‘Star Wars’ Disney Deal Discussion With AMC Theaters

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Big movie news always leads to big discussion, and the news that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and plans to release Star Wars 7 may just be the biggest news this generation of film fans have ever had dropped on their collective heads.

As Managing Editor of Screen Rant, I, Kofi Outlaw, was fortunate enough to be included in a discussion on the topic of Star Wars‘ future alongside AMC Theaters’ John Campea and THE ultimate fangirl, Jenna Busch, entertainment editor of Fanhattan. Check out our breakdown of the situation in the video above.

As I stated in the video: the fact of the matter is, whether you love or hate the Star Wars prequels, it’s hard to deny that George Lucas isn’t quite the filmmaker he used to be. Even if you still passionately defend the Star Wars franchise – through Episodes I – III, the Clone Wars cartoon series, etc. – it’s hard to extend that same defense to, say, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Red Tails. And whether you were aware of it or not, there has been a cadre of fans who have been waiting for Star Wars to be released from the grip of Lucas and given a fresh start. Well, today those fans are having their dutiful prayers answered.

Star Wars Disney Star Wars Disney Deal Discussion With AMC Theaters

The new (evil?) empire.

Make no mistake, though: the future is uncertain. Disney’s launch of big-dollar box office properties has been as much miss (Tron LegacyJohn Carter) as it has been hit (Marvel’s The Avengers). So there are no real guarantees about which side of the line Star Wars is going to land on. As John Campea pointed out in our discussion: if 2015 is indeed the release date that Disney is settling on for Star Wars 7 – a year that includes major releases like  The Avengers 2Justice League, and Avatar 2 – then the ball is already rolling on this next phase of the space opera, and the blueprint has already been mapped out.

Stay tuned, as more about this big development is sure to be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Star Wars 7 will be in theaters in 2015.

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Source: AMC

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  1. Give us Heir to The Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heir to The Empire would be amazing, if not for the fact that they’d have to completely recast the original cast. Can you imagine Han Solo done by anyone other than Harrison Ford? Because he’s like, 70, and sure as hell won’t be doing any action movies anymore. Same with Leia, Luke, Lando, and everyone else. The only one that could possibly return would be Palps, as Ian has said in the past that he’d be willing to reprise that role. I think that the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy would be our best bet, if the movie’s going to take place directly after RoTJ. It doesn’t feature any of the main characters, so that wouldn’t need to be worried about. But then again, that’s a damn gory series, and I doubt Disney would be willing to put in the necessary violence, ala Bossk eating his father and such.

      On the other hand, if the whole “taking place after RoTJ” thing turns out to be just a rumor, I’d love to see a Great Hyperspace War trilogy, or something with Revan.

      I think this could potentially be incredibly badass, but Disney’s going to have to hold true to the source material of the EU. If they change much, or try to make s*** up, it’ll probably flop like heeeeeell.

      • well they could reboot everything and start with the Danw of the Jedi series or Lost Tribe of the Sith and go from there through the original movies up to the Fate of the Jedi series. add some live action tv shows in between movies or movie series (not animated cause those were horrible).
        Honestly I would love to see the Darth Bane Trilogy, Heir to the Empire Trilogy, The New Jedi order series, Legacy of the Force series and Fate of the Jedi series. those were among my favorite book series

  2. I’m so looking for this movie. Same year as avengers 2 and justice league and avatar 2. 2015 is going to be a big movie year.

  3. I liked Tron Legacy. I thought it did okay ?

    • Me 2 :) I also liked John Carter.

    • I actually liked liked Carter and Legacy too, but I wasn’t expecting much with either. Star Wars 7 on the other had has a lot to live up to and a lot to exceed

      • Me too. So my answer would be:

        Yes! Look at what they did with Marvel and ‘The Avengers’, and ‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘John Carter’!

        A movie isn’t bad just because it tanked at the box office. There is no real correlation between the quality of a movie and the “Cha-ching” it makes. Case in point: Paranormal Activity.

    • I also thought it was ok. I wish they would make more!

  4. First of all Tron Legacy was AWESOME! Secondly… Disney wouldn’t throw that much money into something they weren’t positive they would succeed with. John Carter didn’t cost $4 Billion. And neither did the $400 Million dollar box office HIT Tron Legacy.

    • Tron Legacy made money internationally but it barely made back its production budget domestically – and it lost money on the domestic front when you factor in marketing and promotion.

      The proof is in the pudding, I’m afraid: If the film was as big a hit as you proclaim in all caps, wouldn’t we be seeing a sequel in active development – or even in theaters for 2012 or 2013?

      As it stands, the property is sitting on the back-burner. So maybe it wasn’t quite the hit you think it is…

      • Tron was awesome. I’m sure it will get a sequel.

        • Just because it didn’t make gobs of money doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good movie. I wouldn’t say GREAT, but good, so it all depends on how you define “miss”.

          It made over double its budget if you factor in international ticket sales, so it wasn’t a huge bomb by any means. Plus there’s DVD/BR and all that, so there’s still hope for a sequel.

      • It didn’t do well in theatres that is for sure, but neither did the original TRON. I hear rumors of another one on the way but there is the TRON: Uprising show on Disney XD that is doing fairly well.

      • Do international earnings somehow not count???

        • LOL, that’s what I ask myself too every time someone makes a comment like Kofi’s.

          • Look, I’m not trying to start anything – the fact is that U.S. Studios DO consider domestic earnings first and foremost when rating the success of a property. Do I think it’s the smartest point of view in what has become an international market? No. But is it a reality? Yes.

            Battleship and Tron are two good examples of movies that didn’t do well domestically (U.S.) but did pretty well internationally. Watch and see how fast (or not) Universal and Disney start to develop sequels to those films.

            • XMFC didn’t make back it’s budget domestically either but everyone touts how great that show was and a sequel is being fast tracked.

              Just sayin’ :)

              • Actually, Tron Legacy made MORE money both domestically AND internationally than X-men: First Class, and they had almost the same budget. So yeah, it doesn’t make sense to consider Tron a failure, but XMFC a success worthy of a sequel.

        • Nah, we just use Monopoly money over here. Only the US have real money. :D

      • It didn’t have to matter if Tron Legacy was any good or not. A movie like that is basically a 2 hour commercial for Disney Digital 3D.

    • Tron Legacy had great visuals, great cast, FANTASTIC soundtrack…the story was meant for 8 year olds. I realize of course that they’re targeting kids with it just like they were with the original, but these days it’s not just the kids that are sci-fi nerds. These days there are a bajillion adults who have been fans SINCE they were kids & grew up that way.

    • i thought it was a pretty good movie. far from AWESOME.as much as i liked Tron when it came out, that was over 30 years ago. i rented T:L on bluray when it came out, and my 17 year old (at the time) and i watched them both. his reaction to Tron was better than i thought it would be. but he did say it looked really dated. especially all the video games and computer scenes. He liked T:L about as much as i did. we both though it was ok.

  5. This article makes it appear as though Episode 7 will be going up against Avengers 2. BOTH ARE DISNEY!!!

    • No.

      It lists which big films are coming out in 2015, it doesn’t pit them against each other in any way.

    • I am sure Disney is smart enough to not release two of their biggest movies at the same time and have them compete against each other

  6. i said it before on the other article that broke this story, but wouldn’t it be cool if disney was able to work out a trade of some kind with fox to get all the non x-men characters back, i.e. distribution rights for the star wars films, and the marvel films for characters it gives them back? does anyone know if that would be possible?

    • are you saying Disney trades Star wars rights for some random marvel characters’ rights? Am I reading that correctly?

      • no. disney trades the distribution rights to fox. fox gives disney/marvel back it’s comic book characters, other than x-men. i don’t think marvel could work the x-men into the mcu, nor would it be able to keep the x-men and the mcu going at the same time. but it gets back fantqastic four, and whoever else it has. i just don’t know how much money is made on distribution rights. or disney could trade the whole thing to fox for ALL their IP film rights. just throwin it out there

        • I would be willing to accept your deal (mainly because I want SS and Galactus to be a part of the Marvel movie-verse….would also like the FF to return home)

  7. People act as if it was Disney that made The Avengers as good as it was. I think that had more to do with Joss Wheden than anything else, and the lead-up movies weren’t the amazing successes that Avengers was, so it’s good to be a little grounded in all this and not just look at the one ginormous hit.

    Can Disney do something great with this? There’s definitely potential, but it’s far from guaranteed.

    At the end of the day though, they’ll have to have close to the same success as Avengers (both critically and financially) with Episode 7 to not be labeled a failure.

    • Sorry, Whedon, not Wheden.

  8. This makes me so happy. I honestly don’t even know what to say. Avengers 2 AND Episode VII in the same year?! I feel that Disney is the best place for Star Wars to go. I mean, it couldn’t possibly get any worse than what Lucas has made it. True, Disney didn’t fare well with John Carter and Tron: Legacy (I still have yet to see the latter), but the success of The Avengers alone cleaned that whole mess up, not to mention the success of Marvel as a whole. I have nothing but complete and utter faith in this.

    By the way, Kofi, you remind me of Carlton.

    • Wow, never heard that one before. Just, you know, all the time while growing up in the ’90s while ‘Fresh Prince’ was actually on TV.

      But since I bear no ill will against people with limited imagination and associations, here’s “my” highlight reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApgX0kcbtQA

      • I’m sure i’ve seen Kofi’s pic around this site before. Pretty dam sure he didn’t look like Carlton! lol.

        Even if it did though, I doubt anyone in the world would consider being compared to that dude a compliment.

        Honestly @Redyr… ???

        • Ok, i should really watch the video before posting. lol.

          Previous post stands.

          • I meant no disrespect or offense. I get “Harry Potter” all the time. I actually meant it as a compliment. Am I the only person that liked Carlton?

            • Yeah but Harry Potter was the like the hero, Carlton was like at best an inept sidekick! lol

              Just kidding bud. All good, just wanted to clear that up. No doubt playing Carlton got that actor a tonne of booty anywayz so… hehe. Apologies for being so intrusive.

  9. I think this is the best case scenario. Obviously George Lucas was done making Star Wars movies. Would we rather see him leave the franchise dead in the water? I’m happy he passed it on and realized it can live on without him. And Disney certainly has the means to make it great. As a huge Star Wars fan I can’t say how happy I am. :D

  10. Does this mean the TV series we’ve been hearing about for so long is dead in the water (as it seems to have been anyway working at a Lucas pace) or is this also something that Disney will likely continue to develop quickly as well? Would love to see the TV show come to fruition, although I would fear what it would become in Disney’s hands being developed for a major network channel (so much for the darker elements ala “The Sopranos” that could’ve made it amazing.)

    • Just read the first posted article on this and it seems many have the exact same question. Not surprised… been waiting and hoping for the TV series for some time.

  11. It’s good to see Kofi in person.

  12. It’s funny because I just heard the podcast show where the editors are discussing the Star Wars Blu-Ray release and wondering if Lucas was going to tweak the movies forever and if others might even remake the movies in the future. J.R.R. Tolkien tweaked the LotR and Hobbit series throughout his lifetime and he kept writing essays and a prequel (The Similarion) as well, so there is precedent. Maybe we’ll get the original theatrical versions of Star Wars on Blu-Ray now and I guess Lucas won’t be able to fiddle with the movies anymore.

  13. Dark Empire series!

  14. Oh my…. OOHHH MYYY….

    The Avengers 2… Justice League… Star Wars Episode 7… Avatar 2… All in the same year?

    Am I the only one about to lose their mind? Can our brains handle this much beauty and bad assery on the big screen all in one year?

    2015 might be the best year of my life… If only it wasn’t so far away :(

    • +1

    • Be comforted in the fact that the world will end in less than two months so we don’t have to worry about such things.

      • +1 Mongoose

        -1 Imminent Death

  15. I think the weird est part of this whole thing is actually talking about a new Star Wars film that is actually happening. I didn’t think that that would ever happen again

  16. Its a Reboot,new actors for Han Solo and the rest of the gang ! and then every couple of years..a new reboot.
    Best Michael Bay will come in to destroy..eh,I mean direct all those episodes !

    Thats the end,possible for the Live TV Show,that was planned to be dark and gritty !

  17. Atta boy Kofi!

  18. Disney could do well or poorly with this. The key thing is getting a great team together to make the movies. They need a good director. I want to see Christopher Nolan make a kick-ass, PG-13 Star Wars movie.

  19. This movie has to start small, develop a new story and end BIG!

    A rebel ship gets shot down and crash on a jungleterrained-planet, leaving only a Jedi and a team of a male and female gunner alive. With no communication, all they have to follow is a distant encrypted communication center deep inside the jungle.

    They embark on this adventure, fighting wild creatures and discovering old wreckages from the war, as well as a mysterious cave with a strong connection to the force.

    As they reach the communication center by the end of the movie, they find out it’s a huge battlestation, and as they sneak in on the inside they find an old hologram of the deceased Emperor giving orders to wake up the dead, but resurrectable corpse of Sith Lord Darth Plageous whose body lays within the cave they earlier surpassed on their journey… Unfortunately, they find out that the corpse talked about in the hologram is already put back to life, and they see the revelation of a new army, just about to unfold…

  20. It should be a buddy movie, following the adventures of Watto and Jar-Jar as they argue their way across the galaxy.
    The Emperor,who can only get work as a traffic warden now, is chasing them across space for some unimportant parking violation.
    Hilarity ensues.

  21. Tron Legacy wasnt bad.
    Refuse to see John carter just from the premise (not my thing)
    Avengers = Amazing BUT wasnt done by disney. It was done by marvel which is OWNED by disney. And they had ALOT more source material than tron or John Carter.

    It will be interesting to see which way they go with this mainly because the actors are all old and hate the fact that they did star wars. The least we can hope for is something mediocre like Pirates 4 (a jumbled mess)

    So expect Johnny depp as a drunk jedi and helen bonham carter as a sith.

  22. Kofi summed it up in the video, can’t argue with that.

    I think the perfect approach for the ‘old meets new’ is to go with Han and Leia’s children. Have Jaina carry the trilogy, maybe being sent to Yavin 4 a lot later than Jacen who has already been training there for a few years.

    7-9 could have echoes of 1-3, with Jacen’s turn to the dark side, then 10-12 could echo 4-6 to a degree. 10 will no doubt be called The New New Hope.

  23. John Carter was awesome! Not sure why there were ever bad reviews.

    But, will the get Harrison Ford on board. Something tells me he will “Bill Murray” the whole thing.

  24. Nice points Kofi. I agree with you on every point but one. Why did everyone hate Tron so much? I thought it was a great film. Not without its flaws, but if a new SW could be as good as Tron, if not better, it’ll be a hit.

  25. STAR WARS is well past its prime as is James Bond. A new generation (re: new era) will insist/respond to something fresh, at least newly-minted and not old product in a new package. THE AVENGERS is a run at this conceptually. Disney is not cheap just lazy.

  26. I didn’t know Kofi was black. Well, that changes EVERYTHING.

    • He’s not white, I was DUPED!

    • If I ever meet a white guy named “Kofi,” I might have a mental breakdown. It’d be too funny.

      • lol

      • It was a joke from Seinfeld about a chinese woman. I am sorry if I offended you at all.

  27. Let Kevin smith write and direct it and then i might be excited

  28. I thought we were gonna have to wait for ol’Georgie to kick the bucket before this kinda news !!! looks like he backed up the money truck just in time! now he can go back to being the father on TEEN WOLF !!(mjFox version). Now they can start the Jacen and Jaina saga and “old” Luke and them can pass the torche. dont F*** this up Disney!

  29. I’m still shocked…
    There’s just so much to consider and so many questions that it’s making my head hurt.
    There is no doubt though that in all my years of movie geekdom that this is biggest news ever. I still need time to process it all…

    • Between this and Justice League alone there will some very interesting casting news to look forward to over the next year. Tumultuous times indeed!