‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: Gary Oldman Confirms He’s Been Approached for a Role

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Back when Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) confirmed that she’d auditioned for a role in director J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, she claimed that just about everyone in Hollywood had by that point.

We’re all the more inclined to believe that she wasn’t exaggerating now, after months of potential casting selections and unsubstantiated rumors for the upcoming Star Wars installment – with everyone from award-winners Judi Dench (Philomena) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) to TV actors Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who) having been name-dropped in connection with the ongoing casting process for Episode VII during that time.

The latest name to add to the growing pile is Gary Oldman, though as you can see in the Sky Movies video interview above (hat tip to Cinemablend), this “tip” doesn’t come from a secondary source and/or anonymous insider – rather, the actor has confirmed that he’s been approached (“called,” to be exact) for Episode VII.

No surprise, the lauded actor kept his mouth shut about his chances of actually coming aboard for Episode VII, as he acknowledged that “I’m more cynical about it now… I believe it when I’m on the plane home.” On the other hand, as Oldman went on to admit in the interview, with roles in world-famous movie franchises like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, RoboCop and Planet of the Apes now under his belt, his resume is quite mind-boggling. So, really, why shouldn’t he go ahead and add a Star Wars movie to the list?

gary oldman star wars episode 7 570x294 Star Wars: Episode 7: Gary Oldman Confirms Hes Been Approached for a Role

So, what Episode VII role might Oldman be (or have been) in consideration for? Well, at 55, the actor is a bit old for the “40-something military man” – a character described as being similar to Matt Damon in Elysium and potentially the role that both Ejiofor and his 12 Years a Slave costar Michael Fassbender have been considered for – though, on the other hand, it’s difficult to label any role as being completely outside the wheelhouse of the master chameleon actor.

You might remember that last year an Episode VII cast breakdown leaked, which (in addition to the “military man” and young male/female leads) mentioned a “seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanor.” Another fair possibility for Oldman is the film’s villain, who could be anything from a Sith Lord to a militaristic leader of the lingering remnants of the Galactic Empire (a la Grand Admiral Thrawn, from the Star Wars Expanded Universe literature).

If nothing else, can we all agree that if Oldman does sign on for Episode VII, the final result should be far better than his most recent collaboration with former Air Force One costar Harrison Ford (returning as Han Solo) – last year’s corporate thriller bomb, Paranoia?


Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to open in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Sky Movies [via Cinemablend]

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  1. I’m honestly not bothered who he plays, just having Oldman in the movie will be an added bonus.

    I found it hilarious when someone asked his reasons for taking the role in Robocop during the London premiere and he jokingly replied “I did it for the money!”.

    • Lol :D

  2. Gary Oldman in Star Wars? Yes, please!

  3. Give him any role now! Admiral ? Rebel leader ? Anything

  4. I call dibs on Grand Admiral Thrawn

    • +1 this.

  5. He’d be a pretty chill Jedi. Since this takes place in something close to real time after the battle of Endor, I doubt that’s the case, but it’d be chill, nonetheless.

  6. Good choice, Gary Oldman is superb as a bad guy and it has been awhile since he has played one, BOOK OF ELI I think.

    An Admiral?A Grand Moff? The new Emperor?

    A thought. The battle of Endor was hardly conclusive. Sure the Emperor and Vader died, also 2nd Death Star was destroyed, but the entire alliance fleet was barely able to defeat one of the many Imperial Sector Fleets. The Rebels didn’t destroy any Imperial Starship construction facilities. They only liberated one planet, Endor. So after Endor the Rebel fleet is heavily damaged and they are easily compromised by Imperial intelligence. The Senate is still dissolved. Grand Moff’s are still in control over other sectors. Coruscant did not fall, it would still be heavily fortified. If looked at from the perspective of Roman history, then the most obvious outcome of ROTJ would have been for a Grand Moff or Admiral to become the new Emperor after Palpatine’s death. Remember Imperial officers were citizens of the Republic 30 years before ROTJ. So, it is reasonable to assume that the Jedi were already unpopular with many and the force was regarded as comical compared to technology. How many people openly mock the force in the original trilogy, to people who can use it. I’d say a huge backlash against force users would happen when people find out Palpatine was a sith.

    • The new Emperor would then point out that Luke and Leia are Vader’s children and would try to spin what happened at Endor as a coup/plot by Vader. It isn’t a stretch, after all Vader offers that to Luke in Empire. It is also not a stretch to think that Vader was the only one plotting for the throne Palpatine created for himself.

  7. Gary Oldman for the win. As well as Matt Smith. If anyone is weary of Matt Smith getting a role in this film, you need to watch some of his episodes Doctor Who. Particularly, ‘The Rings Of Ataken’ ‘The Hungry Earth’ ‘The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang’. He kills it. Im not saying he should get a part but he sure as hell wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  8. Oldman has now been in a total of five franchises I believe, a possible sixth being Tinker Tailor Solider Spy if sequels are indeed made:

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Batman
    3. Planet of the Apes
    4. RoboCop
    5. Hannibal Lecter

    We will just have to wait and see if Star Wars will be next on the list.

    • Not sure RoboCop gets franchise status (yet) being its a remake not a sequel. But not many top actors like him are in that many popular series. BTW I vote for him as Pelleon.

      • Well Robocop is a remake of a movie that has a franchise, and being a remake I’d consider it part of the franchise.

  9. Will he play Darth Drexel? “You thought it was white boy day?!?”

  10. Gary Oldman? Hell yeah! He’s one of the greatest actors working today, they’d be crazy not to give him role, and Gary Oldman would be crazy to refuse it. Mother F*ckin’ Charlie Bronson!

  11. I remember back in the day he was originally supposed to voice General Grievous before SAG interfered. It would be great to see him in the franchise.

    • @Brook Hubbs, really? Now that is interesting. So, what if Oldman was merely a voiceover? What then?

      I know, I’d be a little less interested too.

  12. Dude I don’t care who Oldman is playing any role he always nails it, one of those actors I’m confident with on anything they do

  13. Oh for God’s sake, if this turns out to be a dud rumor I’m going to be SOOOO FUKKEN ANGRY.

  14. yeah I want this guy onbouard AND… please Abrams confirm Daniel Day Lewis!

  15. That is music to my freakin’ ears. He would be a STELLAR casting.

  16. Easily one of the greatest actors of our time. If he is interested and Abrams does not sign him…that says something about Abrams, and not good!

  17. Gary Oldman in Star Wars is a total no-brainer and ANY role he does in it would be fantastic!

  18. Good Man… An AMAZINGLY talented actor….
    Would be fantastic in any role.
    JJ knows what he’s doing.

  19. IT’S A TRAP!



      • Meesa don’t understand what yousa a sayin.

  20. Calm keep must Fans. Wait 2015 until.

    • Roger roger

  21. There’s way too much coverage of this film now, but yes, Gary Oldman would be good in any role….just not Jah jah binks please!

  22. Gary oldman for sure should be in star wars great actor he would be a great addition to star wars.