‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

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star wars episode 7 release date2 Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

After months of speculation, rumors, denials, and retractions, the cast of Star Wars: Episode 7 has finally been revealed. Fans had long expected original stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker to return but the casting announcement (and photo) made their inclusion official – with newcomers John Boyega (Attack the Block), Daisy Ridley (Scrawl), Adam Driver (Girls), Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), Andy Serkis (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Domhnall Gleeson (About Time), and Max von Sydow (Shutter Island) confirmed for yet-to-be revealed roles.

Understandably, the press release drew a wide range of reactions: some geeked out or poked fun, while others fired-off biting social commentary – most notably for the lack of diversity (and Lando) present in the current cast. Now that the initial elation/frustration has subsided, we’re taking a look back at the most interesting reactions to the news – as well as the best Star Wars: Episode 7 announcement photoshops.

Of course the list is not all-inclusive, so once you’ve had a chance to read our picks, share your favorites in the comments.


These Are the Tweets You are Looking For

star wars episode 7 cast Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

These days, Twitter has become the go-to source for breaking news and reactions – and it did not take long for the social media service to deliver an expansive look at Star Wars fandom (and skepticism). Tweeters relished in the nostalgia, studying the photo and its participants for clues, while others poked-fun at all the celebrating – since, given the nature of the internet, the conversation will likely turn to vicious trashing of the production as more details are revealed.

For a taste of the post-press release atmosphere, check out a collection of our favorite tweets below:










Master Jedi Photoshops

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Globe Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Once the Internet was done pouring over the actual announcement, attention turned to the attached photo that showcased the stars and filmmakers in casual conversation – until fans started altering the image with Photoshop.

Creative photo editors toyed with the black and white image in a variety of entertaining ways – importing loathed Star Wars characters as well as turning the table read into a rebel mission briefing.

Check out a collection of our favorite photoshops below (credit to Twitter user @michael_lobster for the image above and IGN who called for the submissions):

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Abrams Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @kaybi

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Admiral Ackbar Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @Thomas_Kearney

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop George Lucas Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @fogdark7

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Jar Jar Binks Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @agentbizzle

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Lens Flare Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @studioexec1

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Photo Photoshop Jedi Council Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Credit: Twitter user @DailyDanMilano


I Find Your Lack of Lando Disturbing

Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams Star Wars Episode 71 Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Unfortunately, Billy Dee Williams did not appear in the cast announcement – meaning that fan-favorite scoundrel (with a heart of gold), Lando Calrissian, is unlikely to appear in Star Wars: Episode 7. With the inclusion of prior heroes Luke, Han, and Leia, many moviegoers expected that Lando would also be asked back – with some fans even speculating that John Boyega would play the character’s son (as potential Jedi in training).

Yet, despite interest from Williams, Lando has yet to be confirmed for the new trilogy, causing outrage on social media – and, since this is the Internet, sparking more than one online petition.

Upset about the absence of Lando in Star Wars: Episode 7? Sign the “Billy Dee Williams for Star Wars 7, 8, and 9” petition – then check out our favorite Lando-inspired tweets:






 Bring Balance to the Force (with More Female Characters)

Princess Leia Stormtroopers Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

One of the biggest (legitimate) criticisms that came in the wake of the cast announcement was the lack of new female characters that will be included in the main roster. Out of the seven new cast members, only one of them (Daisy Ridley) is female.

Following the press release (and subsequent frustration from the fan community),the trades reported that Abrams still had one principle female role to fill. While it’ll be interesting to see which actress takes the final female spot on the cast, there’s no doubt that, for many, the hiring of only two women (verses six men) was a letdown – especially in a series that often bucks the “damsel in distress” princess stereotype.

Read some of the most biting criticisms below:

“Are we seriously still pretending that the universe is comprised almost entirely of men (and mostly white men at that)? Mythic tales are supposed to open up possibilities, not shut them down.” - Annalee Newitz (io9)


“Representation is a tricky issue. You want to let storytellers tell the stories they want without presenting them with a checklist of things/people they must include. At the same time you kind of hope that, seven movies into a saga that spans almost forty years in real time, somebody would have figured out that women like to see these movies and also like to see themselves onscreen and also can do most of the things in a movie that a man can do.” – Devin Faraci (Badass Digest)





Late Night Loves Star Wars Too

Star Wars Conan Clip Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

Long before social media, late night hosts were making viewers laugh with tongue-in-cheek bits as well as crude photo and video edits that mocked the entertainment info of their day. Hollywood news (and celebrity antics) continue to be a generous font for evening comedians – and the Star Wars casting announcement was no different.

From Star Wars movie characters that happened to be in Conan’s audience to a “Wag of the Finger” from soon-to-be Late Show host Stephen Colbert, J.J. Abrams and his Episode 7 cast members have been the butt of several evening programming hosts.

Check out our favorite video clips below:


Retro Casting Revealed

Original Star Wars Casting Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

The most interesting response to the Star Wars: Episode 7 casting was not a sneak peek at what is to come – it was an opportunity to look back at the early days of a franchise that has come to mean so much, to so many people.

In a series of posts to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Facebook page (via Business Insider), the organization shared black and white scans of original cast announcements for Star Wars: Episode 4 – including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Alec Guinness.

We’ve included a few of the photos below, but make sure to check them all out (along with other Star Wars-related news print scans) at the link above. Click to see the full images.


We still have more than a year before the cast of Star Wars: Episode 7 actually make it to the big screen - meaning that there’s still plenty of time for J.J. Abrams to address critics and skeptics.

In the coming months we’ll be offering updates (and podcast discussions) on the Star Wars: Episode 7 production as they’re revealed – including who will be cast in that second female role.

Stay up to date at our Star Wars movie page - HERE.


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Star Wars: Episode 7 opens worldwide on December 18, 2015.

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  1. I have to say…that’s kind of a dull bunch of tweets. Not very witty, aside from the IKEA one. Surely the internet is doing better than that.

    Also, I would be shocked, SHOCKED, if Lando did not appear in at least a cameo in this new trilogy. This is just the main cast, and we’ve even had the rumor of another significant female role.

    • I hope they keep her under wraps f possible given that she will be Sith/Darkside

  2. Women are hilarious. Why do they want more women in SW? You know that as soon as they write a female character, ALL she’s ever going to end up doing is drool all over another men character and try to get in a relationship. Stupid films like Twilight and Hunger Games have female leads as “heroines”, but they all end up being h*rny girls that want a boyfriend.

    Princess Leia was no different, and all potential female leads will be too.

    • Such sexism. Wow.

      • Yeah, I agree. Such sexism. You do understand that isn’t MY view on women, right? I’m talking about the likelihood of women being portrayed like that in this movie.

    • Please tell me that was a really bad attempt at sarcasm.
      You can’t actually be that stupid…

      If you weren’t kidding…could you kindly go back to the 1840s..?

      • No sarcasm at all. But you did miss the point. Read the above.

    • Agreed, the only female heroine that comes to mind as not being like that is Weaver’s Ripley in the Alien films.

      • Her, and Sarah Connor as well, although she did hook up with Kyle Reese, but I guess that’s just what happens when you’re chased by a roid rage terminator :)

    • Have you actually watched the movies? In the OT, Leïa was visibly more interested in her role in the rebellion than in romance. Same in the PT where it was Anakin who did the drooling, not Padme. Both finally gave in to their suitors after resisting them and certainly didn’t crave for relationships.

      • All I remember from Leia is that she’s disputed between Luke and Solo. Anything else she does as a rebel, could have been done by any other foot soldier.

        • Exactly, she’s disputed. By the males. Not like she’s all over them. Also, foot soldier, seriously? Her job in the Rebel Alliance reaches far beyond that of a grunt. Think spy/coordinator/leader. She’s among the elite of the Alliance.

  3. Nobody’s photoshopped Leia hologram being projected onto the coffee table?

  4. all the complaining women need to hold on to their vaginas and calm down for a second. It’s been long rumoured a girl will be the protagonist and with the success of films like the hunger games I can see it happening.

  5. Dee not being in VII doesn’t mean he won’t be in VIII or IX.
    The 2 other trilogies only had 1 major female character, now we get 2, while I’ve got no problem with another female character, providing she was yet to be cast not something they felt forced to add and Star Wars doesn’t turn into The Boredom Games in space.

  6. Why are some of you making it seem like only women are hoping for more female cast members? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m straight, so I’d LOVE to see more women on the big screen instead of a huge sausage fest of a movie… You guys, um, enjoy your sausage fests since that’s apparently what you’re into…

    • You started out making sense, Ken, and then you kind of lost the plot…

      But I’ll go off of your first sentence – I’m a guy, and I love seen good female characters onscreen, and I don’t even need to say whether I’m straight/gay.

  7. LAME

  8. The Lens flare = my thoughts exactly.

    Trekkies and Trekkers say, SUCKERS!!!

  9. Aww man, no Lando!?

  10. Love Felicia Day’s reaction. So very true. Those people who like to play the race and gender card should just stfu and take that huge wooden pole out of their behinds.

  11. I am fine with the cast announced so far,but I also do agree with a lot of people,that there should be more dynamic female characters,for these newest Episodes of my favorite saga,for example look at all of the gender diversity on Star Wars:The Clone Wars,from Ahsoka Tano to Assaj Ventress,there were plenty of strong and dynamic female characters,that weaved their way through a great number of Star Wars stories,that were laid out over the 5 (to 6)seasons,of this now soon to be classic animated t.v. series.

  12. Please, everyone, for pity’s sake, get off the rants about “not enough this” and “too much that.” Sure, I’d love to see BDW if he can get the deal he likes, but I certainly won’t boycott the movie if he isn’t. I’m just happy we’ll get to see 3 more SW movies, and I’ll be quite happy to critique the movie AFTER I see it. I’m looking for more lightsaber duels, spacecraft warfare, force abilities, sfx, and please, no more space stations that double as moons; don’t create midichlorians (sp?) to explain the Force. I was happy to accept it as an energy that binds us (etc) together. Story, STORY, STORY!! (And sfx, to be certain.)

    • …and yes, I get that I was ranting about some stuff… My point, for those who didn’t get it, was that I want plot devices that don’t revolve around an insufficiency of females, gender inequality, or other real-world problems. I just want a good sci-fi story that is a clearly defined good-versus-evil scenario without the social baggage. Leave that to Star Trek since that crowd seems to want to own it.