Star Wars: Clone Wars – Do You Care?

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star wars clone wars Star Wars: Clone Wars   Do You Care?

So tell me, seriously – does the image above make you excited to see a new Star Wars series about the Clone Wars?

In case you don’t know, there’s a new completely CGI animated series coming out in the Fall that picks up where Episode 3 left off. So what actually should have happened in Episodes 2 & 3 will take place in this animated TV show.

The twist is that Lucasfilm will kick off the series with a theatrical movie which will be released on August 15th.

Genndy Tartakovsky, director of the first Clone Wars series, will not be involved with the production. That’s too bad because that series was quite well done story-wise, although I wasn’t a big fan of the animation style.

Although Genndy isn’t involved, I suppose there may be some hope that this may be decent since George Lucas is neither directing nor writing the episodes. I think his best destiny is basically being a tech-geek in charge of the visual/CGI effects.

Personally, I find it ironic that so many people scoff at Star Trek fans wanting new material on both the big and small screen, but when it comes to Star Wars they say:

“Bring It.”

Personally, I think this horse is dead and maybe they ought to think about not beating it any more.

But since it’s inevitable (they already have 30 episodes in the can), do you think it’s going to be any good? Are you looking forward to it? Or are you sick or it?

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  1. Personally, I don’t care. I’ve never liked Star Wars, and I was under the impression it was finished after that sixth movie a couple of years ago, which I recall didn’t get a good reception.

    I have to agree, though, that it’s odd that people who are eager for more Star Wars while criticizing those who want more Trek. Personally, I think they should both lie dormant for a few more years, maybe another decade or more, before any attempts at revival. Neither series seems to be getting the time off they should, though.

  2. Help me, Obi-YAAAAWN

  3. I dont care much .
    But i will see it anyway.

  4. It’ll depend on my mood – most likely if it’s getting great reviews I’ll go see it, but it’s not a “must see” for me.

    Might be better if one of the other writers here who may be more “Star Wars” fans than I am were to see it and review it. :-)


  5. Nope, can’t say I care much. It is indeed flogging a dead horse. But then again there has been an aweful lot of that over the last year, so what the hell.


  6. Will this be one of those one or two day release movies (like Hannah Montana and Cloverfield, haha), or out for a regular run?

  7. Actually Vic, despite all of my reservations, that picture does kind of excite me.

  8. Nope, don’t care too much for this. To me, the picture above looks awfully lame, but that’s just my opinion. I will pass on this one.

  9. Yet another pure CGI fiasco. I show my hate for these films by NOT seeing them. When I want all CGI I will turn on my Xbox Damm it.
    I’m pretty sure everything in this film is also in the xbox game “Republic Commando”.
    Star Wars needs MORE STORY less lightsaber battles.
    And for Gawd sakes come up with some different sound effects. Jeeeesh!

    Attack of the Clones was injoyable but that’s enough I coundnt care less about all the freaky looking Jedi and the clone troopers battling even stupider droids that can’t shoot strait right off the assembly line…
    LUCAS!!!!!! WTF!!!!
    Stop wasting time and write the next three films that take place after “Return of the Jedi”.

    Stop Cloning around. You big rich weirdo!!!

  10. I’ve even heard that Anakin is going to supposedly have a padawan.
    How is world can he have a padawan if he is not even a master by episode three.
    My kids will like it. So it won’t matter how stupid it is… I am stuck watching it.

  11. Anakin with a padawan. Sh#( let’s just throw all continuity out the window. Maybe Qui Gon can show up and say “Noooo Anakin nooo”.
    I hope this gets the rating its deserves a G. for Garbage.

  12. I love BOTH Star Wars and Star Trek, but this really does nothing for me. Now the NOVELS in the Star Wars universe are FANTASTIC. I will hold off on seeing these until my buddy who is a Star Wars nutcase lets me know how it is.

  13. I loved the animated version, and this actually makes me more excited than episode 3 did (sure not sayin much, but you still had to have hope).

  14. Make that two of us, Suma. The mini series “Clone Wars” was very entertaining and done fairly well. I really like Star Trek but I’m a bigger fan of Star Wars. :)
    If Lucas really wanted to attract more viewers then he should develop the stories that connected “Empires Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” or the stories that followed “Return of the Jedi” or even tell the tales fom the novels of so many great side characters that live in that fanastic galaxy.

  15. Adrian, you didn’t think the Clone Wars anime were basic character / lame action stories?
    I watched them on dvd and they were just 20 min mini- episodes of, pick a character and watch him battle Droids or Jedi. Weeeee!!!
    Clearly the first 3 Star Wars films had more story then that? I love Star Wars and Star Trek also but I don’t except poo poo (from ether one) when its offered to

    *(keep in mind)*
    I’m not making a harsh pre-judgment of this new film.
    I’m talking about the animated Clone Wars mini-series.
    This new film has me peeved because (like you mentioned Adrian) its not a new Star Wars film that moves in direction with the saga following “Return of the Jedi”…
    (Where have I heard this before, oh yeah Star Trek 0)
    Anyway……I’m sure Adrian you’ve read some of the novels don’t you think aging Lucas should focus on going forward with Star Wars ?
    Hell, If anything Lucas should do a stand-alone Boba Fett film. Wow that film would make BANK if done right!!

  16. To the writer of this: Dude, the clone wars, this series, is going to take place IN BETWEEN episodes 2 and 3. It wil not be a continuation…, the show will be in continuity of the movies…to the point where you could watch 2, watch the clone wars, then watch 3….

  17. Yea dude, good point…

    Remember Shadows of the Empire?

    That was supposed to be a tv-/film too (not just a book) it took place between “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”.
    (My POV)….
    What’s with the half-ars films. Give me a real NEW Star Wars flick.
    These short stories only anger me.

  18. Brad,

    Ah. Didn’t realize that. Thanks for the correction. Isn’t that the same time period the previous “Clone Wars” cartoon took place in as well?


  19. For the first time, I’m actually NOT excited for something Star Wars… The animation and models doesn’t do Star Wars any Justice.

    Bring on episodes 7-9 with unlimited story potential already in existance and bring on the live-action cameos.

    People don’t like the prequel trilogy, why the hell make another movie and a TV show based on it?

  20. Worthless. Kill this thing already.

  21. Adrian, what do you think about Speilburg directing the next 3 chapters?

  22. a Boba Fett film would be a great Star Wars stand alone film.
    It could take off right after the death of Jango.
    I can see the opening alot like Indy 3. They could show a young Boba escaping the planet in Slave 1.
    They could really do a great Boba film !!!!

  23. Steve Adams: I see we’re both big fans, but, IMHO, the mini-mini series was done well. The mini-mini series was about 3-5 minutes a piece and gave astonishing character depth in that such a short time. General Greivous, Mace Windu, Darth Tyranus and the aquaman were raped of their dignities on “Revenge of the Sith”. If you watch the CN series, does characters are fantastic! The series also developed female Sith that was talented in dual sabers. So Steve, I have to disagree. I do totally agree with a Boba Fett or Janga Fett film or “Shadow of the Empire”, that would be great. But Lucas should pass the live action film to a passionate director that could do the last 3 films. Wouldn’t that be great!

    Brad: The mini-series “Clone Wars” shown on Cartoon Network is the same stories that Lucas this series will be telling but alittle more in depth. I’ll watch but why not take the time to tell other stories?

    Rob: Sorry, I love most of prequels! I just watch all 6 last month and if you see them as 1-6 timeline, the “PM” was the worst other than Maul, but 2 and 3 were as entertain if not more than the orginal. Tons more light saber duals, space battles and a very good story.

    Vic: The only thing I hear that is different from the CN series is Skywalker having a pupil.

  24. Well the new clone wars can be viewed as an In Depth look at the old clone wars. But, they are to make the new series in a way that does not eliminate interest or overlook the old series. Also, yes anikan will have a padawan as a Jedi knight, but so did obi wan, and just because masters normally train padawans doesn’t mean in any way that they are the only ones who can. Especialy since anikan is so damn strong. I love the movies, new and old, and I think if the new movies were made first, then the old ones would be the one people complained about. They are all great, and this series will be awesome( but not without flaws.)

  25. Well I’m going to have to see Iron Man before I praise Jon Fav..

  26. ooops i guess i was talking to adrian not bored lol

  27. Speilburg would work, but need someone like Jon Favreau who adores sci-fi.

  28. Will said Brad! IMHO, would freak over a see a 7-9 and seeing Luke’s kids.