‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumor Patrol: New Casting Call & Potential Young Stars

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Star Wars original artwork Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: New Casting Call & Potential Young Stars

Only a Sith deals in absolutes, but many a Star Wars fans would gladly accept some concrete details about Episode VII, now that we’ve amassed close to a year’s worth of rumored plot breakdowns and speculative casting selections. As it stands, though, the only confirmed pieces of information right now concern who is working behind the scenes on the film: legendary executive producer Kathleen Kennedy (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park), Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Oblivion) and geek culture staple director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Super 8).

A report that Star Trek Into Darkness antagonist Benedict Cumberbatch will be acquiring force powers in Episode VII emerged over the Labor Day holiday, but the actor’s reps have since denied that he has been cast (which could be true even if the actor has been in talks for a role). Elsewhere, Abrams’ love of subterfuge has made it difficult to separate pure rumor from legitimate casting possibilities, but a clearer picture starts to form when you put together all recent claims about who has (and has not) auditioned for a Star Wars role to date.

The casting breakdown for Episode VII has been circulating online for a couple months now, with the rundown of new additions to the Star Wars universe including two female characters in their late teens and two male leads in their 20s. So far, the consensus among fans is that some, if not all, of these described young Episode VII players will be either the grown-up children of Leia and Han Solo or Luke Skywalker (for the uninitiated, the latter married Mara Jade in the Star Wars Expanded Universe).

Star Wars Episode 7 Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Legacy of Force New Jedi Order Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: New Casting Call & Potential Young Stars

Showbizz 411 is reporting that the following casting call – for an “Untitled Studio Feature” from Disney and director J.J. Abrams (hint, hint) – has been sent out in New York City, and the rundown of character details align with the aforementioned cast breakdown for Episode VII.

  • [YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Handsome, but not necessarily heroic. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.
  • [MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.
  • [YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, raw energy, independent and with a great sense of humor.

Jedi News has been informed by its source that 31-year old Spartacus: Vengeance and War of the Damned star Liam McIntyre and 25-year old Lost Girl actress Ksenia Solo (yep, that’s her real last name) are being considered for roles in Episode VII. This rumor arrives just a week after reports that 23-year old Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and 22-year old Rachel Hurd-Wood (Hideaways) have either auditioned or are in the running to join the cast of Abrams’ Star Wars feature. In other words, if we judge solely based upon these actors and actresses respective ages, then if feasible that each of them are vying for different roles in the film; for example, McIntyre could be up to play the “handsome and confident” man in his late 20s (whereas Pettyfer is still rumored to be up as a contender to portray Luke Skywalker’s son).

star wars episode 7 mcintyre solo Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: New Casting Call & Potential Young Stars

Liam McIntyre and Ksenia Solo are rumored for ‘Episode VII’

Cast-wise, Episode VII is expected to bear a resemblance to the main lineup in Abrams’ Star Trek movies, by featuring a combination of fresh-faced (i.e. attractive) rising stars and more experienced character actors; not to mention, a few seasoned franchise veterans who can pass the torch to a new generation (read: symbolically/literally bridge the gap between past Star Wars installments and the new era). As such, although Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are expected to reprise their iconic roles from Episodes IV-VII in Abrams’ Star Wars film, their “fit” costars will be the main focus in Episode VII.

Assuming this is the case, then you could accuse the people behind Episode VII of playing it safe, by recreating the formula that evolved the longstanding cult Star Trek movie franchise into a bankable mainstream success (an approach that has left many older Trekkies grumbling). However, seeing how Episode VII will need to feature a number of young stars – some of whom may not be in their acting prime yet – and introduce Lucas’ fantastical galaxy far, far away to a generation that hasn’t grown up watching the previous Star Wars films, it’s all the more important that the film balance innovation with tradition.

star wars episode 7 production release date Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumor Patrol: New Casting Call & Potential Young Stars

No doubt, Abrams and his collaborators are taking all of the aforementioned issues under consideration during the casting and pre-production process for Episode VII, whether we are talking about bringing back original Star Wars trilogy cast members for new movies or relying on a mixture of classic practical effects and modern CGI in the film. For such reasons, it could be seen as an encouraging sign that Episode VII is replicating the Star Trek (2009) model for success, not least of all because members of both the pro and anti-Abrams’ camps seem to be in agreement on one matter: his method always felt like it would’ve been more appropriate on a Star Wars movie than Star Trek, anyway.


Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

Source: Showbiz 411, Jedi News [via CBM]

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  1. Hope this does not get lost the 2015 shuffle. With all these “blockbusters” coming out my head might explode

    • Its coming out in december very smart

        • I heard somewhere that Disney is denying the December release keep in mind I don’t know how reliable the source is but either way it still isn’t confirmed

  2. Liam McIntyre is definitely someone i could see in star wars especially if he plays a character similar to how he played Spartacus

    • You are SO CORRECT!! He totally MORE than made up for the late great Andy Whitfield’s role in Spartacus. Andy could Never be replaced however Liam did and AMAZING job filling his shoes and helped make Spartacus War of the Damned the best mini series ending I have Ever seen. The final episode did not leave an eye dry.

    • I agree. Liam did soo well in Spartacus that I can see him in a Star Wars role with the same type of similar role. After the Andy passing I thought the show would just fall apart and Liam held it together. To this day Spartacus has done the best series finale episode/season. I think Breaking Bad could give it a run for best ending but Deknight and company did set the bar pretty high so it’s going to have to be pretty epic.

    • I havent seen Spartacus but I think he could definitely pass as Han’s kid

      • Could be dificult being Han’s son as Anakin dies aged 17 and Jacen is killed by his sister aged 32 after turning to the dark side.

        • There’s nothing that says the film will follow established canon; in fact, I hope they abandon it all and start fresh. The EU is such a convoluted mess, it would be great to see a new, unified vision.

          • The EU is not a convoluted mess. It’s way more coherent and in sync with the rest of the SW universe than most other franchises. If anything, I hope they continue on seamlessly.

            • There’s no guarantee it will follow ROTJ…the vets could be there just as a focal point. I think the darth bane series would garner mega bucks considering the average joe doesn’t understand why there are only two. Probably just wistful thinking though. What follows the ROTJ is a cluster smurf and hard to follow… Old republic is much better and bane would make darth Vader look like a punk…but finding a man that size would be difficult considering he’s gotta be Able to act

    • He should have been given a shot at being Batman.

  3. I have nothing but faith in abrams after how he skillfully handed STAR TREK a new lease on film life and can’t wait to see what fresh new take his version will undoubtedly bring .

  4. I really hoped starkiller woud turn up in this but looks like its gunna be luke and leias kids ! I just hope we get jabba the huts kids too

    • Jabba’s kids would be awesome….I wonder who the mom would be….:o

      • human maybe ? maybe him and leia had a kid together lol

      • Hutts are asexual so jabba would be both the father and mother

    • … Really? Wow.

    • Damn no starkiller

  5. This is amazing news, at least the part about Liam McIntyre. He’s a great actor and this will be a fantasic follow up to Spartacus. If he and Cumberbatch get cast they will have gained some great talent so far.

    If not, then Liam McIntyre for Aquaman.

    • Oh wow. I never thought about Liam as Aquaman but now I can totally see it. They should have casted him for the “prequel” or “sequel” for 300. I think he could do wonders for that movie

  6. So, Star Wars is replicating the “Star Trek model of success”, which was based off of the Star Wars model of success. ;)

  7. awesome i loved Liam McIntyre in Spartacus it was very clear his career was going to take off after it ended.

    @Bob holly crap dude he would make an amazing Aquaman i never thought of that, good call.

  8. I had faith in Abrams until I saw Into Darkness.

    • He’ll probably be fine for Episode 7, but I think sequels are where he’s rocky. Hopefully, they’ll switch him out with another great director for Episode 8.

  9. Ksenia Solo would be an awesome choice (and not just because of name ;) ). I really like her on Lost Girl.

    • What has she been in I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything?

      • She’s on the show Lost Girl and she was one of the other ballerinas in Black Swan.

  10. I am 100% on board with Liam McIntyre in any role, dude is intense and can go to the extremes of a character while keeping the characters subtleties to ground them. If this is going the Solo twins/Ben Skywalker route I would love to see McIntyre as Jacen Solo and Cumberbatch as the Sith that turns him.

    • That would be a piece of fantastic acting by Cumberbatch, playing the part of Lumiya, a female Sith.

  11. Wait, her last name is Solo? She’s hired!

  12. I hope Ksenia Solo gets the role for the YOUNG WOMAN, I think that would be perfect for her!!!

  13. I am still hoping for Chloe Moretz.

  14. Still Hope Joseph Gatt gets a role in this movie……maybe Anthony Starr…a mandalorian or some other kindof Bounty Hunter, what about Manu Bennett

    • Another Spartacus alum? that would RULE!!

  15. Really hoping Golden Globe nominee Benedict Cumberbatch and Critic’s nominee Chloe Grace Moretz get cast.

  16. Ksenia Solo cast as….. Ksenia Solo ! no need for a name change. Her name fits the movie already.

    • how do you pronounce ksenia???? k is silent?

  17. I just looked at pics of Kaenia Solo. Wow, she is a looker. I hope that she’s going to be in Episode VII.

  18. Liam was awesome as Spartacus. Andy would’ve been proud. I can definitely see him wielding a light saber. But I would love to see him play a Sith or he can even be Luke’s 20 something son. Liam just turned 31, so he’s not too off from playing someone in their late 20s

  19. Liam is a very good choice, can’t wait for more of him.

    • Happy for Liam, he did an incredible job as Spartacus. I wanted him for Batman, with his voice, size and looks he could have been great but if he lands the role of a Jedi I would be stoked. As mentioned above he could make a great Aquaman and even Hawkman. Go Liam!

  20. Spartacus!!!! If he’s in it!?!? I’m now pumped!!!! Hopefully he’ll have duel wield lightsabers!!

  21. Ke$sha is going through the rumor mill as being Leia and Hans child that gets ubducted and turned to female Sith who becomes the main antogonist

  22. Yes Ke$ha is highly rumored to play as Leia and Hans child who becomes the main villian for episode 7.

  23. Guys! GUYS! this is a totally rip off of one of my Diamond Class games Super Star Wars for the SNES, COME ON they are totatly taking everything right out of the book on that one! Be on the look out for future Diamond Class games rip offs

  24. You watch and see Abrams recast Luke, Leia and Han just like he recast all of Star Trek. Watch the fan sh#tshow begin!!

    • *force…sorry

  25. I just saw the movie “Disconnect” and the character Kyle comes to mind. I think Max Thieriot will be perfect for the son of Luke Skywalker. He looks like him. He is an up and coming actor. And he can hold his own.

  26. And they should check out Hailee Steinfeld.