‘Star Wars: Episode 1′ Theater Events, Giveaways, & Exclusive 3D Glasses

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Star Wars Episode 1 Events 3D Glasses Star Wars: Episode 1 Theater Events, Giveaways, & Exclusive 3D Glasses

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace (and everyone’s favorite Lucas-creation Jar Jar Binks) is set to return to the big screen after just over a decade – this time with a 3D post-conversion. As with any Star Wars release (rerelease, special edition, rererelease, etc), die-hard fans are already polishing their stormtrooper cosplays, shining their lightsaber replicas, and dusting off their Darth Vader helmets in anticipation of midnight screenings and other special events.

To reward fans (and moviegoers alike) for their continued dedication to the series – Lucasfilm is preparing free Star Wars swag and special events to coincide with the film’s 3D rerelease on February 10th.

While some of the events are definitely exclusive to larger geographic areas (more on that in a minute), most moviegoers should be able to at least score a pair of Star Wars-brand special edition 3D glasses and an exclusive Star Wars Hasbro Fighter Pod – depending on where they choose to see Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D.

As mentioned there are a variety of collectibles up for grabs but availability is based on a few different criteria:

  • All AMC theater moviegoers who purchase a RealD 3D ticket for Episode I, all weekend long, February 10-12 will receive the all-new Hasbro Star Wars Fighter Pod toy (limit one per ticket – while supplies last).
  • All RealD theater moviegoers who purchase a RealD 3D ticket for Episode I on opening day will receive exclusive Darth Maul 3D glasses (limit one per ticket – while supplies last).

While we’ve yet to see exactly what the “Hasbro Star Wars Fighter Pod” looks like – you can check out those Darth Maul 3D glasses below:

Darth Maul RealD 3D Glasses Star Wars: Episode 1 Theater Events, Giveaways, & Exclusive 3D Glasses

In addition, 10 select AMC theater locations will be offering extra Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace events and giveaways:

  • Atlanta: AMC Southlake 24
  • Boston: AMC Loews Liberty Tree Mall 20
  • Chicago: AMC South Barrington 30
  • Denver: AMC Highlands Ranch 24
  • Los Angeles: AMC Tustin 14 at The District & AMC Ontario Mills 30
  • New York: AMC Empire 25 & AMC Garden State 16
  • Phoenix: AMC Mesa Grand 24
  • San Francisco: AMC Emeryville Bay Street 16

In addition to the aforementioned Fighter Pod toy, anyone who can make it to one of the previously mentioned locations will be also enjoy the following:

  • Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Podracer 3D glasses with purchase of a RealD 3D ticket (expect these to be offered in place of the Darth Maul glasses).
  • A LEGO feature area
  • Darth Maul face-painting; a chance to reveal your inner Sith Lord at long last!
  • Special character appearances for photo opportunities
  • Demonstrations of the upcoming Xbox Kinect Star Wars

You can check out the Anakin Skywalker Podracer 3D glasses below:

Anakin RealD 3D Glasses Star Wars: Episode 1 Theater Events, Giveaways, & Exclusive 3D Glasses

While it’s certainly possible that more exclusive giveaways will be announced, for the time being it sounds as though Star Wars fans have a very serious decision to make – will they miss out on all the special event fan-fare and succumb to the dark side (for a pair of Darth Maul 3D glasses on opening day) or join with their fellow Jedis in a celebration of the light side of the force (and score those Anakin Skywalker 3D pod racing glasses instead)?

Finally, while some moviegoers will no doubt be upset that a special event screening is not available in an area near them, Lucasfilm is still ensuring that every want-to-be Darth Maul can still reveal their “inner Sith Lord” - make sure to check out the studio’s Darth Maul Me feature over at the official Star Wars website.

Darth Maul Me Photo Star Wars: Episode 1 Theater Events, Giveaways, & Exclusive 3D Glasses

Sorry folks, I gave in to the dark side of the force.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the 3D release can truly create the same energy that surrounded the release of each prequel trilogy installment. Especially considering the lukewarm response to Episodes 1-3 not to mention the fact that it’s only been seven years since Revenge of the Sith debuted in theaters. That said, while 3D post-conversion is expensive, Phantom Menace 3D box office revenues (even if they are underwhelming, respectively) should add plenty of money to the Lucasfilm coffer.

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D is scheduled to hit theaters February 10, 2012.


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  1. Wonder what the chances of getting anything free at the UK screenings? Doubtful. But it is released here a whole day earlier. So there’s that at least.

    • DSB – If I see anything about it, I’ll hop in here and drop you a message.

      • That would be much appreciated! I don’t care though, I’m going to see this regardless. It’s Star Wars.

  2. I want the Anakin glasses but the closest theaters is Chicago or Atlanta which is a 6 hour drive either way. Dang it. Hopefully more places will offer them.

  3. I was going to see this normally like during the day but a midnight showing….That might be interesting to see lol

  4. Wow, this would be the absolute LAST thing I would waste 15 bucks on. I would rather donate the money to a bum asking for money because at least I would still have those 2 hrs to do something……anything else.

    Seeing Star Wars again in the theater (with additional/enhanced footage) back in 98′ was one thing but to pay good money to see this turd again??? Never gonna happen and not even if it was for free.

  5. Can’t wait to take my kids! They can’t wait to see it! We Love Star Wars!!!

  6. Say what you want about Lucas, but he is ahead of the curve again. Everyone else is wasting time doing re-boots and re-imaginings and he has made money off the same six movies for over 30 years.

    “This way to the great Egress”……

    • Love the Barnum reference.

      Lucas does seem to be this generation’s P.T.

  7. Well, looks like George is catering to the juice box crowd.

    What happened to us 18 and up fans?

    • You didn’t get the memo Lucas put out when the Phantom Menace came out? These movies are for kids according to him, anyone over 18 is just a chaperone for the kiddies. Just goes to show he really doesn’t understand that having a broad audience was what made the films popular in the first place. When the second trilogy came out it was people over 18 who were flocking to see it, and more then likely dragging their kids to see.

      • The problem with saying these films are for kids is that they aren’t. The original trilogy had dark moments in it, and were suitable for adults just as much as children. Then you have the prequels which introduced characters like Jar Jar Binks that’s obviously made for kids. But you have a character like Darth Maul who obviously isn’t. Then you have moments in AOTC where Anakin is slaughtering innocent Tusken Raiders. And then there’s ROTS. Anakin slaughtering kids, and scenes where he is burning alive.

        One of the many problems with the prequels is they just don’t know the audience. Are they target towards kids? Adults?

        • Thing is the original movies were not made with a demographic in mind, when the toy license became a Lotto jackpot that changed the whole game. I was a kid when the original trilogy came out and one reason I saw all three movies like four times each is that adults took me to see them because they liked them. The side merchandising thing just made everyone realize what a goldmine us little dummies were and it opened the floodgates for stuff like G.I. Joe, He-Man, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, etc, etc.

          I hadn’t seen the re-release of the first three movies when Phantom Menace came out, and if I had then maybe Menace would not have seemed like such a let down. I still for the life of me cannot see why Lucas thought the changes he made to original trilogy were needed or how they made the films better. Like you said the second trilogy had a weird mix of cartoon characters for comic relief and major buzz kill moments, which can be done right if there is some care taken with certain elements. The thing is a film can be made that children can watch with parental guidance (hence PG) that still doesn’t insult the intelligence of adults or kids. A film like the Incredibles is prof of that.

  8. I saw episode 1 on release day back in the day and I’m excited to return and watch it once again in theaters in 3-D I’m really looking forward to the epic battle of Obi-Wan Qui-Gon & Darth Maul its awesome!!

  9. so glad I live in Tempe, Arizona

    can’t wait to snag a pair of those Darth Maul glasses


  10. I still don’t get why they’re showing the prequel trilogy first…
    For a lot of people (mostly younger kids), this’ll be their first time watching ANY Star Wars movie… and their first memory of it is going to be the Phantom Menace? :(
    IMO, they should have showed the original trilogy first, before re-releasing the prequel trilogy in cinemas.

    • You don’t get why? Seriously? Are ya joking?

      • The Avenger, I’m assuming made that comment due to the fact that A New Hope was a way better opener to star wars than The Phantom Menace was, which I am only assuming.

        The only thing I liked about The Phantom Menace was Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Padme ;]

      • Not joking at all…
        First of all: the original trilogy was better than the prequel trilogy – to introduce the Star Wars saga to a new generation of possible fans with Phantom Menace (when they could have been doing i with New Hope) makes no sense to me.
        Secondly: Episode IV was released first, so it only stands to reason that they re-release it first as well.
        Thirdly, and IMO, most importantly: like I mentioned, a lot of people will be seeing Star Wars for the very first time… if they show the prequel trilogy first, then the whole surprise of who Luke’s father is will be ruined. That shocking moment in the original trilogy will be spoiled for all the new viewers.

        Not to mention the fact that when you see the prequel trilogy first (with the better special effects) and follow it up with the originals (with special effects that don’t really meet today’s “standards”), a lot of people (mainly the younger audience) will be disappointed.

        Every Star Wars fan I know, has always said “if you’re gonna watch Star Wars, start with episode IV” — a Star Wars fan is never wrong ;)

        • Yes but this a huge oppurtunity to show them in chronoligical order.

          • Exactly! Episode I is the first numerically (quite obvious), and it should be no surprise they release it first.

          • Yeah, but IMO, the chronological order isn’t the best order…
            Why change what worked?
            The original trilogy first, followed by the prequel trilogy: it adds more to the experience.

            You can walk into any any place where Star Wars fanboys might hang out, and ask them “I’ve never seen Star Wars, which one should I watch first” and the answer will always be “start with the originals, then watch the prequels” — it can’t be a coincidence that they all have the same answer… it’s the way that works best.

            What whatever… it’s too late now anyway. Lucas thought this was the best way to do it (thing is, in the last few years, most of Lucas’ “ideas” haven’t turned out so well – that’s all I’m sayin)

    • Yeah, I hate they’re releasing the worst one first, but its the first numerically.

      • Attack Of The Clones is worse than The Phantom Menace IMO.

        • Agree 100%. After watching the full saga on Blu-ray again Episode 2 stands out as the worst. Besides Yoda’s battle at the end everything else is pretty bad.
          “Oh Annie, you’ll always be the boy I knew back on Tattooine.”
          That ranks high a top the list of the worst dialogue ever written….

        • @ DrSamBekett

          I think id have to agree i enjoyed Episode One little more than Episode Two.

        • You are so right. Literally EVERYONE involved’s wooden acting (What, et tu, Nat? Ewen?). Barf. The kid playing Anakin and Liam make Ep 1 slightly more watchable, if only by comparison. Christensen ruined every scene, AFAIC. It’s gotta be hard acting in compliment to THAT.

  11. I wear Glasses in daily live,bad eye sight…to bad,can’t wear some of those :(

  12. I just watched the Episode 1 on my blu ray (as a reminder) before deciding to watch in 3D. Actually, I just thought it would be a great idea to watch this movie in 3D. why? Because the pod race is excellent. non stop thrill racing made very well and it would look very awesome in 3D, being in the driver’s seat point of view, the explosions and accidents. I just hope it is a good 3D makeover…

  13. I wear glasses as well… but that doesn’t really bother me.
    I just wear the 3D glasses over my regular glasses (sure, it looks insanely stupid, but at least you’re in a dark cinema, so no one really notices).

    Also, contact lenses are a solution to that problem: I’m getting some lenses this year, because (1) I want to able to wear sunglasses and (2) I wanna watch a 3D movie without looking stupid.

    • ^ This was meant to be a reply to “ios”‘s comment.

    • haha I am constantly telling my girlfriend she doesn’t need to take an hour getting ready just to go to the movies, it’s dark and everyone is paying attention to the screen, well mostly everyone.


      • @ GnarlyHornedOwl

        Lol, ive said things like that to ex-gfa & people i know. Id say, c’mon it will be dark throughout the movie & anyone who looks at ya ain’t gonna care much because they don’t know ya. Till this day i still leave 15-20 min. early to get what i want & get a good seat.

  14. I usually roll my eyes everytime someone criticizes Lucas, but anyone who goes to see this is part of the problem. This is why you will NEVER have a good Star Wars film. You know what the film is, you’ve complained about it for years and yet you still support it?

    • They’re releasing the original trilogy eventually. Would we still be “part of the problem” if we saw those in 3D?

      • Actually, I would call that a good reason to support this re-release b/c I can’t wait to see Empire Strikes Back in 3D.

        Besides, there are people that would call Episode I a “good” film. It’s all a matter of perspective.

        • They did say they would only release them all if TPM does well. So everyone should go see it. A lot.

          • Why? I hate 3D and I can’t stomach that Lucas is converting them to the abysmal 3D format. George has already taken a lot of my money; the original trilogy in the theater plus the special editions, the original series purchased on VHS and then again on DVD, the prequel trilogy in the theaters and then the DVD purchases. That’s not even counting the plethora of novels I have purchased. No, I will not be going to see this disappointment of a film in the theater again for $15 to support a format I despise AND a film that is mediocre at best. Write new scripts for a new trilogy (NOT a Clone Wars trilogy either), hand off directing duties to someone else (Nolan?) and bring us NEW Star Wars, George!!

            • @ Andy S

              Well George didn’t make you spend all that money. I doubt he’ll miss you buying a ticket at all 3D or not. Lucas might of made another trilogy set after Episode 6 if people didn’t nag about the prequels being so terrible which imo they weren’t. I can’t imagine Nolan directing a Star Wars film but after TDK, all things are possible i guess.

      • @ Ghost “They’re releasing the original trilogy eventually. Would we still be “part of the problem” if we saw those in 3D?”


    • @ Dean

      Agree with ya there.

  15. Forgot to subscribe to comments.

  16. Say what you want about the prequels, they look amazing on Blu-ray so I’m sure that they’ll look great in 3D. And the one thing Lucasfilm excels at is effects so hopefully the post conversion will be done well. It’s a tough task though.
    I’d love to see episodes 4-6 in the theaters again so I hope these do well….

  17. My first time to experience Episode One on the big screen. Hopefully. I hope to see all 6 films on the big screen. Can’t wait for Titanic & Top Gun aswell. Studio’s could actually make money by re-releasing the old films in 2d or 3d. I never got the chance to see Christopher Reeve’s Superman films or Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th franchises.

  18. Pod Racing in 3D is all I care about. All of the Star Wars films are poorly written with sub par dialogue. Thinking of Star Wars as anything more than flash and fun is like using Jersey Shore as reference material for Italiann American culture.

    • Wow. I could go on a huge rant about how deep the original films are.

      • The problem is “deep” didn’t translate well to a movie screen. The background politics along with poor directing, horrible actors, bad editing stupid characters and asinine plot line made for one craptastic movie that had some great FX. Very telling when the only good thing you can say is, “those FX were terrific!”

        • I would agree with you about the prequels, but I was referring to the original trilogy.

          • Sorry, I kind of took your response as relating to Watchamn23′s original comment about pod racers and it kind of meshed together in my brain as episodes 1-3 ><.

            Sooooooo…..never mind :D

  19. omg so excited, i live in england but im going to new york and im there when this comes out so i am definitely watching, so excited!

  20. Isn’t it nice to see so many who are willing to fork over good money to see something they’ve already seen (and probably own on DVD and Blu-Ray) just because it’s in 3D.

    Now if I’m going to buy any version of the movies on a Blu-Ray format then I’ll wait for the 3D box set(s) to come out.

    • It’s not because its 3D. It’s because it’s Star Wars.

      • Not a good enough reason to waste time and money on it all over again.

    • @ Pedro

      I can only say im not a total big Star Wars fan, i just own all 6 films. My friends somehow got me interested in the films by watching the original trilogy & Episode One on vhs. So of-course i only saw Episodes 2 & 3 on the big screen. But since they’re releasing all 6 films in 3d, i just was to see them all on the big screen. I wanna see Top Gun on the big screen aswell & Titanic again. There’s a whole lot of movies i wouldn’t mind seeing on the big screen again since i missed out on alot of them.

      • @WallyWest – You missed Top Gun. AMC showed it for a couple weeks last fall. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it in all its 80s cheesy glory.

        Paul Young

  21. Fool me once…

    • “Once?” I am so glad these movies are coming out again, so that I can finally NOT go see them, and line GL’s pockets even more.

      • Regret sucks, if I could wipe my memory of everything Star Wars past 1985 I would. I would gladly.

        To be given an opportunity to not support this drivel and instead ensure that the Lord of the Rings legacy is secure with an awesome Hobbit flick is just too good.

        Ever seen Clerks 2? There is only one Lord and it’s of the Ring; not of the Sith.

  22. “die-hard fans are already polishing their stormtrooper cosplays, shining their lightsaber replicas, and dusting off their Darth Vader helmets in anticipation of midnight screenings and other special events.”

    Umm, NO. Die-hard fans are avoiding this P.O.S. and not giving Lucas another dime until he releases the unaltered Original Trilogy on Blu-ray. Since that isn’t going to happen, I’ll stick with fan-made restorations and this 3D travesty can go to hell.

  23. I might see this JUST for the glasses!

  24. Money i have spent on Star Wars Movies ( adjusted for inflation )

    Star Wars ( original ) £3
    Empire Strikes Back ( original ) £3
    Return Of the Jedi ( original ) £4

    Star wars (vhs) £10.99
    Empire Strikes Back (vhs) £10.99
    Return Of the Jedi (vhs) £10.99

    Star Wars ( re release ) £5
    Empire Strikes Back ( re release ) £5
    Return Of The Jedi ( re release ) £6

    Star Wars Trilogy SPecial edition Box Set ( vhs ) £39.99

    ( at this point i didnt expect to pay any more money for Star Wars films….but )

    The Phantom Menace £7
    Attack Of The Clones £7
    Revenge Of the Sith £9

    The Phantom Menace ( dvd ) £14.99
    Attack Of The Clones ( dvd ) £14.99
    Revenge Of The Sith ( dvd ) £14.99

    ( i skipped the reboxed Original Trilogy + Prequel Trilogy dvd box sets and at this point really didnt think i would spend any more money on Star Wars…but )

    Star Wars Complete ( bluray ) £60

    And now you expect me to pay £10 a ticket to see the same movies again in really bad after the fact 3D ??? George Lucas go f**k yourself, i had to actually work for the money to pay for all those versions of Star Wars, not sat at a desk dictating to people ACTuAl WORK, more work than you have ever done in your scummy little life, i will never give you one single penny more you pathetic billionaire who had to whine about your terrible movie Red Tails not being picked up by a major studio you big crying baby. How about giving some of that money to charity itstead of ripping people off.

    Damn you Lucas, damn you to hell !

  25. Looking back I think Lucas made the monumental mistake of making these instead of making sequels 7, 8, and 9.

    • The mistake was George directing the prequels instead of allowing a talented director to direct them. It’s no wonder that Empire is the best film of them all, George let Irvin Kirshner direct and George did what he does best: Special effects.

      • Yeah Andy but George wrote the scripts which were also abysmal and Ghost it’s Lucas’s official position that the novels, comics, and video games have nothing to do with his development of any live action movies in the Star Wars universe. They’re pretty much like authorized fan fiction, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you expect it to all stick together I think your demanding a lot. Star Trek, Alien and other franchises have similar continuity issues with novels and comics. 7,8,9 could’ve drawn from real world events, picking up the pieces after W.W.II for example historical events recast into a SciFi opera…

    • Honestly, there’s no reason to make another trilogy. Why? Because the post-Return of the Jedi story has already been told with the novels, video games, and comic books. Nothing on the pre-A New Hope story was told before the prequels came out.

    • Weren’t 7,8, and 9 supposed to be about C3-PO and R2-D2? I remember they had a cartoon version of that back in the day, don’t think they would make much better movies then the prequels all things considered.

      If people think the third trilogy were going to be based off of the extended universe stuff with Mara Jade and all that, then they would have been sorely disappointed.

      I think that has been one of the ironic things about Star Wars in the last two decades for me, the video games like Jedi Knight and Knights of the Old Republic are great, the movies just felt off compared to the outside material. In other words everything that Lucas did not have his hands all over.

  26. can’t believe there are some people intending to fo see that movie!!!!’ we’re all here complaining. about Hollywood reboots and there are some of us intending to pay for the 4th or 5th time to pay again for the same damn story! and to top all that for what is widely considered the weakest of them all! show some pride for the love of god! you’re making major executive right about squeezing dried every franchise because the audience is too happy to be spoon fed the same recycled diarrhea !

  27. i will see it but hope i dont get hit by an asteroid while watching 3D LOL

  28. The only ones I would consider seeing on the big screen are episodes 4 & 5, and only because I never saw them on the big screen. The prequels are inferior (except I thought episode 3 was better than episode 6) and in my mind is not deserving of another theatrical presentation (3D or not).