George Lucas Spent a Year Developing ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Before Lucasfilm Sale

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George Lucas Star Wars TV show George Lucas Spent a Year Developing Star Wars: Episode 7 Before Lucasfilm Sale

It was almost a year ago when George Lucas pulled the rug out from beneath everyone’s feet and sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney company, so that the Mouse House could usher in a new era of Star Wars movies, beginning with Episode VII. Shortly after most everyone had accepted that this wasn’t some elaborate hoax, the obvious question(s) were: Who is going to write, direct and star in these films, set in a galaxy far, far away (which take place around 30 years after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi)?

Casting for Episode VII and beyond, as you’re undoubtedly aware, is currently ongoing; though, we do, for certain, know the identity of at least one contender. Moreover, it’s now common knowledge that Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (whose scriptwriting resume includes Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3 and Oblivion) is responsible for the Episode VII script, while Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams is jumping ship – literally! – to take the helm on the seventh Star Wars movie.

As for Lucas, he’s serving as a “creative consultant” – i.e. using his knowledge to answer all/any Star Wars-related questions that Abrams might have during pre-production - on Episode VII and the planned spinoff films that will release during the years between the Episode installments (possibly, beginning with a Han Solo origin film). However, according to his 20-year old son, Jett Lucas, the creator of Star Wars spent more time planning, designing and structuring the third movie trilogy (and more?) than you might’ve thought.

Jett Lucas informed Flicks and the City (via Mashable) that his father was “ready to let [Star Wars] go and let it grow,” but that he spent a year mapping out the franchise’s future before doing so:

“He was very torn on the matter,” Jett Lucas told YouTube channel Flicks and the City in an interview posted Sunday, revealing that his dad had started researching and writing the new Star Wars movies about a year before the Disney sale — and told him casually over a dinnertime phone call. “He’s happiest when he’s writing and doing something with his time.” What the senior Lucas has done is set out “guidelines” for the new movie, Jett said.

Star Wars Episode 7 Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Legacy of Force New Jedi Order George Lucas Spent a Year Developing Star Wars: Episode 7 Before Lucasfilm Sale

Now, although this news (i.e. that Lucas spent a good deal of time putting together stories/ideas for Episode VII-IX) might cause a disturbance in the force for legions of Star Wars fans – who argue that Episodes I-III are proof enough that Lucas is no longer a passionate and capable storyteller – it’s arguably not discouraging news at all. In fact, one of the reasons that the prequel Star Wars trilogy has long provoked such impassioned negative reactions (in my opinion) is that the bare-bones plot outline for those films is… actually, surprisingly quite solid.

The problem lies with the execution, since it seemed as though Lucas neglected to properly develop the Episodes I-III scripts (which needed much fine-tuning), so as to pioneer new digital and computer-assisted filmmaking tools instead – resulting in a film trilogy that is glistening and bright on the surface, yet emotionally-hollow and a thematic mess on the inside. However, even though the next wave of Star Wars movies originated with Lucas (maybe even longer ago than we know for certain), his vision will be realized by the more capable hands of longtime Star Wars fans like Arndt and Abrams.

Indeed, Jett Lucas made it clear to Flicks and the City that his father isn’t at all the driver on Episode VII. Rather, he’s more like the concerned parent who is sitting in the back, so that he can an eye on things – without being able to grab and take control of the steering wheel himself. To quote:

Asked if Lucas was keeping a watchful eye over what happens next with Star Wars, he replied: “Yeah, as any parent watching their kid going to college would. He’s constantly talking to J.J. [Abrams, director of Episode VII]. Obviously J.J. was handpicked. He [Lucas] is there to guide, whenever, he’ll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation.”

(Note: As many reading this are probably well-aware, Abrams is also getting a helping hand from another seasoned veteran in screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back), who is advising on Episode VII and penning one of the spinoff films – much like Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past).)

kasdan lucas hamill empire strikes back George Lucas Spent a Year Developing Star Wars: Episode 7 Before Lucasfilm Sale

Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas and Mark Hamill

Lucas’ grown-up son also revealed that his father has already told him about the story plan for Episodes VII-IX – something that even the actors who’ve auditioned for the film are in the dark about. He played coy, but in the process seemed to drop a few hints – most of which confirm what most fans have already speculated (i.e. that the films will largely focus on a whole new set of characters).

“I’m happy with what’s going to happen… I would like to see [Episodes VII-IX] following a new generation. I’m not saying that’s what happens, I’m saying that’s what I would like… because to me these movies are about the next generation as the prequels are about a new generation and the originals were for that generation… I think following a new generation and a new group of heroes and villains will – [pause] I think that’s the right move to make.”

Of course, it was George Lucas himself who let it slip that the original Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) will return to portray older version of the characters in Episode VII (or, rather, that the trio is in “final negotiations” to reprise their roles) – and we’ve since heard multiple reports that confirm that Hamill and Fisher are, in fact, getting back into Jedi/hero shape for the film. As such, there looks to be some passing of the torch on both sides of the camera with the latest installment in Lucas’ imaginative space opera/legend.

You can watch the full interview with Jett Lucas (where he comments on some of the Episode VII rumors) below:


Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015, though it could wind up delayed until the Winter Holiday Season.

Source: Flicks and the City [via Mashable]

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  1. Lucas spent a year developing this and had such faith in it he then sold the rights to it… hmm makes sense

    • it should be obvious to anyone that when he decided to sell having more films ‘in development’ was to bump up the price…

      • Oh right that’s OK then I didn’t understand selling his company but now you mention it was to make money it all makes sense

    • Disney made him an offer he could not refuse. Lucas is a great story teller just don’t take his input when it comes to (a)love scenes, or (b)casting, Also, Lucas works best with a mild buffering agent, just give his story to a different screenwriter, and director while adding multiple producers will prevent an over abundance of unadulterated corniness.

      • Lucas is not a great storyteller at all. What he is great at is putting together a great outline. It’s up to others to flesh out the stories. Lawrence Kasdan was the driving force behind Empire, Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark. While many times George is referred to as having written these (and others), what he actually holds is “story credit” which means he made the first pass (a written story document or treatment, or in some cases, a complete script) but the difference between that and what winds up as the shooting script and on film are likely vastly different.

        • You are not giving Lucas enough credit. He wrote and directed Episode 1, in fact the trilogy was supposed to be a single film. However, after the forth draft he realized that Star Wars was too long for a single film, and he decided to ask 20th Century Fox for the rights to the sequels. Therefore, The Empire Strikes Back is without a doubt a Lucas Story.

          Indiana Jones is named after Lucas’s dog Indiana. Lucas wrote – The Adventures of Indiana Smith (later changed to Jones) in 1973 and shelved the idea so he could concentrate on developing his treatment for Star Wars.

          • Typo – Episode 4

          • Note that I specifically left ANH out for a reason: “Lawrence Kasdan was the driving force behind Empire, Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark”. That is acknowledging that he was certainly the driving force behind ANH considering its omission.

            That ESB and RotLA were Lucas’ “story” wasn’t in dispute considering I specifically stated: “what he actually holds is “story credit” which means he made the first pass (a written story document or treatment, or in some cases, a complete script).” He does not hold screenplay credit on either. The WGA is very specific on their guidelines with regard to establishing and listing credit.

            That being said, I’m having a hard time deciphering exactly what it is you think you are disputing or refuting in that there are intentional provisions in my comment stating what you insist I am not saying.

    • If I am not mistaken it was in the sellout contract that Lucas would be allowed a lot of input on what was to come and that it would be based on his stories. He is by no means “hands off” especially with Kathleen Kennedy on his side and JJ wanting to seriously honor the original trilogy.

      • Lucas has been preparing for retirement since around 2010, he brought in Kathleen Kennedy to take over for him last year but it was planned before that took place, it was Kennedy who suggested re-starting up the franchise again with brand new films, hence Lucas starting work on them in late 2011 and continuing development on them until the Disney acquistion was signed in October last year, after that, they became property of the Mouse House and Lucas stepped back.

        George has been planning Episodes VII-IX since the late 1970′s/early 1980′s, and despite his statements to the contrary, rumors out of Lucasfilm continued to persist he was planning a sequel trilogy… rumors that evidently turned out to be well founded! He may have been actively developing the story outlines for the new films over the course of a year (late 2011-late 2012) but he has story notes and outlines and ideas for those films dating back 35 years, so there’s no shortage of ideas to work from!

        Lucas’ contract with Disney stipulated his outlines for Episodes VII-IX would form the basis for those films’ eventual screenplays, but he has no other official duty obligated under that contract, he remains a creative consultant and little else, his is a ceremonial figurehead role now… to advise, to guide, to suggest, to inform, but the films will be J.J. Abrams’ and Kathleen Kennedy’s baby (so to speak), THEY’RE the main driving creative force with the new ‘Star Wars’ films, not Lucas!

          • Sounds like from Jett that George might have more input on JJ than I thought. Great interview from Jett!!

  2. While there are definitely people who dislike aspects of the prequel trilogy, I would suggest that the majority of that ‘legion’ of Star Wars fans love them. Were they perfect? No. Were they awesome? Yes.

    • Well, you have no evidence to support your belief that the legion of SW fans “love” the second trilogy.

    • Are you on drugs? Yes. Seriously mate, no offence, if you liked the prequels then fair enough, it’s your opinion, but if you think the majority of Star Wars fans ‘love’ the prequels then you must of spent the last 10 years living in a galaxy far far away.

      • Maybe he meant the chronological second trilogy. I also used to call the original trilogy “the second trilogy” but I quickly quit doing it because people around me were confused. I only called it “second” because chronological it is the second trilogy.

        • how about Luke’s Trilogy or Anikan’s as opposed to 1st and 2nd, no mistaking which one there.

        • No, hubuhubu, benjamin specifically wrote the prequel trilogy. So, he meant Episodes I-III. Also, since few people have openly bashed the original trilogy, it’s obvious which trilogy he meant.

      • Someone should tell him to lay off the midichlorians.

    • +10. I agree,IMO The Star Wars Prequels are almost as good as the revered Original Triology. I just love Star Wars.

    • This is the thing which REALLY cracks me up! Every person who loves Star Wars thinks that they are the personal spokesperson for the franchise (which is a very good thing.) However, they forget they are not. I saw the original Star Wars in 1977 when I was 6 years old. I loved the prequels! I went to the first Star Wars Celebration because it was within driving distance, and my friend and I had such a great time we flew to Indy for Celebration 2 and 3. Another friend who is my age owns so many collectibles, he practically owns a Star Wars museum. He has completely embraced the prequels, but he is going to be PISSED if the new movies ignore the Expanded Universe.

      • Well, you’re wrong, rwdokken. I’m a huge fan of SW, but I don’t consider myself the spokesman for the franchise. Nevertheless, it’s absurd for someone to say that the majority of the legion of SW fans loved the prequel trilogy. Simply, that’s just not true.

    • Count me as part of the minority of that “legion”.

  3. lol it looks like George Lucas is strangling C-3PO in that first pic

    also I kinda need glasses

  4. The prequels broke my heart. But I have faith in JJ to make it awesome again.

    • Did they go down a path you could not follow?

      • The path of terribleness, yeah. Lol

  5. I’m glad Lucas is more involved than I thought.

    • Why?

      • Quit hating.

        • Star Wars: One Saga.
          Quit hating.

          • Quit hating the haters.

  6. It’s documented that as far back as 1980, Lucas had talked about some of the plot elements he envisioned for the third trilogy. Dale Pollock, who wrote a biography of Lucas, said that he read outlines for twelve episodes. I’d definitely be up for seeing six more SW episodes instead of merely three.

    • not 6 more episodes just 3 more episodes and some spinoffs

      • Did you not understand what I wrote. I pointed out that GL wrote outlines for 12 episodes. So, I know that the current plan is for only three more episodes. But, I want to see 6 more.

  7. we need a precise release date soon 2015 is filling up fast there are conspiracy theores going around trying to say its not coming i 2015 at all

  8. Well, that’s good news. I just hope it’s as good as the original trilogy, which needless to say was classic. In my opinion, here were the mistakes he made with the prequel trilogy:
    -The Phantom Menace-Just a lot of boring and pointless scenes. Overall, it was alright and it did introduce Darth Maul. I would work on the script a bit as well as recast Obi Wan Kenobi for Gerard Butler
    -Attack of the Clones-Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor were just a bit bland in this film and it was more boring than its predecessor. I’d seriously revise this script and bring in Butler as Obi Wan and then Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Anakin.
    -Revenge of the Sith-Another script that needs revising. Again bring back Butler as Obi Wan and Gordon-Levitt as Anakin. General Grievous is my personal favorite character of all time, so I want more scenes with him. Maybe cast Gary Oldman (who originally was going to play Grievous but backed out at the last second).
    The prequel trilogy was alright but overall a disappointment from the original trilogy. If these changes were applied, I think there would be a drastic improvement.

    • i cant disagree more with your choices, gerard butler?!?! joseph gorden-levitt?!? as obi-wan and anakin??? bad very bad ideas, i love both of these guys, but niether are right for these parts. you may not like ewan mcgregor, but he played the role like he was channeling sir alec!!!

      • Agreed.

    • Ewan McGregor was the best thing about the prequels prob. Played his part perfectly.

      • Agreed like crazy. McGregor (and McDiarmid) was the best-cast person in the prequels. He carried Attack of the Clones.

      • +100000000000

    • Easier to list what was good.

      I got a real bad feeling when I saw a flat CGI spaceship flying towards a space doughnut populated by extras from a battle of midway movie..

      Jar Jar wasn’t even on the screen yet and I was praying to the popcorn gods to let this just be a bumpy start.

      • This would be a good thread on it’s own. At what point did you give up on Phantom Menace and realize it was going to be a crap movie? I mean, sure I hung in there all the way hoping something would save the film, but there was a moment where a part of me realized this wasn’t going to happen.

        For me it was when Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Jar Jar were in that sub thingee. The alligator creature attacks, then the bigger thing attacks the alligator thing. I don’t know why that scene particularly, but I realized then and there…. a good story, get, I would not.

  9. Ah, so that’s why it’s taking so long for this movie to go into production, they’re re-writing and re- doing all that stuff George worked on for that year. Well please god lets hope they are anyway.

    Great work with the original Star Wars Georgie boy, we salute you for it. Now, please stay as far far away as possible from this new movie. Just leave Arndt, Kasdan and Abrams well alone and let them do their thing.

    • QUIT HATING!! Not a good look.

      • Quit calling people’s opinions hating.

        • quit saying quit.



    but, seriously.. there were things he wrote for the next 3(6?) episodes..

    • Nicholas, actually read some of the old interviews and the unauthorized biography of GL. It’s been known even before Wikipedia existed that GL wrote outlines for 12 episodes.

    • Well said Lando’s Son. Keep cool with a smooth Colt 45!!

    • Lucas being involved is good how?

      Kurtz made Empire what it was.

      Kurtz would have made Jedi even better. A dark, epic tragedy for the main players. The personal price they would have paid for their victory over the empire was huge, but he was booted for disagreeing with the family friendly, maximise toy line change of direction..

      Kurtz was requested by JJ to work on Ep7. Lucas kinda came with the deal. I’d put money on whose input JJ is valuing most.

      • Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about.

        Will Abrams pull it off? Who knows. Hopefully he’s got Kurtz on speed dial.

  11. This actually makes me feel better about the continuity of it all. Despite what some might think, Lucas was pretty involved in the Expanded Universe side of Star Wars and I doubt he’ll let Abrams take a big ol dump on what so many writers and artists have been working on for over twenty years. Lucas has always been a great visionary, but didn’t always know what to do with his material (see: Episodes I-III). I’m glad he’s handed it over to people who are good at executing that sort of thing, while still being there to oversee it all and offer creative consultation/criticism when needed. No matter what good times or bad times Star Wars has gone through, no matter if Lucas sold it to Disney on paper or not, it’s still his creation and he has every right to have a major hand in its future.

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath. He has shown with the prequels he’s not afraid to completely contradict the expanded universe when it suits him.
      Boba Fetts past was already written in the comics but he still did the clone dad thing in ep 2.
      I personally hope he doesn’t follow the expanded universe to the letter. They made some terrible decisions like killing off chewie. I think the only exp universe idea that makes it into these movies is Han and leia having twins.

    • He’s stated many times that those are threads of their own, and not at all in line with his canon.

      If in future movies he wanted to go into those times periods, he would not honor the wider universe in any way.

      It is essentially an alternative universe to his own.

  12. ive always felt that the one thing this saga needs after episodes 7-9 is 2 more films that fill a prologue and an epilogue, i gladly explain to anyone why episode 1 REQUIRES this….

    • to apologies for episode 1?

  13. The funny thing is, and I’ve said this countless times before, all the Lucas and prequel-haters will be lining up in droves to see these new films. Keep giving Lucas (and Disney, though I’m sure Lucas gets to pocket some of it) all your money whenever you buy any Star Wars related merchandise. Keep up the hypocrisy!

    • Just because people hated Ep 1-3 and hate what Lucas has become.

      That does not mean:

      A: They hate Star Wars.
      B: they don’t believe Star wars can be fixed.

      Let me explain the drive behind making sure Ep7 isn’t like Episodes 1-3 to you.

      Haters = criticism. (be that constructive or not).

      Criticism comes from dissatisfaction.

      Dissatisfaction is a driver for change.

      Change comes not from the mindless nodding of ass kissing sycophants smiling and applauding anything serve up in front of them.

      Fixing Star wars is a large part of JJ’s drive, stemming from him himself being a dissatisfied fan. (by your narrow mind set. He’s a hater)

      Haters are driving the fixing of Star Wars. Be those vocal fans, writers, past collaborators (kurtz) and the director himself.

      Nodding, Smiling ass kissers like you are not.

      • i get a strong yoda vibe from your post…
        “i sense much fear in you…
        fear leads to anger…
        anger leads to hate…
        hate leads to….

        kuddos to you sir!!! :)

    • tarkin, do you actually know what hypocrisy means? It doesn’t seem like you do. It’s not hypocrisy to have legitimate criticisms of the second trilogy and being excited to see the third trilogy. Also, there’s a big difference between GL writing outlines and having SOME input compared to him being the main writer and director, which he was for the second trilogy. As for Lucas getting money, he was paid 4 billion to relinquish all film and merchandise rights to SW.

  14. What!? How did that script end up in the trash can? Honestly George,I have no idea how it got there.

  15. I liked the prequels. Were they perfect? No but what movie is. Star Wars 7 wont be perfect but i’m just happy i get more Star wars now.

    The prequels should have kept Darth Maul alive and had him instead of Count Dooko. and Jar jar Binks was terrible. Other than that i enjoyed them.

    I dont really care to see a Han Solo origin movie, but I’ll still be there opening day. Id much rather see a Darth Sidious or yoda origin movie. Or a movie about the Sith origin.

  16. Awesome news!

    I thought that was the case anyway. Nice to know that the ST will have GL’s guiding hand as the basis in terms of story, characters and settings.

    That doesn’t mean that JJ and co have nothing to do. Not at all.

    The genius of the PT and OT will be enhanced.

    I thought this was the case because there was no way you could go from a standing start to a new movie in less than 3 years. It’d be impossible unless a lot of groundwork was already done.

    More excited than ever for the ST!

    • +100000000000!

  17. I’m really excited for the new films. I love all the films, the PT and the OT. Each one has their strong points and their weaknesses, but as a narrative, they are fantastic. I’m so glad that I will be able to experience Episodes VII-IX during my lifetime. For me, it’s a monumental occasion, since Star Wars has always been a prominent part of my life.

  18. Michael Arndt seems to be a competent screenwriter at least, so that is good. JJ Abrams has a clear pattern of mimicking the original SW films even when he is not making SW films. Disney surely is aware of the general public perception of the SW saga.

    Those things are all important because, oddly or ironically or whatever you deem it, George Lucas himself seems to be the person farthest away from the original trilogy and the things that endeared it to us in the first place. Hopefully he has a good story outline worked up.

  19. 3 things messed up the first trilogy. Too much politics but not much plot. Too much Jar Jar and too much CGI and last but not least too much idiotic romance.

    My main concern now is that the “idea” is to pass the torch to a new generation. Does that mean killing all of the characters in episodes IV, V and VI. Should that be the case, I’m better off with the movies I have so far.

  20. I have to disagree the prequel stories were fundamentally sound. Maybe some better direction would have helped but, to me, the main problem was that Anakin simply didn’t “turn to the dark side” until the last twenty minutes of the last movie. Then everything that connected it to the trilogy was shoved into that final act. Basically it was five and a half hours of toy commercials and Anakin getting limbs cut off and shoved into the suit.

    I was expecting to see an Anakin who got darker and darker throughout the entire three movies, and whole movies of a clone war (something more connected to the plot, like clones of jedi’s or something [which could organically lead to Anakin hunting them]) and then Anakin hunting the jedi. Also, personally, I’d have left off the final with the audience assuming Anakin was dead, leaving the unforgettable reveal for ESB intact somewhat. I’d have also created a love triangle between Obi-wan and Luke’s Mom and Anakin, with a jilted Obi-wan having to save the day and then spend years watching over Luke afterwards.

    Ultimately, the story and characters were boring in the prequels, so anything to make them interesting. I will never blame Jar Jar Binks. No I didn’t like him, and the Ewoks were too cute, but they are too-easily scape-goated for plot problems.

  21. The last 20 minutes?

    He was on the path to the dark side from when he didn’t want to leave his mother in TPM and then exactly from when he returned to her and lost her.

    It’s a extremely well done character arc from start to finish.

    The PT had the very difficult job of having to fill in all the story holes the OT had and at the same time answer as much as it could for it’s own trilogy without getting into too much side detail hence the focus on Anakin.

    • Yeah Ryan, every time I see a young child get upset at the prospect of leaving his mother forever I start screaming, “kill him now. He’s going to grow up to be a ruthless mass-murderer.” But get this: They look at me like I’M the bad guy.

      • I think Ryan is talking about when he came back to his home planet in episode 2 to find his mother and killed the whole village of Tusken raiders, women and children included after his mother died because of them abducting her.

        • Okay. I know. I saw the movies too. I know that the story tried to show him turning dark, I just think it failed. His killing the tusken raiders seemed pulled out of the blue. Afterwards he went back to being the mostly likable, occasionally whiny hero. Then his final “fall” was because he was desperate to save Padme from the fate in his dream. So he was tricked into becoming a mass killer. Ultimately it just didn’t seem like someone who would go on to be a ruthless mass killer for the rest of his life. I guess I didn’t get a real sense of of a deep, enduring commitment to evil.

    • You’re having a laugh right?

      He goes into a sort of spasm like he has chronic wind, and rises as Darth Vader ready to kill kids with a moody disposition.

      It was the biggest slice of ham acting and bad character arc I’ve ever seen.

      His fall should have been 3 movies not 3 minutes.

      It can be summed up like this

      Episode 1 insufferable brat
      Episode 2 insufferable teenage brat
      Episode 3 mostly insufferable adolescent brat.. – then Wham Bam Vader!

  22. Then I ask you: ¿did GL use to much CGI? yes or no.

  23. I get that for so many people they had the stories in their head so when Lucas told us how it really happened it trod over everything they thought it would be.

    The point isn’t that Anakin was not the original conception of Vader (before he and Anakin were combined into 1 character in ESB) that is he was not a bad kid who became evil and over time became worse and worse. The point is that he was essentially a good person who couldn’t let go and that ultimately took him down the dark parh.

    He cut Mace’s arm off in a flash of a second not because he was evil but because he needed Padme. The wants and needs lead to the dark door. If anyone thought Anakin was going to be all evilly and bad for years before becoming Vader that wasn’t going to happen.

    The step through the door to evil was quick but the reasons WHY he did it were right there in TPM continued in AOTC and finalized in ROTS.

    The PT to me has so enhanced the OT. I believe that Anakin is now in the OT and I see his face behind the mask.

    The PT was never going to be what some people wanted from SW. Personally I could hardly be happier with what it was.

    I am astounded at the people who seem to think that CGI was a problem in the least. Have you read what they had to go through just to get the results of the OT which frustrated Lucas no end with the limitations of technolgoy? From his eyes IV was a smoke and mirrors affair. That’s how far ahead his mind was racing.

    The thing that I was concerned about was that the ST would go backwards in terms of visuals. Knowing that the story is nothing barred imagination from Lucas and Arndt makes me feels real good.

  24. Lucas didn’t come with the deal.


    Please read all of the great making of’s books by Rinzler plus The Secret History of Star Wars as well as Skywalking among other books.

    The person who ultimately made Empire what it became was Lucas. It’s what he wanted. That’s why he wrote it that way and got Kersh. What he didn’t want was to go 10 weeks over budget and have to go back to FOX to secure more for the loan.

    Kurtz failed Lucas in his duties as a producer which is why he wasn’t brought back and really he only brought Kurtz back to ESB out of loyalty which wasn’t repaid.

    • new cars don’t need to come with Henry Ford in the back seat. star wars needs to shake lucas lose years ago…

  25. i enjoyed all of the movies, the only parts i didn’t like was the obvious scenes made to create video games and toys, the pod racing, the factory scene

  26. If you believe Lucas, I’ve got some lovely property for sale on Tatooine.

  27. I’d also like to see an Episode 1-3 reboot that begins with -

    Episode 1, The Tragedy Darth Plagueis, which details Plagueis’s introduction to the House of Palatine, his experiments creating life, Anakin Skywalker’s birth, and his death at the hands of Sidious.

    Episode 2 – The Clone Wars, would focus on the Palatines rise to power, Anakin’s early life as a slave on Tatooine, his “Great Expectation” type benefactor that rescues him from slavary and sends him to military school on Naboo, the start of the clone wars and his initial meeting with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Episode 3 – The Rise of Darth Vader, would focus on the end of the Clone Wars – Kenobi strikes down Darth Maul, Anakin receives secret Jedi training from Kenobi, then learns the truth concerning his birth and the identity of his benefactor (Sidious). Anakin’s relationship and marriage to a Dathomir witch (that worshiped him) leads to his initial downfall, which begins with him becoming a serial killing of Jedi and ends with his defeat on Mustafar.

    We could all just pretend the prequels never happened. :)