‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ New Character Details Revealed?

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Star Wars Episode VIII 8 Alfonso Cuaron Simon Pegg Star Wars: Episode 7 New Character Details Revealed?

Close to eight months have passed since Disney bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas – with the intention of producing new Star Wars movies – and since then, we’ve spent a lot of time on speculation concerning which characters from the previous live-action Star Wars installments will make an appearance in director J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII; not to mention, whether or not bringing back original cast members is a good idea at all.

A month ago the first major casting rumor for a new character – one who would be introduced in Episode VII - began making the rounds, thanks to claims that Abrams may reunite with actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the film. The latter worked with Abrams before on Mission: Impossible III, so that doesn’t at all seem like a far-fetched idea, with regard to Meyers playing, say, a Jedi in the film.

Prior to that, all we had to go on was a rumor that the Episode VII script – written by Oscar-winner Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) – could end up featuring a teenage female protagonist; that would mirror how the original Star Wars movie revolves around teen-aged Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). Today, we have an unconfirmed casting breakdown that reveals some more details about the main characters in the next Star Wars movie (and helps to add more fuel to the speculation fire).

Star Wars Episode 7 Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Legacy of Force New Jedi Order Star Wars: Episode 7 New Character Details Revealed?

Bleeding Cool has posted the following character breakdown for Episode VII, which is reported to have begun open casting today in the U.K. (where filming will take place). The site is emphasizing that the characters are “not necessarily to be billed in the order below,” and stressing that the site has “100% confirmed” that the following is accurate. (… But, as always, best to take all this with a healthy grain of salt for the time being.)

  • Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.
  • Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.
  • A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.
  • Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.
  • A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit.
  • Forty something male, fit, military type.
  • Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.

The late-teen female roles line up with speculation that Episode VII could revolve around the teenage daughter of Han and Leia Solo, be she named Jaina – like in the Star Wars expanded universe – or something else altogether. That doesn’t count out the possibility that one of the young male characters mentioned here is Han and Leia’s son; though, the oldest Solo/Skywalker children probably won’t be twins (a la Jaina and Jacen Solo in the E.U.), assuming the above is correct.

Star Wars Episode 7 Returning Cast Members Pros Cons Star Wars: Episode 7 New Character Details Revealed?


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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that this list of characters is almost the crew of the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic? Disney, PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!

    • Ha! I wish they would, but the dead giveaway is that there is no listing for one male vocal performer with pervasive loathing for humanity and a dark undercurrent of evil intolerance that makes everyone smile. I could watch a whole movie about HK47. Also, the first Force unleashed game had some great ideas that bridged the trilogies, and I was hoping the live action show would cover some of those elements. Now that the shows are delayed and spinoff movies are in the works, who knows? An old Republic film may be inevitable! Hope so.

    • Lol like that even happen…. there gonna make number 7 after number 6… but you want them to make it about the old republic… DAD? FATHER? … DADDDY!

      • Like that would even happen*

      • Hang on there, smartass. First of all, I’m sure you meant to say “they will make 8 after 7″ as versus 7 after 6, but considering that both statements are so obvious, who knows? It seems that you missed some of the best news that has been known but most of us for many weeks: in addition to the next trilogy, more star wars films that stand alone are being planned. Likely considerations include a young Han Solo and a Bobba Fett movie. When these are made and by whom are completely unknown. So no, I don’t think that the sequels are going to secretly be prequels, and episodes 7-9 won’t be taking place in the distant past. Duh. But if the side projects are prosperous then I do think the old republic is ripe for strong storytelling. That all is in the murky future, but seems plausible if not necessarily likely. Maybe Turvinator didn’t have all the pieces in the right place, but his thought wasn’t as crazy as you think. I hope we get a KOTOR movie some day.

        • Man, I would kill to see Jarael on film! She’s by far the hottest female character in the entire SW universe (among many other qualities) and a movie continuing the adventures of her and Zayne, bridging the 8-year gap between the comics and the games and gradually expanding the scope from the personal perspective of the comics to the historic events of the games would be awesome.

    • I think the 3 prequesl mad by Lucas were a clear dissapointment. If they really feel like rebooting the Star Wars series, they should go with Thrawn and basically take all the work that has been written by Timothy Zahn. There simply is nothing better that could work as a truly great script.

      • You know, I have never read a comment that complains about the prequels and George Lucas. I think this really needs to be elaborated on. I mean, I think that there is the potential to beat a dead horse here.

  2. I’d like to see Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Pine, Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Hardy. I’ll explain each. Lawrence and Watson could easily pass for someone in their late teens, early twenties. They are two of the best actresses of that bracket. Please don’t think Hunger Games. I agree with you that it was terrible. Think Silver Linings Playbook. Lawrence’s performance was brilliant. On a bit lesser of a scale, Watson has also been great though not really given much of an opportunity to showcase her skills. Gordon-Levitt is really becoming a great actor as well. His performances from Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and Looper are laying down a firm foundation. Others may state Pine as a nepotistic move from Abrams. I don’t really think of it that way. Harrison Ford was Han Solo for George Lucas before becoming Indiana Jones for Lucas and Steven Spielberg. There’s no problem with that type of actor-crew member bond. Look at the careers, on a much greater scale, of Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese and that of Humphrey Bogart and John Huston. Think as a movie fan, not as a series fan. Hopkins is a terrific actor, but he hasn’t really been in anything good for years. Hardy is likewise a great actor. I think these are moves that must be made and will invest people in these movies.

    • If Jennifer Lawrence is cast then I’m out.
      I wanna watch and opefully watch these movies, neither of which can be done if she’s in it.

    • Harrison Ford was actually in American Graffiti, directed by George Lucas, before he was even in Star Wars. Lots of Directors like to work with the same actors. Half of Tim Burton’s movies have Johnny Depp in them.

    • I’ve stuck by Star Wars through everything, I’ll even vehemently defend the prequels, but if Jennifer “most overrated actress in Hollywood” Lawrence got cast in these new movies I would finally give up.

    • How about some unknowns for goodness sake? Rather than bestowing the franchise on whoever the biggest pile of popular modern hotshots they can get are, how about some new blood for the sake of energy, surprise and quality? It won’t be very timeless with a cast right off the cover of last weeks whatever-the-&$#% magazine. Your list has some potential, but it is too narrow and hip and specific. By no means is that cast what “must” happen to ensure quality. Do you think that a cast of unknowns would mean disaster? I would greatly prefer it, especially considering the old blood they are bringing back.

      I can’t be the only one who thinks that Pine and for that matter Shatner should have nothing to do with the franchise. We are already dealing with the concern over properly differentiating the two franchises without them sharing casts. I am not enthused about Pegg being in both, and I hope he wears a mask.

      If ever there was an example of a disastrous collaborative group I’d say it is Burton, his wife, and Depp. They are exhausting together, and don’t seem to notice whether Burton is doing good work or just entertaining himself and his friends. Id be reluctant ( but willing ) to see them do a great movie, but I dont think that has ever happened. Friends and sycophants rarely lead to quality projects. Recall that even with thousands of top professionals at his fingertips, we still got Jar Jar from Lucas. Partly, surely, because nobody had the right (or more likely the guts) to tell him that this horrendous and patently racist caricature was undoubtedly the worst part of an already abysmally weak reintroduction to his universe. How can a movie be so full of strength and greatness and still be widely considered unwatchable and terrible? Might a little more Maul and a lot less Lloyd have been an obvious improvement for example?

      Star Trek got better AFTER Gene Roddenberry when DS9 was able to drop his absurd notions of human nature fundamentally evolving in 100 years. Star Wars should, and MAY become truly great because Lucas can’t assert his sheltered perceptions with total immunity anymore. There was a man who needed some serious oversight and collaborative partners, but he just did it all his way and we got Jar Jar and Putz Vader the youngling damaging the most recognizable villain in the world. Those originators had great ideas, but we’re incapable of harnessing their potential for quality without outside creative minds taking some ownership and control. People who think that ep 1 was the red flag must have not noticed the special editions’ frequently awful additions, or ever seen Return of the Jedi for that matter. Between the cheesy sell out character moments, “comedic moments” (of silence) and the Ewoks defeating the freaking Empire,I think he should have been no more than a creative consultant after Jedi.

      • I’d prefer unknowns as well.

      • Differentiating is easy: Trek doesn’t have Jedis or lightsabers.

  3. I enjoyed the prequels even though I thought they were full of wasted potential. I’m just glad to see more Star Wars.

  4. Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit: Chloe Grace Moretz, please.

    Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking: Dean Dehaan, Tomas Mann, Miles Teller, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis, Erik Per Sullivan or Evan Peter.

    A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident: I’m thinking Matt Lanter, Taylor Kitsch or Alex Pettyfer.

    Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit: Anthony Hopkins, Clint Eastwood, Gary Oldman, John Hurt, Geoffrey Rush or Alan Rickman.

    A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit: Hayley McFarland, Kaya Scodelario, Alexa Vega, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Ashley Benson or Shailene Woodley.

    Forty something male, fit, military type: Adam Baldwin came to mind immediately, Gerard Butler, Timothy Olyphant or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers would be good.

    Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit: Adam Brody, Nathan Fillion, David Tennant or Tom Hiddleston.

    • Gee, I wonder if you like Firefly? Ha! Taylor K is just excruciatingly pretty for a man. Haven’t had such a difficult time watching a plastic actor since Starship Troopers. Then again, John Carter was actually pretty good… Eastwood would be cool if he has any marbles left. He is like 95 I think, not in his 70s. Wish he could live long enough to get offered the Saint of Killers role that Unforgiven inspired for Preacher, but I doubt it.

      • Me, like Firefly? Not at all haha.
        I was just trying to think of people who could of fit the descriptions without going Logan Lerman, Jennifer Lawrence, and whoever else is big and hyped.
        I just got done watching FNL and Kitsch was one of my favourites so I don’t have as much problem watching him, I do think he needs the longer hair though :P

        • Friday Night Lights, eh? I hear that’s strong, but not sure I would dig it because Im not into sports. Also, I think Hiddleston would do a great job, but I’m not sure I want Loki to be is Star Wars. I really hope the cast isn’t full of the current hype, as you put it. If even one boy bander is featured, I may just have to take a break from scifi… Hey, I think you’re the first response I read today that wasn’t belligerent and insulting! You earn a good Samaritan award for being capable of having a conversation. Cheers.

          • Yeah it was a great series, but I must admit probably only if you like dramas and/or sports. I know what you mean about not wanting Loki to be in SW, I just thought he could do it and do it well.
            While I’d obviously like it with any variance of that cast, other than maybe Chloe Grace Moretz I’d prefer if the majority/some of the cast were relatively “unknowns” as opposed to Logan Lerman, Taylor Lautner, ennifer Lawrence and god-knows who else.
            Thanks! :D

            • Josh, I sure wouldn’t want Hiddleston to play another Marvel character as Chris Evans did with Cap after Human Torch, but Star Wars is a whole different franchise not even set in the same galaxy, so what’s the deal?

              • At least it would be good to know that such a high caliber actor was hired, but I don’t want to mix my scifi/fantasy flavors up too much. It’s all about where to draw the line, but who would want several Trek actors in Star Wars (or vice versa) for example? It would help if Hiddleston were to play a radically different character and disappear into it. I could see that being really cool.

                • So, I take it you didn’t like the great Christopher Lee as Saruman or Dooku because he’s supposed to be Dracula, then? I think you might need to learn the difference between an actor and his roles. People usually know that.

    • If Erik Per Sullivan is in it then I nominate Atticus Shaffer (Brick Heck from ABC’s The Middle) as his best friend. Haha!

    • Taylor Kitsch is bad. Bad actor and bad luck.Look at Battleship and John Carter… absoluter rubbish. We can only hope that he won’t be in ep 7

      • Battleship was just a bad film – that much was evident from the trailers. John Carter was badly advertised and I didn’t think the end product was as bad as most people do.

        Also, he was Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Frankly, he gets bonus points for bringing one of my favourite comic book characters to life, even if the film he appeared in wasn’t the best.

  5. Who cares ! Oh…I DO ! Bring on the damn sequels already !!!

  6. “Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.”

    Well, start the casting with everyone who shows up to a convention XD

  7. please disney, please do not screw with the EU. either follow it or build on it. changing it would make my life seem like a lie. the EU is star wars canon, that should not be thought of lightly

    • Here, Here!

      I remeber many years ago (1991-ish) when I saw a fellow fan reading Timothy Zahn’s new book – Heir to the Empire, I had to buy striaght away. It brought me crashing back into the Star Wars universe (It had been simmering away for many, many years) This resulted in me buying nearly every book/comic that has come out since!
      So yes, it would be lovely to see these new films attempt to stick to the EU & it would be amazing to see the old guard take up the mantle of the original characters as well as seeing a new generation in the new Star Wars movies!

      But either way, I am look forward to seeing how J.J. Abrams vision will appear on the big screen (hopefully with an amazing John Williams music score!)

      • Yeah. I know that for myself, and for probably lots of other fans, those early Zahn novels are still the truest, most rewarding continuation of the classic films that we’ve had.

        In any case, I hope that the new films take a cue from the best EU material and have some fresh character types and plot ideas.

        • Taking a few ideas or characters is plausible, but that’s about it. They are certainly NOT adapting old material into the new movies, whether from books or comics. Furthermore, while the first Zahn book had some nice moments, it seems to me that it would not remotely suit the requirements of a new film. It didn’t have the excitement, the pacing, the set piece moments, the exhilarating momentum or the polish that is needed to justify so much money. Plus they won’t be hastily recasting all those characters while hiring up the old cast. The stories will be largely, if not entirely, new.

          • We damn well know they won’t be adapting pre-existing storylines. All we ask is that they don’t negate the EU.

    • The EU is full of great stories (and bad ones too), though George Lucas has repeatedly said it is not canon and can be contradicted/ignored. There are definite nods in the films to the EU (Aura Sing, Lucas using the name Coruscant instead of Had Abbadon, etc), but in the end, those who create future Star Wars films shouldn’t have to follow any code or law from the EU.

      Because the Solo children are so prominently featured in ALL of the EU (they were “invented” by Zahn afterall), I would not be surprised if they are the main characters AND if they use the same names that Zahn gave them.

  8. I think the threat should be outside of the Sith or Jedi, like… THE HUTTS!!!

    • I might be wrong but I believe Jabba was the last of the Hutts. Also, basing the next trilogy into something as mundane as crime lords would be a mistake. The threat has to be on a more galactic scale than that.

  9. Oh, John Rhys Meyers…at first I read John Rhys Davies, who I’d be much more excited about :) though obviously not for a lead role…

    Also, “seventy something male”, PLEASE take a page from the original Star Wars and cast a British character actor! Is Christopher Plummer retired?

    Also, 40-something miltary type, Stephen Lang. He nails that archetype better than anyone else right now.

    • Good choice for stephen lang but wont that be abit of a type cast for him?
      Also Chris plummer died like last year or something…

      • Christopher Plummer is still alive…

  10. The film could revolve around a female protagonist? Really?


  11. Id like to see , Roony Mara as one of the female leads . Michael Fassbender as the 40 something character. Jonathan Meyer aint bad as well. Whatever happens, I have faith in JJ Abrams

    • Yes to Michael Fassbender! He was fantastic in X-Men:First Class.

      • Michael Fassbender is awesome. I could see him being a Jedi or.. anything really I guess.

        Except a Hutt…

        • He is great. While talk of him playing Bond is premature, he IS getting involved with the Assassins Creed movie and will likely have the lead role. He’d be a good Jedi, but if he were simultaneously Ezio for instance, that might be weird…

          • Fassbender won’t be playing Ezio.

            • That all ya got? Not a reason, or anything? I don’t assume he will be, but I don’t think anyone knows yet. Plus, my point stands regardless of his character in the film, but mentioning Ezio was supposed to clarify the gist of my concern.

  12. Interesting. Very. But.. that image with that menacing looking dude is bad ass.

    He looks like he’d be, and dare I say it.. the most feared villian in all villian history, even worse than.. DARTH VADER. More menacing, completely.

    I don’t know anything about him (speaking of the image with the dude whose missing his nose, (he looks like a, and don’t hate people..) RedSkull, but this dude, looks like he’s out to kill.

    Can someone please drop some knowledge my way on exactly who he is?
    I’d actually see this movie if he is in it. Man, I scared jus looking at the picture, and jizzing at the fact that if he actually does appear, ish will get REAL.

    I don’t know what it is about that dude.

    • The guy in blue tones, missing his nose, is a Yuzzan Vong (may be spelled wrong). They are the antagonists of the New Jedi Order series of novels, which are set decades after Return of the Jedi. Kind of Star Wars dark and hardcore.

      • The correct spelling is Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong war occurred between 25-29 ABY, that is 21-25 after RoTJ, so having them as antagonists seems unlikely.

    • Keep in mind, that image is not the story. Wherever it came from, it sure as heck wasn’t a Disney press release. Assuming any of those character images is an accurate insight into the films is unwise. I don’t know who that creepy badass is, but considering the whole world knows Vader more than they know most characters (and all historical people) his legendary status is in no danger of being approached just yet. Not that that was your point, but it is interesting!

      • His whole species looks like that. XD. He’s Yuuzhan Vong. They have implants and tatoos and other mutliations as part of their religion. Yes, they’re friggin hardcore and that series was excellent, but it ended very weakly.

  13. We need to have fresh people like Harry Potter, not superstars.

    • Yes,however HP had “new” people because they were all very young people, and they are usually god awful actors like Jake Lloyd. (The rest of the HP cast was full of famous people and strong actors.). I wouldn’t even risk having young actors if I had a choice. Especially in mainstream big budget movies we get these fake kids who are supposed to be precocious and pallatable and they always suck.

  14. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP, Disney. This is already sounding like the path to terrible a la ewoks, general grievous and (gulp) jar jar binks.

  15. Question: Why are there no middle-aged or elderly FEMALE characters? Let’s have a diverse cast, guys. A badass Judy Dench-type of actress in the series would be fantastic.

    • Totally agree, in theory, but after they gave us Judy Dench overload in e last bond movie I’d pick somebody else.

      • You seem to have issues with actors playing different roles. Why is that?

        • Perhaps I am being overly cautious. I worry that young fans will flock to a movie full of their super-current genre favorites and heart throbs and such, and the ability for the work to stand apart from the “baggage” of preconceived actor expectations may get muddied. I’m sure a great film COULD be made with a pile of top notch current stars, but in some ways it would be more timeless and unique if it didn’t rely on too many favorites. Choosing carefully is crucial. Solo sounds like a good move, and Loki could be an asset, and Meyers sounds like a great fit, but I want some unknowns and new faces in there.

          • Maybe you should give a little more credit to the audience. Usually, apart from a very few exceptions, actors are not stuck in only one role for their entire life. Roles are just that, roles, not the actors themselves, and the audience is able to tell the difference. Even when one actor is often typecast for similar roles, like for example Robert De Niro in his many mafia movies, people do realize they are in fact different roles in each film. Hint: the characters’ names are different, and so are their stories.

  16. Why doesn’t anyboby know that Jacen,Jaina,and Anakin are going to be in the movie?

    • Probably cuz they aren’t? And do you mean dead Anakin would have a role? Don’t expect any prequel cameos, even if they have a ghost or two. I think they know better than to associate closely with the less popular trilogy.

      • Pretty sure he meant alive-Anakin, Anakin Solo. Jacen & Jaina’s little brother and Han & Leia’s third child.

        • Aha! Anakin SOLO! Thanks, Anna. I have heard that name, but know nothing about that character…other than a pretty good idea who his parents are. Seems like Vader would eventually be known by many if not all to be Luke’s father, and that might make naming a kid after the evil sadistic scourge of the galaxy a bad move, especially when people learn its his peepaw.

          • Except that Anakin SKYWALKER was the Chosen One who brought balance to the Force when he killed Palpatine in RoTJ. Vader was only what Palpatine had manipulated him into becoming but he ultimately redeemed himself through this final action. That’s why he appeared to Luke as a force ghost looking like his old self again and not as a black tin can.

            Also, the Skywalkers surely were not eager to reveal who Vader actually was. His body vanished from his armor when he turned into a force ghost, and the only one besides them who knew the truth died with him. I can’t recall if Palpatine’s clones from the Crimson Empire era revealed the truth, however.

  17. OK, just heard “something” – Darth Plagueis maybe in either one of the Star Wars sequels or all (maybe a build up to it).
    Take it with a grain of salt.

    • Wasn’t he the one that the Emperor trained under and killed? Bringing him back many decades later having played no clear part in the years since sounds like a twist that needs to be handled carefully. Some clarity about those pre emperor baddies would be nice, since the prequels didn’t exactly lay it all out clearly.

      • Yes, he was. He did write a journal, which Sidious included into his Book of Sith, which in turn fell into Luke’s hands after the Emperor’s death, so if Justin’s rumor is true, maybe he could appear in a flashback when Luke is studying the book. He can’t appear as a force ghost since he didn’t achieve that feat.

  18. 70s and fit ….JJ give Shatner his due. Finally

    • His due? No-one owes him a spot in a Star Wars movie. Plus, I hope they won’t make the mistake of hiring such lousy actors. Star Wars needs to get rid of the Hayden Christensen plague.

  19. Tracy Spiridakos for female lead in Star Wars 7-9. Make it happen, Abrams.

    • Not if the female lead is indeed Jaina. She couldn’t possibly pass for Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s daughter.

  20. A ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ movie would be great, or even better, ‘The Force Unleashed’, but being that it’s been confirmed that Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill will be in the movie (not as CGI created characters), then the story could take on a ‘Timothy Zahn’ like story, with the storyline revolving around Han and Leia’s children, as well as the introduction of Mara Jade and her and Luke’s children (like Ben Skywalker). Timothy Zahn’s ‘Heir To The Empire’ or Dark Horse Comics ‘Dark Empire’ (a story that came out in 1992) would be perfect to go by for Episodes 7-9. As for the first two movie concepts mentioned at the beginning of this comment….well, if it’s true about other smaller independent films being made that will follow other characters outside of Episodes 7-9, then it’s possible to see a film set 3000 years before Luke…only time will tell. I cannot wait for 2015.

    • Sheesh, how many times must it be said? NO STAR WARS MOVIE WILL RETELL A PRE-EXISTING STORY! Also, the Thrawn trilogy is set only 5 years after RoTJ. Given the time frame set for the new episodes, the kids would be around their late teens/early twenties.

  21. I nominate Bradley James to play the late 20ish handsome, confident, and fit young man. He played Arthur in the series “Merlin”.

  22. Josie Loren from “Make It Or Break It” could play a late teen female who is tough, smart, and fit.

  23. Nicola Peltz who played Katara in “The Last Airbender” could play the Late Teen, Independent, Sense of Humor, and Fit.

  24. Actually, I hope they go with relative unknowns; people who will not bring the baggage of their past experiences with them, with maybe 1 or 2 ‘mature’ actors to kind’a act as mentors to the younger folks. That formula seemed to work on Episode IV (Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing) and Lord of the Rings (Ian McKellan and Christopher Lee).

    As far as story line; I liked the Zahn books (even have one that was autographed by Mr. Zahn), but would prefer to see a completely new story that continues the theme of the Skywalker family specifically and the Kenobi influence that might remain (if any). Loved the Han Solo character, but could live without seeing what became of him. Don’t really need to see Princess Leia again (sorry, Carrie).

    • If they follow the above listed character descriptions, other than Chloe Grace Moretz and as you said a couple of ‘mature’ or ‘established’ actors I’d also rather the cast be relative unknowns.

  25. “Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’t need to be particularly fit.”

    Well, Mace Windu has strong opinions and a tough demeanour… Luke Skywalker survived losing his hand and a long fall in Episode V… I wouldn’t mind Luke visiting the depths of Coruscant (we usually see the upper levels) to find a ‘mystic’ that has been a sort-of vigilante that Luke recognises as a Force user.

    He finds a hermit and tells him he should really go to the Temple on Yavin 4, to which the man dryly asks, “Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?” They compare the old, hypocritical Jedi ways to the New Jedi Order. Things like why they trained the Jedi as warriors when they were allegedly peace keepers, how repressing emotions can corrupt as much as fully embracing them etc.

    Mace gets annoyed at Luke criticising the organisation to which he dedicated his life and demands that he leaves, pulling out his somewhat unique purple lightsaber. Luke could recognise the man as Mace Windu from his Vaapad stance and electrum-plated lightsaber and casually say that he knows because a member of the New Jedi Order that has no Force abilities is a great historian and chronicler.

    Mace realises that Luke wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to be a different kind of Jedi but declines his offer of moving to the Temple since Mace makes a difference on Coruscant and Luke seems a decent enough teacher. Basically, I’m 100% with Samuel L. Jackson when he said that he didn’t want a guy as badass as Mace Windu to be offed, “like some punk.”

    • That would be a pretty awesome scenario too. So long as we get Mace or Lando, it would be a great continuance.

    • Luke fell through tunnels like in a toboggan slide and didn’t splatter on the ground. Windu suffered a miles high freefall. It’s easy to guess the state of any Jedi after that. Also, Sam Jackson doesn’t look like an old man yet.

      • We saw Luke fall a long way. A slight curve at the bottom doesn’t negate the distance he fell. We didn’t see how far Mace Windu fell and, most importantly for ‘unlikely character resurrections,’ we never saw the body.

        Samuel L. Jackson ages well, so maybe his character does too. Grey up his facial hair and hope that his acting gravitas carries the performance?

        • He might age well but we’re talking about a 40-year gap at least since his last appearance, here. And he had no hair at all on his head in the prequels.

          • Mace might’ve grown hair in the forty years – it would probably make him harder to recognise. Also, Star Wars practically thrives on prosthetics, so I’m sure Samuel L. Jackson could be falsely ‘aged’ by the special/practical effects team.

            • Bald people don’t grow hair. And relying on makeup and prosthetics to artificially age someone is never a good idea. Remember the “old” Guy Pearce in Prometheus? You might say this one was particularly awfully done but these things never look natural. It more or less worked with Ewan McGregor in ep. III but they didn’t make him 40 years older.

  26. 70-something year old friend of Han? Pleeeeeease be Lando! Billy Dee Williams is 75, and ‘works every time’ ;)

  27. You know, I rather like the plot path that started into the expanded universe, so to keep from hoping for that outcome…I think I’ll wait till an official trailer comes out.

  28. Looks like an awful lot of young characters being added to the list. Big surprise, considering Abrams S.O.P. and the fact that he rarely deviates from it, even in small ways.

  29. havent read any prior comments but the younger cast members could be han solo’s kids ?? one of which becomes a sith or something ?