VII will be led at least one male and one female character. Numerous actors, including Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o, have been rumored to play the young heroine, but the latest reports suggest that Disney’s open casting search in the UK may have turned up a winner.

THR reports that several sources have named Maisie Richardson-Sellers, an Oxford University graduate who so far only has short film and theater credits, as being in line for a potentially major role in Star Wars: Episode VII. While there’s no confirmation yet as to which character Richardson-Sellers is in line for, one role that has yet to be filled is a young black or mixed race woman, who may be the daughter or granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi (according to the rumor mill, that is).

Star Wras Episod VII Ewan McGregor returning as Obi Wan Kenobi Rumors Star Wars: Episode 7 Potential Young Lead Revealed

Has Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter been cast?

Star Wars: Episode VII is set thirty years after the end of Return of the Jedi, and will focus on the children of the characters from the original trilogy. In addition to the young Kenobi, the offspring of Luke, Leia and Han Solo would also lead the young cast. All are crucial roles that will be key to establishing the strength of this new trilogy; the prequels aren’t exactly remembered fondly, so this new Star Wars movie really needs to be impressive.

The new Star Wars sequel will begin filming in May, primarily in the UK at Pinewood Studios but with some location shoots set for other countries, including Morocco. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all expected to reprise their roles, and this close to the start of production we’re expecting official casting announcements for the new young leads any day now. If THR‘s sources are on the money, then Richardson-Sellers could well be one of them.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in U.S. theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Off topic, but has Billy Dee Williams been confirmed yet to return ?

    She could play Lando’s daughter.

    • Id buy that more than Obi Wan having kids. Obi Wan was always described as a hermit for Ep IV. Hermits dont have kids. Yes yes, I know… 15 years give or take a couple would allow for him to have time to meet and mate, but it just doesn’t fit the character. If they do this, then it will be the first Jar Jar for this series.

      • That, and Obi was a diehard Jedi. I probably won’t bother with this movie if he miraculously has a grandchild. I’m not with it.

        • It could be the daughter of someone Obi-Wan adopted in between the span of III and IV. I know it’s far-fetched, but its definitely more believable than Kenobi having a biological offspring.

          • I could swallow that.

        • Yeah. Anakin fell to the dark side in part because he wouldn’t tell Kenobi that he (Anakin) was in a relationship knowing Kenobi wouldn’t accept that…

      • Uh no, putting Jar Jar in the film would be the first Jar Jar for this series. In the twenty or so years that took place between Ep 3 and 4 I think it’s plausible for him to have hooked up with someone, he’s only human, the Jedi aren’t perfect, I think the prequels and the unhappy setting for the old trilogy is enought evidence of that.

        • In the Clone Wars series it was shown he had ‘strong feelings’ for Sateen of Mandalore which shows he also had a time dealing with matters of the heart. And as the Jedi order was effectively gone so too could his strict following of the code. He was still a jedi but he was also a much mellower guy by the time a new hope came around part of his new found mellowness could be down to some ‘Stress Relief’ *wink wink*

          • In the novel “Kenobi”, which came out last year, Obi-Wan sort of has a brief romance when a widow he meets a few months after arriving on Tatooine(the novel is sort of a Star Wars western). But that was mostly one sided with the widow(a blonde woman about Obi-Wan’s age) seeing Obi-Wan as a potential “suitor” but Obi-Wan seeming to see her and her family more as some people he wanted to help. The widow’s 17 year old daughter had a crush on him also and found out his last name because she was spying on him in his hut while he talked to Qui-Gon out loud(he had just been telling people his name was Ben with no last name).

            TL;DR: (According to the soon to be defunct EU) Obi-Wan met a young widow on Tatooine. May or may not have had feelings for her, but avoided attachment.

  2. Is this going to follow the books or is this going to be an original story?

    • You haven’t been following the updates, have you?

  3. Well, Mr. Obvious, Billy Dee Is A Guy.

  4. I thought Jedi weren’t supposed to canoodle with the ladies? Isn’t that part of what started Anakin down the path to the darkside since it was against Jedi code? How then does Obi-Wan have kids or grandchildren?

    • Exactly!

      He was too busy learning how to become a blue glowy.

  5. OT:Maisie seem like a perfect fit for Storm, since I’ve read in another article from another website that Fox might consider making spin-off films other than wolverine. I would love to see a(n) origin film about Storm.

  6. My initial response was the same — Obi-Wan got bizzay with a tusken raider while studying the ways of the Force in a cave? Huh… I dunno about that.

    I would love for Lando to return to the franchise so I really hope the heroine is Lando’s relation(if she absolutely must be related to a character in the previous series, that is)…

  7. It’d be great to have an unknown actor like her make a big splash in this film. Seems cool.

    But the “Obi-Wan’s” granddaughter angle sounds uncomfortably close to a “baby Boba Fett”-type cutesy move that cheapens the overall tapestry. Not everyone has to be related to everyone else, especially not when it seems inconsistent with prior characterization.

  8. Immaculate Jedi Conception. Probably one of Queen Amidala/Padme’s handmaidens.

  9. How did they get obi wans grand daughter … Try Mace Windu .. I beleave the characters name is either Mia Windu or Mahia Windu

    • Now that… that would be a whole lot more awesome.

  10. I just started watching the Clone Wars and they say that Obi-Wan had a thing with the Dutchess of Mandalore so to me it doesn’t seem like a crazy idea that once the temple fell he wouldn’t strictly adhere to the Jedi Code anymore. Also didn’t Luke get married in the books, and if so why is everybody acting like this is crazy it’s not like some Jedi haven’t had relationships before?

    • Except, for as far as the writers of this movie are concerned those episodes never happened. Same with the EU Novels. When it comes to the movies, nothing outside the movies ever counts.

  11. “the prequels aren’t exactly remembered fondly”… well excuse me but I enjoyed every one of them.

    Now, who was Obi Wan´s love interest so he could have a daughter/grandaughter?
    Ep. I-III never covers this, he was a jedi! attachment forbidden. plus, didn´t he pass the last 20 of his years as a hermit on Tatooine?

    • I didn’t, and a lot of people would agree. But that’s just our opinion, of course.

  12. Totally looks like she could be Lando’s daughter, obviously her skin color makes her a pretty clear fit, but she actually looks like she could be his daughter. Would be pretty cool if that was who she was playing potentially.

  13. “the prequels aren’t exactly remembered fondly” –says you. Don’t buy into the attempted mind trick of believing the minority of people who would have everybody agree that the prequels were horrible and Lucas ruined them and so on and so forth. I was 11 when ANH hit theaters and so I grew up with the OT. I will agree they are not perfect and there are some things I wouldn’t mind changing if it were up to me, but overall, I really enjoyed the PT.

    Now about this actor being cast as Obi-Wan’s daughter or granddaughter? Seriously? Come on, stop listening to the “rumor mill”. That just would not make any sense as many others have pointed out. I have more faith in Lawrence Kasdan and JJ Abrams as the screenwriters for Episode VII.

    • Seriously, come on the prequels were just very, very, very bad and really tough to watch considering i’m a huge Star Wars fan. The only folks that i’ve come across that liked them were younger kids… but to each their own…

  14. I’m laughing at the comments who said they’d give up on this movie if she was Obi Wan’s granddaughter. You’re the kind of people who not only predetermine a movie from something completely trivial, but probably look through a truly great film just because their ideas are different than that of the director’s.

    • By the books there are adventures of various characters before, during and after the movies. Darth Maul has a few and most just saw him being bad-ass and died (his fault btw). That doesn’t mean he didn’t have anything else going on. Same for Kenobi. All we know is that he was a hermit for the past millions years and grew old. Come on, if Lego could do a movie about young IAN = HAN, there shouldn’t any problems here.

  15. I submit that Obi happily donated a few…hundred cups of his seeds. Just saying. He was a broke ass hermit living out in nowhere land. The traders come by, pay him for the umm service and off they go to sell it off. This is the future people it wouldn’t be a big thing by then. He could have had a love slaw Jawa for all we know. The real problem is being able to tell whether it is a he or a she. I’m sure Obi, being a hermit and all, wouldn’t care.

    • Star Wars happened a long time ago, not in the future.

  16. Lando’s daughter / girlfriend (he was rather cool) or perhaps its muther f***ing snakes on a mutha f***ing plane lightsaber swinging gangster Mace Windu’s grand daughter…. Either way, if you guys in the USA have not seen this girl you will all be impressed after you have seen her in something, she has more than enough acting ability