First ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff to Film in London in 2015

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star wars episode 7 image First Star Wars Spinoff to Film in London in 2015

Star Wars movies have traditionally been filmed on studio sets in the United Kingdom, though in recent years London has become an increasingly popular shooting location for blockbusters in general (ranging from Thor: The Dark World to 47 Ronin); meaning, certain tentpoles in the making have been unable to book a stay at such places as Pinewood Studios, where the bulk of principal photography on Star Wars: Episode VII shall take place over the next several months. (Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man is going to be shooting outside the UK, for that reason.)

It has been confirmed, however, that at least one of the forthcoming Star Wars spinoff movies will be shooting at Pinewood Studios, once Episode VII has wrapped up production. For those just tuning in, Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm are developing at least three Star Wars films that are not part of the central saga, and will be released in between the years of forthcoming “Episodes”, so that moviegoers can make the trip to a galaxy far, far away on an annual basis (if they so choose to).

The first of the aforementioned spinoffs has set Gareth Edwards (Godzilla (2014)) as director, with screenwriter Gary Whitta (Book of Eli) onboard to pen the script. George Osborne – England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer & MP for Tatton – first made reference to the news that Edwards’ Star Wars movie will shoot at Pinewood Studios, via a Tweet that he posted while visiting the set of Episode VII. He later confirmed to the press that he was referring to Edwards’ project, clarifying that it will begin shooting in 2015 and that (via THR) “Lucasfilm and Disney’s decision to shoot the Star Wars stand-alone movie in the U.K. is testament to the incredible talent in Britain.”

In related news: here’s a pic Tweeted by Osborn, showing himself on-set with Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy (the president of Lucasfilm), along with a familiar astromech droid and what appears to be a spaceship set being constructed in the background.

An unconfirmed list of upcoming Star Wars movies/TV series indicates that Edwards’ project is a Boba Fett movie, due to arrive in 2016; as we’ve discussed in the past, including on this week’s Edge of Tomorrow-centered installment of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, that idea sounds all the more reasonable, looking at Edwards’ previous body of work. Both his Godzilla reboot and indie debut feature, Monsters, boil down to character dramas in fantastical circumstances, shined to a polish, yet also somewhat gritty in tone – an approach that would also lend itself to a movie about a space bounty hunter, arguably.

star wars boba fett spinoff First Star Wars Spinoff to Film in London in 2015

For the time being, though, that analysis is mostly speculative is nature, so it should be taken as such. Now that we know where Edwards will be shooting his Star Wars film, however, the next significant update should involve some confirmed plot details, character information, and/or casting news, ahead of shooting getting started at Pinewood Studios next year.


Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to hit theaters on December 18th, 2015, with the first Star Wars spinoff expected to follow sometime in 2016.

Source: George Osborne, THR

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  1. All I’m saying is, they need to make a movie about Cad Bane

    • I think Cad would make an interesting villain in a SW movie, but I don’t think he would be a good main protagonist. He’s pretty one-dimensional.

    • Kill two Bounty Hunters with one blind swoop and have BOTH characters in this movie!

  2. Awesome!!!
    The Fett was always my favorite.

  3. i seriously just commented on this in a post about star wars female villian…is this gonna be an origin movie or is it gonna tie into the new episodes? im pretty sure boba fett died (unkless he didnt) but why do an origin story that doesnt tie unto the new epsiodes?

    • It could be after RotJ. In the EU, which Disney is sourcing, Boba lives!! Shield generator and thermal detonator makes short work of the Sarlacc. It takes more than a burrowed gassy beak to stop the Fett.

      That being said, I wouldn’t mind a side plot sort of take on Fett as long as the story is post-ep-4. Anything earlier is just too close to the prequelogy, and I would like to avoid any hint of those movies existing.

      Yeah yeah — I’m a SW fan but I really don’t like the prequels.

      • i think i read its suppose to be between empuire strikes back and return of the jedi, i still dont see why they would go back and do a spin off of his character when he dies in return of the jedi…id almost rather them say he didnt die and continue his character…i just feel like its a wasted story to go back and tell a story about a character who died in epsiode 6, being hes one of the more popular charcaters in the star wars universe they should just revive his character and say he survived the sarlaac

        • Again — In the EU, Boba does not die in the pit.

      • After Fett blew himself out of the Sarlaac he was almost dead and Dengar nursed him back to health.

  4. The explanations for his survival in the EU actually make it seem very likely that he made it out of the Sarlacc alive. Even if he didn’t I’d like to see the character turned into more of a symbol a la Dread Pirate Roberts.

    • i mean theres a story there for him surviving, and just say he did survive and they based it on what happened after the events of return of the jedi woould they cast a young actor to play him for the spin off then recast during episode 8 cuz its safe to say he wont be in episode 7 unless they mention him surviving in it, but if they do that episode 7 is based 30 years after ROTJ so how would theymake that work with the age?

      • I mean, there’s a bunch of ways that they could take it. I don’t think the audience would be too caught up by a post RotJ appearance. It’s not like we saw him get chewed up or anything. He’s wearing armor, has a jet pack, and is a generall badass, so it’s not goint to take too much exposition.

        I also really like the concept of the Boba Fett legacy. The actual character of Boba Fett is not what’s interesting. The prequels proved this. The icon and reputation he holds is what’s interesting, so I wouldn’t be too opposed to someone else taking up Mandalorian armor and adopting his name post RotJ.

        • yea i agree…they could almost show him surviving at the begining of the movie and then fast forward him 30 years to the setting of episode 7 and have him get back into bounty hunting, i just dont think they should make an origin story or make his character a young actor, id liek to see them go the route of Marvel and have these stand alone films that tie into the main episodes like how they all show up in avengers

      • You have to remember, they wanted to sell a lot of books, so they had to say the books were canon so the suckers would buy them. Funny stuff.

  5. I hope he is NOT directing the Boba Fett Movie !
    Joe Johnston should do it ! He talked about it for years,and his Rocketeer showed already sign of it back in the day !

  6. How does Boba survive the Sarlacc? Does he fly out? A faulty jetpack is what got him thrown into the Sarlacc in the first place. A faulty jetpack also cause Jango to get his head cut off. Faulty jetpacks seem to be the fatal flaw of the Fett family.

    • if he evn does survive, idk what route there taking for this spin off, i hope he survives so they can tie him into the new episodes but im thinking maybe his armor could of forced the Sarlacc not to chew him up and maybe just swallwed him whole and he could of shot his way out, on Wookiepedia it says the Sarlacc releases a toxin that keepsm the victim from struggling or escaping but Bobas mask is still on so he could of not been effected by the toxins…does it ever show the Sarlacc after he gets Boba? what if Boba was the one to actually kill it

      • Per the description of the Sarlacc (which is cannonized in RotJ) C3PO says “In his belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering, as you are slowly digested over a thousand years.” Meaning victims are ingested whole and digested alive, which wouldn’t jive well with Boba’s armor.

        Obviously they can do whatever they want, but the available information from canon sources would suggest to me that he didn’t die in the Sarlacc.

        • what if maybe he swallows them whole and as he digests like inside of him is like a prison setting…he just kinds of east them one by one when he gets hungry, almost like a storage unit for his food but the Fett somehow escapes, that would be pretty cool…they could reimagine the scene where he gets eaten then show inside of the Sarlacc where he gets dropped in a cage type thing

          • I personally think that you ruin some of the intrigue of Boba Fett by doing that. He’s a popular character for one line. Darth Vader points him out of a lineup of bounty hunters and says “no disintegrations.” We didn’t see him disintegrate anyone, but clearly he has a reputation with Darth Vader for disintegrating people. That’s badass.

            In the same vein, I’d prefer the Patton Oswalt method of just showing his Mandalorian gauntlet claw the sand and pull himself out. If even that. I’d prefer it just skips ahead and infers that he didn’t die. Give it an air of “oh, you thought he died? nah, he’s freaking Boba Fett, why would that happen?”

      • The Sarlaac did a real number on Boba. Filled him with so much toxins that he barely made it out after blowing himself out of there. If it wasn’t for his good friend Dengar, he would have never survived.

  7. I’d just like to say how excited I am about all these Star Wars movies… But I’m not. Not after seeing images of the creatures… Just dreadful.

  8. BOBA!!!!!!

  9. YES! YES! YES! Take all my $$$$$!

    One of the best characters in the Star Wars Universe.

  10. Boba Fett, in the original series was an interesting character. Boba Fett tied to the prequels is a boring character who delivers his lines in Empire in with an Aussie accent and in a way that sounds like he is asking a question every time he speaks: “He’s worth a lot to me?” “As you wish?” as if he is not sure of himself or maybe pretending that he is a bad actor. If they ever put out the originals. This is one thing Lucas overthought when he re-edited the originals. Boba Fett didn’t have to sound like his clone father for a number of reasons: new voice synthesizer built into the helmet, neck/throat wound, overall tougher life, not being raised in New Zealand, creates a life for himself and wants to protect it buy using a Batman voice. Or, Jango could have picked up a kid or had one himself instead of having a clone.

  11. Enough with the god-damn ideology that Boba Fett has survived the Sarlacc Pit! If it wasn’t portrayed in ‘Return’ that he has indeed – for a fact – survive the Sarlacc Pit, then it didn’t happen in the Star Wars movieverse AT ALL. Perhaps Boba Fett is a god-damn bad-ass that digests, ingests, and spews out whomever dares to confront him, but even the most bad-ass of bad-asses die (that includes Boba Fett).

    That being said, a Boba Fett spinoff would be a great opportunity for the writers to convey the austere slums of Coruscant and present the ‘darker side’ of the cinematic franchise. They can present a late 20s Boba Fett between the timeline of ‘Hope’ and ‘Empire’ trying to make ends meet by killing morons … and kills enough scoundrels that he is taken prisoner by the Hutt Clan and is forced to bring back a bounty (say, perhaps a corrupt senator that has been involved in the shady negotiations in 1313) in order to make up for all the bounties he has diminished forth that has pertained to the Hutt Clan. Perhaps the introduction of the film could follow Kasdan’s proposition, and perhaps there can be a mid-credits scene where Bossk tells Boba someone is entering a transmission, Boba sends the transmission in, and all we hear are the audible inhales and exhales of Lord Vader himself.

    Please Disney, make this movie good!

    • First, I think you mean “idea.” Ideology refers to a system of ideas. You’re referring to a single idea.

      Second, he wasn’t confirmed dead in RotJ. It is suggested that he is dead, yes. This should be assumed the case until otherwise is stated. That is why people are discussing theories as to how (in newly established canon) he should survive the pit.

      Third, his survival currently falls into what is known as “C-Canon,” which means it isn’t set in stone, but since there are no contradicting events within “G” or “T” canon, it is acceptable. The answer to this question will likely be answered upon the release of Episode VII, but until then, the only non-contradictory canon that exists at that point in the timeline is C-Cannon and shows him as alive.

      I agree with everything you say after the first paragraph, though :-)

    • Just because Lucas didn’t delve into the “hows, whats and whys” over Boba’s Sarlaac misadventure doesn’t mean that Boba died in the pit. Remember it takes a thousand years for the Sarlaac to digest and Boba didn’t fall into the pit without weapons. Just because he wasn’t shown escaping doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    • You realize flashbacks exist in movies, right?

  12. Always felt that Fett was cool and interesting precisely because we knew next to nothing about him. He was just this badass bountyhunter (inthe OG trilogy anyways). Making a movie is tricky, you temove that air of mystery and then what? Better be a good movie to pull of the character correctly and give him enough of an arc to make him interesting. Human characters in godzilla we boring (cranston was cool.. But hey.. Cranston is the man).

  13. They need to one of the films on Obi Wan Kenobi. Not only was he a Legendary Master Jedi Knight, he instrumental in shaping the New Republic by training both Anakin and Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi. He killed both Darth Maul and General Grevious and defeated Darth Vader in battle. He was, arguably, one the greatest Jedi Knights of all time. He rates right up there with Yoda, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, etc…. Besides he was one the few characters to be in all six movies. Obi Wan! May the Force be with him.

  14. I wonder if they’ll acknowledge that no sounds can be made in space. Ship battles would only be tense from the inside, but it would seem goofy to have a bunch of *zingpingblazerrr*… <— my SFX

    Hopefully we get some ninja lightsaber sht going down. Those h2h fights have always been a highlight for me.

  15. I’m excited for the Boba Fett spinoff film. In the Godzilla podcast ( I believe), Kofi mentioned that there was a comic about a guy who tried to make a name for himself posing as Boba Fett- only to be confronted by the real Boba Fett. If the spinoff is anything like that (and I hope it is), I think I’d be more interested in seeing that film(as opposed to Episode VII, which hasn’t been on my radar that much).

    Mr. Glass

    • That was a good one. I read it a few times. I believe it was one of the Boba Fett Bounty Hunter comics from dark horse, but i could be wrong. I do know I read it,though. A friend had it and let me borrow it.

      • @TheFume,

        Yeah It’s a great comic. I just saw it today on Youtube– Someone made a motion comic of it online. I was thinking the whole time that If the spinoff is anything close to this story, I just want that movie now–forget Episode VII.

        Mr. Glass

  16. I’ve never been into the Star Wars or even Star Trek thing, but two of my nephews love Star Wars and Boba Fett. So I think if you’re going to do a stand alone movie, it should be about him.