‘Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3′ Being Released in 3D in 2013

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Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 in 3D Next Year Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3 Being Released in 3D in 2013

George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy has been re-released countless times over the past years, but his trilogy of Star Wars prequels have only experienced a single theatrical run, that is until earlier this year. In February, the first of the prequels, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was re-released in theaters with the added boost of 3D technology.

While not as successful as many of the 3D re-releases we’d seen before, The Phantom Menace was meant to pave the way for future 3D entries in the sci-fi saga, and today we can confirm that it has.

Lucasfilm announced at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration that both Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith will be released in theaters next year in 3D. The second entry in the prequel trilogy – which introduced the world to Hayden Christensen - will be released on September 20, 2013, while the epic conclusion to the Darth Vader-centric story, will debut on October 11, 2013.

As we said before, Episode 1 3D didn’t necessarily “knock it out of the park” but a respectable $43 Million at the box office was enough to convince FOX to greenlight 3D post-conversion on the next two films. It’s a little unsettling to think that they aren’t taking their time – essentially pulling double duty on the films – but post-conversion processes are usually handled by several different production houses anyway.

Our review of The Phantom Menace in 3D stressed that the eye-popping experience wasn’t all that memorable, but Episode 2 and 3 carry the unique trait of having been shot digitally and not on film. Digital filmmaking – long considered a bane of film enthusiasts the world over – has one inherent positive: it makes 3D post-conversion much easier.

Star Wars 3D Logo Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3 Being Released in 3D in 2013

Several films have opted for the digital format simply because it is more agreeable to 3D post-conversion, a quality that gives us hope these next two Star Wars films will be better – at least as far as the 3D goes. We can’t necessarily speak to the quality of the films’ storylines – hey, there’s less Jar Jar – but if they roll out special edition glasses like with Phantom Menace, kids will surely flock to theaters.

And for the adults who pine for Lucas’ original trilogy this announcement is also good, because it leaves no more riff-raff between the fans and an inevitable original trilogy 3D re-release. If these two films flop at the box office it might give FOX pause about moving forward – but we’d guess Lucas knows exactly what fans want. Now if only we could convince him to perform the post-conversion job on the unaltered theatrical releases - instead of those CGI “upgrades” made to the re-release versions of the original trilogy


Source: Star Wars Facebook (via Slashfilm)


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  1. he should hire james cameron for the postconverted 3d(impossible ?). if they make it good,then it´s totaly worth to watch it in 3d.

    • James Cameron is a film director, he doesn’t have anything to do with 2D to 3D movie conversions – that stuff’s up to post-production and visual effects studios/companies like Stereo D or Gener8.

      • oh really is he a director ? but isn´t industrial light and magic his baby,and didn´t he revolutioned the cinema with avatar in real 3d ? and if the firms that you named make the 3d works then it´s under his command for his movies,for example titanic 3d. you mustn´t teach me.

        • Ummm, not meaning to offend, but…Industrial Light and Magic is actually a George Lucas company…unless he, at some point, sold it to Cameron (?)

          I DO, however, understand the point you’re trying to make…

            • Merdan, your always getting into it with someone on this site. Your always getting bent out of shape over nothing. Calm down bro.

              • are you stalking me -bro-, because you write -always-. that´s a lie,i make my statements how i see the movies and the industry and technology behind that.

                • @merdan: calm down man, I meant no offense.

                  How was I supposed to know Cameron is one of your favorite directors? – I was just pointing something out because to me, your comment didn’t really make all that much sense.

                  You were implying that they should hire Cameron to do the conversion of the films (“he should hire james cameron for the postconverted 3d”), but since that isn’t James Cameron’s job description, I merely pointed out WHO’S job description it actually is…

                  With these conversion jobs, the studio (in this case, 21th Century Fox) hires a post-production/visual-effects company (like on of those I mentioned) to do the work – they don’t hire film directors.

                  Again, I meant no disrespect so let’s all just take a breath and chill…

            • Ummm, merdan…I was not getting into anything with you, NOR was I getting between you and anyone else. I merely pointed out that ILM is a Lucas company, not a Cameron company.

                • I’ve spent the weekend downloading every post ever made in the screenrant comments section, and when I’ve finally finished picking out the gems you’ll have quite a bit to explain Mister, believe you me.

                  • are you from the c.i.a or what,hahaha. how ridiculous.

                    • I love these forums. LOL at Merdan getting his panties in a bundle. ANYWAYS, I know that I’ll be seeing these in theaters. Guilty as charged. I really enjoyed seeing PM on the big screen again. As weird as it sounds, I think seeing it for the first time in a decade on the big screen made me appreciate it MORE. It was better than I remember it being. Crazy, I know

                    • I’m sure their time is much more valuable than that.

                  • how poor is that to spend his weekend to download the posts that were made in the comments section ? it´s another thing if you maybe work at screenrant. but,i tell you one thing if a u.s student learns the german language and is good in it,he will never understand or will write the language like a german citizen would do. and i was over 20 years ago really good in english at school,but didn´t speaked or written in english from 1992-2009. i try my best to write as much as i understand it,sometimes i just don´t find the right words to describe or comment something. so,before you write that i have anything to explain,think about the fact and be pride that another nationality tries to connect in english and sometimes in heated discussions to many words that i write don´t describe it,what i really would write if my knowings would be better. so, i want to see you on a german site,how you would try to connect in german. it´s not easy,believe me.

                    • There are lots of reasons not read something.

  2. I’m looking forward to checking out all 3 on 3D Blu-ray–hopefully they won’t take too long to release them. I have no interest in dropping $16 each to see these in the theater, but would put this money towards owning them on 3D BD to watch at home.

  3. Episode 2 in my opinion is the worst film in the Star Wars trilogy. I don’t know, too much sword slashing, too much shooting, too much visual effects, too much whining & too many death scenes that don’t make sense.

    • and that stupid love story

  4. I don’t really care much for seeing the prequel trilogy in theaters (although, I will probably go see ‘em), but I hope they’ll re-release the original trilogy as well.
    I was never able to see those movies in theaters (on account of me not being alive yet ;)), so it would be really sweet if they’d do that at some point.

  5. Dear Mr Lucas,

    Have you thought about rereleasing Star Wars with a free crazy straw?


    Lee Ving

  6. They weren’t the best movies… But I remember watching the beginning of episode 3 for the first time in theaters and loved every second of the opening space battle. And then the dialogue started….

  7. I am done with Star Wars. This is all pretty ridiculous to me.

  8. Jar-Jar in 3D I might have to roll my wheelchair down a flight of stairs.

  9. You know what I want? Instead of the Nth edition of the prequels or the original films, how about Episodes 7, 8, and 9?

    If people EVER get tired of repurchasing and reviewing different editions of the first 6 films, maybe there will be some motivation for someone to write some very good scripts for the sequels, which might redeem and make up for the prequels, for that SMALL amount of people that didn’t think those films were fantastic.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone, SOMEWHERE, did a poll to see how many people would like to see 3 NEW Star Wars sequels, with excellent scripts and an excellent director, set in a future timeline.

  10. I enjoyed the prequels but the original trilogy have always been my favorites, to be able to watch them again on the big screen is something I’m definately looking forward to. The whole mystery behind who Vader was before the prequels is something that I really loved about the originals. Now if they would just re-release the unaltered versions in theaters that would be awesome but it’ll never happen. :( sigh

    • ^THIS

    • Nobody cared who Vader was he was just some jerk in a suit

  11. I got to see a few scenes from Episode II in 3D at Celebration VI and the scenes were pretty darn good. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  12. honestly I would like to see them make more and different movies. instead of going in between the original movies go somewhere like the Darth Bane trilogy and explain why there is only one sith master and apprentice or go after number 6 to the heir to the empire series with grand admiral thrawn. there are so many stories you could do just stop going in between the original six movies, its getting really annoying.

    • it´s all in the hands of lucas,if he gives his blessing then some other good directors could make great star wars movies,instead of making just animated series for kids.

  13. Can we please have different movies?

    The only way I would see Episode II again is if they rewrote that whole bizarre arena battle sequence. For example, Darth Vader could create a whirlwind in Empire Strikes Back. When you have 40 Jedi together in an arena, rather than swordplay, how cool would it have been to have them clasp their hands, bow their hands, and use a force whirlwind to blow all the robots back into the stands? That would have jived more with the way Lucas described the Jedi in the original trilogy, rather than the pompous saber wankers we got in the prequels.

    I would also like to see the original cuts of the original trilogy commercially available with “new” scenes and outtakes (such as Luke watching the space battle with his binoculars) available as bonus features.

    Give us what we want and we will pay for it.

    • Actually Vader didn’t create a whirlwind in ESB. He telekinetically threw some random piece of equipment through a window between a pressurized and unpressurized area. The “whirlwind” as you put it was the equaliztion of that pressure.

      As for you suggestion they clasp their hands, bow their heads to do a massive force push. Well one would think that the droids would be shooting them to ribbons right about as their hands are clasped.

    • Luke looked for R2 with a monocular, but I don’t remember him using one in the throneroom.

    • I agree. But Lucas will never sell the film rights. I wonder if a middle ground approach is possible; Lucas allows someone else to continue/expand/and/or reboot franchise and his heirs retain a portion of the profits or rights? Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch a full-fledged reboot of the saga?

      • I don’t think a reboot is necessary. They can continue telling these stories without Lucas and the cast (McGregor, Christensen, Portman, Jackson, etc.)

        I’m actually looking forward to the day Lucas isn’t in charge anymore because then, hopefully we’ll finally get an expanded SW universe in the films.

        • Lucas seems to be mining his creation for all that it’s worth, and there won’t be much left for anyone to do anything with aside from the occasional spin-off. A good deal of the extended universe stuff is probably more interesting then the last three films and it’s by-products, but it does only appeal to a niche sub-group of fans.

          The last three movies made their money mostly due to Star Wars being a pop culture icon, but at this point casual fans are probably apathetic to the brand and for whatever reason Lucas seems hell-bent on antagonizing as many die-hards as he can with these re-releases.

          • It’s almost as if he is salting his own earth (with radioactive fallout no less). By the times he’s done no one will be interested in rebooting/remaking Star Wars.

            • Wow, that hits the nail on the head……

      • No.

    • No the real shame is the invalidated that entire storyline with what they did to Mandalorians in the Clone Wars animated series. Which is why Karen Traviss stopped writing for Star Wars after the first Imperial Commando book.

    • have you read-dead troopers- that was a creepy star wars horror story. if they could get the rights(that will stay a dream)to film it,that would be crazy(in a positive way) or the -marvel zombies- storys. but i think that we must wait till 15 years to see those cool mash-ups and of course ,just rated-r.

  14. I’m just happy that this means we are closer to rereleases of the Original Trilogy. I’m part of a generation that has never had the opportunity to see it on the big screen so I am very excited that that is a step closer to reality

  15. I can’t wait until the whole series comes out on Blu Ray. It’s gonna make Bladerunner to shame. I’ll be the first one to get it…NOT!

  16. Coming 2014 will be the Ultra Super Sentai Star Wars Mega Force Trilogy. Look for it in a theatre near you.


    George Lucas

  17. Who the &*%#@ cares!?


    Stop the madness.

  19. What’s next? In 5 years when Jackson has made 48fps the new standard, will all these movies go through some special process to make them more crisp and real?

    Lucas stop bleeding your cash cow, it’s looking very anemic.

    • In all fairness to George, he is just ahead of the curve in a way. I mean everyone else is rebooting films that aren’t even ten years old at this point, and he has managed to keep re-releasing six movies over the course of 30 years using some format. He’s conserving resources if you think about it that way ;)

      And yeah he will release his Star Wars movies using whatever new technology he can, for as long as he can. The one thing Lucas is known for is being more interested in the technology of film production and presentation then he has every been in the other aspects.