‘Star Wars: Episode 7′: Two More Female Cast Members Rumored

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star wars episode 7 female characters Star Wars: Episode 7: Two More Female Cast Members Rumored

When the majority of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast was revealed in one swift stroke, it managed to impress with the caliber of newcomer actors to the series – but also ignited a debate over whether the cast was unnecessarily too male-heavy. Shortly thereafter, reports emerged that another female cast member had yet to be revealed; now that production on the J.J. Abrams’ space adventure is officially underway, new reports have emerged claiming that there are, in fact, two more women set to appear in Episode VII – other than the ones which have been confirmed by Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm, to be clear.

There’s a whole lot we don’t know about Episode VII right now, which is why it’s best to step back and consider the whole picture, before decrying the movie for what, to be fair, does seem at first to be a legitimate absence of diversity in terms of gender and race – given the vastness of the Star Wars universe and its variety of citizens, that is. We’ve long heard that the protagonist of Episode VII could be female; that there’s another female character of mixed ethnicity to be revealed; and it’s certainly possible that new characters portrayed by Latino actor Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) and Black British actor John Boyega (Attack the Block), will be very important participants in the action.

While none of the above information is a certainty at this stage, it has been reported in the past that Abrams cast Episode VII so that the film will have a mixed assortment of characters, when it came to age, ethnicity, and gender. (Which, in addition, makes good business sense, as we’ve discussed with respect to superhero movie casting.) In addition to that, Latino Review is reporting that both Essex actress Katie Jarvis and Oxford actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers have been spotted recently around the Episode VII production in London, much like such folk as Boyega were (before they were officially confirmed as cast members for the film).

star wars episode 7 katie jarvis maisie richardson sellers Star Wars: Episode 7: Two More Female Cast Members Rumored

Katie Jarvis and Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Jarvis is somewhat new to the Star Wars rumor conversation, though the young star – who turns 23 in a month – broke out a few years ago, opposite Michael Fassbender in the gritty coming of age drama, Fish Tank. Meanwhile, Richardson-Sellers has been rumored to appear in Episode VII for the past month; assuming that she and/or Jarvis have, in fact, been hanging around the facilities where the film is being shot, well, it seems fair to assume they’re not simply waiting around, hoping to get an autograph from Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher (or Mark Hamill or any other Episode VII cast members, for that matter).

We know now that Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) reworked the original Episode VII script draft by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Catching Fire) – enough so that it appears that Arndt will not be receiving official screenwriting credit (he’ll probably be credited as a story writer, though). On the one hand, that makes it all the more difficult to say with any certainy that confirmed female cast member Daisy Ridley – who is all but given to be playing Han and Leia’s daughter – will essentially be the Anakin/Luke Skywalker to Episode VII; though, of all the new members of the Star Wars universe, Ridley appears to be in the best position to serve that role.

star wars episode 7 casting audition Star Wars: Episode 7: Two More Female Cast Members Rumored

Some things have clearly been changed in the film’s script, following the leaking of an Episode VII casting call that listed two new female characters as part of the cast. In other words, it’s feasible that there are now three new women – all portrayed by up and comers with strong backgrounds in either theater, short film, or indie cinema – featured as part of the Star Wars live-action universe, whoever their characters might be (rumors about Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter, aside).

We say again: there’s still a whole lot that has yet to revealed about Episode VII, even with the cameras now rolling. If the latest rumors are true, then there could be encouraging news on the horizon – when it comes to keeping that hope alive that Star Wars will keep up with the changes in nerd culture over the years. After all, whatever your feelings are on, say, Abrams’ Star Trek movies, he’s still the guy who gave us the landmark TV show Alias – and now, he gets to play in the Star Wars sandbox, which is what he’s wanted to do for a long time. Chances are, he’ll try all the harder to give us something both different and good, in the process.


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in U.S. theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Maisie Richardson-Sellers just looks like she belongs in a Star Wars film.

  2. Oh man, there’s going to be a lot of male haters coming in here to comment on this. From the looks of the previous threads about having even one girl or woman in Star Wars I say we might have a galatic male hormone insurgence.

  3. This whole “debate” was not fair at all and foolish from the start from the man who did Felicity and Alias and people would complain that he would leave out female roles?

    Please someone try and learn to wait for the whole story of casting!

    • +1

  4. So, there has to be an equal number of men and women for a film to be good. This is similar to laws in many contries where you have to have the same number of women and men in political caucus or benches. Not the best or better prepared, just comply with the law. That’s crazy.

    Gunray: “Lord, is that legal?”
    Sidious: I will make it legal!

    • Whaa? No its not near a law, but okay then. The erasure of women and people of colour from science fiction is a big problem. What does it mean that so many white male (not saying thats bad here people who will definitely accuse me of that) filmmakers find it perfectly natural to erase the presence of people of colour and women from their narratives? Forget addressing the issue of fleshing out actual minority characters, but literally just not including them at all? Fiction can let us create a different world for ourselves, shouldn’t that also mean a more equal world? If there were movies where over 75% of the cast was women, completely unexplained, and the males were mostly love interests. Are you saying you wouldn’t have a problem with that? You wouldn’t have a problem that mens stories are hardly ever told, and that thats is the status quo?

      • I’m not saying I disagree with you, because I do but maybe the problem is that a lot of the films like this are made by men (often white), who end up choosing the actors that they can relate to. Like I find myself always leaning toward shows and books with women as the main character, because I’m female and it’s easier to relate to plus I just prefer it. So perhaps it’s the same thing for whoever casts the movies, they just choose what they are most familiar with/relate to. That’s not to say they’re all doing it for this reason though, just some food for thought. Also I think it’s possible that because they often don’t automatically think of the erasure of POC or women in film, so it probably doesn’t come into mind when casting. Which sucks but I think it’s changing with time, at least I hope.

  5. If they were looking for 3 female characters + Leia from the beginning it’s cool, but It’s ridiculous if they’re adding female characters just because of some idiots on the internet.
    Personally however I hope it isn’t a female as the lead character as I can’t remember the last movie I saw, enjoyed and would watch again with a female lead.

  6. Stop with the gender/racial statistical harmony. You know how to ruin a movie? This is how. Why is it so hard to get the concept of finding the right actors for a well written script, rather than this insane idea of filling out a quota then “banging out a script” for a “business model”.

    • Right?! Lets be all just be sexist and not care about women’s stories cuz they’re not really people are they? I mean they have only been considered people for near 100 years, who cares?

      • Only Sith deal in absolutes.

      • No where in there did TT say we had to be sexist – or racist for that matter. TT’s point was that ensuring there is equal representation for both sexes and/or each race is not necessarily conducive to creating a good film. That’s not to say that it won’t result in a good film, just that it makes it much harder to create one.

        Say for instance that I wanted to write a script for a film that follows a male criminal in jail. If I were to try to include equal representation for both sexes it would restrict what I could do with the script. Thanks to inmates being separated by gender, at least in US penitentiaries, I would have to either follow a second female inmate or someone on the outside, like say his wife and her friends. This may not be the story I wanted to tell and could easily reduce the quality of the film. Not because I’m including more women, let me make that clear. This could just as easily be done following the viewpoint of a female inmate but that may not be the personality I’m looking for.

        Now for ethnic groups things are a little different. There’s really nothing preventing you from casting someone of a particular ethnicity in a role, unless that character’s race has already been defined through existing media, because while each ethnic group tends to have it’s own cultural quirks there are plenty of people who have the quirks of a different one. The problem here is the number of actors representing their ethnic group. Quite simply there are just many more actors who are Caucasian, though that gap is gradually closing. Like TT was saying, it makes far more sense to pick the actor or actress you feel best represents the character you wish them to portray and with far more Caucasian actors the odds are in their favor. This is similar to a small school trying to compete in sports with a larger school several divisions above them. The larger school has a larger pool of athletes to draw from and so stands a better chance of assembling a stronger team. Nothing more than a numbers game. Enforcing equal representation would likely result in films starring an even smaller pool of actors and actresses than is already the case since for several ethnicities there just are not very many actors and actresses representing them.

        • Thanks for your long misguided lesson, star wars is science fiction, not prison, or a swim team, or whatever else you rambled about. there is no reason there shouldn’t be a gender equal cast.

          • Let me ask you something. Would you rather have a statistical harmony of bland male/female characters, or one over arching powerful female character, perhaps one the rivals Darth Vader as a villain or Luke Skywalker as a hero?

          • He wasn’t rambling, he delivered his opinion and took the time to explain it.

            His bottom line up front is this: There are more white actors then those of other races and therefore, it is more likely that white actors will be picked for roles. Purposefully choosing an inferior actor just to meet a quota may damage the quality of a film.

          • …how are you missing this person’s point: a story teller shouldn’t have to sit down and go “well, better throw in this many women for every man present in the script” – their job is not to be an equal opportunity employer: their job is to write the best damn story that they can.

            And the truth isn’t that people do not care about women’s stories: it’s that, historically, Hollywood doesn’t care or push for anything more than “women as the love interest”. You would not believe how many times I’d read that note on coverage for friends: because the executives truly see female audience members as not interested unless there is a romantic through line. But look at how well Gravity did and tell me no one really cares about women’s stories. The fundamental reality is that normal people don’t give a s*** about women’s stories. They don’t give a s*** men’s stories either – they care about good stories, well told and beautifully shot.

            If Star Wars VII’s cast is talented and enacts a great story, I’ll love it regardless of if it’s diverse or gender balanced. But you can sure as hell bet that if the story/narrative suck, I’m not going to say “well at least the movie is good because it had such DIVERSITY.” No one will – we want to be entertained, leave the social politics at the door.

          • Just in case you don’t realize it. You’re not making a point in favor of women, you’re making one against them.

            There’s nothing wrong with a strong female lead. Women could just as well be the main focus of a movie. Nothing wrong with that. However, as it happens, women are not the main focus of Episode 7. They weren’t the main focus of any other Episode. Yet, for all it’s worth, women in Star Wars still made their presence felt. The creators decide the focus of the story. Not you. Not me. Your gender-equal “fairness” is nothing more than nicely wrapped, oppressive one-way lane in favor of only one group. Maybe it would do you some good if you’d calm down and stop seeing every non-woman as an enemy?

        • You made my point with much more eloquence BmpBlast

    • I read this article and thing, “cool, more ladies in Star Wars.” Nothing negative occurs to me.

      • And that’s absolutely correct.

  7. Shouldnt the Anakin/Luke Skywalker of Episode VI be the offspring of Luke not Leia? Is not generally taken that Star Wars is the journey of the Skywalkers?

    • Leia is, of course, a Skywalker. She is Luke’s twin sister, and Anakin’s daughter.

  8. I am so excited about this I think it will be great and I would love to have more actors and actresses in the film the more the merrier I guess I actually think I saw a set photo of the crew filming in London of a person reading the script and it just showed her hands but i wouldn’t be surprised if thats Sellers and she is all but confirmed to be in the film… she really just looks to me like she needs to be in this movie I don’t know why but I really want her to be in it.

  9. JJAbram’s Star Treks 1&2 are essentially Star Wars skinned over with Star Trek… the technology is Star Wars (the warp drive isn’t Trek Warp, where you can detect ships in warp, fight ships in warp, and don’t come out of warp by crashing into things, it’s SW Hyperdrive, where that all happens; phasers should not be blaster bolts, which are short packets instead of phaser beams) So I think we already know what Abrams SW will look like in terms of ships and weapons

    • I hope there are enough people around him to let him know that gigantic battles ships dont “spin out” and do barrel rolls in combat

      • +1

  10. Good cause as is this is a 300 (Battle of the hot gates style) sausage fest

  11. Maisie is Lando’s daughter, and Billy Dee is coming back for a cameo (at least). I’m calling it now!

    I was right about Adam Driver being Han and Leia’s kid, so hopefully this comes true too.

    • Maisie could be related to Lando, but Billy D is not coming back. Bank on it. All the primaries who have returned got into shape, Billy D did not.

  12. People who are looking to Star Wars for human gender or racial icons to use as a trophy are looking in the wrong place.

    I heard comments like “Yeah well even if there are more women coming I hope they aren’t hidden under make-up or masks because I want to see their faces.”

    It’s like huh? So even if you got a female character was alien you’d be upset?

    OK then this is really not the movie you are looking for. Move along.

  13. Ok, no one went to Star Wars counting the number of men, women, and ethnicities. It’s a movie not a census. The story should come first and the characters should represent whats called for in the story. The ethnicity representation and gender of the cast are irrelevant. I’m so sick of people who think that way. If a movie calls for all black actors, white actors, all men, or all women it does not matter to most people. If the movie is good they will see it. Look at the Hobbit, they add Tauriel for the sake of having a female and it screws up an excellent story that didn’t need the character. If they did that for Episode 7 that would be just plain stupidity.

  14. I’m disappointed that none of the comments made reference to the possibility of Katie Jarvis going up for one of the roles in Star Wars. Given the sheer lack of movie news regarding her over the past five years, I thought that people would be freely discussing this piece of gossip. As for me, I want it to be more than a rumour; I am waiting for it to be confirmed by all movie news sites covering the filming of the saga’s seventh episode. Katie deserves another big shot at movie stardom. I only hope she receives encouragement to do so from those in the industry.