Adam Driver To Play The Villain of ‘Star Wars 7′

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Adam Driver Star Wars 7 Villain Rumor Adam Driver To Play The Villain of Star Wars 7

Lucasfilm’s first production under the umbrella of Disney begins shooting this summer, and while rumors about story, characters and talent have dominated headlines since the moment Star Wars: Episode VII became official, the floodgates are about to open with real details about who will star in the next adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Just yesterday we reported on a rumor that had Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch seemingly locked in for parts, along with Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction), adding credence to a report two weeks earlier which had Star Wars 7 mostly cast already. And today, the trades have another name set for a key role in what may be one of the most anticipated and challenging film productions of all-time.

Variety has the scoop that Adam Driver, star of HBO’s Girls, is just about to lock down his deal with Lucasfilm for a lead role in Star Wars: Episode 7 and its followups. He’ll reportedly be playing the key villain of the film and the inside details compare the character he’s up for to Darth Vader. We don’t expect a breathing apparatus or a robot-enhanced voice – we’ve had enough of those after General Grievous -  but we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s of Sith origin.

The Emmy-nominated Driver, 30 years young, has kept busy in Hollywood over the last three years with over a dozen supporting and guest parts in major features including Inside Llewyn Davis, The F Word and Lincoln and is a relative newcomer in the industry. His name isn’t new to headlines on Screen Rant though, having been rumored for the part of Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman, a potential role he flat out denied. Now we know why. Apparently, the only obstacle for Adam Driver joining the super-massive-career-defining franchise was his scheduling commitment not just to the next season of Girls, but future seasons, indicating that Driver’s villainous character is going to be around at least for Star Wars 7-9.

While not yet official, Driver may be one of the first confirmed new castings for director J.J. Abrams’ take on Star Wars. That being said, not even the “big three” of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill have been officially announced to return yet so Disney may be saving such news until a certain event or until they lock down most of the principal cast.

What do you think – Adam Driver with a red lightsaber or Adam Driver with blue skin as Thrawn? Or neither?


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Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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Source: Variety

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  1. You know, I wouldn’t have trusted it until this week’s episode of GIRLS specifically, but he’s got some classical range

    • You know, I must be getting old. First, Eisenberg for Luther, and now, this guy, although his involvement is only speculated at this point.

      No offense meant, but these guys just look like nerds to me…not menacing in the least.

      • I disagree.
        I never saw this guy on the screen, but based on his looks, I think he would manage to pull both a good villain, and a hero.

        • @drvobradi

          Really? This guy looks like the classic picked on in high school look…

          • 1: He’s ripped. 2: He has a super deep voice. 3: Who knows what his face will look like in the film… Siths are never just plainly presented. 4: He can do a mean accent.

            I believe.

            • I actually think he can pull it off. Seeing him on screen I can see that menacing tone he can bring and he also played that crazy type on Girls in the beginning so I can see it. It seems like he can play different types of characters as well as Girls starts off with him playing one character and then he evolves as the series went on.

          • Yeah, from the neck up. Watch him on Girls and you’ll get a different picture.

      • Come on, now you are pulling straws here. Lex Luther is an iconic role which is why Eisenberg has been a questionable pick.

        The new Star Wars villain WILL NOT be an iconic Star Wars villain but a new villain. I don’t see why people are griping on this one. Makes you look like a baby.

        • Because he has, as the old saying goes, “a face for radio”. You’re not being mean spirited, narrow minded, or politically incorrect if you just admit that he’s not a handsome man. Was every other aspiring actor in Hollywood busy doing something else on the day they held auditions?

          • @RobotShlomo
            You are saying that only pretty people should have main roles?
            You are saying that Brad Dourif, Ron Perlman, Peter Dinklage, Christopher Lloyd, Danny Trejo, David Thewlis, John Lovitz, Paul Giamatti, Rick Moranis, Steve Buscemi and many, many others should be tossed aside, and step in only if ”handsome” actors of Hollywood are not available?

            • Now that you’ve proven how “open minded” you are, there’s nothing wrong with calling it as you see it. Dude, it’s okay to admit that he’s not a handsome man. Is that a reflection on his ability as an actor? Of course not. I’m sure, however, this is what many casting agents have told him as well, just not exactly the same way. “I’m sorry, but you just don’t have the right look for the part, but thank you for your audition”.

              Incidentally, Sir Patrick Stewart, who is an outstanding actor, said in an interview once that he was passed over for MANY roles because he was bald at an early age. But I guess that’s only acceptable to say as long as someone else doesn’t say it.

              • Personally, I could care less if he is handsome or not. My point was that he does not appear menacing at all, but rather, quite nerdish. No offense meant by that, as I myself am a bit nerdish as well.

      • I have to agree. Even if you want to move away from “nerd”, I have to say he looks downright goofy.

        • Apparently casting agents are now watching The Big Bang Theory, and are thinking “nerds are all the rage”. If anything he’s more suited to play Gilligan in the reboot of Gilligan’s Island.

      • ^This. Completely agree. Would definitely prefer a bigger name for main villain in these next Star Wars movies. Not saing he can’t act, though I’ve not seen him in anything but someone with more screen time/presence would be better in my book.

      • He has screen presence and a great voice. Good casting choice.

  2. PLEASE be Jacen Solo!

    • i was thinking the same thing. Jacen Solo A.K.A Darth Caedus

  3. He is Grand Admiral Thrawn!

  4. If he gets a role, I guess I will need to start watching Girls, I want to know my actors

    • IMO, he is the best part of girls. But, I’m a guy so…

      • The best part of Girls is easily Shoshanna :P

        • +1,000

      • I agree. At first he was a little out there but the guy grew on me and is easily one of my favorite characters along with Shoshanna but that’s for other reasons LOL

  5. I would prefer to see him in more of a Thrawn archetype than see another Sith (at least for the next movie).

    It’d be a little contrived to have a Sith pop up so quickly. Give us a ruthless and cunning military strategist so we can see some proper space armada battles. Bring in the lightsaber confrontations later.

    • So quickly?

      Its at least 30 years or more later. It has to be if the OT cast is coming back to reprise their roles.

    • So soon??? Are you kidding me??

      It has to be at least 30 years later if the OT cast is coming back to reprise their roles.

      • sorry for the double post Chrome is being a pain today.

      • I don’t care if it’s 500 years. I want to see a Star Wars movie that’s not dominated by this Jedi vs Sith light side vs dark side. We’ve seen 6 of those.

        There are much more nuanced things to explore than a black/white morality. When there’s no Sith there’s a marge larger grey area that makes for a much more interesting story.

        Especially if Luke is a part of the story. The Jedi have been defined by all previous movies as “not sith.” So with no active Sith presense, how do you establish a new Jedi order and what is their purpose in a world where they have no counter balance?

        • Every episodic Star Wars film requires a light sabre battle at the end, but I agree it needs to be toned down compared to episode III’s lightsabre-fest.

          • Yeah, I mean if someone comes out of the shadows at the end to lead into the rest of the trilogy, then that’s cool, but I just don’t want the title to be like “Return of The Sith.”

            Just looke at it from an episodic perspective

            The Phantom Menace
            Attack of The Clones
            Revenge of The Sith
            A New Hope
            The Empire Strikes Back
            Return of The Jedi


            Return of The Sith

            I mean, I stick through the prequels, but I’d finally throw in the towel.

            Actually, I’ll still be a big fan and see it midnight showing… I’ll just complain a LOT MORE.

        • even without sith, there is still evil. The Jedi Order was not created to battle just the Sith presence in the galaxy, but instead to protect and serve the innocent and helpless. So you are right no sith would create a vacuum of evil where any villain would do.

          But this is Star Wars. There isn’t one story out there that doesnt have a hint of Sith vs Jedi. It is the core of Star Wars. To take that away would be like removing Gandalf from Middle Earth, or Vulcans from Star Trek, or Kryptonite from DC. Its ying and yang and an essential cog to the workings that are cinematic Star Wars.

          • I agree with him though.

            If you’re gonna have the Sith, make it just hinted at while he is the main non-Sith villain. Like maybe his actions were trying to help restore them or something.

            • I agree. I think it would be cool if the main villain is a military type of mind who is power hungry and with the Jedi forces somewhat depleted looks to grasp control of the heart of the galaxy. Then the Jedi rise back up and help push back at what first seems to be an overwhelming adversary. In the villains desperation he looks to a sith who has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to re-emerge. In his desperation he basically becomes the puppet for the sith agenda. Kind of similar to what we saw in the earlier films, but representing the age old theme in these films of religion and how religious zealots can be the driving force of political change and war.

          • All Star Wars (vast majority anyway) has the dark side of the force, but not necessarily the Sith. The two are not the exact same thing, if I understand correctly.

            Anyone using the Force runs the risk of being seduced by the dark side. They don’t have to literally be Sith, properly speaking. It may lead to that, but there are other shades, as someone else mentioned, between black and white.

            • The Sith were a race of people that were enslaved by Dark Jedis. They were beaten back by the Light Jedis and exiled. The Sith as a race is pretty much non existent, but their cults to the Dark Side are still up and running. It is true that a Jedi could technically practice Dark Side powers but the more he practiced them the more he would be inclined to do the Dark Side’s bidding and become a follower of the Sith Cult.

        • Isn’t that Jedi vs Sith thing the main thing Star Wars is all about. Its not Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica its Star Wars. If you take that out its just another space movie.

          That’s like having Star Trek with no ships in space.

          • Well, I think that there is more to differentiate Star Wars as something unique from Star Trek or BSG, besides just the Jedi vs Sith conflict.

            The most prominent stories in the novels set after Return of the Jedi have introduced different sorts of villains, especially Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Yuzzhan Vong. The dark side of the Force does always rear its head, but the stories do not have to focus on the Sith, specifically.

            • I sure hope they never go with the Yuzhan Vong storyline. That was drawn out and (SPOILER ALERT) killed off Chewie.

        • I so totally agree with you on wanting to see other aspects of Star Wars. Even though the light/dark Force conflict is the core of Star Wars, there are lots of things beside that. And the Jedi have plenty to keep them busy, even if there aren’t Sith openly opposing them. It’s a big, complicated galaxy.

          I grew up on the original films and the 90s novels, and back then, the word “Sith” wasn’t thrown around so ubiquitously. The Sith are interesting, but in a way, the Star Wars universe used to feel a bit more diverse. There are always “dark Jedi” and such, but I’d love to see a villain in a different form than the Sith.

        • Easy, without a counter balance to form purpose it is only natural that some Jedi will be attracted to said void and become Sith. Corruption is inevitable.

          • Exactly, and I’d like to see that story told. We have yet to see someone BECOME a Jedi, or BECOME a Sith. We skip from Jake Lloyd to Hayden Christensen. The story that happens there in the middle we don’t get to see.

            Same thing with Luke. What happens between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back? Between Empire and Jedi?

            That’s where the really interesting stories are. Shadows of the Empire is proof of that. Probably the best quality Star Wars novel there is.

            • “Shadows of The Empire” is probably the best quality SW novel there is? NO WONDER you think that a SW film without Sith would be good! :D SOTE was an empty marketing strategy that failed to deliver on multiple counts & not only were the original characters in it largely derivative (Dash Rendar was a poor man’s Han Solo for just one example) but the established ones were poorly handled to the extreme. Witness if you will that Darth Vader, the former Anakin Skywalker who has turned the galaxy upside down looking for his son Luke Skywalker has just received word that Luke has been captured & is ordered by The Emperor to go retrieve him. Vader inexplicably tries to get out of doing so because he’d much rather stick close to The Emperor. You see the stupidly named & more idiotically pronounced Prince Xizor (Pronounced SHE ZOOR!) has been gossiping like a hairdresser & spreading palace intrigue & poor Darth Vader feels that his popularity with The Emperor may be in jeopardy. EGAD & OOOHHH, WHAT A VILLAIN PRINCE XIZOR IS!!!! :D Add on top of that the incredible missed opportunities that it had that could have actually explained problem areas in the original trilogy like why Luke was so casual about returning to Dagobah (In Shadows he COULD have struggled with the issue balancing his desire to rescue Han from Boba Fett & Jabba The Hutt versus his need to finish his Jedi training OR he could have tried to get to Dagobah & then been prevented somehow from doing so leading to a delay for him via a series of adventures so that even though he intended on returning to Dagobah he couldn’t until after rescuing Han in “Jedi”. Another missed opportunity was that in “Return of the Jedi” Luke hops on an Imperial speeder bike along with Leia & with no foreseeable way of knowing instructs her: “Jam their comlinks, center switch!” so in “Shadows” (Which as you know is after “Empire” but before “Jedi”) as Luke finds himself on a swoop bike (Basically a bikerized speeder bike) he COULD have learned the location of a comlink jammer on the thing & then passed that information on to Leia in “Jedi” more believably but did “Shadows” take this route? OF COURSE NOT! It was too busy giving us Darth Vader saying things that he’d never say “Clean up this garbage!” rather than the more Vaderesque “Dispose of this refuse.” & explaining where Leia got her Boushh costume for the 2 people who were wondering to do anything like making the original trilogy films flow together better! And you think that it was the best????!!!! Like I said NO WONDER you think that removing The Sith from Star Wars is a good idea. Might as well take out The Force, the lightsabers, & the Jedi as well right? It’s not like they’re all major ingredients in what makes Star Wars great or anything is it?

              • Perhaps you missed that whole thing about Anakin being the chosen one that destroys the Sith. Kinda hard to have Sith running around when, you know, balance has been restored and there are no more Sith.

                And really? You wanted to know how Luke knew which switch to hit on a speeder bike? That’s an answer to a question no one’s ever asked.

            • The thing you are all forgetting is this… take all other material you might know about out of the equation and only approach this from the stand point that only 6 movies have been made and they are the only thing that defines the stories for the next three and then what do you have. Yes there is more to Star Wars than Jedi and Sith… but if you only go on what is in the movies is that still true? You want to think so, but sadly its not.

              • So what you’re saying is that there can’t be anything new? That is utterly ridiculous! There were no battle droids in the OT, but there they were in the PT. There was no Jedi Council or double-bladed lightsabers…I could go on, but I think you get the point.

                Secondly, The Clone Wars is considered to be part of the George Lucas Star Wars, so that would bring in the Force Wielders, the Nightsisters and the Whills as other Force users.

              • I am taking all the other material out. There are 6 episodes about the Jedi vs Sith conflict. I’d rather not rehash that again. We’ve seen a full cycle on both sides and I’d like to see something fresh.

                They talk about the Jedi being in this great role as guardians and peacekeepers, but they’ve only shown them as being useful for lightsaber fights.

                I’d like to see the Jedi in a time that’s not all out war. The Phantom Menace was so close to almost achieving that, but went so far off the rails that we didn’t get anything interesting.

                • The Jedi and the Sith both are likely universally hated by the Galaxy at this point. Gotta assume once the general public discovered that the Emperor was a force user that they will turn on all force users. I doubt anyone would approve of a Jedi Academy. It didnt take much for Palpatine to destroy the Jedi, they weren’t popular at the end.

        • “I want to see a Star Wars movie that’s not dominated by this Jedi vs Sith light side vs dark side.”

          Errr…that’s Star Wars.

          “There are much more nuanced things to explore than a black/white morality.”

          This is not the sci fi franchise you are looking for. Shades of grey morality is Star Trek’s turf. Although with Abrams in charge, maybe not so much lately, but that’s a different discussion altogether.

  6. And Hannah was worried about Broadway…

    This is totes going to trigger her OCD.

    • It’ll make her OCD so bad, she’ll rearrange it into alphabetical order.

  7. I can almost see him as Thrawn. A young Thrawn, but still…

    Now if he is to play GA Thrawn, then with Oldman and Cumberbatch up for possible roles, we would most likely have Oldman as Paelleon, and Cumberbatch as Cbaoth. Both possibilities are tantalizing…


    Lets bear in mind, IF Hamill, Ford, and Fisher are to return with children in the late teens or there about, then the whole Thrawn story is pretty much out. Unless the do some major re-writes to the back stories. Thrawn was an old guard villain that matched up with Luke, Solo, and Leia’s sensibilities. The threats that would encounter their children would take a much more youthful approach. More brash and thrilling.

    So… if we are to get a more youthful villain inspired by EU material, then I would put my money on him taking after Kyp Duron post Exar Kun possession.
    Then there is the possibility of a Jagged Fel interpretation leading Chiss conquerors into GA space. This would provide a very interesting plot/subplot device where upon Leia’s daughter wins him over with the power of a love story.
    Still though… I’m much much more inclined to go with an adaptation of the lost Sith tribe making its way back into GA space and attempting an all out invasion. As for what Sith character, who cares, make him up. Just make him evil in every way. Then give him a gimmick that works (ala Darth Maul tats and such).

    • One more thing… if we have to lose an OT character… let it be Chewie the way they did him off in the books. No better ending to such a beloved character has there ever been.

  8. Who is that guy?

  9. Red Lightsaber. Too young to be Thrawn. Besides Thrawn isn’t that interesting, the EU was mostly crap.

  10. Driver looks like a brash young type, either an unstable Jedi in the mold of Kyp Durron (I don’t expect an immediate Sith, per se) or a pilot/smuggler.

    I want Thrawn more than any other character (other than Jaina Solo) but Driver does not fit Thrawn. Cumberbatch, on the other hand, has Thrawn written all over him.

  11. I so hope there’s nothing from the EU. It’s all rehashed and really not that impressive.

    In whatever case, I know nothing about this guy, good or bad.

    I am just ready for some Star Wars.

    • Agreed. The EU is crap. The prequels are crap too so who knows where this thing is going yet.

  12. It’s weird, I never saw his name come up for Dr. Strange. He would also make a great Dr. Strange.

  13. Guy looks rat-ish, so therefore villain.

  14. I sort of like him and he seem like he as a lot of potential to be a bigger and better actor. I mean only thing I have seen him in is GIRLS and he is OK. Hopefully he really does have the part because I could really see him playing a villain. I think this is his 1st Sci-fi/action/supernatural/fantasy role, and he is playing a villain so he really has to sell it.

  15. Well this is disapointing…after hearing Oldman and Cumberbatch’s names this is just…ugh. Here hoping Oldman and Cumberbatch rumor is still true…

    • I’d think Oldman was still a part maybe, as Adam Driver is young I’d assume his villainous role is different from Oldman’s, if he does play a villainous role.

    • with Oldman and Cumberbatch the only gripe I have is that we’ll all know what type of characters they’ll play cuz we’ve seen the kind of people they get stuck playing as, and they play their roles well I’m not undermining them, those guys are awesome! But at least this means casting is looking for actors who are under the radar, who need their chance to shine in the spotlight.

      • Anyone with a British accent is automatically in the Empire, duh.

  16. Oh for the love of midichlorians people! Can we just bury some of this nonsense once and for all?

    1) There will NOT be any Sith in these movies. Anakin fulfilled the prophecy of destroying the Sith when he killed the Emperor. And Lucas has clearly stated that the Sith cannot merge with the living Force. That means no Sith ghosts and no resurrected Sith.

    2) Lucas has said in the past that the final trilogy would be about confrontation and the necessity for moral choices. Lucas often uses historical frames of reference for his work, so if you want a more realistic idea of what they have in mind, try Googling “George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion.”

  17. Never mention MIDICHLORIANS again ! Ever !
    Blasphemy !

    • Still better than ysalamiri. :P

      • Are you joking? Because if not…ysalamiri are better.

        To quote the ghost of Obi-Wan from Pink Five Strikes Back, regarding the M-word which shall not be pronounced (apparently under penalty of blasphemy):

        “Oh, that’s just something [fictional] that we used to tell people.”

        • Like midichlorians or not, at least they were integral to the story’s theme. Ysalamiri are what lazy writers do to get around obstacles.

          Hmm…how do I make Thrawn go up against a Jedi? Ooh…I know! I’ll invent an animal that makes people immune to the Force. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


          • Just because a plot element helps a story out doesn’t make it lazy or lame. Writers devise interesting ways to reinforce drama and conflict. Ysalamiri are a reasonable creation.

            “Like midichlorians or not, at least they were integral to the story’s theme.”

            The same can be said for Ysalamiri.

            To each their own; I’m just surprised to hear someone simultaneously defending a controversial prequel element (which is okay – nothing wrong with enjoying something) and putting down an element from what I consider to be one of Star Wars’ high points.

            • Ysalamiri were integral to the Thrawn Trilogy’s theme? How so? And can you tell me what that theme was?

              I’m sorry, but ysalamiri are just dumb. A slug that is completely immune to the Force? And no one seems to know anything about them with the exception of Thrawn?

              Just to show how incredibly lame they are, just imagine the battle of Geonosis where Dooku drops a bunch of ysalamiri into the arena and suddenly the Jedi couldn’t use the Force. How pathetic would that have been?

  18. Inspired casting, I like it. Guys is coming off his first Emmy nomination.

  19. Ive never seen Driver in anything but I am sure he’s a wonderful actor I find it interesting how the villain (if played by Driver at least) will be considerably younger than a lot of other star wars baddies this interests me just like a ton of things do about episode 7 since they will be filming around summer time I hope we know as much as we need to know by then

  20. Remember when Harry Potter almost went to the dark side at it were? It felt real. We had come to a point where we understood his struggle and all the pressure placed on him and had he gone over it would have been a story well told.

    Compare that to Annakin Skywalker who had a hissy fit for not getting his own way so went and killed some children. The whole thing was handled very poorly despite having three films to tell the story.

    If they are simply going to repeat the Anakin to Vader storyline at least learn something from Harry Potter.

    • Though I don’t believe someone of JJ Abrams calibre would lend himself to repeating a story line.

      Imagine if he had done that with Star Trek.

  21. So, what if he’s Boba Fett?

  22. His power is that he squirts puss from his pimples at his enemies.

  23. I can buy this guy as a villain. I have seen him before and he has a deep and intense voice along with intense attitude. I can totally see a menacing villain look based on his face. Also I think he is fairly big, he looked tall in the movie I saw him in and he is listed at 6’3″, so physically he can probably pull off fight scenes convincingly.

  24. Sorry, but this guy looks like a dopey hipster upset about all the popular music on the radio rather than an intimidating, competent (or even unhinged) villain.

  25. No one has any idea what the character will be like. The dude looks like he could be creepy enough and has talent. that’s enough for me at this point.

  26. We have waited too long for a “GOOD” Star Wars film… Anybody with a lightsaber would be wonderful! I don’t care…place Beyoncé as a Sith Lord with a lightsaber and that would work! Get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. he will be great as JAR JAR BINKS!

  28. So are they making Star Wars, or Gilligan’s Island?

  29. I was just thinking on one of the reason I hated the prequels so much. The Clone Wars. Not the cartoon which has salvaged what the prequels squandered, but what the Clone Wars could have been.

    Lucas created a huge plothole in the prequels.

    About Luke. “He initially wants to join the Imperial Academy to become a pilot with his childhood friend Biggs Darklighter, but is held back by his uncle who ostensibly needs his help on the moisture farm (while it was to hopefully prevent Luke from following his father’s path).”

    Luke wants to be a pilot in the Imperial Navy. Clones are the pilots in the Imperial Navy accruing to the prequels. Oops

    • Actually, the pilots and stormtroopers in the OT are not clones. Lucas said that clones were replaced with recruits because they wanted to inspire loyalty to the Empire. This is backed up by Biggs telling Luke that he was going to join the Rebellion because he didn’t want to wait until he was drafted by the Empire. Whatever the Academy is, apparently it’s not specifically run by the Empire.

      • I’ll need to go back and re-watch it. Bt I am fairly certain it is the Imperial Academy that they are talking about. The Imperial Academy is just the old Republic Academy. Remember, the Empire formed 18 to 20 years before A New Hope, that is not so long a time. For many people the Empire and Emperor meant very little change in their lives.

        It wasn’t until after his Uncle and Aunt are murdered by Stormtroopers that Luke decides to join Obi-Wan and fight the Empire openly.

        I did not know Lucas said that, good to know he caught it before it became an issue. Still disappointed with how the Clone Wars were handled and the prequels generally.