Rumor Patrol: Star Wars Saga Blu-rays Landing September 27?

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starwars saga blu ray logo Rumor Patrol: Star Wars Saga Blu rays Landing September 27?

Two weeks ago, Lucasfilm detailed the Star Wars hexalogy Blu-ray offering, providing an unspecific ETA for when fans will see the discs on retail shelves: “The most anticipated Blu-ray release ever – the Star Wars Saga – emerges from light speed this September 2011.”

Now, online mega-store Amazon has updated the pre-order pages for all three sets: The Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy, and The Compete Saga with a proposed release date of September 27, 2011.

Four months ago, at Star Wars Celebration V, George Lucas announced that Star Wars would (once again) get an updated release - this time on Blu-ray. Ever since the film sets were first made available for pre-order, two weeks ago, the 9 disc “Complete Saga” has steadily climbed to #4 on Amazon’s Movie & TV Top 100.

While rabid Jedis and Sith Lords around the world were probably hoping that a release date of “September 2011″ would eventually turn into 12:01 am September 6th (or, using their collective powers of persuasion, January 11th), if Amazon is correct, the Blu-rays will land at local retailers in the last week of September.

Star Wars Complete Saga Blu Ray Rumor Patrol: Star Wars Saga Blu rays Landing September 27?

That said, it wouldn’t be the first time that Amazon has picked an arbitrary placeholder release date for a product’s pre-order page – since an actual release date certainly looks more legitimate than “September 2011″ for less-informed customers. For example, inFamous 2 (a game we’re covering on the Game Rant side) will, according to Amazon, be available on December 31, 2011 – despite industry estimates placing the game as a midsummer release (six or so months earlier).

After all, if the online seller were to select a placeholder date for the Star Wars Blu-rays (or any other pre-order), it would need to be toward the end of the proposed release period rather than earlier. Lucas promised the Blu-ray sets would arrive in September 2011 and September 27th would be the last possible release date within that month. If Lucasfilm were to announce the official release date as September 6th, 13th, or 20th, Amazon pre-order customers would simply get their order sooner. No harm, no foul.

Star Wars Blu Ray Amazon Release Date Rumor Patrol: Star Wars Saga Blu rays Landing September 27?

We’re certainly not saying the Blu-rays won’t be released on the 27th of September; however, at this point, it seems just as likely that Amazon’s date is nothing more than a placeholder – waiting, just like the rest of us, for an official announcement from Lucasfilm.

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The Star Wars Blu-ray sets will be released sometime in September 2011.

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  1. I dont consider myself to be an avid Star Wars fan, but just an avid movie lover and collector. I saw on twitter that it was up for pre-order and I put mine in at a great price of $89 for the entire saga. I am a new HD tv owner with surround sound and cannot wait to see and hear how these movies are on Blu-Ray

  2. Have you heard that Liam Neeson is reprising the role of Gui Gon in 2 episodes of Clone Wars? Very cool. he has scenes with Obi Wan as a ghost, however, this ever so slightly contradicts what is said at the end of Episode III when Obi Wan seems completely baffled by the idea of Force Ghosts.

    Still cool though.

    And I have my pre order in for the full saga boxset. I have vowed not to watch any Star Wars films until September, which for me will be very difficult indeed.

    • It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Qui-Gon to appear, even if Obi-Wan was thrown off by the idea initially. After all, Qui-Gon discovered the discipline, and we know Obi-Wan masters it to be able, eventually, to use it and become Luke’s advisor. You figure they must talked at some point in between.

      I think it will be great :)

      • sigh…editing…ugh.

        *they must HAVE talked*

        • Really dude!!!!!!!!!!!

      • My problem is this. If Obi Wan meets Qui Gon’s spirit during Clone Wars (which he does, I have now seen the trailer) then Yoda’s whole commune with Qui Gon 3 years in Episode III and Obi Wan’s totally shocked reaction to the mere possibilty doesnt work…

        It’s a great idea, and I’m very pleased Neeson is doing the voice.

        • There’s already a number of plot holes littered throughout the prequels, so I’m not surprised it’s continued in this series. The episodes with Neeson are a much watch, but I’m more interested in Anakin fightgin his padawan. I saw a preview of her charging him and it was awesome. Maybe she’ll finally get killed-off.

          • Yes, from what I have heard Asoka turns to the dark side and Anakin is forced to put her down. Excellent!!!

            One of the other plotholes is Greivous, his annoying cough didnt develop until mace Windu forced crushed his chest during the battle of coruscant at the beggining of Episode III yet he still coughs during CLone Wars.
            Or Anakin’s scar. He has it at different points in the continuity.

            Yes, I am a total Star Wars nerd.

            • WOW! The Clone Wars animation sounds like it’s getting interesting!

              I followed some of the early episodes only… guess it’s time to catch up!

              • Yeah! You should defo catch up, the feature film was poor, but the first season has some great Star Warsy episodes but when it gets to season it really kicks up a gear!
                I havent seen any of season 3, I have downloaded all the episodes so far, but I’m waiting until I have the full season before watching it.

                • Thanks DSB! I’ll start downloading the old seasons :D

                  Hopefully I’ll still find them all in HD, the animations look amazing! And I need something cool to see on my new LCD screen :P

    • Contradiction defines Star Wars now. The number of them that the prequels created is incomprehensible.

    • Well, thats it isnt it? A lowering of your standards. We were all expecting the prequels to match up to the original trilogy, and that was an utterly unrealistic idea.

      They were never in a billion dual sunsets going to recapture the magic of the first three films.

      However, kids loved the prequels, and there is a lot for the grown up fans to enjoy as well. Episode III is on par with A New Hope for me, I think its a great film. And looking back on The Phantom Menace, the effects were great for 1999.
      The only prequel I don’t really like is Attack Of The Clones, there are some decent parts, but as a whole it is easily the weakest of the six movies.

      • The problem with the “kids love the prequels” arguement is that the OT was for both kids and adults to enjoy. The prequels just don’t know their audience. Take Episode 3. I has a dark tone, but also tries to incorporate some slapstick comedy in their. Besides, if the prequels are for kids, then why does Episode 3 have a PG-13 rating.

        • Well, that’s easy. There are 2 answers. The kids who were 8-9 years old when TPM came out were in their mid to late teens when Episode III came out, they were simply adjusting for the age of their audience.
          Also, Episode III answered a lot of the fanboys and critics. Plus, it had to be violent, the story line was always headed to a dark place.

          • The kids who saw ANH were older when they saw ESB, which had a dark tone to it, and it didn’t need to change the rating. What about the new kids that wanted to see Episode 3? The OT was made from people of ALL ages to enjoy. The prequels go from the stupidity of Jar Jar Binks in TPM to Anakin burning alive in ROTS. Their no consisitency.

            Not only that, bu the prequels didn’t bring anything new to the franchise. Anakin got his hand cut off just like Luke, Obi-wan tricked Jango by hiding behind a asteroid just like Han did (although, it was a ship in his case, but that’s not the point). All Lucas did was re-hash old ideas and incorporated them into the prequels.

            Lucas also went too far with the fights. I love lightsaber battles just like any STAR WARS fan, but Lucas over-used them. The fight between Anakin and Obi-wan went on wayyyy too long, and just got silly by the end. Hell, I watched Episode 3 last night, and was loving the fight until it went on for like 20 minutes. The fights in the OT was great, and short.

            And don’t even get me started on how he destoryed Darth Vader by turning him into a whiney little girl. In the prequels he’s seen as Jesus, but in the OT it was thought he was just another goon working for the Empire. That’s why it worked. But now it’s like he was Jesus, but makes one wonder why Tarkin was bossing him around in ANH (no consistency). If someone sees you as some God like figure, then you aren’t gonna take any crap from anyone else. Not to mention the prequels are telling a story that didn’t need to be told. Obi-wan summed up Vader’s origin in just one sentence: “Vader was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force”.

            Although, if you watch Episode 3, then it shows that he was tricked (not seduced as it was originally told) by Palpatine into thinking Padme could be saved.

            • Adding to my rant about Vader. He was just looked at some regular good guy that was friends with Obi-wan in the OT, but is now looked at a “savior” in the prequels. However, Anakin is portrayed as this little harmless boy at first, but then turns into a psycho, and we’re supposed to feel something for this guy when he turns? He’s a murderer (shown in Episode 2), but tries to come off as a great guy in Episode 3 by wanting to help the clone troopers (although, they never had any feelings about sending them to their death earlier).

          • One big problem with Episode III (and this problem also appears throughout Eps. I and II) is that it doesn’t know to deliver on tones. It’s all over the place, so a mood is never set. We don’t really know how to feel because Lucas doesn’t seem to know (or care) what he wants the prevailing tone to be.
            In the early going, when Obi-Wan and Anakin get into Grievous’ ship, the movie delivers a bunch of slapstick nonsense. There’s not enough tension. They easily slash their way through a bunch of robot soldiers without even breaking a sweat. They’re never in any danger.
            Then R2-D2 offers even more silliness with his taking care of two of the robots, using his oil and flames.
            Then there’s all that elevator nonsense.
            Even their approach to Grievous’ ship lacked the proper amount of tension and danger.
            With all that CGI at his disposal, Lucas couldn’t keep it from feeling that Obi-Wan and Anakin were just flying in on a string, directly to the ship. Even with all the old-fashioned special effects in A New Hope, and Empire Strikes Back, the rebels seemed to be facing serious threats when they made their run on the Death Star and were fighting on Hoth, respectively.
            Not even when Anakin and Obi-Wan fought on Mustafar did I feel they were truly in danger. Then, the fight had to end with Anakin getting carved up and burned, and so just like clockwork, just like the little post-it on the board said, it happened.
            I just started thinking about how silly much of what went on in Episode II, in the Geonosis arena scene, was. The tone should have been grim, frightening and bloody. Instead, it just felt like one big romp with a whole bunch of Jedi soldiers running around like fools. It’s reflective of what Lucas has done with much of the prequels — just throw in as much junk as possible into every frame, to hold the attention of people with ADD.
            It’s really sad how he’s messed up the prequels.
            His sense of direction and scriptwriting are just awful.

            • The problem was that Lucas made the prequels for one reason: money. Yes, I’m aware that ALL movies are made for money, but some are made to be done right (LOTR for example). It’s a huge coincidence that Lucas lost most of his money in his divorce, and then decided to green-light the prequels. Even after he said they wouldn’t get made, but announced them after he made the “Special (crap) Editions” of the OT.

              It even showed the films were rushed in the BTS footage for the films.

              • To me, the LOTR trilogy is a good example of how to balance small laughs with drama, action, tension, etc. They really highlight just how bad the Star Wars prequels are. Peter Jackson, like many filmmakers, learned from the original Star Wars playbook on how to make a blockbuster trilogy.

                I wish these filmmakers (although Lucas is more a products pitchman than a filmmaker) AND STUDIOS would realize that making a quality product usually helps out in the long run.

                People are more likely to come back, and in bigger numbers, and they’re not easily startled. :P

                With Lord of the Rings, sure, New Line and Peter Jackson could have made some mediocre product and people still would have watched it, but it definitely shows they tried to make some good movies, not just rely on the brand name.

                And you’re definitely right, watching all those BTS crap for the prequels just showed how cold, calculated and robotic the proceedings were. It’s sickening to see a bunch of yes-men surrounding Lucas smiling and clapping like trained seals. I guess I’d do the same if he’s the guy signing the paychecks, but all that calculated processing made for some bad movies.

                More power to Lucas in that he can make the movies he wants to make, lazily directing from a comfy chair, limiting almost all human interaction to what feels like acting in a small, confined room or walking on a conveyor belt, but his lack of care really shows.

                I look at how C3P0 really captured and reflected the trouble the good guys were in, in ESB, and then compare that to how he’s just a funny, haha guy in the Geonosis arena, spouting off one-liners from lame commercials and such. I’m surprised he didn’t say “Where’s the beef” at one point. He was almost always goofy, stuffy and prissy, but his lines in ESB were in direct response to what was going on around him, and not to make people slap their knees in lame, har har laughter.

    • Not too surprising. The movies are alright. I love the whole saga. Some movies better than the others but I enjoyed each one them.

      From the get go,I knew the prequels couldn’t top the original’s storyline.

  3. I will definitely be getting the saga…anticipation or torture? We’ll see…

  4. Have to say the third season of Clone Wars has been very disappointing so far, although things defnitely picked up with the 12th episode, Nightstalkers. Hope the quality of this episode sets the trend for the next couple of weeks.

  5. Many apologies the episode was called Nightsisters

  6. Oh look, another Lucas attempt to whore out his butchered versions of the movies I grew up watching. Not another penny will he get from me. Lucas can keep “His” versions of the movies to himself and those who will settle this trash can throw their money to a man who looks on you as fools and simpletons.

    • He needs to add the cut scene where luke visits his friends. I know he was forced to film that scene by the studio big wigs, but it still was bad ass. Just do it for the fans. Plus something extra for the blueray release.

  7. hmmm i might be gettin em

  8. I just got LOTR trilogy for Christmas on BluRay (I love my wife- she totally gets the geek in me) and they were great but I think I’ll pass on this.

    • That’s awesome GK333. My GF is the same, she knows I’m a nerd at heart. And still loves me the same lol. She never complains on the hours I can spend in a comic book store.

  9. “No harm, no foul….”

    Oh but there is MAJOR harm and foul going on here. The original award winning 1977, 1980, and 1983 versions of the Original Trilogy are not included in this set. George Lucas, the billionaire, says restoring them would be too expensive. Nope. It is pure insanity and revisionism. Ridley Scott gave us all versions of Blade Runner. Steven Spielberg gave us all versions of Close Encounters. Time to what is right, George. Not just for the fans that made you what you are (a rich lunatic), but for the sake of film history.

    • It just proves that Lucas wants to deny those versions ever existed. They’ll also be the versions with Hayden replacing Shaw as Anakin near the end. One of the worst changes to the OT.

    • But they are his films. If you don’t like the changes, don’t watch them, George Lucas is entitled to do whatever he wants. The original, unchanged films exist on DVD. That should be enough.

      • Not for those who want the original versions on BD (like me). We just have to settle for the Special (crap) Editions. I’m thinking about waiting to get the ESB BD off ebay, so I don’t have to spend money the rest to get it.

      • You’re not understanding. He is the copyright holder, yes, but art that significantly impacts the entire culture of our world belongs to the people. Spielberg, Copolla, Scott, etc. gave us the original versions of their landmark films on BD. Lucas must do the same. The 1977, 1980, and 1983 versions won the awards, accolades, and hearts of millions. NOT the 1997 or 2004 versions.

        “The original, unchanged films exist on DVD. That should be enough.”

        Are you seriously saying that with a straight face? What we got in 2006 was absolutely HORRIBLE. The originals were included as “bonus material” on a separate disc. Are you aware that they are LaserDisc dumps from 1993??? Are you aware that they are also NOT anamorphic? The quality, and the tech used was outdated long before even 2006. That is completely unacceptable.

        I for one will NOT be buying or supporting this BD set for that reason. I will not participate in buying something because “it’s the best we’re gonna get.” I purchase things because I know I want them with 100% certainty. Not because I have to settle. That’s absurd.

        • I, too, am bothered by people who trot out the same, old weak defenses of Lucas doing whatever he pleases.
          Well, sure they’re “his movies” and ultimately he can do almost whatever he wants with them. But why market them? Yes, money, I know he’s doing it for the money, but if he’s just doing it for himself otherwise, to make him feel all happy and giddy inside, why advertise it to people as improvements. I think this all points to his gargantuan ego and his greed.
          Unfortunately, the masses out there are justifying his actions. People need to speak with their pocketbooks by not opening them up. Too many of us are just feeding the Lucas monster, enabling him to continue tinkering.
          So, at the end of the day, yes, he can do whatever he wants, but the Star Wars fans don’t have to like it, and they can protest his decisions, criticize them and let him know they want the originals in fully remastered form.
          While no director has to do what his fans want, there is something akin to a relationship between a director and fans of his movies, and as such, there is a give-and-take. What is exactly so wrong as giving fans what they want at times, especially when they’ve helped make a filmmaker successful?
          The filmmaker makes money anyway, and Lucas would likely make more. If people are saying this is not about money, and about his artistic vision, well, then why sell it all? Just present it to himself for kicks.

  10. Why can’t it be January 27th?

  11. I’ve got all 6 films on DVD, GL isn’t getting any more money from me by buying them yet AGAIN (I have the OT on VHS-the ORIGINAL versions). That’s not to say I still won’t buy cool Star Wars merchandise or novels, though. LOL.

  12. I enjoyed “Attack of the Clones” because of the Jango Fett substory. I also loved the battle at the end. That’s onw thing you can count on in a Star Wars film. A battle at the end!

    One scene I thought Lucas nailed was the battle between Jango and Obi Wan on the hanger deck.

    • That is my favourite scene in Episode II.

    • If I were to pick a favorite scene from that movie, then it would be when Jango is attacking Obi-wan in the asteroid. But That’s mostly b/c I’m a huge Boba Fett fan. Hell, my least favorite scene is in ROTJ when Fett gets the worst death scene in any movie.

      • LM, if you read the novels (which I believe are considered canon), Boba didn’t die in the Sarlaac pit… :P

        • No he most certainly didn’t die, and is still alive in the current timeline despite being well into his eighties.
          And the novels are considered cannon to a certain extent.

        • I don’t read the Expanded Universe. Besides, the whole “it was explained in the novels” argument is just weak.

          • It isn’t weak to me, having read all the novels, which is close to 200. And many of them were bestsellers.
            The stories are great, several of the expanded universe characters have been added to the official Star Wars cannon.

            • A film should explain itself W/O a book.

              @”Well yeah, you are bitching and moaning, just get over it”

              Um, isn’t that what this site is for? I recall you complain about the upcoming Superman film numoerous times. How is that any different from complaining about the Star Wars prequels?

    • Of the prequels, I will say that Attack of the Clones is my favorite primarily because of the Jango Fett storyline. I really enjoy the scenes on Kamino, and Obi-Wan’s investigation. If the movie primarily focused on Jango Fett, Obi-Wan, Kamino and the creation of the clone army, I likely would have been more than happy. It would have been cool to see a full-on battle going on in Kamino — the seeming irony of “products” from Kamino fighting, dying where they were “born.”
      But, instead, we get the overstuffed Geonosis arena nonsense, C3P0 saying lame things there and in the factory.
      It got interesting again with Obi-Wan talking to Dooku while captured.

  13. As a Star Wars fan, you can do one of 2 things. You spend your life bitching and moaning that GL ruined your childhood and be bitter, or you can just accept it, move on and just enjoy the films.

    I chose to do the latter.

    • And *I* will continue spreading the word and making sure people know the history of these classic films.

  14. Yeah I didn’t have any real lasting probs with the prequels. I had more probs with the remastered original trilogy.

    The ending of episode 6 as the largest mistake. Substituting Hayden for Shaw. Just lame,,, give the actor (Shaw) some credit,,,

    • I agree about that. Some of the changes were deserved, lightsaber effects and the Emperor in ESB, but addIng HC into ROTJ seemed forced, I get why they did it but I could do without it.
      Problem is, so many of us have different views, it’s hard to even remember exactly what the original films were like.

      • That’s a big part of why they should be restored and released on Blu-ray. Lucas wants them forgotten. Oh dear, there I go “bitching and moaning” again….

        • Well yeah, you are bitching and moaning, just get over it. Watch your DVDs and move on.
          George Lucas can do whatever he likes to his films whether we like it or not, it won’t stop those blu rays being the biggest seller of the year, it won’t stop millions of people from watching the 3D versions or the inevitable new trilogy that will follow.

          • Sam, you have your opinion, and I have mine. Fortunately for mine, I have the facts to back me up and it is a good cause. You can enjoy the SE and prequel tripe all you want, I’ll keep fighting. Just remember that Star Wars is the ONLY film(s) in modern film history that does not provide the originals in the best possible format. I don’t care what kind of fan you are, THAT IS WRONG. Non-anamorphic 1993 LaserDisc rips on DVD are NOT the answer. These films deserve a proper restoration (most of which is already done) and release on BD.

      • Wow went and checked my dvd OT yup hayden at the end. Seems kinda weird with an aged Yoda and Obi-wan. Glad i still have the originals on VHS woot.

  15. Yeah the Boba Fett novels are the best. There’s quite a few of them. I think its Slave Ship that covers in detail how Fett escapes the Sarlac pit with the help of Dengar. After he heals up, Fetts stops by the pit and burns it to death with Slave 1.

    There’s also “Tales from Mos Esley Cantina” and “Tales from Jabbas Palace”. If you ever wanted the back stories on those characters you can’t find a better source.

    I remember the IG-88 story from “Tales of the Bounty Hunters” was the best one in the book.

    Yeah I remember books. Those square things with the pages you had to turn. :)

    • Those are all great books, the” tales from” were great. Filled in so much backstory for dozens of characters.

    • I prefer the Dark Force Rising series myself.

  16. Revenge Of The Sith was miles and away the superior entry of the prequels but then it was always going to be with it being the end resolution. Almost every scene had a sense of purpose and direction unlike the ponderous nature of the previous two which just feel like unecessary filler. The Darth Plagieus scene with Palpatine and Anakin is absolute killer.

    The more I look back on the prequels, the more I think it actually would have been better to have had one giant epic movie. If Menace was condensed to 15mins, Clones say 20 – 25mins and the rest being Sith, give or take a few scenes. Ok it would have lessened finanical profits but it would have been far more satisfactory from a viewing experience.

    I will forever argue that Lucas should’ve continued the story post Return of The Jedi. It would made a lot more plausible the seemingly advanced technology and coloured lightsabres. New characters and stories would have given a fresher feel, allowed more freedomm for storytelling and perphaps enhanced even further the legacy of Star Wars. You could argue that Lucas is primarily responsible for so many reboots in the recent years being prequel stories.

    I’m not quite the Star Wars fanatic but will get the Blu Rays – as I don’t yet have them on DVD. For me the ultimate Blu Ray release to wait for is still the Rings trilogy extended editions.

    • See, the prequels should have started with Attack Of The Clones, had Qui Gon as Anakin’s master and he is killed by a sith (TPM story didn’t need to be told), and then a movie chucked full of Clone Wars action, then had Revenge Of The Sith. That would have made a far more satisfying trilogy.

  17. Woo Hoo 6 movies I already own I don’t think so I’ll wait a year and buy them off of amazon for $20 LOL

  18. The last time the original versions were availible was back in 2004. They released limited release versions that contained the what they call Theatrical versions.
    I was lucky to get New Hope in that form. The original print looks great on dvd.

    • 790™, that was actually 2006, and they were “bonus discs” packed in with the 2004 special edition cuts that everyone already had. That is why they did not sell well, but of course Lucas would have us believe they didn’t sell well because the originals were not wanted. Which of course is untrue.

  19. Well those were the best. You got the remastered and the originals. I know they were limited.

    Matter of fact I didn’t buy the New Hope copy at the time and was lucky to find it at a used dvd/record store. There had to find because that was the last time the originals were availible. :(

  20. This is hopefully the last time I will buy these films, at least for a decade or so.

    • That is until the 3D BDs are released two years later.

      • 3D won’t be popular in the home, people aren’t going to sit at home wearing glasses. Never going to happen.
        Plus, even if they do, the 3D releases won’t be finishes until 2018. Blu Ray and 3D will have gone the way of the dinosaur by then.

  21. I guess I will start dropping the hints for next Christmas!
    @ Dr. Sam…..I was thinking the same thing.