Star Wars: Clone Wars – Do You Care?

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star wars clone wars Star Wars: Clone Wars   Do You Care?

So tell me, seriously – does the image above make you excited to see a new Star Wars series about the Clone Wars?

In case you don’t know, there’s a new completely CGI animated series coming out in the Fall that picks up where Episode 3 left off. So what actually should have happened in Episodes 2 & 3 will take place in this animated TV show.

The twist is that Lucasfilm will kick off the series with a theatrical movie which will be released on August 15th.

Genndy Tartakovsky, director of the first Clone Wars series, will not be involved with the production. That’s too bad because that series was quite well done story-wise, although I wasn’t a big fan of the animation style.

Although Genndy isn’t involved, I suppose there may be some hope that this may be decent since George Lucas is neither directing nor writing the episodes. I think his best destiny is basically being a tech-geek in charge of the visual/CGI effects.

Personally, I find it ironic that so many people scoff at Star Trek fans wanting new material on both the big and small screen, but when it comes to Star Wars they say:

“Bring It.”

Personally, I think this horse is dead and maybe they ought to think about not beating it any more.

But since it’s inevitable (they already have 30 episodes in the can), do you think it’s going to be any good? Are you looking forward to it? Or are you sick or it?

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  1. You can bet your butt that I’ll be seeing this!

    Star Wars! Big screen!
    Whilst I’m not big into cartoons or “animation” or even “anakin-mation” I will see it. It’s not high on my must see list, but it is Star Wars, and I’ve got this addiction- I have to see Star Wars in the bigscreen.


  2. No, I do not care

    None of this franchise has been worth the viewing since Joseph Campbell died and is advice was no longer available to imbue them with the stuff myths are made of.

    Have a view of the interviews with Campbell and you will understand why

  3. Don’t care at all.

    I would rather see the money spent on doing a live action, stripped down version of the four Stormtroopers from the Video Games going thru missions. Sort of like the old ‘Combat’ shows. Another POS wierdly animated Star Wars? Wow! Can’t wait…. to pass it by.

  4. Hey guys, I saw some footage of this at WonderCon and I have to admit that it looked pretty damned good.


  5. Of course it Looks good. It’s lucasfilm – It’s not going to be perfect – there are limits to what you can do creating the volume of work required for a TV show. ie, creating 15 hours of viewing in 1 year instead of a 90 minute feature with a higher budget in the same timeframe. Someone mention comparisons to Pixar – That’s just ridiculous – a lot of type without thinking. It’s like comparing Jungle Book to teenage mutant ninja turtles. It’s a TV series so if you want to compare it to something relative try Bionicles or some other similar 3D animated TV show in that genre.

    The director of this series, Dave Filoni – Directed the Avatar TV series and has proven himself as a very talented story teller. Avatar is arguably one of the best western created “anime” shows out there. At least it was before Dave Filoni stopped directing it.

    It’s so easy to wake up in the morning read an article in the times then start ragging on forums. Regardless of what any of you think Lucasfilm have done a remarkable job bringing such a highly detailed look to a 3d TV “quality” product. Did you actually go download the trailer or just provide these in dept critics based on the one picture above?

    People should educate themselves about a topic before tearing something a new asshole. GG!
    L2 interweb!

    Whether a bunch of forumgoers like or dislike it will do nothing to change the fact this is STAR WARS, and by default millions of kids will be asking mommy and daddy for an Anakin figurine by next Christmas. George may not be the best director – but he did create the most successful franchise of all time and is about to make another huge bucket load off it. So he’s not that stupid;) Are we just some bitter pills?

    At the end of the day – 99% of young boys love spaceships and compared to much of todays TV viewing they are in for a treat! Like it or Lump it my friends:D

  6. There is supposed to be a live-action series in the works as well, it is supposed to take place in the time period after “Revenge of the Sith” and before “A New Hope”. It will chronicle the expansion of the Empire, the creation of the Rebellion and the eventual start of the Galactic Civil War.

  7. Hey Robert, who’s the series going to revolve around.
    And did you say this was going to be a live-action tv series?

    I would be down for that over some anime cartoon !

  8. Lets see, how many times did Lucas say that ep3 would be the last? I have to admit I didn’t count.

    It’s kitsch!!

  9. I enjoyed star wars as a concept then they brought out the made the the newest movies and screwed everything up. mitachlorians WTF?!?!?! I would like to see the series as long as Lucas stays as far away as possible.

  10. I enjoyed star wars as a concept then they brought out the newest movies and screwed everything up. mitachlorians WTF?!?!?! I would like to see the series as long as Lucas stays as far away as possible.

  11. I enjoyed star wars as a concept then they brought out the newest movies and screwed everything up. mitachlorians WTF?!?!?! I would like to see the series as long as Lucas stays as far away as possible.

  12. Hey Ryan;

    maybe you or someone else can clue me in on the whole mitachlorians debate. I thought Quigon [sp]
    said it was only a manifestation, a physical effect that could be measured to indicate how strong [the force] was “with someone.” I’ve read other people say it’s the opposite, which is what upsets them. I guess because you could maybe isolate the mitachlorians and increase a persons ability to harness the force artificially.

  13. “Midi-chlorians are a microorganism they are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of almost all living things and communicate with the Force. Midi-chlorians compose a collective consciousness and intelligence, forming links between everything living and the Force. They are symbionts with all other living things; that is, without them, life could not exist.” got this from

  14. Thanks for the clarification Robert. Does that mean that the more Midi-chlorians in you body the more of the force you could weild? Then you have a scenario like “Star Treks” episode “Plato’s Stepchildren” where Kirk and spock are injected with kironide to gain Telekinetic powers. Just harvest Midi-chlorians from soil organisms. Yoda said in “The Empire Strikes Back” that the force existed between the rocks the land and the trees. He must have meant all the living things.

  15. I thought they already did this on cartoon network. Why are they doing it again. They should be making the next three after return of the jedi. Now is the pefect time. Every one is older now. I want to see Luke rebuild the jedi order.

  16. Yeah Cluffy101, you me and I’m pretty sure everyone on this site……

    Lucas is a loco.

  17. To answer some of the comments(if you want to call them answers, lol):

    Midi-chlorians were a stupid idea that Lucas came up with that gave “The Force” a “Physical” form. Up until this idea The Force had always been a spiritual and mental energy and it should have stayed that way.

    The live-action Star Wars series will not focus on any of the characters we already know(Vadar, The Emperor, Yoda, Obi-Wan) although they my make appearances and will be referenced. The story will focus on other characters(yet unnamed) and their struggles between Episode 3 and A New Hope.

    Lucas has mentioned that he was going to let someone else do the next 3 Star Wars films, he hinted that he hoped one of his children might want to continue the story.

  18. Don’t care in the slightest…. What I WOULD like to see is a LIVE ACTION Stormtrooper show (like the 4-Man Squad in the Video Games) and give it a gritty feel. Anyone remember the old ‘Combat’ series with Vic Morrow? If you combined the two, you might have something that would even increase the fan base. Have to adjust my Boot-Jets now… -Stark

  19. The original episodes (IV, V, and VI)are for me the only true starwars films. In I-III lucas has forgotten the reason why the first 3 films were so appealing to such a wide audience. The force does not need explaining. Nobody cares about the economy or wars being waged on a galactic scale; that’s not important compared to the personal struggles and self-awakening of individual characters that we saw in the original 3 films. Character development, George. There has to be something at stake or all of the flashy lightsaber battles take on no meaning whatsoever. George Lucas has somehow gone steeply downhill into the realm of utter corniness these days; just look at Indiana Jones.

  20. @wendigo

    The Clone Wars animated movie was better than Episodes I, II and III.


  21. Really,,, what,,

    I had very few gripes with the prequels. :-)

  22. I’m tired of the Clone Wars. I want nothing more than to see stories or movies or even a TV series set after Return of the Jedi with Mark Hamill back as an older,wiser Luke Skywalker rebuilding the New Jedi Order and perhaps the adventures of his son Ben Skywalker with Hamill making occasional appearances as an Older Luke as a Jedi Master(The New Yoda/Obi-Wan). Perhaps a sequel trilogy based on Legacy of the Force or the upcoming Fate of the Jedi novel series where Luke,Han and Leia take on the forces of Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus or Luke & Ben venturing across the galaxy as a Jedi father and son team. Or Lucas should at least do an epilogue movie either live action or CGI that would be set 50 or 60 years after Return of the Jedi where Luke,Han and Leia go on one last crusade to save the galaxy and pass on the torch of adventure to Jaina and Allana Solo and Ben Skywalker and the rest of Luke’s New Jedi Order.

  23. Well, its a hit, all the naysayers were totally off.