‘Star Wars’ Blu-Ray Collection Trailer: New Footage, Pretty Picture

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Star Wars Blu ray Trailer Star Wars Blu Ray Collection Trailer: New Footage, Pretty Picture

No matter what type of Star Wars fan you are (original trilogy or complete saga), if you’re any kind of cinemaphille you’ve got to be at least somewhat excited for the release of the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray collection this Fall.

The Star Wars Blu-ray release is a big enough deal to warrant its own trailer, and that is exactly what we have to share today.

Sure, this release is primarily for the continued fattening of George Lucas’ pockets, but for fans all over the world, there is something to enjoy in this preview. Namely: New footage from the Star Wars saga.

Of course, since this is only a trailer, that “new footage” is actually just a teasing glimpse of what the actual Blu-ray release will offer. We also get glimpses of bonus features like interviews, making-of documentaries and other goodies (40 hours worth) that will keep fans of the saga carving out a nice butt-groove in the cushions of their home theater.

Take a look at the Star Wars Blu-ray trailer below:

For all my gripes about how this series has declined in quality with each new installment or spinoff, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this release. I was excited back in the late ’90s when Episodes IV, V & VI were all re-released in theaters leading up to the release Phantom Menace, and I skipped school the day that film came out to have a premiere party with all my friends. I was excited when the DVD collection was released, and I’m excited now. Despite how much I dislike the new trilogy, sitting down in my home theater for a day-long Star Wars saga marathon in HD Blu-ray is an awesome prospect. On day two, I’ll indulge in all those great bonus features.

For fans of the original trilogy: You’ll have the choice of purchasing just those on Blu-ray for a fulfilling half-marathon.

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray collection will be in stores on September 12th (UK) and September 16th (US).

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  1. Someday there will be a public backlash on “Star Wars” merchandise. People will be burning “Star Wars” movies, books, and toys in the streets.


    It will be a good day.

    • @Marcus…

      That’s AWESOME. LOL… As much as I love the original and how episode 1-3 “could of been” I am completely torn down the middle. It’s a love/hate thing.

      • @Chris…

        I know exactly how you feel.

    • Couldn’t agree more. People will only take so much of this blatant milking!!

  2. It’s a shame that i’m only interested in three of the movies.

    It would be cool to see the extras though, but i’ve a feeling Lucas is just holding stuff back so he can include it in future releases. He could have released all that bonus stuff with the previous dvd release.

    I used to have a couple of videos of the making of Star Wars years ago in the early 90′s. It had loads of footage and info on the props and costumes. Well the tapes wore out. So when he EVENTUALLY released them on dvd I was gutted that none of this footage was included. Poor show Mr Lucas.

    Shame that i’m just not interested in anything to do with the prequels.

  3. So are the Plinkett reviews included in the 40 hours of bonus material?

    • Then it would be worth purchasing.

  4. Uhm… YES PLEASE!!!

    The new ones weren’t as good everybody knows! Nobody needs to say any more about it. BUT, they will look awesome in Blu-Ray

  5. Hey.

    I just have a question.

    In Star Wars-A Musical Journey concerts, they had clips from the movies on a screen behind the orchestra and they had the puppet Yoda in Phantom menace, replaced with a digital Yoda. Do the BlueRay edition contain the new footage of a digital Yoda in Menace?



    • These have all the new footage forced into the original movies.

      • No, the new footage is in the bonus materiel only. It would have been nice if he added up-dated special effects to the classic Star Wars.

        • That has to be the worst idea ever.

          • AGREED!!! Having to see Hayden “Stiff as a Board” Christensen forced into the final scene in ROTJ was disgusting. I need to get the software to transfer my original VHS tapes to DVD. No way am I spending more money on Blu-Ray after I spent enough cash to get the DVD collection.

  6. Lucas should have converted the prequels to good movies before he converted them to Blu-ray.


    • Hysterical! I’m reposting this on Fbook! I’ll quote you, brother.

    • the humor is strong in that one

    • That is one of the best comments on Star Wars, EVER.

    • The film industry is in dire need of something new, innovative and exciting. Star Wars and Star Trek are worn out ideas.

      There are sci-fi screenwriters who will never get a chance to have their screenplays seen by fans because Hollywood is stuck in as rut and has been for 20 years. If a writer is age 40 or over they are shut out by STANDARD age discrimination policy at over 160 major film production companies.


      Adapted from my unpublished novels Prison Planet, Hegira, Flyte and Fumar

      HEGIRA SERIES 8 Live and Animated feature film scripts

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      FUMAR: WGA 13187-00
      FIRE PLANET: Txu-894-486
      SANCTUARY: Txu-894-486
      TERRON: Txu-894-486
      MARS 4 WGA# 13471-00
      VIR’ TUE: PAu2 – 781 – 029
      FLYTE: PAu2 – 781 – 029

      HEGIRA TV SERIES 16 one hour TV episodes.

      1. Flyte
      2. Fumar
      3. Hegira
      4. Outer Thelo
      5. Queen of the Islands
      6. Fire Planet
      7. Karnak
      8. Quade
      9. Terron 3
      10. Weather
      11. Mars 4
      12. Rone
      13. Vir’ Tue
      14. Strike Force
      15. Agazzi
      16. Vapor


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      REMEMBER MARS PAu2-830-134 sci-fi mystery
      THE VRIL CONSPIRACY PAu2-830-134 sci-fi
      WIEROO PAu2 – 830 – 172 action horror adventure

  7. LOL Lucas will be releasing new/behind-the-scene footage until he dies. 34 years of milking the same cow. Call Of Duty, take notes.

    • The only new behind the scene footage is for those people who weren’t alive yet in the 70′s and early 80′s to see all the specials they used to put out before each new movie. I remember seeing all that footage when I was a kid waiting for Empire and RotJ to come out.

  8. Damnit Lucas instead of milking Star Wars at every turn, cut me some slack and release the Indy Quadrilogy on Blu-Ray already…come on at least before I turn 20…

    • Amen about Indy

  9. What sucks is the original Star Wars films wont be the original star wars films. They’re the remastered ones with digital Yoda etc..

    How much is the double trilogy going to be and also how much is the single original trilogy going to be @ retail?

    • Depends if you still have the VHS copies from the 80s :)

  10. This Blu-Ray release will have a bit more value for me, as I’ve never previously owned the films on DVD. Something always kept me from buying then on DVD and I knew once Blu Ray came out it was best to wait.

    I actually thought Revenge of the Sith was very good and it should look incredible in High Definition. The 3rd season of Clone Wars was also the best yet. Despite all this i still agree with all comments that Lucas has to let go now of his creation and move forward.

    • I’d LOVE to see more Star Wars films, especially films taking place after ROTJ. However, Lucas should not be anywhere near the director’s chair for them. Nor the script. By all means have him oversee the SFX, but we have 3 movies full of wooden acting and annoying characters (I’m looking at you Jar Jar. There are some fantastic writers out there writing Star Wars books that could come up with a MUCH better movie than Lucas at this point. Gotta give George his props, though, because how many people have created TWO film franchises that have endured for 30+ years?

      • You know it’s funny, I didn’t get into Star Wars until Knights of the Old Republic came out in 2003. IMO i feel KOTR is superior to any Star Wars film but one of the best video game plots ever. I played the light side the first time through and I remember thinking “D***, I really dislike this Revan guy. Wish i was the one who killed him” We all know how that turned out lol

      • And he drove both franchise into the ground with the previous installments. Congrats Lucas.

  11. Call me when they actually release the original unaltered movies. Till then Lucas can sit and spin.

    • I would be ok with altered ones if they took hayden christian out of the end of ROTJ and put the other guy back in.

      • Agreed. The special editions are fine, except for Hayden’s ghost. I’d also ask him to remove the stupid CG alien dance number from Jabba’s palace, too.

        • Yeah because If he turned to the Darkside when he was young, why would he show up when he was older after his death looking like a young version of himself. His redemption came later in life when he found out he had a son and daughter so why would he revert back to a younger version of himself after his death. I know its just to tie the movies togeter but it jsut looks dumb.

  12. Stop bitching Lucas. It’s his stories. We should thank the man.

    The prequel trilogy will be, in a couple of years, accepted among almost everyone and considered as decent Star Wars movies. It’s a lot of good stuff in there, it’s just that some people were so dissapointed in the prequels because they pictured them differently. It will sink in – in the end.

    Stop the bitching and enjoy this beautiful masterpiece of High Definition Star Wars orgasm.

    George Lucas is a wise man with an imagination far beyond most moviemakers. The fact that he made the original trilogy should be reason enough for you guys to shut up and respect this guy.

    • The homeless guy on the corner near my work sells some incredible paintings and sculptures. Who knows where he gets the materials, but he could rival some professional work I’ve seen. He sometimes also smears poo on the sidewalk and wears a tin foil hat talking to invisible people.

    • It doesn’t matter that it’s his stories. That doesn’t mean we can’t critique it.

    • Thank him? Do you work for Lucas? Are you a part of his family?

      You sound like those poor people who vote Republican, acting as if they’re somehow rich and powerful by association. How good do you feel trying to defend the ways of the ultra-rich? I’m sure they are thankful for your free P.R. work.

      People who have different views neither need to shut up nor “respect this guy,” if they don’t want to.

      • Nice, a political jab. Way to stay on target here. No one cares about your voting habits.

      • Or you could vote Democratic and keep drinking the George Lucas Koolaid.

    • He must have drank the koolaid.

  13. No thanks, Mr. Lucas.

    Re-release the original trilogy without the ’90s cartoon makeover, and you might get my money.

    A nerf herder is best when scruffy looking.

    • There is no mention of any added special effects to the original trilogy other than what they added to the bonus material. the original Star Wars will be in high def and thats it. I dont know where it says there is new special effects?

      • Steve, I think Mike’s referring to these being the Special Editions (with added…stuff) and not the pre-’97/’98 original theatrical releases.

        • Not to mention added Hayden Christensen/removed Sebastian Shaw in ROTJ.

          • Will Yoda in episode 1 be CGI? I know they were doing tests for it.

            • Hope not, Mike, though I can see Lucas tinkering endlessly with all six movies until the grim reaper’s finally had enough and pays a visit to Skywalker Ranch. Me, I’m quite partial to the Emperor in TESB being Rick Baker’s wife with chimpanzee eyes; it’s just such a lunatic concept that I wouldn’t part with my trusty VHS copy for a king’s ransom…

  14. Notice how no matter how angry people get about how much his new stuff sucks, GL only gets richer and richer.

    I guess the lesson to learn here is if you’ve stumbled on something big, then milk it for all it’s worth and become rich as hell from it.

    • AMEN! He made it, he has every right to milk it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.

  15. Obviously Lucas lost his edge (I call it the Orsen Wells Syndrome) after so many years between films. But I will definately be purchasing this and begrudgingly sitting thru the first three, only to get to the last three, lol.

  16. It’s a shame it’s not a true restoration of the original theatrical releases of the original Star Wars utilizing current restoration techniques with a 4K-8K scan as the base such as Blade Runner and Alien. Instead the originals are down res’d to 1080P to match the inferior HD quality he shot Episode I, II, III in.

    I’ll wait and hope that day will come.

  17. Lucas is like Terrence Malick but with 4/5 times more movies to his credit. I’ll bet that in 2017, he’s gonna re-release the prequels and sequels on 3-D format. I can’t wait for that. (Sarcasm)

    • Of course, he’s already re-re-re-releasing them in 3D, and a Blu-ray 3D is inevitable.

  18. I’m afraid the box cover shows that not only has Lucas become tone deaf to dialogue, he’s now visually illiterate. Did he hire Thomas Kinkade the master of light? It looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff of a kids book you’d see in the grocery store.

  19. A new Star Wars movie wouldn’t hurt, especially in 3D.

  20. I am sure I will be in the small minority here, but I for one wish more in the original trilogy would be “upgraded”. Yes the stories in IV, V, and VI cant be beat and shouldnt be changed, but to be able to have made them with the technology available today ….. How much better could they have been. To have the Obi Wan and Vader battle on the Death Star to be done on the scale of the Obi Wan / Anikan battle on Mustafar would be something worth seeing ….. My vote is to have the originals done with the special effects that are available today would be an awesome sight in a theater.