‘Star Wars 7′: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

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Michael Fassbender Jedi Sith Lightsaber Star Wars 7 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the prized Star Wars intellectual property to go with it, the second – and more exciting – part of the deal was the announcement that the saga would continue with Star Wars: Episode VII in summer 2015. Since that time, J.J. Abrams was brought in to direct, leaving the captain’s chair of the rebooted Star Trek series to take the Star Wars reins from George Lucas. And then came the delay.

The release date change wasn’t a surprise considering the amount of rumors and reports informing us that Star Wars 7 would need a few more months, and the reasoning was solid: the screenplay needed more time, and undoubtedly the pre-production did as well. Episode VII might be one of the most anticipated films ever, but for the new creatives and decision-makers in charge, it’s also one of the most challenging projects ever. It needs to be done right.

The original trilogy is beloved, but the prequels left much to be desired, receiving mostly mixed reactions. If the live-action series is not only coming back, but picking up where Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi left off over 30 years ago, there’s an absurdly high level of expectations the next film must meet. For fans, it needs to make up for any issues (or disappointment) the prequels presented; it must serve the franchise and its most iconic returning characters justice; and it flat out needs to be awesome to start the franchise up on the right foot again.

star wars episode 7 release date3 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

And we’re not just talking about another three episodes – Disney is planning at least one Star Wars movie every year going forward beginning in 2015. In between episodic installments of the core series will be spinoffs, origin stories for familiar characters, and if some reports are true, even one-off original stories. So how do you bring back one of the biggest entertainment brands in pop culture history? Let the pros take charge. And by that, we mean put Luke, Leia and Han at the forefront. At least, that’s what Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) are attempting in their rewrite of Michael Arndt’s screenplay, according to insiders of THR.

Their sources indicate that the primary reason for the writer change was not just for scheduling but for Abrams to get his wish of making the ‘big three’ returning stars (Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill) the primary focus, for one last hoorah so to speak, instead of having them as supporting players as newbies take the spotlight. Episode VII will therefore make Luke, Leia and Han the stars of the movie, then move them to the background as the newly introduced characters take charge in Episodes VIII & IX.

THR also reveals that because of the story changes to accommodate the rewrites, at least a few of Arndt’s new characters have been axed or changed, while new ones from Abrams and Kasdan are being introduced. This also means that while Abrams has met, is meeting and will continue to meet with practically everyone you can think of in Hollywood, some of the names leaked before may no longer be in consideration because the characters they were meeting for no longer exist.

luke han leia Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

Now for the juicy bits. The report confirms that the recent Jesse Plemons potential casting news is true and explains that Michael Fassbender met with Abrams in December for an unspecified role, although we can’t imagine him playing a leading part (at least in Episode 7) due to his upcoming obligations for Assassin’s Creed and likely, X-Men: Apocalypse – both of which are equally as massive and time-consuming as Star Wars. Hugo Weaving however, according to multiple informants, met for the specific part of an “Imperial Commander.” Thrawn, anyone?

Last but not least, Abrams and co. are seeking out a young actress in her 20s to apparently play the daughter or granddaughter (probably the latter given the timeline) of Obi-Wan Kenobi. With production beginning soon for a late 2015 release, there will be plenty of official announcements in the coming months so stay tuned to Screen Rant and official Disney-Lucasfilm channels for updates.

[Update: the 20-something actress Abrams is looking is said to be “mixed race or black” and as some of our readers pointed out, it could be for the daughter of Lando Calrissian – something he said he wanted in the film back in September 2013, a Jedi daughter. At this point, these are rumors piled on top of hearsay so wait for more info.]

Our big question surrounds whether or not Abrams and co. are pulling in story arcs and key characters from the expanded universe and countless books and video games already out there, practically canon for many of the fans who embraced them. Or are they going completely original? What should they do and what do you want them to do?


Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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Sources: ComicBook.comTHR

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  1. I think after watching Star Wars Episode 7 if people don’t like the film this time we have to decide whether we don’t like it because it was a bad movie or because we’re still comparing future Star Wars titles to the original trilogy and nothing can ever be as good as Episode 4-6.

    There was a lot wrong with The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith but I still think there was a lot right and our need for these films to have just as big of a cultural impact as the originals tainted our view of them. I think this need to beat the originals is also what ruined them and that if J.J Abrams wants to make a great epic film he needs to ignore the other Star Wars titles (not in terms of plot) and make what he thinks is a great story.

    Episodes 1-3 were bad because they were trying to out-do the original three where as the original three could be their own thing. Nobody was expecting Star Wars to be this grand epic space opera so there were no expectations for the original films to live up to.

    Also I’d say to J.J Abrams. IGNORE THE COMMENT SECTIONS. Both before and after the film’s release. I’m sure either way there’s going to be a lot of Star Wars fans NO I’d rather call them Star Wars Man-children (Since to me only a Man-Child states things like “THE MOVIE RAPED MY CHILDHOOD!”) so yeah a lot of them are going to be on the warpath and yeah there’s a good chance that Episode 7 is going to suck and that some of us will hate it, I’m not suggesting if you hate Star Wars then your a Man-Child.

    No if you like Star Wars but act up when the people in charge of making them make bad choices or choices you perceive as bad then your a Man-child. For example I hated The Phantom Menace and I think it’s a bad movie and a terrible way to start a trilogy BUT I’m not going to send a guy hate mail over it, there’s tons of awful movies and I’d like to think bad movies can happen without us freaking out over it. I’m a massive Star Wars fan but when I see the kind of vile hatred that certain fans of the films spew it makes me ashamed to be a fan.

    • Well, I’d just say that I think The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones are just bad films period. It’s true that they suffered by comparison to the originals, but my take is that at the same time, just about the only reason that some people *did* like them was because they had “Star Wars” stamped on them. Completely on their own, they would likely never have been made.

      Also, George Lucas specifically did not try to recreate the successful conditions of the original trilogy, taking the prequels in a different direction.

      If Episode 7 is a good film in its own right, it’ll make many fans.

      • While it is true that a lot of people didn’t like the prequels for whatever reason… you do not speak for people who did enjoy them. Your statement about taking the prequels in a different direction makes me wonder if you even watched them or comprehended the story at all. Bad acting is one thing, bad storytelling is another. As for the story, Lucas did a good job of bringing all of the elements in line with the originals… effectively changing the entire Star Wars saga from the story of Luke Skywalker to the story of Darth Vader.

      • Well again I’m not denying that Episode 1-3 were bad movies (although Episode 3 was better then 1-2) but that a lot of the people who hated them acted like it was on the same level as War crimes, the way people act if you didn’t know they were referring to Star Wars you’d think they were talking about 9/11.

        I’ve mentioned elsewhere why I think they didn’t work though and I think it’s worth mentioning here as well and that’s that the movie used the story of Anakin becoming Darth Vader as the main story when that should have been the background story so to speak allowing the real story to be about the trade union and their alligance with the sith and the power struggle of the Jedi Order.

        The Jedi are meant to keep the peace but I wanted to see what happens when their not really needed to keep the peace anymore also I don’t think the two sith rule worked since compared to the jedi and their “We can have as many as we want” the whole situation came off one-sided. But mostly the prequels were made just to answer a question nobody asked.

        It didn’t feel like there was no vision behind it or any need to tell a story just “Hey you know that thing that happened? Here’s how it happened!” There’s tons of movies that have certain events happen before the start of the movie but we don’t need to see those events actually happening. It’d be like making a movie about Robocop where we find out how Detroit got so bad that Omnicorp had to buy out the police force.

        • The Star Wars saga is about the Skywalker family. Episodes I-III were ALWAYS expected to be about Darth Vader, as for decades, this was the one story none of the books, comics or any other fictional aspects of the franchise were allowed to touch; the immediate timeline leading up to the rebellion. Of course that was the question we were asking. We were asking it for decades.

          And I WILL deny the prequels were bad films. They were good film with some bad elements that the internet is fond of harping upon and conflating. For other movies, we can just sit and agree to disagree with what we did and didn’t like about them. For Star Wars, you either immediately say something douchy about it, or you’re piled upon by the masses for not agreeing. The people who liked it and dare to continue to have their own opinion, have to caveat the start of every discussion like you and I both started our comment here. And that’s just stupid.

    • Gosh you are just the most wonderful thing in the world. I wish everyone could be just like you. Them world would be so much better off.

      • Clever.

    • good observations ,agree pretty much w everything you said. My two cents has to do with not just the dialogue, but it’s delivery by the actors: we all know that mark, carrie and Harrison all agreed the dialogue was “wooden” difficult to get out ect, but the delivery by mainly those 3 actors made it believable. Mark talking to a hand puppet (even as great as frank Oz played it) would’ve been laughable if Mark didn’t sell it so well in those scenes. you believed it when Luke looked ashamed of himself while being chastised by Yoda in his hut. When brother and sister shared a most private moment on Endor. Or when Han turned to Luke and said “May the force be w you” without sarcasm.
      However in episodes 1 2 3 the same type of wooden dialogue was present but it’s DELIVERY was not believable with the exception of McGregor and most of Mcdirmads (sp) performances.
      THAT IMO is also why episodes 1 2 and even 3 sufferered. Christiansen’s “you underestimate my power”! “I’m just so frustrated w the council” “we’re coming in too hot”… We’re just so lame. Still : 3 4 and 5 are my favorites!

  2. I reckon the casting is good and I welcome them 100%. In a way, is good that Lucas has no control over the script. An example is what he did with season 5 of the clone wars. Almost all the episodes were bad. The only ones that were worth watching were the last 7 episodes. It’s like Lucas didn’t care anymore. He left so many loose ends and he got too immersed in Politics once again. That’s what killed episodes I-III.

    • Except Lucas has tons of control over the script. The first drafts were completed with his oversight before Disney bought the company. And one of the conditions of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm was that they base the sequel trilogy on Lucas’ story treatments. It’s also been reported that Lucas was involved in the discussions to change the script.

      • Of course, a major point of this article is that Abrams is rewriting/reenvisioning that script for the next movie. Expect for him to throw Star Wars lore to the wind just like he did with Star Trek (at least it’s been nonstop entertaining). With that said, it’ll be better than anything Lucas would have done. Lucas wrote (rushed) and directed all 3 prequels, and we know how that turned out. Have to hope for the best.

        • Really? Lucas rushed the prequels? Just because you personally didn’t like them doesn’t mean they were rushed. How is it that Disney is going to make a new episode every two years vs. Lucas doing one every three years yet somehow Lucas was the one rushing? And believe it or not, there are a lot of us that actually like the prequels. As far as JJ throwing out Star Wars lore, um…no! On Star Trek JJ’S the boss. On Star Wars he has to answer to Kathleen Kennedy AND Bob Iger. And how is it that Lucas’ son says he knows what’s going to happen because his dad told him? If you think JJ has any real power on his own to change anything you’re mistaken.

          • “And believe it or not, there are a lot of us that actually like the prequels.” – I believe it, though having watched those films it’s a pretty difficult thing to accept until you realise the world is full of idiots.

            • Except that personal taste has nothing to do with intelligence

                • The writing on ALL SIX movies was not so hot. So what’s the point? The Shawshank Redemption…now there’s a great script! Considering that Star Wars is essentially an homage to the pulp sci-fi of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, anyone expecting Academy Award winning screenplays is going to be sorely disappointed.

                  And here’s the problem that I have with your critique and the youtube video you linked to: You wanted a different story. There is no “love story” with Padme and Anakin. It’s a completely dysfunctional relationship. Hell, Anakin tells Padme that he just slaughtered an entire village and she’s just like “well we all make mistakes.” What? That is not normal behavior. This a doomed relationship based off some crazy childhood fantasy that Anakin had built up in his head for a decade. And Padme was dumb enough to go along with it. But that doesn’t make the writing bad. That just makes it a different type of story. Just because the Flaming Lips made an album of avant garde soundscapes doesn’t make it bad. But if you don’t like avant garde soundscapes, you might want to avoid that one.

                  And you and millions of others feel they could have written a story that THEY like better. OK. Maybe lots of other people would agree. Sure…why not? I think of good and bad in terms of what you’re trying to accomplish and how successful you are at it. Not whether it’s what I would have written. I consider Armageddon (co-written by JJ, btw) to be bad because it’s a campy movie that takes itself way too serious, not because the fundamental story needs to be changed to fit my personal taste (and to be fair, you could just as easily blame that on the director).

                  And your quick dismissal of other writers (curious that you didn’t talk about King or Darabont, but focused solely on Smith)…you know who else hasn’t written an Academy Award winning screenplay? Roger Ebert. One of the most well-respected film critics ever (and yes, he did write a screenplay once). And he loved TPM!

                  And no, nothing can cover up a bad script, but a bad director can sure ruin a good one. But please keep in mind that some of the best moments of the OT were unscripted. Han’s “I know” to Leia in ESB comes to mind. And I think we’d all agree that the best scene of the saga is Luke looking out at the twin suns in ANH. No dialogue necessary. Oh…and the only guy that had actually won an Academy Award, Michael Arndt, he left because he didn’t like the direction JJ was going in. :(

                • While I am not defending the love relationship in the film, could it be that Anakin does not know how to truly love (after all he thinks it is better to kill someone instead of working out problems) and that he is simply filling a hole left in his life by his mother being taken away? As a result his love shown on screen is not what we think the love of the One that unites the Force should have. That makes you wonder whether he was really the one. Maybe it was Luke all along? No one ever said what Luke’s midichlorian count was.

                  • I think Anakin really was the ‘One’. He brought balance to the Force, just not the way the Jedi were expecting, because it wasn’t in their favour…
                    We start out with a thousand Jedi and two Sith.
                    By the time of New Hope there were two Jedi and two Sith…

                • such an accomplished academic as you should know that the correct phrase is “couldn’t care less> if he Could care less as you stated then he would clearly care and I don’t believe that is what you are trying to say.

            • GM – grow up and stop calling people names just because you don’t agree with them (even if you really do think they are idiots).

              Star Wars was perhaps the biggest movie for me at that time and it had elements in it that I don’t think any of the sequels had.

              Some people consider “The Empire Strikes Back” as better but I consider Star Wars my favorite, then Empire then Return and when it comes to the prequels, none of them really made that great an impression on me. They didn’t impact me like the first three and maybe that is more to do with me than the films but personally, I didn’t like the prequels anywhere near as much as Star Wars.

              If I were to give reasons, one would be who was cast in roles that were portrayed in the first three films – Alec Guinness defined Obi Wan and any actor who followed him had to be good, very good, and although I am sure the actor did his best, he was competing with the memory of the older Obi Wan.

              The stories of the prequels weren’t that great as I recall, despite having something to live up to, namely the films they were to precede. I think it was due to an imbalance in the story and the scripts…

        • Where, exactly, did you read anything about “reinvisioning”? This is *Episode* VII. Not a reboot. Just because Abrams did that one time doesn’t mean that’s how he tackles every project. Not to mention that would be contradictory to EVERYTHING published officially so far. We’re getting the final three chapters in a serial. Not a rebooted serial.

          FYI, Lucas began outlining the film Episode I four years before production began.

  3. I’d like to see them take the focus off han leia and luke and focus more on jacen jaina ani and ben, start the movies from jedi academy times, focus the first on jacen’s descent to Cadieus and go from there, if they really are planning on throwing out one time spin offs as well I’d love to see these be old republic stories told, maybe SWTOR era before the treaty of coruscant, I’m sure lots of us not so hardcore SW fans would like to see stories like satele shan and darth malgus played out during the actual war between old republic and sith empire or even go further back to the mando wars with revan and alek (yes i said alek not malek)

    • Darth Revan’s storyline would be incredible. Not only is it awesome own its own, but it actually kinda fits with the bs that Disney would most likely come out with anyway. Hes a bad a** Jedi who takes down an army against the will of the council. He then, of course, turns to the Dark Side and leads a Sith Army (yes an army, not just 2) against the republic. He failed, was captured, and other Jedi’s were able to manipulate his mind and turn him back to the Lightside, for the most part. And then he leads them to victory, over his once friend turn darksider as well, Malak. Pretty awesome storyline, not to mention Dark Revan is f**king awesome and looks bad as hell haha.

  4. If the time line is going to fit in correctly, Ep 7 should take place about 26 ABY. The story (depending on how much they want to borrow from the EU) will probably eliminate every book after that date from canon. I wouldn’t mind that a bit. Scrap everything in the NJO series and start from scratch, keep the Jedi Academy and everything prior as is that way they can still incorporate Mara Jade and various other good characters like Kyp. Remember, if it’s an original story it will probably throw off the NJO story anyway simply by having Chewie as a character, which they had discussed with Peter Mayhew already, although it will probably be a different actor. But I would not be upset a bit to see them eliminate the Calista series and everything after Spector of the Past.

  5. I would love to see a SWKOTR Movie spinoff Revan was to me the defining sith, yeah im a massive sith fan siths are the goths of SW-Universe lol Revan is by all rights a sith god or maybe tie him in to a different movie as well all know he disappears in KOTOR for the uncharted region of space maybe find his holy sith godness adrift in space in cryo stasis to which he is revived and the ultimate dark lord returns to wreck havoc once again. (Yeah i always played the darkside path xD)

  6. My opinion is no EU.
    Way too much canon to try and conform to, it would drastically limit their ability to be creative with this.

    Similar to how comic book movies get made, they can pull bits and pieces that worked from different books to make up a movie. But just leave any thoughts of a straight up EU adaptation at the door please.

    • They won’t do an Expanded Universe storyline, but they won’t wipe the EU from the face of the earth. For one thing, the EU is still too popular. They’re not going to cut of their nose to spite their face. Folks just don’t remember that the EU can coexist with the movies without being directly acknowledged, but not being completely ignored. They did it with the Special Edition. They did it with the second trilogy. They’ve have plenty of opportunities to scrap the whole thing, and instead, they’ve incorporated it as innocuously as possible. It would be way more surprising (and foolish) if they started neglecting it now.

      • Not sure how the prequels incorporated the EU. They used the name Coruscant (and even then Lucas changed the pronunciation), but that’s about it. There is precedent for incorporating things from the comics (Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos) because Lucas likes comics. But Lucas said on numerous occasions that the EU went in directions that he wouldn’t have gone. And quite frankly, the EU fan base isn’t nearly as big as most fans think it is. There were more tickets sold for the TPM’s first week of release than Heir To The Empire books sold in it’s first 8 years! For every person that loves the EU, there are 10 more that couldn’t care less.

        • I never suggested the fan base was bigger. I said the EU was popular. As in, a regular, ongoing source of revenue that is a huge part of the Star Wars franchise. And has been for years. Few franchises have that level of success from their literary spin-off projects. Wouldn’t make sense to just slit its wrists.

          The list of EU incorporations is quite large, actually. From planet names, to species, to vehicles, to conceptual ideas to full fledged characters first appeared outside of movies. But they’re incorporated and they don’t, in most cases, need to be. But they do so in homage or respect to the popularity of the EU. It would be odd to change that philosophy now.

  7. Reading some of these stories here amuse me. The amount of “experts” when it comes to Star Wars astound me. Let’s face it. George Lucas has stated that NOTHING in the Extended Universe influences the movies. he movies are canonical, the books, games and comics are not.

    So the bottom line is that when the future SW films are made, the only material that can be considered “source” is EPs 1-6. Whilst ideas from the EU “may” be borrowed, I wouldn’t count on it. I wouldn’t expect to see Mara, Talon, etc.

    • The fact that you don’t know the Extended Universe is canonical, while making fun of the rest of us as not being “experts” on Star Wars, speaks volumes about what you’ve actually read or looked up on the subject.

  8. What about a Kyle kattarn movie with Karl Urban in the lead. I think it would be awesome.

  9. Boobs. That is all.

  10. They ruined it already! Obi-Wan never got married! How can he have a daughter or a grand daughter!?

    • You might want to think about that for a minute. For a long minute. Then reconsider.

      Also, maybe re-read the article. It was pointed out that it’s probably Lando’s child.

  11. Honestly, they should have ended the story at VI. Because any further conflict concerning the dark side, is going to completely destroy the idea that Anakin was the one who brought balance to the force. They should be making Old Republic films or Spin-offs of Prequel Characters. A spin off about Yoda, or Mace Windu, maybe Dooku as a Jedi and Sifo Dyas. Even the story of Darth Revan would be absolutely amazing. I just don’t see how it is a good idea to poke at post VI… If they make a Han Solo spin-off, and it contradicts the Han Solo Trilogy by A.C. Crispin, it will be war.

  12. I liked the “prequels” (episodes I,II and III), but there was really never a good charge of excitement like the original first three had. George Lucas needs to produce one more major film with the original cast and end this saga with one hell of a bang !!! I was kind of disappointed in the way that “RETURN OF THE JEDI” ended. I thought that George Lucas stretched the plot a little bit too thin just to end the saga. When I say that George Lucas to make one more film, I’m talking about going back to the basics of his film making with STAR WARS and not using all this “COMPUTER GENERATED” b******* that I can’t stand in all the movies that are made today. As a matter of fact, I cant stand any kind of technology today. It’s a waste of time and money and it’s doing nothing but turning our society into a cyber-theft world.

    • Um what u hate tech these days? What exactly did u use to type that msg? Thought so

  13. I have an issue with them trying to have someone be the daughter or grand daughter to Obi Wan. Obi Wan was never with any female characters in the prequels nor in the original because its against the jedi code.

    • I have an issue with people who keep skipping over the very next paragraph that explains it probably isn’t Obi-Wan’s granddaughter.

      (Of course, we could just ignore the fact that for 20 odd years there, we have no idea what Obi-Wan did or didn’t do. And that there was no real need to adhere to a strict Jedi code, when for all he knew, only two of them were left. But why be logical on the internet?)

  14. Main thing to fret over is that Disney is usually a day late and a dollar short on live action films. Love Disney, but they have a history of dreadful live action, other than say, Secretariat, Miracle…a few others.

    • The Pirates franchise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe. The…er, wait a minute.

  15. Well I’ll be the first to admit that Phantom Menace made a complete joke of the Star Wars saga and Attack of the Clones might have been the punchline, Revenge of the Sith on the other hand was awesome I thought it was the only prequel to live up to the originals (dare I say better than Jedi?). I’m a huge Lucas Hound everything about Star Wars I love and personally can’t wait to see what J.J Abrams can and will do with this new trilogy! If he can do what he did with the new Star Treks I think we are in for one gorgeous treat of cinematic history. Can’t wait for some official casting news, production photos, set videos, and most of all the first trailer!! I’ll definitely be camping out at the theater for tickets in Nov. Or Dec. 2015!!

  16. To me the way this reads is simply put that JJ and Disney have no intention of following the stories already in place for the Star Wars franchise. And if JJ does to Star Wars what he did to Star Trek it is doubtful the franchise will last long.

    And if they follow the stories they got a lot to explain, such as how a woman at Carrie Fisher’s age could be pregnant with the twins which play a major role later in the Saga. Don’t get me wrong I am glade they are bringing the three of them back but maybe it been better to recast them in other roles just for continuity sake.

    • Where in God’s Green, Blue and Middle Earth did you get the idea that they would even THINK to cast the 60-year-old-plus actors as if it were the Heir to the Empire era, when the characters were in their twenties? Whichever way they go, whatever they do, if they use the original cast, the characters will be the age the original cast is NOW. One of Lucas’ (many) previous concepts for the final three chapters was to have Luke, Han and Leia in their 70s, anyway. That’s even better for the prospects of the Expanded Universe, since they can just skip ahead and not even address that history in the movies.

      Abrams has done about a million other things besides Star Trek. Just because it’s one of his space things doesn’t mean all his space things will be like that. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a shaky cam movie with bald guys from the future trying to help them all get off the island before the giant asteroid hits Tom Cruise, either. That’s about how silly it is to keep bringing up Star Trek. (Which, by the way, has done enormously well at the box office. So-called Trekkies be damned.)

  17. Expanded Universe be damned !!

    Just throw the whole book collections of EU into the Sarlac Pit.

    In JJ I trust.

  18. I read alot of the comments about how the OT was better than the prequels and it really makes me laugh. Just look at the things many of you guys are saying! I grew up with Star Wars and I enjoyed the prequels just as much and you guys wanna know why? Because I looked at them in the very same way I saw the first ones! What do I mean by this you ask? How many of you were full grown adults when the OT came out? Many of you forget that you were all KIDS when you saw the first movies! You were wowed at the fact that this movie was cool and none of you were even thinking about screenplays or the talent of the actors. Who of you went to the theater and said: Oh mom I didn’t like the movie bacause those people didn’t know how to act. Another important aspect is that every time you went to see one of the original films, you went without hardly any expectations. Yes you would wonder if Vader survived and on Jedi you would ask yourself if the would save Han and if Leia would end up with him or Luke but that was basically it. Saying a movie is bad simply because it didn’t go the way I EXPECTED it to go is just plain foolish. Times change and our minds change as well. How many of us (myself included) loved the Ewoks, laughed when they did funny things and almost criend when the little Ewok died? How many of us collected the Ewok figures and played for endless hours with them? Now aren’t we the very same people who these days hate the Ewoks and laugh when the Stormtroopers blast them? How many people now hate ROTJ simply because of the Ewoks when in the past it was their favorite movie just because of them? And speaking of bad relationships, Anakin’s and Padme’s sucked but Han Solo and Leia’s was awesome? Have you guys really seen Empire? And do you really see an awesome romantic relationship develop on screen? Please! Leia liked Han because he was a badass and that’s it end of story and we all loved it. Nobody ever complained that their characters needed to be fleshed out more! What about Lando? His acting was awesome and he had tons of character development? Chewie did too? I hate Jar Jar to the death but I am fully aware that had I seen this movie at the same age as I saw the OT, then he would have been a favorite and why is that? Because he was made for kids that’s why. Just look at how many of you people are discusing directors and scripts and acting, did you do the same for the first films? No right? You went to see a magical space saga with lazer swords, cool ships and tons of awesome aliens and you all loved it but now all you do is whine that Lucas doesn’t know how to direct and or choose acters and blah blah blah. We all can agree what we love and what we hate but just because something doesn’t fill my standards doesn’t give me the right to bash it saying it sucks. I have always thought ESB was the weakest movie of the OT and it’s the least I like and I bet many of you rank it as the best Star Wars movie and does that make me think you are dorks or that ESB sucks? Nope I just didn’t like it that’s all. To finish this, I just have to say that I find it ridiculous that most of the people who bash the prequels are the very same people who went to see it six or seven times in the theatre! What your brains can’t cope fast enough to let you see the movie sucked and you have to see it eight times to finally agree that it stunk? Please! Just go watch the new movies without expecting what you want it to be and I bet you will have a great time!

        • Biff1138 you seem very defensive and hostile which never adds credence to any argument. I do not agree entirely with you or with Tony but your petulance is childish and misplaced in what should be a mature discussion forum.

  19. Get John Noble to be in the movie!

  20. I’m not sure I like the idea of bringing back Luke, Leia and Han in a new Star Wars movie. If its done, it needs to be done well. I think if anyone can pull it off I think J.J. Abrams can do it. He brought back Spock in the new Star Trek film – and it worked really well with the story. And that’s the key – the story has to be great. A new Star Wars movie has to be grittier, bolder, and bigger than any SW film before it. And you have to stay true to the mythology that makes its great, and the strength in the characters.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new worlds, and characters the filmmakers and artists create. I also would really like to see some Star Wars movies created that focus on the time of the “Old Republic” and follow some of the story lines from the video games. There are alot of characters there and great stories to be told.

    • I have read that though Luke and company will be in the movies, they are not the main characters of the new saga and that their role will be to open the way for the new heroes. I really hope that’s true!

  21. “Modulok, it was a painful experience to try and make sense of your cluttered and nonsensical rambling. Seriously, if you expect people to actually read that wall of text, try forming logical thought patterns and then grouping them into paragraphs.”
    Hey Tony, isn’t it kind of dorky and funny that you read my whole wall of text and tried to form a logical explaination of my cluttered nonsensical rambling? Ha Ha! “When you ask a fan of the prequels to explain the plot in a coherent manner, they either stare blankly or offer up an explanation that’s every bit as confusing and convoluted as the prequel plots.” Wow! You must have alot of brainless friends who can’t see the difference between R2-D2 and R5-D4 right? Ha Ha I could say alot more but I guess Biff1138 already clarified everything to you in a way that maybe you could at least comprehend.

  22. As a life long fan of the “Star Wars” saga, I just hope they give at least some credence to the expanded universe and don’t just come up with something to “put butts in the seat”. I’m glad to hear that the “Big 3″ are coming back. The biggest problem I see is what point to start from. It’s been over 30 years, so the new trilogy should reflect that in some way. The relationship for Han and Leia had been clearly established, so follow it to its next logical step: marriage and children, who are now coming into their own. The biggest challenge I can see is the Luke side of the story. As a fan, I want to see him marry Mara Jade and have his son, Ben, but the problem is how far are we removed from Jedi? I know they have their hands full, so I just hope it’s a good movie:)

    • I chare your same thoughts my friend. I love the expanded universe as well and would also wish they gave it some credence but saddly I have come to learn that the EU is just for us hardcore fans and it is rarly important for the movie makers. Awesome characters like Aurra Sing and Quinlan Vos were turned into mere shadows of what they were in the EU and even character origins like Boba Fett and R2-D2 and C3PO have been tossed to the Dianoogas in favor for the movie ones. I am expecting to see Luke, Han and Leia’s kids but I’m not expecting them to be Jacen,Jaina,Anakin or Ben. And though I think it would be cool, I don’t expect to see Luke married to Mara Jade eather. I have to say though that although many people won’t agree with me, I would like to see Luke married to a female of a different species. I think it would be awesome to have the next Skywalker be a Twi’Lek, Faleen or a Togruta.

  23. The new Star Wars will never be like the old period they will ruin it like every other prequel or reboot or ect……

    • Though I have to agree that most prequels and reboots have indeed sucked, I do think there have been some very good ones. I loved the Thing and I really digged Friday The Thirteenth and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Maybe they are not for everybody but I think they are awesome since I never go expecting to see exactly the very same movie of old. If the movie is just a copy it gets bashed for being a crappy clone of the original but when it gets reinvented into something cool and fresh, fans argue that they destroyed the classic and deviated to far from it’s roots. Saddly there is never going to be a way to please each and every expectation of the fans.

  24. I think they should combine new and original characters with expanded universe characters.
    Admiral Thrawn is awesome and most diehard Star Wars fans want to see him and Hugo Weaving would be an excellent choice. Mara Jade and the Skywalker children would also be welcomed by most fans. They can introduce these characters, but they need not be burdened by keeping 100% true to the characters and modify their story lines. No one will complain as long as the story is good.

  25. Its very cool to bring back the big 3. You mentioned Lando. I still like Billy D Williams. Maybe he could be in this. After his gig at Cloud City went a wry perhaps he opens up a chain of fried chicken restaurants across the galaxy. The Empire contaminates the chicken somehow, because the empire’s always trying to hold down The Brotherhood. A mysterious afroed jedi who has a 12 bladed lightsaber that looks like a pick could be on a dangerous mission to expose the empire’s scheme. A sexy Sith Lord-ess who dresses in all white attire could have some good run ins with him. While he’s at Mos Eisley ordering some chicken he gets a giant orange soda with it. — I read this cool STAR WARS book called Darksaber. I like that Luke gets a girlfriend jedi. Callista I think. I remember a magazine even put a model of this character on its cover. They were using the force on spaceships, and there were uninhabitable gas planets. I’m sure there’s some better stories I haven’t read yet. If Luke is really old and has no woman then you will have messed the story up big time. He actually gets to be a jedi master and bring back the jedi order.

  26. Let me guess, the new films will see the most powerful jedis be girls, and not just any girls, sexy teenage kick-ass girls that are also princesses.

    YAWN, I’m so sick of this new world order feminist social engineering in Hollywood. Every superhero/sci-fi now is full of super-ninja chicks, it’s getting boring and despite the emerging wimpy, vegan, liberal metro nerd class in society the majority of Star Wars fans are guys and want to see spirited strong, hot girls but as in real life, girls that will lose to a man in a fight.

    All right, all right, we haven’t seen the movies yet and I’m speculating but I hope they don’t go down this lame path. The most powerful jedi and protagonist should be a male as in the other movies, it’s just true to nature, anything else will see our primitive cerebrums trying to wake up from the unrealistic matrix construct of politically-motivated feminist nonsense.

    • There’s so many things wrong with this comment, one wonders if it was just made to provoke, rather than to actually make a salient point. Aside from the fact that there are plenty of “hot girls” who could kick the collective a** of every commentator here (women trained in combat, martial artists, professional boxers, or, really, any woman not spending her days trolling the internetz, etc.), let’s point out that we were all fine and dandy with the 2ft, 900-year-old grizzled gimp beating the shizzle out of almost everyone who crossed his path. We expected it. But we’re gonna have a problem with a Jedi winning a battle, because she’s a woman? That is some utterly ridiculous, fraginaggle misogyny. Not to mention, if you think nerds want to see women loose, you don’t know nerds very well.

  27. I want a yoda spin off and a obi wan spin off but I really want all three sequels to kick ass as good as the 4,5, and 6 did.

  28. Hey what if the actress they are looking for is a some how descendent of Mace Windu?

    • I know it’s natural to want to make those kind of connections when looking at sequels. But have any of us considered the possibility that she’ll just be a new character?