Carrie Fisher Confirms Return For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated March 6th, 2013 at 3:15 pm,

Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Goofing Carrie Fisher Confirms Return For Star Wars: Episode 7 [Updated]

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in the fall, the new leadership, quarterbacked by Lucasilm’s new President Kathleen Kennedy, made their intentions very clear. Star Wars is not only going to get new movies, but it’s going to continue the story crafted by George Lucas, meaning familiar universe, familiar timeline and familiar characters.

Mark Hamill confirmed that he’s in talks to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker and Harrison Ford has already reportedly signed to return as Han Solo. And if there’s a Han Solo, there’s a Princess Leia, and that holds true when the Star Wars saga returns in 2015 with Episode VII.

In a recent interview with Palm Beach Illustrated, Carrie Fisher straight-up confirmed a multitude of rumors and reports that she will be reprising her career-defining role as Leia Organa in first of many upcoming Star Wars movies. When asked if she could confirm her return, Fisher simply replied with “yes.”

And to follow up, Fisher gave her thoughts jokingly on what Episode 7′s Leia may be like:

“Elderly. She’s in an intergalactic old folks’ home [laughs].

I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.”

An aged Leia and Solo would likely be embracing leadership positions in the New Republic, born of the ashes of the Empire after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. If the films follow the multitude of the Star Wars expanded universe stories, Leia may have several children who themselves could be main characters in the series going forward: The twins Jaina & Jacen, and their youngest, Anakin, named after [Vader voice] you know who.

Carrie Fisher Present Day Carrie Fisher Confirms Return For Star Wars: Episode 7 [Updated]

As for Leia specifically, she may play a similar supporting role to the Mon Mothma character of the original trilogy – with more screen time undoubtedly – but in either case, it’s pleasing to see Lucasfilm and Disney honoring the franchise roots and maintaining the continuity in the most authentic way possible.

With the main three characters all but officially confirmed by the studio to return, what about other characters like Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) and Wedge Antilles (Dennis Lawson)? And are Fisher and co. back for the entire trilogy (Episodes 7-9) or just Episode 7?

Count on the Millenium Falcon and some X-Wings returning to the big screen as well. Let’s just hope they don’t get the “iBridge” Star Trek treatment. Follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes and let me know what other character you want to see return!

[Update: Carrie Fisher’s rep tells CNN that “she was joking” and that “nothing has been announced.” Sounds like an announcement will come eventually though.]

Star Wars Episode 7 will hit theaters in 2015.


Source: Palm Beach Illustrated

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  1. I think they’re doing the right thing by bringing back the three main actors, and you know Hamill will be signing on here soon. And yes, we do need Lando as well. Especially if they follow anywhere near the expanded universe stories. Very much looking forward to the finished product. The acting will be much better then it was in the prequel trilogy. I don’t have a bad feeling about this at all.

  2. Sounds good to me

  3. I just hope the Ewoks are in the movie in some capacity. I mean they were extremely instrumental in the fall of the Empire.

    • LOL!!!

  4. Sorry Folks,
    Bad idea to bring any of them back. They are too old. And Harrison has been snubbing Star Wars ever since they ended. He has said on many occasions that he would never reprise the role of Solo. It was so obvious he considered it a stepping stone to greater things in his acting career (probably right)but he, like Alec Guiness, clearly was embarrassed to be associated with those films.

    • Wait, what???

      “Too old” to be playing the same characters nearly 40 years older?? As in virtually the same REAL time as the characters???


      Some people have a weird opinion of what 65+ years looks like on someone. (Here’s a hint: they don’t all look like the Kardashians.)

      • You are right Aunt Buru and Uncle Owen added a lot to the Star Wars storyline. Bring those three back so that they can pass the torch. Okay?

        • Eh?

          • *Sigh* By this I mean that these actors are too old to contribute to an action movie. You may have noticed that these movies are kind of action based. To have these three characters sitting on the side lines telling the next generation of characters ” Hey you kids be careful out there in the asteroid field ” would be kind of sad. These actors had their moment in the limelight. Let them stay young in our collective memories forever. What would be even worse would be for these characters to be portrayed as having “seasoned only slightly” I hate it when we the audience are expected to not notice that our favorite characters have gotten old. The Star Trek movies come to mind. What’s so wrong with setting it 100 years in the future?

            • If you read the whole article you would see that they think the kids of them will play a larger role.

    • This is just an ignorant comment. They embody the characters and know them better than anyone, and it will definitely make the new movies more watchable than the last 3 prequels.

      Besides, as the other fellow pointed out, it was always planned to have three more movies take place in a “future” time line.

    • It was absolutely crucial to bring back the 3 main characters to pass the torch over to the new generation of SW characters, if they don’t come back it would be a crap shoot whether the public would take to brand new characters. I believe Leia will be the only one still alive in episode 9, I think Luke/Han will be killed off in 7 with Luke playing the blue ghost role throughout the rest.

    • What??? Where did you here Alec Guiness was embarrassed about SW??? He was one of the only people who took it serious when they filmed it!!!!

      • Towards the end he was a little dispondant that given the multitude of other roles (bridge over the river kwai etc.) that he was only really remembered as Obi-wan. He was, rightly so, proud of his body of work it saddened him a little the Obi-wan overshadowed everything.

        As for taking it seriously all the actors did as it was the only way they could get through the shoot, by playing it as straight as possible. As Harrison is reported to of said to George, “you maybe able to WRITE this stuff but how are we supposed to SAY it” in response to a lot of the script for New Hope.

  5. Carrie Fishers rep has told CNN that she was joking and that nothing is confirmed yet .

  6. I gotta saw…the 1980 version of Carrie Fisher was cuuuuuuuute!

  7. Screenrant: perhaps cut down juuusttt a little on these annoying it’s confirmed, no its not, reports? It’s all getting a bit silly now wouldn’t you say?

    Fact: NONE of the original actors have offically signed on yet. NONE OF THEM! ANYthing else is rumour at this point. So really you should change the headline of this story if you value accurate reporting over sensationalism…

    This ‘reporting’ spreads like wildfire, and gets treated as fact, when it’s all mere speculation. How’s about doing something different, and NOT pounce on every rumour until it’s been confirmed? Or confirm it yourselves first… The speculation on these films is just silly at the moment, so early into it. How’s about not reportimg every little detail, and create some suspence, like in the pre-internet era when a film was an event, not something to be analysed to death before it’s even started shooting or casting?!

    Ease back a little until the real nuggets of info. start leaking out…


  8. Not a good idea. I’m glad they’re doing a follow up on the movies, but bringing Carrie Fisher and all the other actors back here is not a good move. And I’m not just talking about age, they’d have to bring in at least Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker into the fold. And then the viewers will be going “where did those two come from?” “Wait… Luke got married? To who?!”

    I was seriously hoping that Scarlett Johansson would play Mara Jade, but if they’re pulling the aged characters, the setting is going to be either before or after Mara’s death. The people who have not read (let alone heard of the extended universe) will be completely lost and the movie will be a flop.

    Whether or not this is rumor or fact, I’m just pointing out the downsides of having these actors back. Now, if they LOOKED like they were still in their late twenties to late thirties, I wouldn’t be complaining, but they don’t. Need to have new actors people!!

    • Think of Star Trek the Next Generation. The series took place 70-80 years after the originals and yet the fans accepted that this wasn’t taking place 10 years after Kirk’s reign on the bridge. Give the audience some credit. They can make mention of Han and luke, et al but we don’t need them in the new movies.

    • Current discussions indicate that episode seven threw eight will have little or nothing to do with the expanded universe. To a great extent the expanded universe will be ignored. Much the same way the creative forces that be chose to set the Star Trek re-boot in an alternate time line rather than deal with established cannon.

  9. NO ONE ELSE could EVER take the place of or the re-casting of these 3 original and ICONIC characters.
    At first I thought it foolish to bring these characters/actors back into the fold but to have ANY CONTINUITY they MUST be a part of it, maybe just a small part but hey have to at least be seen in this movie, if for no other reason then to explan where we are in the future of these films

    • Noone was every talking about re-casting the 3 original characters… its just now they are here they are old… and i mean old to the point where i doubt you’ld recognise any of them from the previous films – especially when we consider the sixth episode was made about 20 (?) years ago.

      If anything they are returning simply to have cameo or small roles where they pretty much get killed off or pass on the torch to the next group of people – worse case scenario we get something like Spy Kids 4 where they are brought back and they act old and useless in order to give the new cast a chance to save them.

      • Exactly my point. I hate it when movie makers think that the only way for audiences to accept continuing sagas such as this is to bring back the old cast from previous eras to legitimize the present story. Why not start fresh? Have this take place 100 years later?

  10. wow no old people in action?!?!?!?!? did all you dudes forget about obi-wan? luke obviously will be that kind of character in this new movie

    • True “dude”but Alec’s whole purpose in the story arc was the passing of the torch to the next generation. Harrison is around the age that Alec was in New Hope. I must confess I would enjoy hearing some young buck telling him he is an “old fool” or referring to him as “that old fossil”
      I just think it will be kinda sad to hear Luke say ” I’m getting too old for this sort of thing” or to have the villain say to him “Your powers are weak old man..” People don’t like to see their heroes grow old. Why do you think they keep changing James Bond. I hatesd seeing an old Indiana Jones.

  11. i’m just hoping for the *spoiler alert* fall of Jacen Solo