‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Season to Premiere on Netflix

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The era of Disney’s Star Wars universe is upon us, with the 3D animated TV series Star Wars Rebels – beginning with a Disney Channel movie this summer – serving as the starting point. As exciting (and nerve-wracking) as that proposition is, this semi-fresh start for the space/fantasy world originally envisioned by George Lucas also means that the award-winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3D cartoon show is getting put out to pasture.

However, there is a consolation prize for Clone Wars fans; a few months ago, supervisory director/producer Dave Filoni (who is also working on Rebels) revealed that the final episodes of season 5 are being made, as to provide the series’ longtime viewers some closure (among other reasons). Today brings the news that Disney and Lucasfilm have one-upped that original proposal through a deal with Netflix, which has the subscription service premiering an entire 13-episode sixth season to finish off the Clone Wars‘ run properly.

Above, you can watch a clip from the sixth (and final) Clone Wars season, dubbed “The Lost Missions”; an official description of the season is available below:

In these eagerly anticipated episodes of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” some of the deepest mysteries of the conflict between the light and the dark sides of the Force are revealed. An intrepid clone trooper discovers a shocking secret, Anakin Skywalker’s closest relationship is tested to its limits and what Master Yoda discovers while investigating the disappearance of a Jedi could forever change the balance of power in the galaxy.

Seasons 1-5 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series will also be available for viewing on Netflix – as part of the overall multi-year deal between the company and Disney – along with multiple “director’s cut” episodes that’ve never been aired on TV before and the feature-length film that started the (animated) small screen saga. In typical fashion, all of the episodes from “The Lost Missions” will be available on Netflix at once, beginning March 7th this year.

star wars clone wars final season netflix 570x294 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season to Premiere on Netflix

This all reads as a pretty sweet deal on paper: giving the dedicated fans a proper ending to the stories they’ve become invested in, while also providing newcomers to a series a chance to jump right in – and perhaps even answer some burning questions they’ve had about the live-action Star Wars movies (see: the “Lost Missions” clip teasing how Qui-Gon Jinn mastered the Jedi “ghost technique”, which was glossed over during the prequel trilogy), ahead of us moving into tomorrow with Episode VII releasing next year.

Clone Wars fans, be sure and chime in with a comment below, letting us know what dangling narrative threads, subplots and/or characters arcs you’re hoping to see tied off and resolved in the “Lost Missions” episodes of the series.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars finishes its run with “The Lost Missions”, beginning on Netflix on March 7th, 2014.

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  1. Brilliant.

  2. Good I will have closure and find out what happen to Ahsoka.

    • For real I was like what the hell. I’m glad they did this. Great news.

    • +1

    • Ashoka is gone she left the order. That may well be her arc tied up for now. It is strongly rumored she will be in rebels though.

  3. Very happy the old seasons will be on netflix

    • My thoughts as well! I’ll finally be able to watch this entire series 😀

  4. FINALLY!!! And that clip got me even more excited 😀

  5. Why can’t they frickin put that on the Disney channel or DX, I don’t have a Netflix account. Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD!

    • You’d be cheaper buying Netflix for a month, or the free trial if you haven’t yet.

  6. For starters, I want to know what happened to Maul, how are they going to handle Asoka’s story?. How the clones become aware of what they have to do with the Jedi knights. Ventress deciding to flee the war. There were so many loose ends.

    Half the episodes of season 5 were crap at its best. I want every episode of this last season to work flat out. I wish to see all the flesh put on every episode. Period.

    • They have already announced that the season 6 Maul episodes were never made, but will be adapted into comic book form so that we can see what was going to happen. As for Ahsoka, her story in the Clone Wars is over. She may appear elsewhere in the EU (most likely in Rebels as an adult) but she will not be in any season 6 episodes. I doubt we will see Ventress again either, though if we do, she will most likely remain a bounty hunter – that seems like the path she has chosen for herself (though there is a chance she could be involved in the Maul stuff i mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, there are going to be plenty of loose ends, solely because the series was cut short by Disney. We are lucky that we are getting any more episodes at all, and we are especially lucky that those episodes will be dealing with such important ideas like Order 66, the fate of Sifo-Dyas, and some of the mysteries of the Force.

  7. Yes, I’ve been wondering how these episodes would be released. The more the better. I love this show, in spite of it’s painfully bad episodes. I was actually satisfied with how the show was ended, particularly with Ashoka. It gave her character integrity (SPOILERS) to leave the Jedi order we she fully realized that it was guilty of things she was fighting against. It also gave the show runners an out in not having to kill her off. Since the beginning of the show, I was expecting to see Anakin kill her. They finished her story well IMHO.

    • I actually loved how it ended with Ashoka walking away from the order.

      If they decide to bring her back and kill her, I hope it’s facing off vs palpy.

    • You really thought that “Sky guy” would essentially murder “Snips”? Was the candy coated kid vibe too subtle for you? I wish I had seen anything on CW that had convinced me the show would have that kind of grit or integrity. Yoda should not be made into a warrior. That doesn’t make one great, remember? His sparse wisdom is enough. I hope the new show is less child friendly.

      • Yeah, good luck with that!

  8. This is great news.

    Season 3 was the series highpoint, but the finale of season 5 definitely implied a phase that was maturing into far more than an kids animated show.

    13 episodes for the final season is probably about right, since every season certainly has it’s ups and downs. Will it provide the leading steps into Revenge of the Sith?

  9. Id like to see what happens to rex and cody comeing up to order 66.

  10. At last!!! The last episodes looks like to be some of the best in the series. Answers to many unanswered questions…

  11. Can’t wait. I’m very excited about the order 66 arc.

  12. Great news !

    I hope they didn’t kill off Asoka.

  13. I’ve never understood all the hate for this show. I understand if the animation style isn’t for everyone, and its tied to the much-hated prequel trilogy, but once you get past that its actually pretty good. The movie and following seasons of this show are better than than the movies were, it explores an interesting time that was glossed over in-between ep 2 and 3. I was disappointed when it was cancelled, I’m glad it will get some closure. I’ll check out the new Rebel show, but having Freddie Prinze Jr voicing the main character is a few steps down IMO.

    I like hearing Liam Neeson! and I’m really excited to see how that episode plays out, I love seeing more Yoda, he is still one of my fav characters. Also interested in the “directors cut” and unaired episodes going on netflix

  14. GREAT! Never had the chance to sit down and watch any of The Clone Wars. It’s been on my to see list forever and this is just excellent news. Can’t wait to finally sit down and watch the series all the way through. I mean I would have found it online anyway but this just makes it easier 😀

  15. Awesome I’m looking forward to finally checking this series out. Have some serious binge tv watching coming next month! Really interested in the Darth Maul storylines. These cartoons are okay but why can’t they do longer versions of their CG cinematic trailers from The Old Republic? Those are by far the coolest Star Wars action scenes ever!

  16. Why did they have to put it on netflix??

  17. I just wish the Star Wars: Clone Wars series could have shown more stuff including Order 66 and end it off there! That would have been an appropriate way of ending The Clone Wars, am I right?