‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: Samuel L. Jackson Says J.J. Abrams Hasn’t Contacted Mark Hamill

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star wars episode 7 mark hamill luke skywalker Star Wars: Episode 7: Samuel L. Jackson Says J.J. Abrams Hasnt Contacted Mark Hamill

There’s been far more speculation and rumor-mongering about Star Wars: Episode VII than there has been official news, much like its fellow 2015 heavyweight, Batman vs. Superman (or the majority of anticipated franchise installments due to hit theaters that same year, for that matter).

What’s interesting about today’s Episode VII-related tidbit is that it doesn’t come from an anonymous industry source; rather, from someone who has a history with the property, having heard this information straight from the mouth of another Star Wars vet. Therein lies the rub, though, as once you start to unpack this “update,” it only make the overall picture murkier, rather than shedding new light.

Samuel L. Jackson – who played purple lightsaber-wielding Mace Windu in Episodes I-III (a.k.a. the Star Wars prequel trilogy) – was a guest last week on The Late Show with David Letterman, where he dropped some unexpected news: that he’s recently spoken to Mark Hamill – the pair are working on a new project that Jackson didn’t name – who told him that he’s yet to hear from J.J. Abrams about Episode VII (i.e. the film that Abrams is producing and directing, in addition to co-writing now).

Watch a clip from SLJ’s Letterman appearance, for more on that (hat tip to /Film for bringing this to our attention):

Jackson also mentioned that he recently talked on the phone with Ewan McGregor (who played young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy), but the latter also claimed to be in the dark about his potential involvement in any future Star Wars movies. In case you missed this particular Episode VII rumor when it dropped: it was about three months ago when word started to circulate that McGregor will reprise his Jedi character (via as a force ghost) in Abrams’ film and maybe even beyond. Indeed, that’s one of a handful of rumors floating around, with respect to what characters from Episodes I-VI will return (in some form) in the new era of Star Wars live-action movies.

However, it should be clarified that the McGregor and Hamill situations aren’t really that comparable, as no authority less than Star Wars creator George Lucas previously let it slip that Hamill – along with his Episodes IV-VI costars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher – have already entered final negotiations to appear in Episode VII. Moreover, multiple sources have confirmed that Hamill is getting in shape to play an older Luke Skywalker in Abrams’ film (including, the actor’s good friend Robert Englund), so it would be strange for that plan to have changed drastically; even now that Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) have taken over writing from Michael Arndt (Catching Fire).

mark hamill new star wars trilogy Star Wars: Episode 7: Samuel L. Jackson Says J.J. Abrams Hasnt Contacted Mark Hamill

So what, exactly, is going on with Episode VII right now? Well, assuming that Jackson wasn’t simply misled by his buddy Hamill – the former was correct about Elizabeth Olsen being set as Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2 after all – it could be a testament to the idea that development on the new Star Wars movie is going slower than expected, rather than a sign that Hamill won’t be involved after all.

In fact, that’s almost a given right now (unofficially speaking), as it seems that Episode VII was delayed from a May 2015 release date to December that year, as a compromise between Disney CEO Robert Iger and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy (who wanted it pushed back to 2016 to allow for additional development time). Likewise, with casting for Episode VII open to the public, it might not be unreasonable to assume that Abrams hasn’t paused to reach out to any unconfirmed cast members (see: Harrison Ford’s noncommittal comments on the subject).

Of course, this confusion may also be due to Chinese Whispers, as Hamill might have simply meant that he hasn’t been contacted recently by Abrams about Episode VII, rather than not at all (which doesn’t negate the theory about pre-production going slower than expected and/or desired). As Yoda would advise: patience, more information we may soon have.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Samuel L. Jackson [via /Film]

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  1. I call BS. One of two things are happening here: 1) Samuel spoke to Mark before the latter was contacted about returning for the role, or 2) Samuel’s lying.

  2. I’m getting really sick and tired of Samuel L. Jackson trying to get himself involved in every blockbuster hit to the point he is spreading false rumors. Hey Jerk!!!! George Lucas himself talked to Mark Hamill asking him to be apart of Episode 7 that alone speaks volumes don’t be jealous Abrams has no interest in you and your pink saber. EITHER SHUT UP OR GET LOST, SAMUEL L. JACKSON!!

    • How was he getting involved? He was just answering a question…

    • Your’re the jerk, Ranter

  3. People, the fact is: ANYTHING that comes in on a JJ Abrams-related project is basically unreliable, even if it comes from well-respected actors. JJ obviously tells people to lie about those tidbits. So if Jackson goes out there, claiming this or that, he may easily be on their payroll. We had that over at STID…Pegg, Cumberbatch and others claiming it is not Khan, Urban babbling something about Gary Mitchel…It’s all an elobareted scheme to hide the truth to the last point…

    In the end, we’ll end up with Cumberbatch playing the Emperor’s Clone and he’ll be made to say “No I don’t play the Emperor” a dozen times before the movie comes out.

    BTW: Yes, Cumberbatch will play the Emperor’s Clone, hiding as one of his “disciples” named Darth Sherlock…a new Sith Lord the Skywalker kids have to hunt down. When imprisoned in a Jedi holding cell, he will reveal his true identity: “Darth Sherlock doesn’t exist. He was made up to cloud my true identity. I am Darth Sidious. I am Emperor Palpatine and I have come to reclaim my Empire!”

    PLUS: Now that EON is in possession of SPECTRE and the Blofeld character they are definitely going to “reveal” Quantum’s true identity… “Quantum doesn’t exist. It was made up to cloud our true identity. We are SPECTRE and may name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.” Guess who’s going to play that character…

    Do I have to mention that the Twelfth Doctor will finally meet with The Master again? No, his name is not Morbius…that name was just made up to cloud his true identity. His name is…well…

    Talking about the Harry Potter prequels…I guess young Voldemort will pop up at some point…ah…you guess the line…

    Okay, but then, they wouldn’t make him pretend to be the Necromancer whose true identity is Suaron, would they?

    Yes, but if you still believe that Julian Assange really exists, tough luck… his real name is Michael Jackson played by a white guy…

    • SAURON, not Suaron…

    • LOL, another fanboy who believes he knows more than everyone else.

    • I love how this kid says you can’t trust anything coming out of the Abrams camp but then decides to spout off at the mouth about a bunch of rumors no one has heard cuz this guy knows.

  4. How exactly does SLJ know this? Do he and Hamill hang out? Do he and Abrams hang out?

    • And why is he an insider source, just because he had a minor role in the movies 10 years ago? I was in Rome 20 years ago, but that doesn’t make me an insider on what’s going on in the Vatican. ;)

      • This is Show business, totally different from your experience.

  5. I really wouldn’t mind Mark Hamil being absent, not because of his age, but because man has he put on some weight! I refuse to believe that’s the way Luke Skywalker aged.

  6. it would be a total BLUNDER for hamil,fisher and ford not being involved in the film or gradually other notable members who survived the events of return of the jedi. if neither of those three are involved or no hints at other living members of episode IV
    then why even waste the time to make this film, i will pass if abrams shows no regard
    for those main characters.

  7. Backs up my theory that Luke, Han, and Leia die before episode 7 and their children become orphans, not knowing who their parents were, just like the original trilogy.

  8. What if its all a ploy, an JJ Abrams is actually going to move away from the Skywalker storyline completely?

  9. Explanation : Samuel Jackson – Level 2 clearance while Mark Hamil is at Level 7 clearance.

  10. I mean, if they are still writing the script there’s really no reason JJ should have spoken with any cast yet. Lucas and Kennedy have been in contact with everyone, JJ will contact them when it’s relevant. I think everyone’s taking this in the wrong context.

  11. What an incredibly annoying newsbyte this is. Unless it is a reverse-psychology technique or a weird attempt to gauge how fans feel about Hamill’s return, what a waste. We know that trusting something Jackson said about an Abrams film is a very sketchy prospect, but this holds a negative connotation, which we certainly don’t need.

    Lucasfilm – give us something substantive to work with, here. You can reveal that the older stars are or are not returning without giving anything much away about the new characters/plot.

  12. Mace Windu did not die from his wounds. He has been hiding in the dark and is bitter. He will forge a new Jedi Temple with those he sees fit to be on the council and part of the order. Remember he never trusted Skywalker.

  13. There should be no more than 3 lightsabers in this film. Luke’s, the ONE student’s, and the requisite villain.

    I honestly don’t even want Han and Leia in the film; just Luke. If he grows a beard, it makes his face much more dignified-looking, and Jedi robes can easily cover up his weight, especially if he wears a slimming black like in ROTJ.

    • Or Mark Hamill can go on a diet and excercise.

  14. First of all, SCREW Samuel L. Jackson! The man is horrible actor when outside a genre that doesn’t involve Tarentino.

    Second, if Luke doesn’t show up, you can kiss this franchise goodbye with fans. Screw Abrams if this is true.

    Thirdly, what in god’s name would Abrams be thinking to have a “younger” Obi-Wan show up as a ghost when 30 years ago he was an old, old man? That would be like putting Yoda in as a CGI ghost rather than having the puppet with film effects on him.

    If they don’t use the original yoda puppet, like at the end of ROTJ, for Yoda’s ghost and instead rely on lame-ass CGI, I’ll walk out of the theater. I’m sick of directors using it as a crutch. There is only ONE way to do Yoda and that’s the RIGHT way, a puppet with Frank Oz.

    Let’s hope they get all that right.

    • Do you really think after perfecting a CGI Yoda, they’re just goingto go back to puppets because that’s what you want?

      Good luck seeing that happen…

    • I think it’s important to note the difference between JJ Abrams not calling Mark Hamill vs Mark Hamill not being involved.

      They have nothing to talk about, because JJ has other people to cast and a script to finish. The only reason this might be relevant is if it means Mark Hamill is going to be a prima donna because he’s Luke Skywalker and wants JJ to fawn over him.

  15. I liked both GGI and Puppet Yoda, if they could incorporate both that would be awesome.

    • Did I miss something? Yoda’s coming back? Hopefully not too much.

      Yoda was awesome in Episode V, but it was the dynamics of his character. His role in episode VI was fine because he wasn’t really in it.

      Personally, I think that Yoda being included in the prequel was a bit of a tragedy. For those who experience Star Wars for the first time and watch it in chronological order, the surprise of Yoda is gone. You know. The surprise and wonder when Ben first mentions him. Who is this Yoda? I remember envisioning him to be some grand wizard. Then the surprise when the little happy go lucky swamp troll turns out to be Yoda.

      That’s one of the things I think that really failed in the prequel. They didn’t really try to develop their own story. They tried to borrow and incorporate everything they could from the original trilogy.

      I hope the new trilogy does less of that. I see the significance in Luke, and maybe even Han and Leia. I can even deal with the droids. But at some point, enough is enough. Let’s get something original here.

  16. Watched Harrison Ford on Craig Ferguson a couple of weeks back confirm his involvement in Star Wars 7, so he is returning. Its a safe bet Mark and Carrie will reprise their roles also.

  17. Dear Mr. Samuel Leroy Jackson,

    Thank you so much for showing interesting in the Disney ™ & Lucasfilm ™ production of Star Wars ™ Episode VII.

    We regret to inform you that we are unable to include you in the future franchise revival program. We recognize that you are a formidable actor with impressive credits. As well, we would go as far as to praise your performances in Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and even Die Hard: With A Vengeance.

    However, as marvelous as those performances were, we can’t help but feel that your portrayal of Mace Windu ™ lacked the energy or the dynamics we’re really looking for in Star Wars ™ episode VII.

    Let’s face it. Mace Windu ™ blew bantha balls. He was a boring character. It was almost as though you were just reading the dialogue and not even acting. When the Emperor killed you, I don’t think anyone really cared. They may have thought, “Oh no! He’s killed Samuel!” but they didn’t really give a Jawa’s behind about Mace.

    Now, of course, we can’t completely blame you for this. George Lucas ™ had a large role in this. Between the redundant dialogue and the constant green screen, it’s no wonder it was difficult to perform. But, for this reason, we’d like to keep as much of the prequel out of this film, including George and yourself.

    You should count yourself lucky. If it weren’t for Jar Jar Binks(tm), kid Anakin(tm), Padme(tm), the younglings(tm), your character might have the most hated in the prequel.


    Some guy at Disney with the slightest common sense

  18. Hope the original three come back to be supporting roles, really looking forward to this.

  19. why on earth would Mark Hamill jeopardize his involvement with the film by telling Samuel anything? Seriously dude let Mace Windu die with Jar Jar….

  20. It’s probably a misunderstanding. Of course they’ve spoken, either directly or indirectly. Howevever, maybe it’s been a while since.

  21. ShIf only the would go into the expanded universe with the new films like lukes new jedi order on yavin or mara jade since the emperor dident die in ep.6 then they should bring back the reborn emperor with dark troopers and so fourth i get that they want to make somthing no ones seen before but would be nice to see what we have read in the books like ben skywalker and jason solo or when boba fett kills han solo that would make some realy good movies what about all the tie avengers thrawn and so fourth ?

  22. I really hope Samuel Jackson comes back, in the prequels my favorite character was Mace, so ill gonna be anoyed if they dont at least say that Mace lived after swIII