‘Star Wars 7′ Casting Call for Smart, Athletic, & Beautiful Young Heroes?

Published 1 year ago by , Updated February 16th, 2014 at 9:25 am,

Star Wars lightsaber battle Star Wars 7 Casting Call for Smart, Athletic, & Beautiful Young Heroes?

News, rumors and speculations regarding Star Wars: Episode VII has been coming in thick and fast over the past few weeks as the time until the start of filming closes in, but despite countless suggestions of actors who might be involved there is still very little in the way of concrete information regarding who the stars of this next chapter will be.

Saiorse Ronan has confirmed that she’s auditioned for a part where she had to wield a lightsaber, Chiwetel Ejiofor was recently rumored to be in the running and Benedict Cumberbatch’s name has popped up again and again. The latest information, however, suggests that the new heroes of Star Wars may be people we’ve never even heard of.

Casting agent Claire Curry has posted a list of dates and times for a nationwide open casting call seeking young people to star in a new Disney movie. Casting will take place throughout November at six different locations throughout the UK and Ireland and those who take part will be auditioning for one of two roles: “Thomas,” a youth who doesn’t know how to be a man because he grew up without a father’s influence, and who sounds like a bit of a joker; or “Rachel,” a street-smart teenage orphan who hopes for a better life.

Disney Star Wars casting call Star Wars 7 Casting Call for Smart, Athletic, & Beautiful Young Heroes?

The casting call does not name which movie the casting call is for, which is more or less to be expected, and it’s safe to assume that both of the characters’ names are just temporary pseudonyms. However, Bleeding Cool claims to have received confirmation, “after a full twenty-four hour investigation,” that this casting call definitely is for the new Star Wars movie and that “Thomas” and “Rachel” are both lead roles. This tallies with what we’ve heard before about Star Wars Episode VII‘s plot being focused on a new generation of young Jedis and fighters, while the older cast members play more of a background role.

It might seem odd to have such a major movie seek leads through open casting, rather than simply going for one of the many celebrities that are already rumored to have auditioned, but if there’s one franchise that doesn’t necessarily need an all-star cast to get people in theaters then Star Wars is it. The nationwide scope of this casting call and the location of it (how many major Disney films are going to be shot in Britain over the next year or so?) all point to Star Wars Episode VII – as does the timing of it, since the movie is scheduled to start filming in January.

We’ll keep a small question mark next to it for now, since the connection between this casting call and Star Wars Episode VII hasn’t been confirmed through official channels (and likely never will be), but Bleeding Cool‘s confirmation combined with the fact that all the pieces seem to fit make it a pretty sure bet that “Thomas” and “Rachel” are new Star Wars heroes.


Star Wars Episode VII is currently estimated to release in late 2015.

Source: Claire Curry (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. Ugh…sounds like the Twilight casting call, if they must be young and beautiful.

    I’m hoping this doesn’t go in the shirtless teenager direction.

    • Yeah they should have asked for dumb,fat,ugly heroes. Whatever this turns out to be it wont be like Twilight it just cant… can it?

      • “Beautiful” is so subjective. They should only be looking for great actors. If you need athletic, fine, but by saying “beautiful only” you risk losing casting choices that can bring unique and powerful emotional performances. There are plenty of actors that aren’t “beautiful” but aren’t hideous and can win the audience’s heart.

      • Well, in my opinion, and that of many people, Hayden Christensen was entirely miscast in the prequels, so it seemed like they were intent on casting young and beautiful then as well, whereas someone more grown and mature would have been better suited for the role, especially in the third film.

      • Whats wrong with young beautiful star trek did it

      • How about just asking for fit, young, talented actors. This does give the “Twilight” impression!

    • I agree, this is a bad sign.

    • They’re looking for someone they can use for merchandising and with the word “beautiful” being so subjective, all sorts will show up for the auditions with their own idea of what beauty is.

      I assume they’ll be looking for people who look slightly like a young Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford since they were seen as sex symbols (Ford still is in fact) by the general public.

      The fact that people are even complaining about a single word in the casting call rather than being excited that a little known talent may be cast in one of the lead roles in the biggest franchise in sci-fi says a lot.

      • Wow, no way that comment should be in moderation. Hang on a sec…

    • Dude they’re not gonna ask for fat ugly people! The original SW cast had attractive people in it. The girls could swoon over Luke and Han and the guys got to oogle at Leia. Can you imagine some ugly chick in the slave Leia outfit? No? Didn’t think so.. Wait.. you see that all the time at Comic Con but I think you get my point.

      Just because they use the word “beautiful” doesn’t automatically make it Twilight-esque. That’s absurd.

      Plus its prbly fake anyway.

  2. Do they need to make this movie happen?

    • No they don’t.

      • What movie NEEDS to be made? It’s a damn movie, it never matters if it needs to be made or not. It’s for the fans, and if you don’t want to watch it, fine. But stop posting comments on the necessities of movies being made.

        • Good retort, Art. I get tired of seeing some people complain about certain movies being made, as if they are being forced to go see them.

          • @ Jeff and I get tired of people not having a sense of humor. My point is that the Star Wars story has been told already, the tale has been told.

            • …and?


        • That comment was a joke…come on don’t you guys have a sense of humor?

        • PLUS “stop posting comments on the…” that was unnecessary. I have never complained or anything it was an inside joke. Get it?

          • It may have been a joke on your part, but my comment was in response to everyone who has ever made such a remark.

            No movie “needs” to be made. It is an industry, designed to make money and enable people to make a living. Those who want to be entertained by it thus pay to see films. Those who would prefer not to see a movie don’t have to. It’s as simple as that. No one should be complaining that “this” or “that” movie “doesn’t have to be made”.

  3. Yes. I thought so.
    This will happen ´a la Hayden Christensen´

  4. Less interested now that JJ has taken over writing duties from Michael Arndt. That’s what got me interestad in the first place. Can’t stand the Trek films. And I hate how he runs his productions. All that secrecy for that PoS Star Trek Into Darkness?

    Also, I know they’re looking for young female Jedis but Emily Blunt would have been mad. Least we’ll have the original cast. Who cares who else is in it, every person mentioned so far has been meh. And I honestly don’t understand the hype over Bennedict Cumber-whatever. Really hope he isn’t in it, it’s bad enough we have the Trek director. I don’t want anymore Trek in this. That said, I’ll be first in line opening night. Honestly though, WTF, when are we gonna get official casting news! Or *any* news. Friggin JJ Abrams.

  5. I would give my right arm to be in the Star Wars 7 film. Plus I fit in the age group.

    • The presenter on BBC Breakfast this morning said the same thing, although she’s nearing 50 (and honestly looks 30 years younger, despite her making that comment at 6:10am).

      • Yeah… too bad I don’t live and can’t afford to go to Europe.

    • The question is, writer, are you beautiful/handsome?

      • Good point… stupid genetics… I would say a 5/10!

        • I’m just disappointed they’re not casting Jabba’s son or a Wookie that’s 5’7 or some other role I can spend 6 hours in makeup for lol

          • I could play a 5 foot 9 inch jawa!

  6. “MUST BE HANDSOME” “MUST BE BEAUTIFUL” All in caps, no less.
    What sort of actor or actress answers such a calling call?
    Even if handsome or beautiful they are not humble.

    • casting call

  7. People overreacting as usual. Of course a Star Wars movie is looking for “beautiful and athletic” young actors. Isn’t that what they did back in 1977? Why am I even bothering, fans will always be pissed at every little announcement.

    • Truth

  8. “Smart Athletic Beautiful Young Hero”? Hey, I’m in! And…wait…casting call in the UK. Oh–I live in the USA…oh well, outta luck, Chuck, no movie after all. May as well all go and get library cards, people…I’m not planning on moving across the bay!

  9. Yeah, but if it wasn’t for the fans. You people would get whatever the studios wanted to throw at you.

  10. PLZ no Disney channel stars. PLZ!!

  11. i found this weird



  12. I really hope they don’t hire Efron and Company. Another disgrace would be to hire troublesome “actor” Pettyfer. I had a nightmare of Jedi knights dancing with a lightsaber wearing Mickey Mouse Ears. It gives me the chills.

  13. Wow, filmbase in Dublin is just around the corner from me. I got cast as an extra in Game of Thrones there. I’ll drop around and let everyone from Sreenrant know how I get on, I have a plastic light saber lyin about the attic somewhere so I’ll bring that along and I’m bound to get the part.

    Come on guys, gimme a chance, I can’t be worse than Jake Loyd or Hayden Christiansen right?

  14. I have a bad feeling about this one

    • +1

  15. I don’t think this is for Star Wars… I think JJ Abrams can do much better.

    • We all know what the JJ in Abrams stays for !!!
      God…not again !

  16. Why does it sound like a casting call for Twilight, I have a bad felling about this

  17. Im buying my ticket and flying over there right now!

  18. That “Rachel” is going to be a flop, typical kid’s movie character. Oh god. Another Agents of Shield.

  19. That “Rachel” is the typical kid’s movie character. Oh god. Another Agents of Shield.

  20. so not fair. I am in the US. I am sad:(.